My name is John and I’m 32 years of age and married to a really lovely sexy wife who I adore,
Here name is Alice and she’s 28 we have been married for just over four years,
We have our own lovely home and I own a very successful real estate business life couldn’t be better until about 6 months ago,

You see Alice doesn’t have to work due to the success of my business but has on occasions helped me out when she stands in for me at the office at home,
Business lately has slowed down due to the down turn in the property market,
So any clients we can get is becoming more difficult and it’s a cutthroat business trying to attract new clients,
This is where Alice comes in,
Like I have already said she is a very sexy woman and always gets male attention when we go out it’s down to the fact that she has really long sexy legs and an hourglass figure to match
I’m very proud of my wife when we go out as she always dresses to impress I love it when she wears heels and sometimes stocking they are my favourites what man wouldn’t like stocking on a woman,

I was had the chance to try and sell some commercial property being a storage facility worth quite a lot of money in fact it could net the business a good profit and keep the wolves away from the door for some time to come,
As this was an important client who was looking to buy this property I had to pull out all the stops to make sure I did a good job by selling it,
This is where Alice would come as my wife,
I wanted the client to know she was my wife because she can look so hot when she dresses up?
I wanted her to dress up so he would be impressed and act as a distracted for me,

When I asked Alice if she would do this for me she jumped at the chance you see Alice would do anything for me that’s how much she loves me,
“What would you like me to wear”?
I will let you choose your outfit?
Ok you need me to look sexy when we meet the client
Ok I have just brought a new dress it buttons up the front and is in black I could put on my black high heels and with a few buttons undone up the front to flash a bit of leg should keep him interested,

Sounds great to me were meeting him at 2pm today at the storage unit today?
“Best get ready then”

When Alice came down the stairs she looked so hot I wanted to fuck her myself there and then but we needed to leave right away to make sure we got there before the client came,
On the way Alice’s dress had ridden up her thighs with the buttons undone was now showing quite a bit of leg and it was making me really hard in my pants Alice noticed this and said
“ Wow if I have that effect on you what ‘s it going to do to your client when he meets me”

At that we arrived at the facility and went inside to wait it wasn’t long when the client turned up,
He was in his 40’s and very smart as I introduced myself and my wife to him he was very polite and said you are very pretty lady and you’re a very lucky man to have such a lovely looking wife,
Alice said thank you and shook his hand,

Right where would you like to start?
I would like to see the storage units first then the offices please,
As I walked him around Alice just followed me as I explained what was on offer then as we got to the offices, which were above the units my phone, rang out,
You can get that if you like he said’
Are you sure!
Of course I can get your wife to show me the upstairs offices and you can come up when finished,
“If your sure”
Of course I’m sure!
Do you mind Alice?
“Not at all”
So as I took my call I saw Alice start to climb the stairs first him being a gentlemen of course and asked her to lead the way,
The stairs are very steep so as Alice was climbing her dress started to ride up her thigh and with the buttons undone at the front caused the dress to expose a lot more leg than she should have, giving the client a real good view as he followed her up stairs<
“Oh my god I thought she doesn’t realise just how much she is showing as she climb the stairs it was too late to say anything now the client must have thought Wow because by now you could see her thong pushed up her crouch by the time she reached the top step,

I have to admit I found it a real turn on myself knowing that this guy could see the whole package on display and must have thought as I did I could have me some of that if I got the chance because that’s what I was thinking when I looked up at her,

I finished my call and made my way upstairs to the offices when I got there I could see Alice was sitting on a desk with her legs crossed again showing a lot of thigh to this client while talking to him,
As I arrived I asked if everything was ok and what did he think of the place?
Well it’s what I’m after I like the small units and these office are ideal I would like to give it some thought and I will ring you later to let you know my decision<
“Ok thanks I’ll wait to hear from you later then”

We both left and drove home on the way I asked Alice what he had said to her?
“Not a lot really he just asked me about what I did with myself during the day and how pretty I was and had said I had a really nice pair of legs,

Anything else’
“No not really do you think he will have the storage units?
I hope so? by the way was you aware that when you were climbing the stairs with him you were showing him so much leg in fact he could even see your thong pushed up between your legs?
“Oh my god was I really and did he”
Yes he did?

“Why didn’t you tell me at the time”
Why should I it was so sexy seeing you put on a show for the client and a real turned on for me watching you display yourself to a stranger,
So I’m going to take you home and fuck you’re for being such a naughty wife exposing yourself?
Well put like that I can’t wait?

Later in the day I got a phone call from the client inviting my wife and myself to dine with him at a restaurant and will sending a car to pick us up,
When I told Alice about the invite she was very excited do you think he will have the unit,
I’m hoping he will sign the contract by the end of the night,
“Well I had better get ready then”

As Alice came down the stairs she looked amazing she had on a blue strapless dress it made her ample breast look so big as they were pushed upwards and looked like they would pop out if she bent down she also had some killer heels to match the blue dress,
Wow you look fantastic Love the dress and heels babe?
Do you like what I’m wearing underneath she lifted the front of the dress up to show me
“Holy shit I love it when you wear stockings>

“I bet he would sign your contract right away if he saw me in these”
I bet he would too (little did she know I was planning to use every advantage I could to get him to sign) we so needed this contract as the business was in trouble I didn’t want Alice to know that’s Him signing would make all the difference,

As we arrived at the restaurant Mr Allen the client himself greeted us,
‘Thank you for coming please come through to the dinning area I have a table booked for us,

We all sat down to a lovely meal and plenty to drink the conversation was flowing well and then towards the end of the evening we were invited back to the home of Mr Allen to talk about the deal and the signing of the contract,

As we left the restaurant Alice whispered to me as we were making our way to the car
“John I have had to fight his hand from up my dress so many times tonight! It was all I could do from not slapping his face”

‘Don’t do that we need this deal ‘
“Oh its like that is it”
So he can do, as he wants so you get the deal?
I didn’t answer?
When we arrived we were invited into the lounge and given a glass of wine I could see from Alice’s face she was not happy with me,

I was asked to go into the drawing room to discuss the deal there was a very large pool table>
So John how much do you want this deal!
I need this deal, as you well know!
So what’s in it for me if I sign your contract, which I have right here?

I have done my homework on you and I know what it takes to get you to sign a contract
“So were clear on what’s required then”
Oh yes?
Can you give me a minute as I need to talk to Alice’

Sure I’ll wait in the lounge‘
I called Alice into the room and said I need you to do something for me you do love me don’t you!
“You know I do”
Well you see when you told me that he had tried to put his hand up your dress I never said anything to you because to get this deal I need you to be nice to him for me?

“WHAT” your asking me to let him take advantage of me is that what your saying to me”
You must do what you think best but we need this deal or our business will go bust?

I can’t believe what you’re asking me to do!
Please babe we need this’
Alice then leaned back against the pool table as I left the room,
I walked over to the client and said I think you will find my wife in agreement with the terms of the contract,

He picked up a full glass of wine and headed towards the room closing the door behind him but the door didn’t fully close,
So I got up and walked over were I could see my wife clearly through the gap in the door,
As he walked over towards her he pass her the glass of wine which she took it and started to sip the wine,
He leaned forwards and started to kiss her neck she turned her head to the side and kept sipping the wine I then saw him move from her neck and onto her ample breasts moving his lips over the top she never moved she was just like a statue very stiff,

He then moved his hands from her waist and slid them down the side of her thighs reaching for the hem of her dress,
He slowly lifted the dress up while letting his hands rub up the sides of her leg’s as he was moving upward she still never moved or responded to his touch,
By now I was getting hard myself watching my wife being molested by this stranger,
As he reached the top of her thighs he notice she was wearing stockings I heard him say?
Oh my god I love women who wear stocking and you have the most amazing legs I have ever seen,

He then lifted her by the waist onto the pool table and prised opened her legs exposing her self to him,
You are such a sexy woman and such a hot wife he said I can’t wait to taste your loveliness >
He then dropped to his knees and pulled her thong to one side and pushed his face in between her legs I could now see her start to fight his advances but it was all she could do from screaming, as she always loved to be licked out,
She was now loosing all her inhabitations to stop him bringing her to an orgasm,

She lay back as he was now forcing his tong inside her pussy and she reacted by pushing herself towards his face she must have been close to cumin as I could now hear her start to moan!
(Oh Nooooo please Mmmm Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh my god as she cum) she just lay there as he stood up and undid his trousers and pulled them down I could see he was naked from the waist down,
He then grabbed her leg and held it around his waist and then grabbed the other and lifted it over his shoulder,

What a sight there was my wife with her legs wrapped around this stranger as he started to fuck her he was now pounding her pussy I could see her tits had spilled out from her dress and were swaying up and down every time he fucked her,
I couldn’t take anymore I was rock hard so I got out my cock and started to masturbate while I watched my wife being fucked by this guy it was such a turn on for me,
I know how it feels to see your wife with another man! This was an awesome sight in front of me,

I could now hear them both moaning as they were both near to cumin as my wife shouted( Oh Fuck me fuck me you bastard Oh Shit shit! Shit! shit !OH fuck ) as she came again as for him he pulled out just before he was cumin,
My wife jumped from the table and took his cock in her mouth he cum and she continued to suck him until he had finished cumin then swallowed and said do we now have that deal!!

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