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When was a young boy seven years of age I used to go to my uncles after school as he looked after me until my mother came home from work in the late evening. This man was a favoured relation within our family and because of his manner and personality was well loved by us all, myself was no exception.When he took me on his lap and put those big strong arms around me believe me I felt safe and protected. He always had that adult after shave man smell and I loved it when he nuzzled my neck or when I sat astride his knee facing him he ran his finger nails gently up and down my back and he just made me fell special.

I never knew what sex was and certainly never talked about it with my friends at school so imagine my surprise when one day as I sat on Uncle Johns lap he briefly kissed me on the mouth, he said that as I was getting older it was time I learned about man and boy pleasures. It did feel pleasant when he kissed me and he said he would teach me to kiss properly and he did. As I lay in bed at home I thought about how pleasant kissing was, and hoping he would kiss me again after school the next day.
When I arrived at uncle Johns next day he laid me down on his couch and again kissed me only this time his tongue came gently into my mouth and touched my tongue this put some strange feelings through my little body and when I told him this he smiled and said I would have wonderful feelings all over my little body.
Again we spent all of the time I was with him just kissing and him telling me how I was the most beautiful little boy he had ever known and how much he loved me and would soon show me the pleasures of love.

Again as I lay in bed at home I thought of him kissing me and how it made me tingle inside my tummy and I knew that I just loved him more and more and wanted to be with him at all times.
As my mother went out socially on a saturday evening she asked Uncle John if I could stay with him until Sunday lunch time, of course he said yes and he and I went back to his house.

After another long spell of kissing and tonguing he stood up and asked if I would sleep with him, to which I replied yes then he asked if he could undress me down to my little boy panties for bed. Not understanding I said yes and he slowly removed all of my clothes in between long kisses until I was standing in just my tiny blue briefs or as he called them, my panties.
He carried me upstairs to his bedroom and laid me on the bed then very gently opened my legs and gently run his hand between them feeling my little panties as he bent over to kiss me and put his magic tongue into my mouth. Slowly he kissed down my tummy filling me with the strangest tingly feeling all over my body then his tongue circled around my belly button and made me squirm with delight.

I thought if this was man boy pleasure then I wanted more and just lay there hoping he would keep making me feel this way all of the time. Yes it was wrong but how could I think of that at seven years of age, this man loved me and I loved him and he was the only man in my life not having a father to turn to. He kissed and circled with his tongue each of my nipples and this shot the most wonderful feelings down my tummy and I felt my little dick twiching, he must have noticed it because he said I was getting into the mood for more love. He slid his hand down the front of my little boy panties and gently held my tiny little boys dick then he slowly pulled those little blue panties down and his mouth covered my dick. Once again his magic tongue worked hard until my dick was bigger and longer than I had ever seen it and he sucked gently on it.

He said there was no more pleasure for a man than the fragrance of a little virgin boys panties and the taste of his small dick. Of course I did not know what a virgin was nor did I know that I would not be one for very much longer, but I did know that I was having pleasure I had never had before. Very gently Uncle john rolled me onto my tummy and kissed and run his tongue over my back and then my little bottom while I felt his finger gently probe into my bottom, opening the slit and licking into the tiny hole giving me the most pleasure I had ever had. He said he had some gel on his finger and would slide it into my hole which he did, gently he slid about an inch of his finger into my little hole and slowly worked it up an down until his finger was fully into my hole, it felt strange but nice and I just lay there and let him do it. When he pulled his finger out he sat me up and I watched as he undressed until he was naked then I saw his huge mans dick sticking out and very wet on the end. He said it was called a cock and he wanted me to suck the special love milk out of it he had kept for me, placing it gently into my mouth, his big hand on the back of my head, it tasted salty and very warm and the wet stuff on the end had his musky man smell on it but I liked it.

I sucked hard as he instructed me to do as he slowly moved it into my mouth and it seemed to fill my mouth right down to the back of my throat when his love milk spurted out filling my mouth until it was difficult to swallow it all but I tried just to please him.
He withdrew from my mouth then kissed me passionately, his tongue probing my mouth while my hand sought out his huge hard cock squeezing it hard and wanting it back in my mouth but he wanted his finger into my hole again. He knelt me on the bed and opened my cleft up then licked and tongued my little hole until I was moaning with the pleasure of it then I felt him putting gel around and inside of my hole and his still wet cock was pushed against my hole until it seemed to burst in and I felt really uncomfortable but he said if I loved him I would let him keep it in which I did.

He promised not to push it right in but each day he would give me a little more until it was all the way up my little hole. After a while I felt him spurt into me again and my belly felt as if it were full, then he cried out and held my hips to prevent me pulling away from him. As I was still wearing my little panties they had lumps of his lovemilk all over the inside. This loving of my uncle and I went on for another three years before he passed me onto his friends. Of course this is not a good thing to happen to a young innocent boy but at the least my uncle was a gentle loving man and I still enjoy sex with a man and being ten years old when I was free to do so believe me i got plenty of men and I soon learned how to manipulate them. Now I am older and have a live in teenage lover I am happy.

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