Neighbor Girl Needs Help pt4

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Jemma then takes her hand off my cock, pulls it out of my shorts, and offers it to Miranda, who slowly lifts her hand off her mound and accepts Jemmas, who pulls her in and then shuts the door.

“Look, I don’t know what I’m doing, why I’m even in here, I just… I don’t know, maybe I should go” Miranda says as she walks further towards the back of my living room, turning to face us.

“Do you want to see his cock or not?” Jemma replies, pushing me forward away from the door, towards Miranda.

“I….I don’t know. Like I said, maybe this is a bad idea. I just, I guess I was just turned on from the thought of whatever you two were doing” Miranda says again, her voice trembling.

“It’s ok, you were curious” Jemma responds, walking over to Miranda, still naked as can be. As she places her right hand on the side of Mirandas face, she leans in close and says “We’re all here to have fun. You don’t have to do anything, just watch.”

Miranda smiles, shyly, and ever so slightly nods her head. Jemma slides her hand down off Mirandas face and down her neck, her fingertips eventually winding up near the cleavage of Mirandas red shirt. Miranda breathes in sharply, taken aback by Jemmas boldness, and looks down at Jemmas hand as she lightly rubs the back of her hand over to top of Mirandas left tit, and as she can feel the light touch on her nipple, she exhales with a slight moan, enjoying the light petting of her breast by another woman.

“You can touch mine if you want to” Jemma lets her know in a quiet and sensual voice. She reaches down with her left hand and takes ahold of Mirandas right, drawing it up towards her.

Eventually Miranda gets the better of herself and takes a step back. “I’m sorry, I just, no, thank you. I just want to watch if that’s OK.”

Jemma smiles and lets go of her hand, pulling her own back. “Of course, but I hope before they day is out you’ll let us sneak a peek at those,” making an obvious look at Mirandas breasts.

Miranda just smiles and looks down at her feet and says “We’ll see, for now I just want to see what you two can do.”

“Well then, have a seat in the chair for now, and enjoy the show” Jemma says, and she turns around to walk to me, a huge teasing smile on her face, and she comes for a long wet kiss, letting me know just how turned on she is. She attacks my mouth with her tongue, applying as much pressure as she can while wrapping her arms around me to draw me in.

Eventually she breaks the kiss and puts her mouth to my ear and whispers “I can’t wait to have you fuck me in front of her.”

“Um, sorry, quick question…” Miranda interrupts. “But, what is that in your butt?”

Jemma turns and smiles and says “That’s my big ass butt plug. It’s how I found out how good of a fuck he is and how big is cock is. I love my butt plugs, and I accidentally left this one in the other night and fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, my ass was so sore and I couldn’t get it out. This fucking stud was nice enough to come over and help get it out, actually making me cum in the process, and it’s been fun fun fuck ever since.”

“Oh” Is all Miranda can manage as a response.

“Feel free to ask us anything” I tell her, wanting her to get more comfortable, hoping she really will let us see those mystery tits she’s hiding under that tight red top. “We want you to have a good time and just relax”

Miranda sits down in the chair next to the sofa, her hands tucked between her legs, obviously nervous. Jemma and I move over to stand right in front of her, and Jemma drops down to her knees, looking up at Miranda.

“Are you ready to see this cock?” She asks, her hands making their way up to the top of my shorts, and patiently waits for Miranda to respond.

“yes” Miranda responds quietly.

“I’m sorry, what? I didn’t quite get that” Jemma asks, obviously wanting a little more from Miranda.

“YES” says Miranda, quite a bit louder this time.

“Yes what?” Jemma asks in her most sarcastic tone possible.

“Yes, I want to see his cock.”

“Well ok then” Jemma simply says as she pulls down my shorts, releasing my now nearly deflated cock. “Looks like we’ll have to take care of this.”

Jemma grabs hold of my dick while looking at Miranda and asks “so what do you think, should I stroke it or suck it to bring it back to life?”

“Um, stroke it and then suck it, i guess?” Miranda answers, unaware her participation was needed.

Jemma looks down for a second, then lets go of my cock and crawls up to Mirandas lap, and stares into her eyes for a moment before she leans in close, nearly kissing her lips and whispers “look, I know you don’t want to get involved and just watch, but I need you to get into it just a little. We invited you in here to watch, the least you could do is play along. You got it?”

“Yes” Miranda responds in a whispery exhale.

“Good!” Jemma says as she gets up, gives Miranda a quick peck on the lips and climbs off, getting back on to her knees in front of me. “Now, what’s it gonna be, stroking or sucking?”

“Stroking” Miranda says as she stares at my now hardening dick, moving her right hand from the armrest to her crotch.

“I’m sorry, WHAT?” Jemma blurts out, again staring straight at the obviously confused but turned on middle aged women sitting in my living room, still quite unsure of herself.

“Stroke that cock!” Miranda relents, finally getting into it.

“THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!” replies Jemma, happy that Miranda is playing along.

Jemma looks up at me and smiles as she slowly starts stroking my cock, only to turn her head and look Miranda dead in the eyes. “He’s got a pretty nice cock, doesn’t he? Bet you’re glad you came in now.”

“mmm, yeah” Miranda moans, her hand now rubbing her mound over her jeans. “Lick it.”

Without hesitation Jemma turns to me and sticks out her tongue and leans in, licking the tip of my now rock fucking hard cock. “Oh, fuck” I blurt out, not at all expecting the sensation to be that excellent. Jemma then looks up into my eyes and licks me again. And again. Soon she is just going to town, licking the tip of my dick like she’s licking pussy. I look over at Miranda who is now rubbing her pussy through her jeans as hard as the denim will let her. She notices me watching me and stops, her face blushing. “Don’t stop on my account. We’re just having fun here. Looks to me like you could take a layer off and free yourself up.” I tell her.

Jemma stops licking me and looks right at Miranda, still stroking me. Miranda just smiles and says “I don’t really think I’m ready to get naked for y’all.”

Jemma pipes up and says “Nobody is saying you need to get naked, but if you really want to rub your puss while watching me lick his cock then just take off your jeans. Your panties will for sure be more comfortable than your jeans.”

Miranda thinks for a bit and then stands up, and moves her hands to her waist, ready to unbutton her jeans. “Suck it” She says, and then releases the button and takes down the zipper. Jemma gets an excited look on her face and then turns back towards me and just flat out devours my cock, practically swallowing it whole.

“Holy Shit” I yell out, nearly ready to keel over from the sensation of my cock buried down Jemmas throat. She slowly pulls back, only to reach the tip and go down again.

Miranda starts to slide her jeans down as I come back to reality from the gorgeous blonde sucking my cock into the depth of her mouth, and I say “No, turn around and bend over.”

Miranda looks at me quickly and just asks “What?”

“Turn around and bend over, and then slide your pants down. I want to watch that ass come into view” I respond, staring into her eyes, letting her know how serious I am.

Miranda just stares at me for a few moments, totally caught off guard by my request, and then turns her back to me. She ever so slowly bends down, sticks her ass out and looks back at me. “Is this what you want?” She asks as starts to slide her pants down, finally giving me a glimpse of that gorgeous, c-shaped ass, covered in lacy pink boyshort underwear.

“That is exactly what I wanted” I say, watching her continue sliding her jeans down to her ankles, keeping her ass up as high in the air as she can. Jemma even stops sucking me for a moment, pulling her mouth off me, just to get a good view of this nicely toned mid-40s woman and her sweet succulent ass.

“That’s a pretty nice bum you got there” Jemma says, and then returns her attention to my cock, licking the tip a couple times before taking the whole thing back down her throat.

“Oh, god damn babe” I let out at the feeling of my dick touching the back of her mouth. “And she’s right, that is a nice fucking ass.”

“Thank you” Miranda says with a slightly embarrassed smile, and then stands up and steps out of her jeans and returns to her chair, this time bringing one foot up onto the chair with her knee up, and legs spread, giving me a full view of her panty covered pussy, so wet you can practically see through them. She looks up at me and smiles again, and places her right hand over her mound and starts slowly starts rubbing.

At this point Jemma is still bobbing up and down on my cock, and makes me turn sideways so she can watch Miranda rub her panty-clad clit while continuing to suck me off. After a couple more minutes I place me hand on the side of Jemmas face, motioning for her to stop. If she hadn’t just sucked me off not to long ago before Miranda showed up I most definitely would have blown my load by now. She backs off, now with just the tip in her mouth as she swirls her tongue around it, sucking in and applying as much pressure as she can. “OH, OH FUCK, FUCKING STOP!” I yell out, the pleasure so great that I can feel my balls start to tingle, and I don’t to cum again just yet.

“Whats a matter baby” Jemma asks as sarcastically as she can, knowing full well what she was doing to me.

“Why’d you , oooh, stop?” Miranda asks, starting to moan from her own self-ministrations.

Her panties are now completely soaked and I can see her juices leaking down to my chair, not that I really care at the moment. “I Don’t want to cum just yet, I still need to fuck this little girls asshole.”

“OH, fuck that’s dirty” Miranda responds, rubbing her clit even harder. “Are you going to do it now?”

“Yup” I say as I pull Jemma to her feet, twirl her around and force her to bend over in front of me, showing me that sweet little ass that I just had my cock in yesterday, all ready for me to to pull the plug once again and shove my cock up her backdoor. “Get down on your knees, keep that rump in the air” I demand of her, letting her know exactly who’s in charge at this point.

“Mmm, you got it babe. You gonna pull the plug out now? You gonna stick that gorgeous giant cock up my asshole?” Jemma asks, obviously excited at the thought of her oncoming anal invasion. She gets down on all fours and sticks her ass straight up in the air, giving me full access to her ass and her soon-to-be removed giant black buttplug.

“Mmmhhhmmm” I murmer, getting down to ass level with her, running my hands over her hips, squeezing her cheeks, and give each one a slight slap, causing Jemma to jump and squeal a little. Eventually I make my way to the handle of the plug and give it a slight pull, checking to see if it’ll be as tight as last time. It starts to come out a little, and so I pull a little harder, her asshole stretching, yet doing everything it can to keep it in.

Right then I stop. I grin as I have a new idea. I look over to Miranda and ask “You want to come pull this out? “

Miranda stops rubbing her panty-clad pussy and just stares at me like a deer in the headlights for a few seconds before she finally looks over at Jemmas ass sticking straight up in the air and sheepily says “yes”.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you” I come back with, obviously wanting more from her,

“YES” she replies “Yes, I’d love to pull out her plug. Can I spank her?”

Jemma looks up and says “Only if we get to see those tits. Let us lick those nips and you can spank me all you want”

Miranda opens her mouth in shock for a second, just staring at Jemmas ass, a wanting look in her eyes, and she slowly lifts her blouse up and over her head, revealing a lacy red bra. She reaches back behind her to unsnap it, bringing her arms back and slowly lets the bra fall to the floor. Revealed to us now are a sweet and perky set of breasts, 36C from what I would guess, no push up bra needed. Nature has been kind to this worman. Her nipples stood straight out, ready to cut anything that came near them.

At this point Jemma is standing back up, walking towards Miranda. She puts both hands on Mirandas newly exposed breasts, and Miranda inhales sharply from the unexpected contact.Jemma proceeds to squeeze and fondle the new-to-her titties, biting her lip with a smile as she does. Finally she says to Miranda “I’ve never felt another woman's tits before. Feels nice.” and she gives the nipples and a slight pinch, forcing Miranda to yelp a bit. “Shhh” Jemma responds, trying to calm her down. “We’re just here to have fun. Just relax and enjoy” and then lowers her head to start licking away at the tits in her hands.

“Oh, OH, OH Gosh. OH my goodness” Miranda blurts out at the sensation of her nipples being assaulted with Jemmas tongue. “Oh that feels good”

Jemma looks up for a seconds and asks “Have you ever been with a woman?”

“A long time ago, in high school. All we did was kiss and squeeze each others bare breasts. And then…” Miranda stops short of finishing, looking away and blushing.

“And what?” Jemma asks, squeezing her tits hard, rubbing her thumb over the hard, long nipple.

“Ahhhhh, oh. A few years ago, with an old friend. It had been a long time since I had gotten laid and we were sitting around drinking and she pulled out a joint and so I smoked with her and we started talking about boyfriends and sex and how I hadn’t been fucked in so long and then the next thing I knew we were kissing and tearing each others clothes off and before I knew it she was on top of me rubbing her pussy on mine. FUCK!” she rambles and finishes as Jemma starts sucking her nipple into her mouth, eagerly listening to Jemmas tale of high, drunken lesbianism.

“And then what happened” I ask as Jemma switches breasts and starts licking and sucking the other nipple in.

“Oh god, that feels, FUCK!, that feels good. After we both came we just, UGH, just both fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to see her next to me in bed, still naked, smiling and watching me sleep. She started to run her hand over my cheek and then it hit me what we had done. I got up out of bed and grabbed my clothes and left, all the while her screaming at me asking where I was going and if I cared at all. We never talked again”.

“Fuck I’m hot now” Jemma jumped in with, easing the mood. “Now, I want to get fucked. You need to get this thing out of my ass.” as she bends over right in front of Jemma.

Miranda smiles and reaches down for the plug. I help her out by grabbing ahold of Jemmas ass cheeks and spreading them apart, holding her down in the process. Miranda grips the end of the plug and slow starts to pull it out, but eases up as she meets the resistance provided by Jemmas ass. She tries again, this time moving it up and down a couple times, each time pulling it out a little bit farther.

“Oh, god, you’re killing me. Please just get it out” Jemma blurts out, breathing heavily now, obviously enthralled with being fucked in the ass by her own buttplug.

“This helped last time” I say as I move one hand down to her pussy, rubbing inbetween her lips, getting my fingers as wet as I can from her soaking fuckhole. “OH GOD OH, FUCK!” Jemma yells out as I rub her some more. I pull now drenched fingers back and start running them around the apex of the butt plug, getting it nice and lubed, before I manage to dive in and lube up the rest of it. “FUCK FUCK FUCK! Fucking pull it out and fuck me!” Jemma screams, my fingers once again too much for her asshole once its filled with the plug.

“Oh my god, that is amazing” Miranda says as she watches on, watching me finger Jemmas ass as she screams in anal ecstasy. I remove my fingers and motion for Miranda to continue to pull the plug out. She continues to slowly pull it out and push back in, each time a little farther than the last, now twisting back and forth as she does. She finally gives one last pull and out comes the plug.”OHMYGODFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!” Jemma now physically shaking, going down to her knees from where she was bent over. She looks back at me with an evil stare and says “STICK THAT FUCKING COCK IN ME NOW!”

Who am I to deny such a ladylike request.I get down behind her and ram my rock hard cock into her pussy, taking her balls deep, and then I pull out and ram her a couple more times, getting my cock nice and lubed up for her impending ass fucking. “Oh, yes, god yes, I need that fucking cock. Fuck me. Fuck me!” Jemma orders as I pound her from behind. Finally I decide my dick is lubed up enough and I pull out, line it up with her shit hole and look up at Miranda.

“You need to help me push it it” I say to her. Miranda looks down at my cock, pointing right into the entrance of Jemmas perfect, unbelievably fuckable asshole, leans down and grabs ahold of it, and starts pulling on me, pushing it into Jemma as hard she can.

“Ah” I let out, not expecting Miranda to just start grabbing and tugging, but, I go along with it, allowing her to push my cock into Jemmas awaiting ass.

“Mmmmmmhhhhh, fuck. Thats it. Yes, fuck that ass” Jemma growls, barely audible.

After Miranda makes sure I’m all the way into Jemma, she removes her hand and places it on my shoulder. I look at her once more and say “now what?” to which she sheepishly responds “fuck her ass”.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Jemma yells out, still obvisouly dismayed that Miranda will not speak up and assert herself.


“That’s better” Jemma responds, looking back at me and continues “well, you heard the lady, fuck that ass”.

I comply. I start slowly moving in and out of her, letting Jemma get used to my rock hard cock. Finally once i feel she can take me all the way, I start to pick up the speed. I pull Miranda in close and finally get a taste of those glorious tits that Jemma had kept to herself earlier.

Both ladies moaning now, as I continue to ream my cock in out of the ass of one, while I suck on the titties of the other.

After a couple minutes of mauling and sucking and licking her tits, I draw Miranda down for a kiss, keeping an ever present mind on fucking Jemma up her ass, occasionally slapping her ass cheeks just to keep her in check.

WIth every slap Jemma yelps, no dropping her head and moaning hard. “Oh, oh god. Fuck, fuhhhhh.,,,” she grunts as I can feel her asshole tighted and watch her hips practically vibrate as she rides out her first orgasm.

“Oh my” Miranda says, amazed at watching Jemma cum in front of her, from an ass-fucking no less. I have my left hand around the back of her neck and pull her close as though I want to give her another kiss. I stop just before she reaches my lips and I ask her “Are you ready?”

“For what?” she responds.

“Walk in front of Jemma. Drop your Panties, and get down in front of her face. I want to watch her lick your pussy while I fuck her ass.”


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