Summer Time Ch.1

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[Autor note: This is my first attempt at this so go easy on me and be useful with the comments if you need to criticize anything :) This chapter may not be sex heavy but trust me there is a lot more to come from these guys. This is just a short intro ;) Hope you enjoy it]

Katie is outside sunbathing again. This heat is making all the girls in the neighbourhood go sun crazy. It’s May right now and we’ve never seen heat like this at this time of year before. We have a pool in our garden which hasn’t been used in at least 2 years but now our parents were finally getting what they paid for out of it.

It’s the summer holidays and I usually spend my days out with my best friend Karl. We’d skate the streets, ogling all the girls who we’re now out wearing as little as possible. I swear the heat is making them a little dumber too, I mean who walks around the streets with their tits barely inside their tops and their ass cheeks bouncing out of their short shorts. Either the heat is doing their brains in or they were all just sluts to begin with and now they have an excuse. Either way, I’m not complaining. It’s been 2 years since I broke up with my girlfriend Morgan and I haven’t more than made out with another girl. I seem to have lost my game. Karl is the same, although he’s never really had game to begin with, he’s still a virgin. He’s horny as hell but falls flat because he’s so desperate all the time.

Behind his sex obsessed personality though he’s a great guy. I’ve known him since I was 5 and we’ve been best buds ever since. He gets a lot of stick for being a weedy little black kid when all the other black guys around here are juice heads with huge egos, but he doesn’t let it get to him. He sees the fun side of everything.

Today though, he’s out helping his mom with a few errands so I’m stuck on my own. I just took a shower and was drying off in my room that looks over our back garden when I saw Katie sunbathing.
Our parents work all day so we’re left to do as we please, which involves her tanning topless in the garden which my dad would go crazy about if he knew. I don’t know how he can’t tell though, she has a pretty much all over tan. I guess he just doesn’t look at those places on her. I can’t help myself most of the time; she’s got some of the finest tits I’ve ever seen. I mean some girls at school have good tits, but Katie’s just blow them out of the water. To match she has this nice petite little body that she hardly has to worry about. Seems she can eat what she wants, work out a little and stay in perfect shape. And it is perfect, trust me, I’ve looked a lot. Having a hot older sister is definitely a huge life perk for a 15 year old boy. She’s nice to me (usually) and she hangs around the house in minimal clothing most of the time, it’s great.
I finally finish drying myself off and pulling on some shorts while watching Katie lie there, I stood there for some time, not able to tear myself from staring at her. She looked asleep, lying on her back on the sun lounger. Her big tits perked on top of her chest, looking oiled and perfect. I watched her, licking my lips as I did. Man she was hot, if only she wasn’t my sister.

I saw her rock up onto her elbows, looking around the garden edges. She was looking to see if there was anyone around. She looked back at the house and for some reason I ducked, not wanting her to know I was watching her.

When I looked back out she was still lying on her back but now she has her legs spread, one hand squeezing her left tit and the other rubbing her pussy outside of her bikini bottoms. Holy shit! What the fuck was she thinking, anyone could see her if they looked out of their window. I can see her. I can see everything. Maybe maybe she wants me to see her. I mean she knows I’m in the house right now.
She’s squirming around on the lounger, her chest pulsing up and down. I can’t hear her but I can see her lips parting while she moans. Her hand slips under her bottoms and I know for sure she’s stroking her clit now. She’s going faster and grabbing at her tits hard. I really can’t take it. I know she’s my sister but god damn she looks so fucking hot. I hump out of my shorts and drag some nice gooey spit from my mouth, covering the head of my cock. Stroking my dick feels incredible while watching her. I imagine that she knows I’m here, that she knows I can see her and wants me to get off while she does.
My cock is the hardest and fattest I’ve ever felt it. I’m beating all 7 inches of it with a tight fist. It’s lubed up with my spit and my hand just glides up and down it, from the head all the way down to the base, my big loose balls swinging with each jerk. I can just imagine myself inside her tight, warm pussy. Man she would love it.

I can see her getting really worked up now. Her hand in her pants is rubbing her pussy hard and her face is buried into her shoulder. I want to cum when she does; I want to feel like I just fucked her hard and made her cum. Her back arches up and her legs press together tight on her hand as she writhes around on the lounger, still rubbing to get the most out of her orgasm. As I watch her cum I feel my balls tense up and my cock head tingle. Within a few long strokes my cock explodes and I start pumping my cum out all over the hardwood floor. My sister is breathing heavily, coming down from her orgasm as I close my eyes and let my head go dizzy as the last of cum spills out onto the floor.
Oh my god that was good.

I hear the front door unlock and someone shuffling into the house. ‘Jason, Katie, I’m home!’ my mom calls out.

‘Shit!’ I get pulled from my daze, still a little confused. My eyes take a few seconds to adjust to the sunlight streaming in from my window. When I can see again I see my sister has heard our mother as well. She has her top quickly thrown on and is now looking up at my bedroom window while I stand there, completely naked, with my cock in my hand and a dazed look on my face. Clearly I’ve just cum everywhere.

Her face is frozen on me, shock in her eyes. I do a little shuffle as I act as if I wasn’t even looking out of the window and move away. ‘Holy shit, that didn’t just happen!’ I say out loud, stumbling for my shorts.

‘Jason? Are you up here?’ My mom’s coming up the stairs.

‘Err yeah, I’m just getting changed. I’ll be out in a minute. What are you doing home so early?’ I manage.

‘I wrapped up my project early so I thought I’d come home rather than spend the day sat in the office doing paperwork. I told you I’d probably be out early today, you guys never listen to me’ she laughed.

‘Oh, right, yeahsorry, I totally forgot’ I buttoned my shorts and flopped onto my bed, a million different thoughts racing around my head. Did my sister see me? Did she know what I was doing? Did she know all along?

My door opened and my mom appeared. She was the exact double of my sister except she looked about ten years older. My sister was 17, so my mom looked amazing for her age. My family we’re one of the lucky ones, we all looked good and were in great shape. My father was the reason behind it, he always pushed us to eat well and do sports outside. It was good that he did because now we can benefit from it. Especially when I get to watch my hot sister wanking herself silly in the sun.

‘What are you spacing out about?’ I forgot my mom was even in the room, ‘See, ignoring me again’
‘I’m sorry mom, I’m not, and I just feel a little dizzy’ I assure her.

‘Aww, is my little baby not feeling well?’ she came over and looked me in the face. ‘You do look tired and spacey, do you want me to run out to the shops and get you some medicine?’

‘No that’s okay; I’ll be fine mom thanks’ I smiled.

‘She bent over, giving me a great view down her loose dress and between her big smooth tits, and hugged me round the neck, pressing them into me now. Jesus, first my sister and now my mother, what is wrong with me today?

She pulled away, kissed my forehead and started to leave. On her way to the door she started piling up some dirty clothes from around the room. She fidgeted a little near the window before standing up, smiling at me and closing the door behind her.

I sighed and lay back on my bed. What a morning. Getting up was hard, it felt like all that cum was keeping me going and now that it was out of me I was just wasted. Then it hit me, my cum was still pooled on the floor near the window. My mom had clearly seen it when she was cleaning up near here. That’s why she looked at me strangely and left quickly. Oh god, that’s just great!

I cleaned up the mess with some tissues and crossed the landing to flush them in the bathroom. On my way back my sister bounced up the stairs, her tits doing a great job of not staying still in her top. She saw me and stopped.

‘Oh, hey. Erm’ she started

‘Hey, Katie, what’s up? Moms back, you know she’s’ I stuttered

‘I know yeah, I just saw her’ she smiled

I smiled back awkwardly and moved towards my bedroom.

‘She said you didn’t look so well so she’s making you some pancakes. She says you probably just need some food in you’ She smirked and bit her lip. I swear she looked down at my crotch quickly.
‘Yeah, I do feel a little dizzy’ I tried to play up the sickness.

‘I bet. Well, go eat, you’ll probably feel better after you do. The heat is probably just taking its toll on you. I know it’s making me feel a little weird too’ she looked into my eyes while she said this. As if she wanted to blurt out that she knew. She must know, she looked right at me from outside.

‘Well, I’m gonna take a show ok? I’ll see you downstairs, my sick little brother’ she giggles and tiptoed into the bathroom.

Her ass dancing side to side as she went, closing the door behind her.

I fell back into my room. Great, now I have a crush on my big sister. This is going to be the hardest summer ever. Then my mom called me and I remembered I had pancakes waiting for me downstairs.

As I made my way out, I noticed the bathroom door had been left slightly ajar. I could hear my sister singing in the shower. I definitely saw her close the door when she went in, she must have opened it again. But why?

I crept closer and looked in. The mirror on the other side of the room allowed me to see shower in the corner slightly. I could just make out my naked sister through the steam. I smiled and decided not to take my chances and get caught. I made my way downstairs to my mom and my pancakes. On second thoughts, this could be the best summer ever.

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