A Knight's Tale Chapter 1

She awoke to a loud banging on her door. She rose from her bed to answer it. She found a messenger boy. "Sir, His Majesty wants you in his briefing room in the next half of the hour." She nodded silently and shooed the boy away. A faint growl pierced her lips.

A lump on the bed rolled over. "To early for you my sweet lioness?" She growled again as she crawled back into the sheets. " Well I have something here that will wake you up."

"We don't have time for that. But we'll see about after," she growled in annoyance as she pulled the covers off the lump then walked to the wardrobe to try to find something suitable to wear.

"Aw, c'mon, lover," he mumbled as he did the same. "Any idea what's happening?"

She pulled out a pair of wool beeches and cotton shirt. "No clue, but he never calls at this hour unless its important." She threw the breeches and shirt at him. "Get dressed." She growled. Checking the door again she found a basin and pot full of hot water. She smiled the king knew her too well.

She took the basin and pot to her desk. Plopping a few tea bags in the pot as she washed her face and brushed her teeth. Before pulling on breeches and a shirt.

She was tall and stocky. Muscular at the same time. She strapped on her belt and pulled on her boots. Pouring a cup of tea and started drinking it. "Are you ready yet?"

"Yeah," he said as he tugged on the hem of his jerkin. "But the clothes here are always too small. I think they do it on purpose because I'm larger than most of the King's people. At least the pants show what I have to offer," he finished with a chuckle.

The Lioness cupped his package and gave a firm but gentle squeeze and purred, "I like what you have to offer, but right now, the king is waiting for us."

"I know," he sighed. "Any tea left?"

"Yes plenty for a few more cups." She said with a smirk as she poured herself a second cup and a cup for him. Handing it to him. " Come Royle we don't want to keep His Royal Highness waiting. You know how angry he gets when we're late."

She walked to the chamber door, opening it as Royle walked out. Closing and locking the door behind them. Their heavy boots thudded in the empty corridor. They were silent for the long walk to the briefing room. They approached the door and knocked before entering.

She peaked in before fully entering. "Come in Leona. Is Royle with you?" She nodded. " I should have known."

"Well, get in here so we can get to business," he grumbled. "We recently got word that there is a herd rogue centaurs harassing our western borders. Our scouts had a hard time evading them on the way out of the region and the centaurs look well armed. Take a few of your best and try to get them to stop, I don't want bloodshed if we can avoid it, but keep that option open."

"Yes, Sir," she nodded. "I'll get Royle to start gathering provisions and we should be on our way by noon tomorrow at the latest."

She bowed slightly before turning and leaving. "We need two wagons packed with supplies and get ten of our best out of bed. We leave by noon. Have the rest of the army prepare wagons and themselves they leave day after." She sighed. Knowing rogue centaurs always caused bloodshed. "We're in for a bloody battle. You know how female centaurs can be."

She and Royle walked back to her room. Opening the door they walked in together. Smirking, "Time for some fun before we pack."

"We can once I get out of these britches," Royle grunted as he gripped the hem of her top and started to pull to upwards. "Why do they have to insist on giving us clothes that are too small?"

"Does it really matter?" Leona growled slightly as Royle left her head and arms trapped by her half removed shirt, slightly obscuring her vision as she struggled to take it off completely.

She struggled free from her top and in one fluid movement started pulling Royles top off as well. She growled softly as she stopped to run her hand over his washboard abs and down to his belt.

She fumbled with his belt. "God damn belt." She hissed "I should hunt down the person who made them in the first place." Royle chuckled. "Stop that or your next."

He finally managed to get the belt undone for her and she knelt as she stripped his pants down his legs. His stiffening member almost tapping her cheek as is it was freed from the confines of the tight fabric.

"Thank you, M'lady," he groaned as it bobbed freely in front of her.

Royle looped the belt through itself and surprised Leona by slipping it around her wrists as he held them over her head. "I know it's not what we usually like," he grunted. "You can still get out of this easily, but it'll have to do for now."

She grunted as she opened her mouth. Taking the head of his member in it. Slowly at first her head bobbed up and down. Licking the shaft as she went faster.

Royle groaned at the feeling of her warm mouth around his flesh and reached down to caress her head for a moment before gripping a handful of hair and pulling it back to bend her neck so she was looking up at him as she licked his length.

"C'mon, Royle," she goaded playfully. "I know you want it harder."

"Harder, yes, but I'd rather bend you over." He smiled down at her. Picking her up by her hair. She giggled as he bent her over the bed.

Royle stepped up behind Leona and pressed the tip of his stiff cock against her folds.

"You're still dry," he grunted as he gripped her hips and started pressing forward.

"Just get it in already," she grunted as she felt the dry pull.

She groaned as she felt him enter her dry, warm folds. She bucked into him helping him to go deeper. She moaned as his shaft dug its way deeper inside her.

Royle shifted his grip on her and smacked one butt-cheek before he started thrusting. His thrusting was basically trying to push deeper into her gripping heat. He reached under her and gripped her hanging breasts, using them to pull her towards him as he bucked harder against her body.

Her folds started to get moist as he pushed deeper and deeper. She moaned softly. "Yes. Goddess yes." She bucked up and into him. Pushing him farther into her warm folds. Her body began to quiver as they bucked together,as one.

Royle bucked harder against her body, driving her closer to the edge of climax as he increased the intensity of his thrusting until his belly slapped against her ass.

Leona pushed herself more upright and twisted briefly to kiss Royle deeply before groaning, "Choke me. You know what I want."

Leona dropped back down. As Royle took his belt from her wrists and looped it around her neck. Pulling it tight as he chuckled. Her eyes widened as it pulled tight.

He knew just what she wanted and once her eyes started to bulge, he quickly shoved his stiff shaft into her ass, groaning as he felt her tight ring of muscle resisting his entry until the tip of his cock popped through and into her bowels.

He chuckled as he kept pushing until his lower belly pressed tight against her dripping pussy before he started to buck in and out of her body. Every so often, he'd loosen the belt to let her get a gasp of air so she wouldn't pass out before he filled her with his cum.

"You ready? You wanna cum?" he chuckled as he pulled the belt tight again as he slammed his length into her ass.

She nodded. Her mouth open trying to gasp in air. He pulled the belt tighter as he rammed her ass fast and hard. She started twitching as her vision darkened and she lost her hearing. He slammed into her harder. Chuckling as he pulled his length in and out of her tight and twitching ass. He wanted to come so bad but he knew he had to wait til she went limp.

He pulled the belt even tighter. That did the trick within moments she went limp. The only movements were twitches. Two more hard strokes and he growled as he released his huge load deep inside her bowels.

Royle groaned as he pulled from her ass then removed the belt from around her neck and checked to see if she would start breathing on her own. He massaged her chest for a few moments to make sure she would start breathing.

Leona took a gasping breath, then another before he moved off to wash himself. When he returned, she was still gasping, but it was more regular now. When he washed, Royle made sure he was hard again and flipped her onto her belly before he shoved deep into her pussy again and slowly fucked her until she was fully conscious.

Her eyes slowly fluttered open. She groaned as a smile lite on her lips. She pushed herself onto her elbows, slowly. Getting her head back as Royle's thrusts started to speed up.

"Welcome back. I've done what you wanted, Leona," he chuckled softly. "Now, how about returning the favor and gagging yourself on me?"

He bucked harder as he reached under her and gripped her swinging tits roughly. He gave a good hard squeeze before pulling from her slit to flip her onto the floor.

Royle gripped her hair and pulled her to her knees before shoving his cock into her mouth.

She tried relaxing as she always did, with little luck. She let Royle ram his member in her throat, causing her to gag repeatedly. Her face a brilliant shade of red as he thrust in and out of her mouth. He started to moan and she could feel his cock start to pulsate. He shoved it down her throat hard, burying her nose in his pubic bone. She gagged as he started to cum, as drool spilled from the sides of her mouth. Her eyes wide as her air was cut off. He released her and she pulled back gasping for air, smiling.

He smiled back at her then chuckled softly as his flesh pulsed one last time to place a small blob of his cum on her chin.

"Don't want to blackout on my cock this time?"

"No," she sighed with disappointment as she wiped his cream from her chin and licked her fingers clean. "We have to get supplies together so we can get on the road. See if you can get us a third wagon. If we can, we can have the others scout ahead of us and we can have a bit of fun out there."

"I'll wake the others and have them start gathering things," Royle finished as he started dressing.

She stood going to the bowl on the desk and washing up before she redressed and combed out her hair; tying it back in a horse tail. She pushed the cleansing bowl aside and pulled out her chalk board and chalk. Doing quick calculations of supplies needed for at least a two week hunt. Which she then wrote on a script.

Poking her head through the adjoining door to her room she gave a shrill whistle. The room was dark but the unmistakable noise of movement was heard. "I'm up Sir. Are we heading out?" A teen boy asked from the darkness.

"Yes. We ride in two bells." She said. Closing the door behind her she walked to her hall door and snagged a passing servant. Who took her script to the supply master.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. When Royle answered, the servant had returned with a worried look.

"I'm sorry, Sir, the supply master says that it'll take at least two days to get the requested supplies. I told him who it was for and he got angry saying that it was as fast as he could get things together. He didn't even look at the list. I fear he may be suffering a malady again."

"Again?" Royle asked with a raised eyebrow then bent low to the servant so they could whisper. "Wine or mead this time?"

"I - I couldn't tell, Sir," the servant admitted.

"That's okay. You did your job and are not to fault. I shall go speak with him. Run along."

Royle had slipped a silver 10 piece into the servant's pocket as payment for the deed before the servant scurried off.

"I'll be back before we are to leave, but if I'm not, I might need our men to help with the supply master."

Royle left the apartment and was soon standing over the passed out supply master.

"Wake up, old man!" he snapped as he threw a bucket of cold water on him. "The King has ordered us on a mission and The Lioness needs supplies!"

"Shove off!" the drunk man spluttered. "Lemme be! Unless the king himself shows, I'm not doing a damned thing!"

"This mission is by order of the King, you will gather the supplies, or Gods take pity upon you when The Lioness comes looking for them."

"The Lioness? Leona?" the supply master mumbled as his eyes tried to focus.

"Yes," Royle grinned. "And if you don't gather it within the hour, I'm sure she'd be more than happy to bring you along to open negotiations with the Centaurs we're being sent to deal with! Now get your sorry ass in gear and get the items we require!"

Royle picked the man up by the shirt, spun him towards the warehouse and kicked him squarely in the rear to get him moving.

He huffed and returned to Leona to let her know that things would be ready.

As Royle walked back into the room Leona was coming out of the privy. "What's the matter dear? You look worried."

Royle looked at her for a moment. " Nothing my sweet lioness everything should be ready."

"The wagons will roll out a day behind us. I know there's no stopping that." She sighed as the bell tolled. "We should head to the stables. It will take another bell to get the horses ready." She headed for the door and out of the castle.

"Do you have any thoughts on where we should start looking for these centaurs once we get there?" Royle asked. "From what I remember, they're rather nomadic."

"There's an area there which different groups use as a common meeting and market area. It should be in full swing by the time we get there so it shouldn't be too hard to get some leads to follow."

When they reached the stables, the others were already preparing their own mounts and getting their saddles ready.

"Where are we headed, my Lady?" one of them asked as he hefted his saddle.

"To the Western borders," Leona replied. "We need to find what I've heard called the Grand Bazaar so we can start getting leads on any raids going on. And be careful if you get separated from the group, there's word that the raids are being done by Centaurs."

"Yes, Sir." Chimed the men.

She gathered her morning mount and started the saddling process of grooming and blankets. Then the saddle and reins.

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