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My name is Steve and this is a story about what happened when I went to an adult movie theatre the other night with 2 of my buddies and one of their girlfriends.

So a bunch of my buddies and me decided we were going to go to an adult movie theatre the other night in the lower end of town. We thought "why not", just for kicks. It was me, my buddy Tim, his girlfriend Tina, and my buddy Rod.

Now just to give you some background, my buddy Tim was not very nice to his girlfriend Tina. Actually, he treated her like shit. Always messing around on her with other woman, he was mean to her public. Very degrading towards her. The more he was mean to her, the more she tried to please him. I think she suffered from low self esteem.

Anyway, we walked into the adult movie theatre that night, and it was exactly as we expected. Gross, seedy with a variety of people there. We took our seats next to a couple, that looked to be really trashy. The guy was big and burly looking with a stained white t-shirt on, while the woman appeared to be in her mid-twenties, with bleached blonde hair and saggy tits.

Tina ended up sitting in between the trashy woman while Tim was on her otherside. As the movie progressed, the group of us could hear moaning coming from our row. We looked over, and saw the trashy couple in our row fondling each other. You could see that the guy was rubbing his girlfriends tits while she was stroking his cock. I saw Tim turn to Tina and starting rubbing her tits. I saw Tina squirm away from him and say "not here Tim". I heard Tim whisper softly in ear "c'mon baby, just let me stroke you a little bit". Tina, willing to do anything to please Tim, reluntantly nodded her head.

Tim started stroking Tina's tits. I don't think he really gave a shit that we were sitting right next to him. Rod and I were getting a little uncomfortable with this display but yet at the same time getting turned on. The grunts and groans from the porno movie were turning us on too.

The trashy couple sitting next Tina and Tim, took notice of what Tim was doing to Tina. They stopped for a moment and watched Tim and Tina. At that moment, I saw the burly guy get up and walk over to Tim and whisper something in his ear. Tim got this mischievous grin on his face, and nodded yes. I then heard him whisper into Tina's ear "hey baby, that girl sitting next to you wants to give you a kiss". Tina looked at him mortified, but once again, she would do anything to please Tim.

Tina turned in her seat and looked at the trashy girl. "Hi, I am Tina". The girl said to Tina "hey sexy, I am Shelly and I want to give you a kiss". The girl then leaned over and starting making out with Tina. We saw Tina pull back a little bit, and then started kissing the girl back.

I could see in the darkness that Tim had started stroking Tina's leg, and was running it under her skirt. Shelly and her continued making out. I could see Shelly started working her way up to Tina's breasts.

Tina was a decent looking girl. Half latino, and half white. She had long brown hair and big tits. I had always admired her tits, and now I got to see some girl stroking them.

Tina pulled back a little bit when Shelly started to stroke her tits. I could tell that this was out of comfort level, all this attention. Tim whispered in her ear "just relax baby, you are making me a very happy man watching this". When Tina heard this, she relaxed a little, and let Shelly continue stroking her tits.

As Shelly and Tina continued to make out, I could see some other people in the movie theatre getting curious and moving seats to be closer to where we were. The movie theatre was pretty empty, except for maybe a handful of men.

Shelly continued stroking Tina, and while she was doing that, I saw Tim reach up and untie the strings from the halter top that Tina was wearing. Tina grabbed the strings before her top could fall down and told him "no", but Shelly just grabbed Tina's mouth again and started kissing her.

Tim and Shelly slowly inched down Tina's halter top while her and Shelly were making out, so that her big tits became exposed. I am almost choked on the ice from drink when I saw her naked tits. I heard Shelly's boyfriend gasp too.

Shelly then started to suck on Tina's tits, while Tim whispered in her ear "you are making me so happy baby. I am so rock hard now". Tina nodded un-happily, but wanted to please Tim, so kept on letting Shelly do what she wanted.

Tim was stroking Tina's thigh and inching his way up her skirt. I could see him lift up her skirt ever so slightly until her undewear was exposed. She was wearing little lacy read underwear g-string, that was kind of see through, and you could tell she had a bald pussy.

Tim then started stroking her pussy through her underwear. Rod and I were both getting really turned on by all of this, because we were breathing heavy. We looked around the movie theatre and the rest of the men in the movie theatre were inches from where we were seating. They could see the whole show between Shelly and Tina.

Tim slowly started taking down Tina's underwear. Tina tried to stop him, but he grabbed her hand, and just kept pulling until her underwear was off. We caught a glimpse of her bald pussy, before she re-adjusted her skirt.

I saw Shelly's boyfriend whisper something in her ear, and Shelly kept sucking Tina's tits, while slowly inching her way up Tina' s leg. I saw Tim unfasten the button to Tina's skirt. Tina stopped everything that was going on and said "no way Tim". "Cmon baby, you need to just learn to relax, and you wonder why I have cheated on you before. You're frigid baby". Tina looked at him and said "don't be upset". "Well then make me un-upset" he said. Tina nodded miserably, and then Shelly turned her head and started making out with her again.

Tim proceeded to slowly bring down Tina's skirt and take it completely off. The only thing now that Tina was wearing was her halter top that was bunched around her waist. Her shaved pussy was showing and her big tits. The whole movie theatre gasped and now all of us were gathered around Shelly and Tina.

Shelly started to finger fuck Tina. First playing with her clit and then started to pump her hole fastly with her finger. Tim was rubbing Tina's thigh, while a couple of other guys were playing with Tina's tits, and video recording it on their camera phones.

In and out Shelly finger fucked Tina, while Tina sat there looking ashamed. Tim whispered in ear "you have to come baby, make yourself come". Tina looked at Tim and whispered "okay".

Tina gripped her hands on the sides of the chair and started moving her hips back and forth. Tim grabbed the halter top around her waist and took it off, so that Tina was completely naked except for her sandals. He had her stand up for a moment and put a long jacket he had with him on her, just in case a movie theatre attendant was to come by she could wrap it around her.

Tina put the jacket on and sat back down, with the jacket falling to the side. Shelly slide her fingers back into Tina's pussy. This time two fingers, while we all stood around and watched. I saw Tina look at me with humility in her eyes, but I just mouthed to her "just make yourself come".

The next thing we know that lights come on in the movie theatre. We were so engrossed in Shelly and Tina, that we didn't realize the movie was over. Tina grabbed the coat and wrapped it around her, covering her nakedness. Tim groaned and so did all the other guys. We really wanted to see Tina have an orgasm. Tina looked relieved until Tim said " I have an idea" as the theatre started to fill up with more people for the next showing of the porno movie. Tim lead all of us to a corner section of the theatre that was really dark, and out of view for the most part, from the rest of the people in the theatre. Tim told Tina and me to stay standing up, while the rest of everyone sat down in this dark row. He then got on one side of Tina and undid the belt on her jacket
"Steve hold the other side of her coat open". I did as I was told. Tim had one side of her coat open while I had the other side of her coat open, so we were shielding her being naked from the rest of the patrons in the theatre, but yet we could all continue watching the show.

"Do your thing Shelly" Tim said. Shelly dropped to her knees in the darkened row in front of Tina's naked body, and started to finger Tina's hole again. "Spread your legs wider" Tim said. We all groaned, as Tina spread her legs wider so Shelly could finger fuck her deeper. In and out Shelly was pumping her pussy. I could see that Tina was trying to come, so she could put on a good show for Tim and keep him happy.

Tim started sucking Tina's tits and yelling at her to "grind your hips baby". Tina tensed her hips and was moving them in a circular motion. Her clit was getting bigger. My cock was so hard, that I started to stroke Tina's tits myself.

Shelly's fingers looked like a piston going in and out of Tina's swollen and red cunt. In and out Shelly drilled her pussy. The three of us were really working her over. I was rubbing her ass now and sucking on one of her tits, while Tim was sucking on one of her tits while rubbing his dick on her thigh and Shelly was drilling her pussy with her two fingers. I started rubbing Tina's clit too, while Shelly drilled her cunt with her fingers.

The men watching had their dicks out masturbating and groaning. We kept working Tina over for about 15 minutes, until we felt Tina start to shudder. She let out a really loud groan and a trickle of pussy juice came streaming down her legs. The men all groaned.

Tina fell back into one of the chairs, trembling. She then started to look around for her clothes. We all helped her get dressed, so we could at least cop one last feel.

Tim and Tina eventually broke up, but I still run into Tina from time to time. Every time she see's me, she tries to avoid me, because she knows that image I have seared in my memory of her, is her spread eagle, standing up in a movie theatre naked, with Shelly drilling her pussy.

I have to say, this was one of my best movie going experiences ever!

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