Step cuz spends the night #1

I was 14 I had black long hair tan nd just realized I was gay that was a couple years ago I cameto indiana to visit my dad amd srep nm mom I knew her nethew korrie who was 13he had longish red orangesh hair I thought he was cute. we went to one of his baseball game and my step mom invited him over to spend the night nd hang out. Well sence we picked him up after his game he was still in his baseball pamts and a tight gray t shirt u could see what abbs nd pecks he had I couldent help but gaze into his amazing young body he came home we played a few bord games, he hadent changed yet. My perents quickly passed out in there room. We begen to play another bored game and he took one of my game peices so I reached ove trying tto him trying to take it back. But he fell on his back nd I fell on him my face landed in his croch whitch I noticedwas bugger then normal. I didint know what to do I layed there for a second it felt like eternity for mi.he sayed "hey what u doing " but in a smooth calm sence I quickly thought of what to reply "uhh uhh Nothing" I was still laying on him I scooted up to get off but he grabed my shirt and pulled me down thistime my face was right at his I looked at him gazeing into his eyes I went in to kiss him I softly layed a kiss on his soft lips "shit man im sorry idk what came over mi" "nah its kool" he pulls me down nd kisses me sticks his toung in my mouth we kiss for atleast two min. Then I felt the bulg in his pants get bigger im sure he felt mine git big too. Eggerly he took my shirt of I took his off we rubed ower bodys together he started undoing my jeans then pulled both them nd my boxers down at that age my dick was only 5.5 inches it sprung out in his face I pustingshed him.back.down and start rubing the outline of his hard dick threw his tight baseball pants I slowlty undid his belt then I starte dc taking off his pants tgen his underwear his dick was suprisingly bigger tn mine almost haf an onch bigger just shy of 6inches therto rub ower dicks together was we kissed as Ifelt his toung down my mouth he grabed my ass tightly I pulled awayand tooke him by the hand to the bed lated down he layed on me "turn over" he wispered so I turned over he licked his hand and wiped it on my asshole it was alittle cold but I didint mind. Then I felt his dick hit right above my ass hole he kept trying to ut it in my vergen ass he eventuly got the head in the pressre was intence but he pushed it all in I moaned "ahh korrie" he begen movein ot in and out he started to pant ats his dick pounded my ass this new unfemiler pain came over mi I liked it he went harder and harder then he slowed down and kept his dick in me for a few seconds then pull ec out it wass all wet at the end I knew what he did he came in me after that he simed like he wasent as into me but I asked him if h wanted to suck on my dick he agreed and sucked and sucked after a few minutes I came all over his mouth. he kame up and kissed me with cum still in his mouth we knew we had to get ower cloths back on so no one sndees us he got his pajamas outta his bag and I got my cloths I gave him my boxer to were that I jerked off in many times nd he gace me his wite breefs we slepped in my bed and cuddled not only 15 minuts later we were horny agen Hey korrie I like u nd I know ur my step cuz but will u be my bf." I asked..".sure john" he said I kissed himm deeply "mmmm u tasted so good korrie"i begen to reach down in this pants to feel his dick hard agen I started rubing it I slid down his pants nd underwear together then he reached to pull mine down I jerked him off as he jerked mi I turned around agen with the covers still over us he slowly sliped his dick in me agen it took him a few trys but he did it I moand agen this time it wasent as bad but the force of his dick in my still tight ass was so much this time the pushed his me as far as he coul maken me moan agen"mmm korrie that herts" he pounded my as harder then befor the pain came back but it felt so good as all 6.5inches pounded my ass he kissed my neck as hefucked my ass he keped fuckimg harder and harder this time taking longer I didint know if I could take tge pain any more he keped going harder and faster then he pulledhis dick out "suck it babe im going to cum" I quickly turned around and git down to suck his dick as I did he came not alot just enough for me to sallow a gulp .. I came up and asked him to turn around I wanted to try fucking him he turned around and I tryed sticking my dick in him it took me alittle bit but I got it in then I pushed it in all the way I felt the fore skin on my dick pull back much.more tence then jerking off he begen to moan I slowly started moveing in and out it became more pesuable tgen I thought he keped moaning as I got use dick fucking him I went harder and faster the feeling was like no other it felt great I came in his ass he kissed me as he turned around "i really like u john".. I replyed " I think o like u too". We pased out . I love u korrie

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