Bait and Switch Retype - Ch 11-12

Ch 11

The sun shines pleasantly as we drive south. The roads are dry, though the sides are piled up high with snow. All in all it’s a pleasant Sunday drive. At least, it would’ve been if not for a couple of things. Nancy is sitting in the back seat, humming softly to herself, and Lela had refused to talk to me again last night.

Nancy's presence doesn’t bother me as much as Lela's attitude. When I'd called my family to see if Gina could come down, my mom had asked after her mom, and then insisted that I invite her as well. Nancy had hemmed and hawed at first, but Gina convinced her it would be good to not be alone for the holidays. I just kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to influence her decision, and to be honest, I really don’t know how I feel about it. A part of me was hoping to get some alone time with Gina, but that’s less likely with her mom there.

Then there’s the issue of the chance of my family finding out what I'd done with the two women. Somehow I’m sure my parents would freak out, especially my dad. My sister might take it better, but she’s not likely to be there after that last blow-up with our father, even if it is Christmas. No matter what, I don’t want it getting out.

Yesterday had flown by, as Shanna, Shannon, and I recovered from the night's exertions, sleeping most of the day. I'd gone to see Gina after calling my mom that evening, and she was ecstatic as she packed. The two women had decide to go do some shopping, and I left them to it, realizing I would have to do some extra Christmas shopping myself, ordering gifts for the twins, and wrapping Gina's.

I’m not sure if I should get anything for Donna Frankens, and figure propriety dictates otherwise. I don’t want her to get her in any trouble, if someone were to find out.

Luckily Nancy opts to pay for gas, as I've spent more than I'd meant to last night.

I had a peaceful night alone, and was relieved when Lela took me. It dawns on me that she only takes me on nights when no one is sleeping with me. I hope that means she isn't jealous, but when she refused to show herself again, even when I desperately pleaded that I needed to talk to her concerning ways to defeat the demons. Silence and the strength building white light are all that meet my pleas.

"I hope your family likes me," Gina worries for what feels like the hundredth time.

"Relax. You'll be fine," I reassure her again, then think I'd probably better warn her. "I haven't told you about my sister, have I?" She shakes her head. "She's a lesbian. She came out about three years ago. My mom doesn’t mind so much; though she regrets not having any grandchildren from her, so don't be surprised if she asks when we're having kids."

"Not for awhile, I hope," Gina tells me with a laugh. I remember Robbie complaining that Gina had wanted kids, so that statement kind of surprises me. "I want to finish college first." I guess I hadn’t gotten the whole story.

"My dad flipped out, though, called her devil spawn and other not so nice things. He's calmed down since then, but still doesn't like it, and we’ve barely heard from her since."

"A parent should always support their children's life decisions," Nancy says from the back seat. "Give them advice if we think they're making mistakes, but if it's what they truly want. . ." Gina reaches over, and squeezes my leg.

"Thanks, mom. Love you, too," Gina says sincerely.

I decide not to tell them that my dad had been screaming at my mom in the background when I'd called. After Nancy's husband had left her, I can only hope that my parents don’t get into it too heavily. They had loved each other once, but I’ve noticed them growing more distant over the last few years. Summer, my sister, blames herself for our parent's issues, but I doubt it has to do solely with her.

We pull in about mid-afternoon, and mom runs out to give me a big hug. I feel my cheeks burn at mom's P.D.A. in front of Gina and Nancy, but suffer through it, knowing that she’s missed her only son.

"My word!" She exclaims pulling away from me, and squeezing my arms. "You've been working out."

I introduce them all, ignoring her compliment.

"Oh, Nick, your girlfriend is so cute!" Mom exclaims next, and my cheeks go even redder. “And those hips look good for bearing children too!” Oh, please kill me now! I beg some unknown gods.

"We're not—" Gina and I say in unison, but mom ignores us as she shakes Nancy's hand.

"I'm so glad you were willing to come," mom's voice is more exuberant than usual, and I wonder if she is putting on a show for our guests. I hope her and dad haven't been fighting too much lately. And that’s when I notice the slight flush to her cheeks, and realize she is drunk.

"Is Summer coming?" I ask. I haven't seen my sister since last Christmas, the only time she might be willing to be around our father. We communicate irregularly, but it’s still nice to see my older sister from time to time. I’m not holding my breath, on it though.

"Yes, she said she has to work, and won't be here until Christmas Eve, though," mom sounds down for a moment, but her smile quickly returns, as she ushers our guests inside, leaving me to unload the car.

It takes a number of trips, and despite the cold, I’m sweating slightly as I bring the last bags in. Gina and Nancy will be sharing the guest bedroom, which unfortunately is right next to my parent's room. There will be no sneaking in there at night, and my room is across the hallway from dad’s and mom’s. It looks to be a sex-free week.

My dad is reading a newspaper in the den and drinking a beer. From the pile of cans next to him, I know not to bother him. I find the other three women in the dining room, sipping on hot cocoa. Gina jumps up to make me some, and I gratefully sit down. Between Lela's white light last night, and unloading the car, I’m more than a little tired.

"Your girlfriend is so cute, Nick," mom leans over and whispers to me. "And smart, too."

"She's not my girlfriend, mom," I protest, knowing it’s useless..

Mom looks at me as though she doesn’t believe a word of it. Resistance is futile, I think. I’m saved from further argument as Gina brings me my steaming brown drink.

"Thank you," I tell her, and am rewarded with her dazzling smile. My first sip sends a delicious warmness through my chest, that isn’t entirely due to the hot chocolate. A quick glance at Gina shows a wicked smile. She’d spiked my drink.

Mom and Nancy start talking about work, and I find out that Nancy is a registered nurse at the main hospital. They become so engrossed in their talking, that Gina and I’m able to slip out unnoticed.

"Your mom seems nice," she tells me, as we walk into the guest room.

"Yeah. . . Too happy. I think she's hiding something." I tell her, trying to keep my words to a minimum. Gina is still affected by my voice, and considering the lack of opportunities ahead of us, I don’t want to cause her any undue stress.

"You worry too much, Nick," she grabs my shoulders, turning me to look at her. "Or can you read minds now, too?"

I silently laugh, but shake my head. No, I can’t read minds, but I still worry about how overly cheerful mom acts, and her level of drinking.

Gina brings her lips to mine, and I kiss her happily, until she moans. I pull away, remembering to tell her about the walls.

"The walls are paper thin in here, so be careful what you say. My parent's room is right next door, and you can hear everything," I warn her, repeating, “Everything.”

Gina looks to the wall in question, and then turns back to me with a wicked grin. "That could get interesting," she says, as she steps back up to me, and starts kissing me again.

We have to break apart again a few seconds later as we hear our mothers walking down the hallway. I step away, and act as though I’m straightening the blankets on the bed. Our mothers look at as, suddenly growing silent as they walk in, and I know we aren't fooling anyone. Gina's grin at my attempted ruse doesn’t help, and both older ladies burst out laughing.

I feel foolish, but I had grown up under my parent's rule, and some habits still stick, apparently.

Dad finally comes out of his den before dinner, and barely says two words throughout the meal. Mom more than makes up for it though, talking enough for all of us.

Dad only eats half his meal, before standing up, "I'm going into the office. There are some files I need to file."

"But dear, you've been drinking all day, and we have guests. Can't it wait until tomorrow?" Mom asked, worriedly.

"Dammit, don't tell me how much I've drunk, woman. I said I need to go, and those files won't file themselves." Dad storms from the room, his plate still on the table, as we all sit in stunned silence.

I know my dad is a big shot lawyer, but a case that needs to be filed this late and this close to the holidays? I doubt it.

I keep my mouth shut though, and mom tries to put on a brave face, though she doesn’t eat anymore either.

When the rest of us are done eating, Gina and I clear the table, while our moms put the dishes in the dishwasher.

"Why don't you kids go see a movie tonight?" Mom says as we bring the last of the dishes to them. "I'm sure you two don't want to hang out with us old women, and there isn't likely to be any privacy here." Mom winks at me, and I feel my face flush red again. Were parents just created to be embarrassing?

"Mom!" I whine, but Gina is already dragging me from the room.

Gina wants to watch some romance movie, but there is a fighting robot movie playing too. We end up going to the romance movie. . . Yay. . .

Mom shoves a $20 into Gina's hand before we leave, to my disgruntlement, but I have to admit I really can’t afford much until payday, after I get back. I have plenty in savings, but prefer not to use that when I can avoid it. Taking this week off is really going to hurt, too. I just hope that everyone enjoys their gifts.

We buy sodas and popcorn, before going into our theatre room.

I shouldn't have worried about the movie choice, though, for as soon as we sit down, Gina's lips are locked to mine. We sit in the back, just under the projector, and this theatre must have upgraded their seating since the last time I was here, as the armrests lift, allowing us to cuddle up to each other.

Thankfully there are very few people in here on a Sunday night.

Gina's tongue is hungrily moving along my own, as her hand slides into my coat, and pulls me tighter to her. The lights dim, as the opening trailers start up, but my mind barely notices.

I slide my hand into her coat, but instead of going around to her back, I stop on her right tit. Giving it a squeeze through her shirt, I only then notice she isn't wearing a bra, as I can feel her stiffening nipple with ease.

Gina moans softly at my touch. There isn't anyone near us, but it won't serve to get caught. Gina's hand slides down to my crotch, and starts playing with my cramped dick through my pants, and I have to break the kiss long enough to up-shift. Gina giggles as I pull my hand out, but she deftly slips hers in, and this time it’s me that moans as I feel her fingernails touch my shaft.

Her other hand starts working on my zipper, but I grab her wrist. "What are you doing?" I hiss, as I look around. In the dark, with only the screen for light, I don’t think anyone will see us, but you never know.

"Relax," she gives my lips a quick lick with the tip of her tongue, and I succumb to her feminine wiles. I let go of her wrist, and within seconds my hard cock is standing upright in the cool theatre air. It isn't cold for long, however, as she lays her head in my lap, and swallows as much as she can between her soft lips. I strip off my coat, and set it in the seat next to us, ready at a moment's notice to pull it over her if someone comes by.

The opening credits of the movie start up, and some cheesy music plays, but I can still make out the sucking sounds Gina makes as she gobbles my knob. I know no one else can hear her, but in my paranoia I still wonder why no one is telling us to be quiet.

Gina must have been getting warm too, because she lifts her head long enough to take off her coat, before going back down on me. Placing my hand on her hip, I slide it up under her shirt, until I feel the underside of her boob. Gina moans as I touch her stiff nipple, and her moan elicits a small moan from me. She uses her right hand, and starts fondling my balls, intensifying my pleasure.

I continue to fondle her large breast, truly enjoying this first time experience of a public BJ. Every time I start to get close, I concentrate on the movie for a few seconds, until the urge subsides, or until she does something with her tongue that feels fantastic.

I slide my hand down her flat abdomen, to the tops of her pants, and keep going. I have to lean over a bit, but the second my fingers brush her clit, she begins to shudder in orgasmic heaven, and I can feel how soaked her panties already are. The fact that she is so turned on from giving me pleasure, and what little I have done for her sets me over the edge, and I let out my loudest moan (though still comparatively quiet) in the theatre, as I start to ejaculate into her sucking orifice.

Gina sits up and gives me a quick peck on the cheek, whispering, "Thank you," before cuddling into my arms, and eating popcorn.

The rest of the movie doesn’t seem so bad after that, though occasionally I can hear explosions from the robot movie next door.

When we arrive back to my parent's place, I notice dad still isn't home. We try to walk in quietly, but we needn't have bothered, as both of our mothers are passed out in the family room, one empty bottle of wine on the coffee table, and another half empty, still clutched in my mom's hand.

Gina helps me carry Nancy back to the guest room, and I tell her I can get my mom on my own.

My mother is much shorter than me and pretty light. It’s easy for me to pick her up in my arms and carry her to her room. I slip off her shoes and socks, but don’t dare do anything more with her clothing. I pull back her sheets, and position her in bed. Before I can pull the covers up, however, her arms hug me tight, and she pulls me down into a drunk, sloppy kiss. I can taste the wine on her tongue as it drives into my shocked mouth.

As soon as my senses return, I pull away, and hear her murmur, "I love you." She must be dreaming of better times with dad, I think, as I carefully pull the covers over her, and she rolls over. "Thank you, Nick."

Her voice freezes me as I step out of her door. Had she known it was me when she kissed me, or did she wake up in between the kiss and me pulling the covers over her?

In a fog of confusion, I walk across the hallway to my room, and strip down to my boxers, without turning on the light.

I feel my way over to my old bed, wondering if I’m going to get any sleep tonight. The one good thing about being alone is that hopefully Lela will come get me tonight. I will plead with her to talk to me. I need her advice in order to defeat the demons. I can’t do it alone. Beyond that, I want to know what I can do to make amends to her.

A soft giggle is the only warning I have, before a very naked Gina pulls me to her, pressing her luscious body to mine.

"What are you doing?" I demand, trying to speak around her attempts to kiss me.

"They're both passed out drunk," she tells me. "They'll never know." I’m not too sure about that, after what'd happened in my parent's room.

"My dad will be home at any minute," I warn, but she doesn’t care, and her insistence soon turns my thoughts around. If I hear him come in, we'll just have to stop.

I finally allow our mouths to come together, and she nearly sucks my tongue out of my mouth as she yanks my pants down to my thighs. She wastes no time in straddling my hips, gripping my member, and with a deft hand, I’m soon inside her. She takes as much of me into her tight twat as it can hold in one quick push. I can’t believe how horny she is. She must have enjoyed that movie more than I'd thought.

I lift my head, and latch onto one of her dangling breasts, the rubbery nipple already hard, as I run my tongue around the areola, and nibble the tit. It doesn’t take her long like this, before she shoves my head down, and kisses me furiously, moaning into our kiss. I bring my hands down to her ass, and squeeze both cheeks, as I start hunching my hips, and trying to drive her orgasm higher, moaning myself, and enjoying the shudders it sends through her body. Thankfully she'd given me that blowjob earlier, because at this pace, I likely wouldn't have lasted much longer.

Gina breaks the kiss, and places her head next to mine, before turning it, and nibbling on my earlobe, moaning softly with each of my thrusts.

Some small, almost insignificant sound catches my attention, and I remember my father. I freeze, holding Gina tight, hissing, "Stop, I think my dad is home." Unfortunately I forgot the effect my voice has on her, as she starts to cum again, moaning directly in my ear. I have to fight back my own moans, as her cunny undulates around my stationary tool.

A few seconds later, I hear my parent's door open, and then close. I’m in a bad spot now. We can stop, but that will likely leave me hurting. I don’t dare keep going, with my dad awake across the hall.

Then I think about Summer's room. It’s next to mine, but further away from my parent's. If we can slip in there quietly, we might be able to continue.

Gina is game to try. Every footfall sounds unnaturally loud on the carpet, every breath oddly raspy and heavy, and I swear I hear my door open on its silent hinges. Yet somehow we find ourselves in my sister's old room. As soon as the door closes behind me, with the loudest click I probably don’t really hear, Gina plasters her body back against mine, and she starts to nibble on my neck. I reach down and grip her hind end, lifting her up, and setting her back onto my quickly re-hardening rod. It had gone a bit limp from the worrisome trek to this room, but Gina's touch definitely has its effect on my libido.

Using my upper body strength, I lift her up and down my cock, loving how her canal grips my rod. I've never felt her so wet before, and I wonder what brought it about, as her juices drip off my scrotum, and dribble down my legs. The only reason I can think of, is the long day in my presence, but unable to really do anything until now. I’ve tried to talk as little as possible, but I can’t be rude. If that is the case, we will need to find some secluded spot to screw daily, or she’ll tear me in half after a few days without.

My strength isn't unlimited, and after her second orgasm, moaning hard into my neck, I walk us over to where I can make out the bed in the moonlight streaming through the window.

I lay her flat on the bed, and throw her legs onto my shoulders. Squeezing her thighs together, I make her impossibly tighter and smile as she has to bite her hand, in order to stifle her moans. I start nibbling on her ankles near my face, and feel her start to cream again. It’s too much for me, and I pump my last load of the night into her slippery hole.

Gina's moans escape her lips as I continue to pump my seed into her. When I finally pull out with a wet slurping sound, I collapse next to her. Gently kissing her shoulder, I whisper, "You're trouble, you know that?"

She giggles again, but after a moment, we both agree that we need to get to our own beds.

Once safely back in my old room, I find my boxers buried in the blankets and just have enough time to pull them on, when I suddenly find myself in the blue, corner-less room.

The white light immediately surrounds me, and I can feel my strength slowly ebbing out of me.

"Lela, PLEASE! I need to talk with you. You don't have to come in here, just talk with me." I feel for her switches, but just as has happened every other night since our night-long mating session, she is somehow shielded from me.

"I'm sorry," I continue to plead, "I'll do anything I can to make it up to you, but I need to talk about the demons. I need your help to defeat them."

Silence meets my cries for help.

Defeated I drop to my weakened knees, and wonder how much she must hate me. I can’t understand why she’d saved me when Derek had captured me. That had been the only time she’s acknowledged my existence since that Monday night, almost a week ago.

The white light vanishes, and I wait to be sent back to my room.

And wait. . .

I must have dozed off, because a soft voice startles me, and I tip over. Looking up from the softly vibrating floor, I see a dark rectangular hole in one side of the rounded room, with a three-fingered hand sticking out of the inky blackness.

"Come with me," the two tones of Lela's voice sounds tired. Silently I stand, and walk over to the opening.

I can’t see beyond, and fear clutches my throat as the arm disappears into the impossible darkness. It looks like the hand is just floating there, sticking out of complete emptiness. I realize she must be able to see just fine in that darkness, and grasp her three-fingered hand.

She pulls me through the black rectangle slowly, but firmly. My steps are halting at first, but as the blackness swallows me, and all sight vanishes, I feel suddenly alone, despite the hand I hold. Lela pulls me on, and after a few steps, I pick up my pace a little, and Lela doesn’t have to drag my tired form as much. I place my trust in the slight alien, or angel, as I’ve started to think of them. The light vibrations in the smooth floor don’t trip me up, and soon she stops.

I almost run into her, not expecting the cessation of motion. I feel her breath near my ear, a moment before I hear her voice. "Don't speak. Stand here and I will be back."

I open my mouth to protest, ignoring what she'd just told me, but a slender finger against my lips silences me. Her small hand leaves mine, and then I truly am alone.

Or think I am. A cacophony of noise assaults my ears, and it takes me a few moments to realize that it’s Lela's language I’m hearing. It sounds like many angels are speaking at once. Some of the dual-toned voices sound deeper, and I think they must be males.

I want to know what is going on, but Lela's warning not to talk sticks with me.

"You are the human, Nick Xavier, correct?" It takes me a moment to realize that I understand that, and the question has to be repeated again before I think to answer. Lela's prohibition against speech can’t stay if I’m asked a question, can it? When it’s asked a third time, with more insistence, I decide I'd better answer.

"Y-Yes. I'm Nick Xavier." What’s going on? The voice that'd spoken sounds deeper than Lela's.

"And you have the ability to make physical changes with your mind?" I realize he is referring to my switches.

"My switches, yes. Hey, what—" I don’t get to demand what is going on, as I get cut off.

"And six of your planet's rotations ago, you made a change in the one you call Lela, causing her to mate with you?"

The shame of it still beats at me. I hadn't understood what I was doing at the time. I didn’t mean to hurt her. All these things I want to tell them, for now I understand I’m on trial, but instead I only say, "Yes," and drop my chin to my chest.

The room erupts again in their language, and I feel someone take my hand. I follow who I hope is Lela back the way I think we came in.

The way back seems to take longer, as the person holding my hand stops occasionally, and then continues on.

Without warning I’m back in the blue room. One moment I’m walking in nothingness, the next, the soft blue light is blinding me.

The hand in mine darts back into the black, before I can adjust to the new brightness. I keep a firm grip on her hand, however, and don’t let her go. I use my other hand to rub my eyes, as they adjust.

"Lela, please. What is going on? How much trouble am I in? Was that a trial? Are you in trouble? Don't leave." My eyes have finally adjusted to the gentle blue light, but all I can see is her hand sticking out of that impenetrable black. I pull on the hand, wanting to look into her silvery eyes.

She fights me only a little, before stepping into the room.

I’m not prepared for what I see.

Her eyes are haggard, and worn, deep bags lining the underside of her silvery eyes. Her shoulders are slumped, and everything about her bespeaks of exhaustion. She isn't even wearing her light suit. She looks decidedly different without the light dancing along her smooth pink skin. But none of that is what truly surprises me.

Lela is pregnant.

Her stomach is noticeably larger than the last time I'd seen her. She sees me looking, and yanks her hand out of mine, covering herself up.

Before I get a chance to speak, I’m back in my own room, back in darkness, though not as dark as it had been while following Lela.

What is going on, and how can Lela be pregnant? She told me that we weren't genetically compatible. Is she in some kind of trouble because of what I've done?

"Lela," I whisper, not wanting to wake anyone else in the house, "forgive me. I’m so sorry."

Ch 12

I’m depressed over the next few days, as all I can think about is Lela's pregnancy, and how sad she'd look when she'd left me.

Lela still takes me each night that Gina doesn’t sneak into my room, but never shows herself again. If my math is correct, I’m getting close to being done with my strengthening treatments, and I’m afraid she will abandon me after that.

I still fear that my parents will find out about what happened between Nancy, Gina, and me. Nancy and mom have become fast friends, and the two usually drink late into the night together, chatting about various things, but if the night of the threesome ever comes up, mom never mentions it. She never mentions the kiss she gave me either, though sometimes I catch her looking at me, and her cheeks turn red. Of course, that could also be because of the Hickey Gina had given my neck, also.

My dad spends most of his time at the office. When he is home, he’s short-tempered, and usually drinking. We soon learn to leave him be. I’m fairly certain he is cheating on mom, but have no proof. I’m tempted to use my switches, and have actually put one in him to calm his anger, though I hate using it; I’m still uncomfortable with manipulating anyone.

Gina is my only saving grace. She sees how down I am, and does everything she can to cheer me up: parking lot blowjobs, plenty of sex when we can be alone, she even rents a room for a couple hours, and lets me back into her ass again. It all helps, but Lela's silver eyes still haunt my thinks.

Christmas Eve dawns white and lightly snowing; the day Summer is supposed to arrive. Dad’s already left for work, telling us not to expect him home for dinner, some big case he claims, and Mom and Nancy are still recovering from last night's drinking binge.

"You go get your sister," Gina tells me, giving me a quick smooch. "I'll take care of our mothers. Go on! Maybe she can cheer you up, goodness knows I've failed." That last is said under her breath in sadness, and I feel bad, because I know she really has been trying, but how can I explain to her that I’m depressed over getting an alien pregnant, and likely getting her in massive trouble with her race?

My mom suggests that maybe she should come with me, but Nancy places a wine glass in her hand. Taking a long swallow, she turns back to Nancy and Gina, smiling.

I leave, putting on my best smile, though it feels tight and ill-fitting on my face, but not before giving her a thankful hug and kiss. She truly has been wonderful these last few days, and doesn’t deserve the mood I’ve been in.

The drive is a long one, only because of the holiday traffic, and the airport is overcrowded. I listen to the radio, not much in the mood for cheerful Christmas music, and end up listening to talk radio. Apparently there is something going on in some city I miss the name of, and strange objects are popping out of the air. I wonder if this is another of Lela's experiments, or the angels themselves.

I quickly turn off the radio, not wanting to think about Lela.

I have to park a fair distance from the terminal, and my breath mists long and thick as I walk through the lightly drifting snow. By the time I make it to the baggage claim, Summer is already waiting for me.

"Nick! Over here!" Her alto voice easily cuts through the loud hum of noise, and I turn to see her waving and smiling. Even at this distance, I can see her bright blue eyes sparkle, as her light brown hair bounces with her jumping.

A natural smile turns my lips upward, as I walk over to her. She has a ton of baggage around her legs.

"So how is my little brother doing?" She asks, and then flings her arms around me in a big hug.

Time freezes in that instant, as an explosion seems to go off in my head. Suddenly I can feel every switch I've ever made, except for Lela's. Not only am I aware of them all, but I know exactly where they are in relation to me.

That isn't even the most shocking part. I can actually 'see' some of them in my mind. See what they are doing, what they are wearing. Or in my dad's case, not wearing.

The moment ends as Summer pulls away from me, a confused expression on her face.

"Wh-what was THAT?" She exclaims. Had she seen it too? For a few seconds I don’t know what to say, still stunned by the whole experience. Summer's hand lifts to touch me, scaring me, and I back away.

"What is what? Did you eat something bad on the plane?" The evasion sounds thin to my ears.

"That. . . I dunno. . . image. I saw some people, and—" She covers her mouth in shock. "Oh my. . . Dad! He was naked, and it looked like he was. . ." She trails of, and I know what she's seen. Our father nude, standing up, with his cock somehow parallel to the ground, sawing his hips back and forth. If I had seen the present, then he is currently fucking someone, and I know he isn’t in his office, or home.

"Let's get your bags. We need to go," I tell my older sister rather brusquely. I have a chance to catch my father, and I’m going to use it.

"Wait, hold on. I don't understand," Summer complains, but I ignore her, as I manhandle her baggage onto a cart. "Careful with that, there are gifts in there," she whines about my rough treatment of her stuff.

I practically run back to my car, pushing the baggage laden cart, hoping that my sister will keep up. My heart is thumping as I load the vehicle. "Will you tell me what’s going on?" Summer grips my arm through my coat, and spins me to face her.

"Nothing," I lie, "I just want to get going, beat the traffic," I finish getting all of her bags in, and jump in the car. Exasperated, Summer climbs into the passenger seat, way too slowly.

"I don't believe you, Nick. What was that back there when we hugged? I saw all those people, and so did you! Don't deny it; I saw it in your eyes." I keep quiet, trying to picture in my mind where I had seen our father, but the image is fading. Summer must have noticed my distraction, as she experimentally reaches her finger out, and touches mine on the steering wheel, and suddenly it’s there again, but somehow weaker this time. I can still picture him, he is now lying on his back, fondling something in the air, his prick wobbling back and forth on its own, but I can't feel or sense any of the switches from up north by the campus, and he seems somehow foggy. Nancy is asleep, and Gina looks like she is watching TV, but that’s it. The two women are even fainter, almost wisps.

She pulls her hand back, and looks at her finger as though it’s a new and strange object to her. Then she touches my coat, but nothing happens. Whatever is going on must require physical contact, and the more contact, the more powerful the images and senses are, apparently.

The traffic going this way is clearer, and I soon find the exit I need.

Summer keeps demanding to know what is going on. "I touch you, and I see things, but how can that be?" She shakes herself, and then lays her hand on my cheek, but I pull away. I need to concentrate on driving right now. "Why do I sense something about anger with dad, but different things with those other two? Who are those women? And ALL those other people. . . Nick, what’s going on? Don’t try and deny it, again, I know you know something."

"I'll explain later," I tell her. We’re almost there.

"I'd hoped never to see dad like that again." Even as I concentrate on where I can sense him now without her touch, her softly whispered words register in me.

"You've seen dad like that before?" My anger is starting to boil, as I pull into the parking lot of a motel. My dad's anger switch is completely off, which is my only indication of how he is feeling.

"Why do you think I moved away, and never came home except for Christmas?" Summer replies quietly. "He used to sneak into my room at night, and cover my mouth while he molested me. I hate him. It's part of why I became a lesbian, just to piss him off. Well, there were other reasons too. . ." She looks at me, and I see her cheeks are bright red.

"Stay here," I tell her, placing my hand on hers, to confirm which room he’s in. I don’t really need to, as I can sense him on my own, but I hope to comfort her some as well. "I'll be right back." I also want to make sure I’m interrupting him.

"You're going to confront him aren't you?" I can see fear in her beautiful light-blue eyes. "No Nick, don't. He's bigger and stronger than you!" She grips my arm, and then looks at me in shock. I know she is feeling my new muscles. I’ve compared myself to the picture I'd taken on my phone, and it’s hard to believe how small I used to be; where before I had been a twig with smaller twigs attached as arms and legs, now I’m a solid oak, with hefty branches.

"I think I can handle him," I tell her, getting out of the car. My voice is filled with more than a little confidence.

She gets out too, and I almost tell her to go back, but then think she might need this more than I do.

We walk up to the door, and I take a couple breaths to steady myself, before knocking.

"Who is it?" An extremely annoyed male voice sounds from the other side. Our dad's voice. I make sure to stand off to the side of the peephole, and knock again, without saying a word. I hear noises inside, as someone fumbles around. Summer grabs my hand, and squeezes tightly.

I can now see my dad trying to pull a blanket around his waist, as he approaches the door. He looks frustrated when he can't see anyone through the hole. It looks as though he is going to turn back around, but I knock again. I can see the anger rise in him at the same time I feel his switch move.

"I swear if some kid is playing a prank on me, I'll. . ." The door opens, and he stands stunned as his two kids stare back at him.

I act fast, and paralyze him with a new switch. It seems so easy to do, with Summer holding my hand.

"Who is it, dear?" A feminine voice calls from the bathroom, but dad can't answer. Despite not being able to see this other person, I’m somehow able to paralyze her too. I’m shocked because this is the first time I've created a switch on someone or something I can’t see. I look down to where I’m still gripping my sister's hand. Somehow she is drastically magnifying and augmenting my ability. With the switch in the hidden woman, I can now mentally see her, crouching naked behind the bathroom door. She look only a little older than me, and younger than Summer.

I look up to Summer's eyes, and see the anger in them. She speaks to me, without taking her eyes off of our father. "Nick, I don't know how you're doing this, but we probably better get inside."

I know she can see everything I’m seeing, and can feel me making switches and moving them.

I agree, and we both press by our frozen father, before I turn, and close the door. I turn him to face the room, before walking in and picking up the nude woman, and carrying her to the bed. She kind of looks funny lying there, with her body locked in a crouching stance, so I try to move her 'paralyze' switch. It won't budge. For a second I panic, no matter how much willpower I throw at the switch, it won’t budge. Then I have an idea. I walk back over to Summer, and grab her hand. Suddenly I’m able to move the switch again. Apparently anything I do while touching my sister is much stronger than on my own. As soon as the woman can move again, she tries to get up and flee, but I refreeze her (without touching Summer), just as she sits up.

I turn back to our dad, and I can see a tear of fear leaking from one of his eyes. I have to take Summer's hand again to do anything to him, and I try to slowly lessen his paralysis, wanting only his head to be able to move. It doesn’t work that way, though, and instead, he becomes very slow, like every movement requires a lot of effort.

I let him go completely, and lock the door mentally at the same time. Dad runs for it, but since I'd locked it while touching Summer, he can't get out, and can't unlock it.

He spins on me then. "Devil's spawn," he spits. "What do you think you're doing?" He raises his hand to me, and it is all too easy to make him immediately weak. When his hand comes down against my face, it feels like no more than a light caress, and then his legs buckle beneath him, unable to support his weight.

"I recommend you stay down, and listen to us," I tell him. I’m surprised at how calm my voice sounds, calm as a cold Antarctic night. For a moment it looks like he is going to argue with me, but when I don’t back down, I feel his anger recede, and by the look in his eyes, it is replaced with stark terror.

I wait until he’s seated, before letting go of my sister's hand. She immediately re-grabs it though, and I realize she wants to know everything I’m doing. I resolve that I’ll have to be careful of any switches I make, while we’re in physical contact with each other..

I’ve forgotten about the other woman, until dad glances at her. I look at her more closely, and realize that she might actually be younger than me; old enough to be legal, but not by much. Her small breasts hang from her chest in her seated position. In fact, she bares a slight resemblance with Summer. The hair is wrong, but those blue eyes, and jaw structure are almost identical.

"Who is she?" I ask first, almost wondering if there is a relation in there somewhere. That’d be just like my dad to screw around with one of his own bastards.

"Let me go, and you can have her," the older man pleads. A small part of me laughs at how petty he is. A very small part.

"I asked who she was, not can I play with your leftovers. She can go soon enough." As soon as I’m done with you, you bastard. How can he do this to mom? It’s not like mom isn’t good looking in her own right, but this just seems wrong to me. It’s not until much later, that I realize it’s almost the same thing as Nancy and me, but thankfully Donna is closer to my age, than my dad’s, and at least neither woman was married.

My father licks his lips a few times, his eyes flickering between Summer, the girl, and me, before answering. "She is one of my interns."

"And how long have you been cheating on mom with her?" Summer asks next, anger lacing her words.

"With Amber? Only a couple months," those words inform me that this woman isn’t the first. I look to Amber, and know that she isn’t the home wrecker. My father is the guilty one, here. I can even understand her a bit. Sleep with the boss, and there is a better chance of getting moved up from intern.

I turn to the young woman, and speak to her for the first time. "I'm going to let you go. Get dressed, and leave here. You won't remember this when you walk out the door." I let go of Summer's hand long enough to move the switch, before my sister grips it again, this time lacing her fingers through my own and squeezing tightly. I prepare a 'memory' switch in the girl, and as soon as she is dressed, I tell her, "Think about everything that happened here. Think hard." She nods, and I can see mascara stains on her cheeks where her tears have run. I flip the switch, and see her eyes go blank, before we push the very confused young woman out the door.

Summer grabs a tighter hold of me, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by our father. I see him sneer as he looks at us, and my anger rises, but his words only serve to confuse me. "So that's it, huh? She finally confesses to you, and you are now in cahoots? Her little lapdog?" He spits on the floor, and Summer lets go of me, covering her mouth, and shaking her head. I can see that his words have struck painfully, somehow. Will this man continue to give every reason to get me angrier?

"Shut up, unless we ask you a question," I tell him. He flinches at my commanding tone, and I see the fear return to his eyes, as he cowers on the floor. Had I ever been truly afraid of this pathetic excuse for a father?

"What are you going to do to me? Kill me? Tell your mom? It’s not like she hasn’t figured it out. Why do you think she gets drunk every—" I cut him off with a quick switch, not wanting to hear anymore. I don’t know what I’m going to do with him now that I have him, but I can't just let things go on as they have been. Of course, I can’t kill him either. I’m no murderer, no matter how angry I am. If I were, Derek might not have survived my anger. Thinking of Derek, I’m truly tempted to meet the same fate out to him, but my anger isn’t as powerful as it had been that night, in the abandoned house. And somehow that punishment doesn’t seem to fit this crime.

"You're a lawyer, let's make a deal," I tell him, trying to stall for time.

He laughs, or tries to; his voice is still muted, so I let it go, so he can answer. "Ha! You can't prove anything, and if you tell your stupid bitch mother, I'll just divorce the dried up old bitty and leave her penniless." That's when I know what I’m going to do.

"You're half right," I say. "You will divorce our mother, but it will not be her that is penniless." He tries to cut me off, but I just paralyze him again, not wanting to hear his filthy mouth. I explain everything he is going to do, and make it clear that I will be watching the whole time. If he slips up, he’ll regret it. I give him a small taste of my ability, as I make his foot start to ache, and then increase it, until I can hear a slight moan coming from his locked throat. After a couple seconds I stop the pain, and release him from his paralysis.

"Okay, okay! I'll do whatever you want. Just don't. . . Don't do whatever it is your doing anymore." He’s crying as he pleads with me.

So much for not manipulating anyone. My guilt is minimal, though, as I know he deserves this.

"Go home right now, and do as you’re told," I order him, and watch as he quickly gets dressed. "And in case you change your mind, know that if I can find you here, I can find you anywhere." When he looks at me, I can see that he understands. Just to shove my point home, I change his pain point to his crotch, and quickly flip it on, and off again. He groans, and I know we have an understanding.

His tires screech as he pulls out of the parking lot.

"Oh, Nick. He had me so worried, but you handled that so well. I can't believe he was cheating on mom, though I probably should have guessed." She looks back to me then, and I see fear return to her eyes. It hurts all the more, because I know it’s directed at me. "What. . . what are we?"

"Brother and sister," I tell her, pulling her into a hug, and feeling her arms surround me. As our cheeks touch, we are able to see our dad driving, and there is no mistaking the panic in his eyes. We sit on the bed, holding each other, and watching his progress. As he gets closer to home, I see his face change slightly, and then he makes a wrong turn, and starts driving away. I make his groin hurt again, only a little, and even at this distance, it is easy, so long as there is physical contact between Summer and I. He slams on his breaks, almost getting into an accident, but I wait until he's turned around, before I release him from the pain.

Our father draws close to home and I realize we can’t see our mother. It takes only a little effort to make a happy switch in her from this distance. I have to use Nancy's position in relation to where my father is talking to make it. As soon as I do, we can see our mother, and though we can’t hear dad's words, our mother's reactions tell us enough. Nancy stands and strikes him across the face while mom cries. I feel bad for mom, but I know she will be better off when this is over. Dad raises his arm to strike Nancy back, but when his small pecker hurts suddenly he drops his hand, and flees, leaving all of his possessions. I’m fairly certain he will do as he's been told. He is to divorce mom, leaving her all of his money, and paying a sizeable sum every month afterwards. If he ever contacts her again, he'll regret it.

It is some time after we watch dad leave, before Summer pulls away from me.

“Who was that lady that slapped dad, and why is there a sense of contentment about her?” Summer asks slowly, and then continues before I can answer. “And that other girl, the really attractive one, I get a jumble of senses from her.” Her hands are clasped in her lap, and her voice is barely above a whisper.

“That girl is Gina, a friend from college, and the other lady is her mom,” I reply, hoping she won’t dig too much deeper.

Thankfully she is quiet for a bit, and I can see she’s struggling with something. Finally says, "About what dad said. . ." She looks pensive, and I feel sorry for all of the pain our father has caused her, determining to do what I can to return her to the happy Summer I know.

"Don't worry about it," I try to tell her confidently. "He's long gone, and it doesn't matter anyway."

She grips both my hands, and looks me in the eyes. "But it does. You see, he started doing what he did to me for a reason." She drops her eyes again, and I see a tear roll off her nose.

"He did it because he is wrong in the head," I protest.

For some reason, that seems to hurt her more. "Will you just shut up and listen to me?" I nod, shocked by her outburst. "I never told you why he started to molest me, or why I never told anyone before now. After what you did for me and mom today, I think. . . I think you have a right to know." I almost open my mouth to tell her she doesn’t owe me anything, but the flash of anger in her eyes stops me. "I used to keep a diary. I kept all of my personal and private thoughts in it. Dad found it one day, and read it. When I got home, he confronted me about some of the. . .” She swallows, and I can see she is trying to build up her courage to continue, “things, I'd written in it. Things that were wrong and perverted. Things about you." Those last few words come out in a rush.

I’m baffled. What can she have written in her diary that would make our father molest her? I soon find out.

Like a boulder at the top of a hill, she starts out slow, and builds momentum. "I wrote about spying on you in the bathroom, even hid in your closet a couple times to watch you masturbate. I wondered what it will be like to have. . . to. . . Well, to be with you in ways that brothers and sisters shouldn't be." She drops my hands, but this time it is me that grabs her hands back. When she looks up at me, I give her an encouraging smile. This is the last thing I'd ever expected to hear from my older sister, but considering what'd happened with Shanna and Shannon, not to mention Nancy and Gina, her words don’t bother me. A few weeks ago, I probably would have freaked out. "Dad told me that he would tell everyone what a pervert I am, unless I let him. . . touch me. He hid the diary, so I couldn’t get rid of it." I can see that it is a huge effort for her to make this confession to me; by the way she holds my hands loosely, the hitch in her voice from time to time, and the fear that I will reject her evident in her soft blue eyes.

"Did he. . ." I almost can’t ask, "did you go all the way?"

"No, thankfully. He wouldn't go that far, but the whole time he slipped his fingers in me, or twisted my nipples, he would tell me what a pervert I am. That is why I told everyone I’m a lesbian. I had found where he'd hidden my diary, and destroyed it. He no longer had any proof, and if he told anyone, they would laugh, because I'd already confessed to only being interested in women." She sucks in a deep breath, and I can see that she is building the courage to speak some more. "You probably hate me now, don't you? You think I'm a dirty pervert, too, just like him. It's okay. I AM a pervert for wanting you." She laughs a little then, but it’s at herself. "You used to be such a skinny geek then, not this macho man, with some kind of superpowers. You made that woman forget about tonight. Will you do the same for me? Make me forget everything he ever did?" She hesitates, and then asks a little more fearfully, “Or are you going to make me forget about tonight, too?”

She looks at me with a mixture of hope and fear in her eyes, but I remember how Gina had felt after I took away one of her memories.

"No," I tell her softly.

She nods, not arguing or pleading with me, but accepting my decision with sadness. "I understand. You probably don't want to be around your nasty perverted sister right now, just. . . just please don't tell mom what I told you."

"Summer," her name is soft on my lips, and when her eyes meet mine, I know my next words are true, "there is nowhere else I'd rather be, than here with you right now. I must be a nasty, dirty, perverted person too, because none of that bothers me." Before she can speak, or say anything, I lean forward, and kiss her softly on the lips. I can taste the salt from her tears, as she sits stunned, holding my hands, but her body frozen.

Then just as her namesake does to ice on a hot day, so too does her body melt, as her hands leave mine, only to grip my face and pull me to her, as she lies back on the bed. I fall on top of her, as her tongue darts into my mouth, and licks along my teeth and gums.

Wrapping my arms around and under her, I roll us over, so that she is on top. We kiss for a while, before she breaks away, and I see the fear return to her eyes.

"We need to stop before we go too far," she tells me, her breath coming heavy. “This is wrong. I want this, but we’re siblings. We. . . We can never be more.”

"Can’t we?" I ask, pulling her face back down to mine, and getting even more turn on by her capitulating moan. I unzip her coat, and slide it off of her, feeling her do the same for mine.

The innate sense of my switches expands outward, I know she can see in her mind all that I can. Our dad, desperately driving away, trembling in fear and outrage. Amber is driving slowly home, still confused. Nancy and Gina consoling mom. I can even see Harley Quinn, crying softly somewhere, far to the north. All of my switches are visible to me, as well as those that they reside in. All but one person’s: Lela. A slight pang of sadness touches me, as I realize I can’t sense the angel. Did they kill her for my crime?

Summer’s body pressed against mine and her lips desperately wanting attention pulls me back to the here and now. There is another woman I have to worry about right now. Don’t worry about the things you can’t change, I tell myself, change the ones you can.

Our mouths are hungrily devouring one another, as our hands work over each other's clothes. I feel her hands drop to my pants, as she unzips me, and pulls my cock free, only to jump back as if she’d been burned.

"You're my brother. We shouldn't do this, no matter how much I want this," her eyes look worried, and I see her bottom lip is quivering.

"And if I want it too?" I ask. "If you say no, then I'll not force it, but all you have to do is look at how turned on I am, to know that I want this also."

Her eyes drop down to my rod poking out from my zipper, and I think she even licks her lips, before looking back up to my eyes.

“But, you’re my brother,” She tries again, and I remain silent, knowing that she needs to work this out on her own. Her eyes drop to my engorged rod, and she says, “My baby brother. Maybe. . . Maybe it wouldn't be so wrong, as long as we don’t go all the way," I’m not sure if she is asking me, or telling me, but I’m not about to argue with her.

When I nod, you would have thought I'd given her the world. She nearly tackles me, she kisses me so forcefully. I laugh into our kiss, until she grabs my meat, and turns my laugh into a moan. I slip my hand down to her rear, and give it a strong squeeze. She pulls away from me, with a slight smile.

"I've licked lots of pussy, but this will be my first blowjob, sorry if it's not very good." She tells me apologetically.

"Are you still a virgin. . . With a man, I mean?" I ask, concerned.

"A girl in college broke my hymen with a dildo," she says, blushing prettily, "but I have never gone all the way with a man." She shifts down my body, and sucks my cock into her mouth. It feels great, but I can tell she is inexperienced; she uses her teeth too much, and not enough of her lips. I gently give her tips, and she quickly gets the hang of what I like, making me moan, as she slurps up and down my shaft.

"Stop," I tell her, after a bit, sitting up.

"I'm sorry. I know I'm terrible at it. We don't need to go any further." Her constantly getting down on herself is getting on my nerves, but I keep my voice calm.

"We can stop whenever you want to, but that isn't why I stopped you. You're doing great. I just want to return the favor." She looks at me uncertainly, and I wonder if she is going to back down.

"I guess if you really want to. . ." I lean forward and kiss her, forcing her backwards. We have to scoot a bit to keep her on the bed, but I quickly undo her pants, and nearly rip them off as quickly as I can, throwing them into a corner somewhere.

Her legs are a light bronze tan color, shining, and shapely, leading up to her clean-shaven glistening pink lips. I smile as I look back up at her, and notice that she is staring back at me wide eyed, slightly shaking.

"I can't believe this is happening,” I barely hear her say to herself. “I never believed. . .”

Lifting her left leg, I bring it to my lips, kissing her firm calf, before trailing kisses up to her knee, thigh, and then finally on her soft pink labia. Summer moans as my mouth touches her nether-lips, and her hips jerk when my tongue flicks across her clit.

Her fingers dig into my hair, as she pulls me tighter to her crotch, and I savor the flavor of her. Over the last couple weeks, I have noticed that each woman tastes different, even the twins, though their difference is much more subtle, but I'd have to say that Summer tastes the best. I dive my tongue into her, lapping up her flowing juices, and making her cream all over my face, time and again, before she finally pulls my face up to hers, and kisses me, tasting her own fluids on my lips. When her tongue is done with my mouth, she moves to my cheeks and chin, completely cleaning me.

Without thinking, I start to rub the head of my dick against her slippery slit, but she pushes me away slightly.

"I want you in me, god, how I want you, but we really shouldn't. That will be going too far." I can see the desire in her eyes, but I can also see the fear. We will be siblings for a lifetime, I figure, there will be plenty of time later, and the demons are still months away. It looks like I’ve been able to help her to some degree. Only the next few days will tell how much I’ve truly helped my lovely sister.

"Okay, like I said, I won't force you, but I have an idea that may satisfy us both." I wait for her nod, before continuing. Placing the underside of my prick along her lips, I start to move my hips. Pressed between her pussy, and my stomach, it doesn’t feel nearly as good as if I was inside her, but I know I’ll be able to get off this way.

I also notice something else. The entire time we’ve been touching, I can still see everyone I'd made a switch in, with my mind, and know she is sharing the vision. With this much contact, I can almost sense Lela, miles above the Earth's surface. I’m immediately thankful she is alive. It’s almost like being a voyeur, being able to watch everybody, while Summer and I play this dangerous game of almost incest.

My sister is scratching my back through my shirt, as she moans and hunches her hips against my thrusts. The slick underside of my rod is rubbing against her labia and clitoris. I slip my hands up her shirt, and feel her smallish breasts, and am so turned on by the sudden realization that I’m humping my older sister that I start to blow my wad before I know it.

She can’t miss the fact that my hot semen is squirting across her shirt and stomach, and starts to cry out, "I can't believe my little brother is cumming on me. Cum for me, Nick, and make me cum. I'm cumming! Oh god, I'm CUMMING!"

Summer shakes underneath me for a bit, and when she finally comes down from her high, I kiss her softly and lovingly on her lips.

"Thank you, Nick," she tells me after a few moments of tender kissing. "I know you only did that to make me feel better, and I appreciate it."

Now why did she have to go and ruin a good moment like that? I wonder.

"Dammit, Summer," I exclaim. "If I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn't have. I wanted that as much as you did, and if I hear one more—" She cuts me off with a laugh and a kiss, followed by the biggest hug she's ever given me.

Summer has to change her shirt, as it’s covered in my seed, but we get cleaned up and dress as fast as we can, and drive home. I know everyone is going to start getting worried about us soon.

On the drive home, I tell my sister the same story I'd told Gina, explaining my powers, but saying nothing of Lela. I'm not certain why I continue to keep her a secret, but something inside of me doesn’t want to let that secret out. I also explain how different it is, when I’m in physical contact with her.

Gina meets us at the door, and greets my sister with a warm smile. Summer leans over and whispers accusingly, "You didn’t tell me you have a girlfriend."

Gina still hears her, "He's not my boyfriend. We're just REALLY good friends." I wish she hadn’t emphasized ‘really’ quite so much. Shanna had said nearly the exact same words to me, and I wonder at my luck with women lately. Gina's face turns somber then, before saying, "Your dad showed up a while ago. It wasn’t pretty."

"I know," I tell her, and she doesn’t seem surprised.

"I kind of wondered if you had something to do with it," she said thoughtfully. "The way he handed her everything, and yet seemed so angry about it, I thought you might have had a hand in it. Your mom is taking it pretty hard. She says she always knew he was cheating, but didn’t think he would let her leave the marriage with anything. I think she’ll be able to move on, pretty quick."

We go back to find Mom and Nancy sharing a glass of wine, and she must have been recovering quicker than we thought, as the two older women meet us with smiles and hugs.

"To Christmas Eve, and new beginnings," I toast when a glass is filled for me, and the others repeat my toast, and then sip their drinks.

We drink deep into the night, and I have to carry each of the women to their beds. Mom doesn’t bother me with any more kisses, I think she is too far gone, but Gina tries to pull me in next to her mom, and make out with me, before I can break away. I’m not comfortable doing anything with my sister here now, and Gina is snoring before I even reach the door. Summer thanks me again when I tuck her in, giving me a quick shy kiss, murmuring, "Maybe next time, maybe next time. . ." before falling asleep.

I stumble to my own bed, and collapse into it, not even bothering to get undressed.

Lela takes me, and I awake in the blue room, still slightly drunk.

I don’t even bother pleading with her to come see me. What’s the point? It hadn't done any good, and I’m tired of trying. The white light bathes me in its glow, and I continue to lay there until it’s done.

When I’m not immediately sent back to my room, I get up, wondering if she is going to come for me after all.

Instead, a pillar lifts up near me on the floor, and something materializes on top of it. I walk over to examine the object, when I hear a mechanical voice come from all around me. It isn’t Lela's voice, and that frightens me. Have they killed her after all? No, I think, they are a peaceful race. Maybe they sent her away, then. . .


I do as I’m told, trusting that they don’t want me to come to any harm. At least, I’m desperately hoping they don’t.

There is a slight prick, and liquid fire starts to spread from the point in my arm where I have just injected myself with something. I watch as my veins become visible under my skin, and the pain spreads. What have they done to me? I cry out mentally. So much for not wanting harm to befall me.

"DO NOT BE ALARMED. THE PAIN WILL BE BAD, BUT YOU WILL SURVIVE." Who is commanding this voice? It obviously isn’t Lela. When she'd done it, she had used her own voice. The pain is getting worse, as promised, and is spreading down to my fingertips, and up to my shoulder. I wonder if I will die when it hits my heart, or if I’ll have to suffer until it reaches my brain.


The voice continues to drone on, oblivious to the agony I’m in, as I collapse onto the floor in the fetal position. Unfortunately I don't die when it reaches my heart. Death would be a release from this agony.


The pain slows as it starts travelling up my neck, but when it reaches my groin, a new type of horrendous torture explodes in my body, causing me to cry out incoherently.


The pain reaches my toes the same time it reaches my head, and sweet oblivion finally takes me.

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