The House of Many Bodies Part 1

We bought out house in the old section of town. The house sat at the very back of the acre and a half lot, and was exactly what we wanted. It was the culmination of a house search that lasted nearly five months, having us traipse through house after house, always disappointed, always emotionally drained. Our house, ours as soon as I walked through the front door, was large and open, build almost eighty years ago, and had all the charm of an older home. The house, on the market for nearly two years because of a murder that took place in the kitchen, was priced just right: cheap. It needed a lot of work, but my husband is handy, and the savings would allow us to do what we want and make the house ours.

After closing was done and the movers had come and gone, I was left alone to unpack while Mark finished his obligations at work in Baltimore. We had relocated to Virginia when Mark had been offered a promotion, and even though I had reservations, I thought a new start would be good for our marriage. We had had some problems in our marriage, mostly due to a sex life that was less than stellar. All the equipment was there, both of us were attractive people, but for some reason the chemistry wasn’t always there. We had good sex sometimes, but most of the time if felt forced, had to work to hard for the moment, and generally too tiring to worry about. As such, we generally worked outside any sexual situations. We loved each other deeply, and as far as my part went, would never have thought about going out of the marriage to be fulfilled.

The first night in the house was strange. New sounds and smells, spaces that were unfamiliar, and the general loneliness that comes with a new home. I searched every room, explored the closets, gaining genuine excitement from finally owning my home. I took a shower, paused to examine the body in the mirror that I was generally unhappy with, and made my way though as many boxes and bags as I could. I tried to find something to wear, finally settling on an old tee shirt of Marks and a pair of his boxers if for no other reason than I couldn’t find anything of mine. I worked my way through the rooms, being overwhelmed by the size of the job, and eventually went with a glass of wine to the master bedroom. I had no television set up, no books that I could get to, and after a few moments starring at the wall, I decided I would try my best to get clothes in the closet. I worked my way through the maze and cleared what I could from the doorway to make a path through the large walk in closet.

I was clearly a small room in the past. On all the ways were built in cabinets and hanging room, all custom. I opened the first box, took out some ball caps of my husbands placed them on the shelf, and started to organize a box of my shoes, when I lost my balance. I grabbed the shelves to save my self a hard fall and when I did the entire shelving unit came free from the wall. I screamed. I expected the things to crush me, but instead of falling, it swiveled on the wall and opened like a door. When it swung all the open a light came on and revealed a set of stairs. The walls were all metal, like the stainless steel walls of an elevator, and reluctantly, I peaked down. They came to a landing. I paused for a minute, decided there was no danger, and took each step slowly. The stairs were cold, and when I reached the bottom, there was nothing but a stall with a metal folding door. The room could not have been more than five feet by five feet, the stall only big enough for one person to stand in. I looked around for something, not really knowing what I was looking at or for. I went into the booth, and when I did the doors closed behind me making a wave of panic overtake me. I pushed against the door to no avail. A humming began and all I could think was that I was about to die.

A strange light came on overhead, although there was no indication of where it came from, and suddenly a voice entered the room.

“Welcome. Your profile is not on record. Would you like to register your profile?”

“Who is that? What is this? Let me out of here.” I was again banging on the doors.

“Please relax, exiting is only allowed after your profile is taken for the safety of the operator.”

“Who is this? I want to ask you questions!”

“You have a question. Please state your question.”

“Where am I? What is this?”

“One question at a time please.”

“Where am I?”

“You are inside the main chamber of The Body Regeneration and Alteration 3000.”

“What is this?”

“This machine has been build to assist in the rejuvenation of the human body and the alteration of the physical appearance of the body structure to your standards.”


“Please finish your question.”

“How do I get out of here.”

“Request a profile and the doors will open when you say ‘exit’.”

“Ok. Take my profile and exit.”

“One command at a time. What would you like to do.”

“Take my profile.”

“Please relax. Your profile will be taken shortly.”

With this, a louder humming began and the walls began closing in. They appeared metal, but when they moved they had more of a latex appearance to them. I reached out and touched them and they retracted. I pulled back and they started moving toward me. I tried to step forward to avoid the wall behind me but I came closer to the one in front of me. When they finally touched me, they retracted completely, and the voice returned.

“Please remove all clothing.”

“Exit. Exit. Exit.” I was scared.

“A profile must be taken before exit is possible for the safety of the operator.”

I was resigned to my fate. I took off my clothes and pushed them into the corner.

“Take profile.”

“Please relax. Your profile will be taken shortly.”

The walls began closing in once again. I stood completely still. The walls formed around my body. They pressed against my chest first, around my ass and legs. It came in contact with my nose and then pressed its way tighter around my face. My entire body was surrounded. My mouth was covered, also my nose, and I expected that shortly I would not be able to breath, but as I opened my mouth the black latex material entered my open mouth and remarkably I could breath through it. Once open however, I could not close my mouth. It was getting tighter and tighter. I felt it enter my vagina, my ass, and my ears. I felt myself being raised from the ground and it pressed around my feet. Although the pressure was severe, there was no pain. I felt a sense of calm come over me, and just as suddenly had I been lifted from the ground, I was set back on the ground and the walls withdrew.

“Your profile is now registered. Under what name would you like the profile labeled?”

“I’m Mandy.”

“’I’m Mandy’ is your profile name. Is this correct?”


“Under what name would you like the profile labeled?”


“Mandy is your profile name. Is this correct?”


“Would you like to exit?”


The doors opened, and as I stepped out, I noticed that my sense of fear and dread was completely gone. I was relaxed, like I had never been before, and while I wanted in my mind to run up the stairs and flee that chamber, I looked back and was so curious that it was hard to move. As I climbed the stairs and made my way back into my closet, I felt refreshed, younger. As I closed the shelving unit, the lights over the stairs went out and once it was close to the wall, the shelving unit sucked tight and seemed to lock into place.

Again I looked back. It was only when I made my way to the unmade mattress and laid on it did I start to wonder what had just happened. What in the hell was that damn room? What had just happened? Why did it need a profile? What the hell was a profile, and who had built that machine? The questions made my tiredness return, and as the thoughts circled in my head, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

I woke in the middle of the night, freezing. I reached for the blanket and realized I had to pee, realizing only when I was standing on the wooden planks, that I was completely naked. For a moment I wondered if what I experienced was a dream, but I remembered that I had taken my clothes off and not put them on when I left the machine. I was in such a rush to escape that I didn’t think about getting dressed.

On the way to the bathroom, my curiosity grew. With each step, I wanted to explore the machine more, and as I sat on the toilet, I kept repeating the word “alteration” kept playing over and over in my mind. I wiped myself and made my way back to the bed. I didn’t bother trying to search for any clothes. I simply curled up the blankets, and closed my eyes. “alteration…. alteration.” I could hear the computer voice in my head. When I opened my eyes, the closet door seemed to call me. I turned over, but the thoughts returned. With each rotation of my body in frustration, the call came on stronger.

Finally I got out of bed. I stubbed my toe a few times on boxes in the dark, but eventually I got into the closet, and weaved myself toward the shelf. I pulled on it, but it wouldn’t budge. I pushed, but nothing. I started to doubt my memory, as I pushed down on the third shelf, the door slowly opened and the lights turned on. I did not hesitate to make my way down the stairs, this time my heart beating hard because of my excitement.

I paused at the entrance of the chamber. When I finally stepped in the doors closed as they had before. The light came on and the humming began as it had before. The voice returned.

“Welcome back Mandy. How can I assist you.”

“I have questions.”

“Question. What is your question.”

“What does alteration mean?”

“You may alter the physical appearance of your body in any way.”

“How do I alter my body?”

“Say ‘alter my body’ when prompted and begin altering your body by selecting on the self guided menu.”

“Alter my body.”

There was a pause, and then a light appeared in front of me. It started as a small circle and then expanded to what appeared to be a screen about 12 inches by 12 inches in front of my face. There was a menu that appeared on a cold blue background. The first selection was “Alter My Present Body”. The second was “Form New Body.” The third and last selection was “Return to an Existing Profile.”

I pushed “Alter My Present Body.” And then another menu came up: Entire Body or Section of Body. I pressed Section of Body. When I did an image of my naked body came up, and while I paused to look at myself, the image began rotating. At the bottom of the screen it said, “Touch the Portion of Your Body You Wish to Alter.” I paused and then decided to touch my breasts. When I did the entire scream zoomed in on my breasts and three options popped up on the bottom of the screen. It asked me if I wanted to change the shape, change the size, or alter the terrain. When I selected “Change Size” a sliding scale appeared where the text was.

I had always had a smaller chest. I remember when I finally moved from an A cup to a B cup, I almost had a party, but no one seemed to really notice. I thought all the guys would love my larger breasts, but it seemed like I was still the flat girl no matter what I did. Now, the cursor on the scale was almost as far to the left as it could go. When I touched the cursor and moved my finger to the left, my breasts on the screen got completely flat. When I moved it all the way to the right, the breasts on the screen got so large that they were almost at my waist and so wide I could not see my arms on the screen.

Way too big. I laughed. I moved the cursor to the middle of the screen and they got smaller but were still enormous. I settled on that. When I released my finger, it took me back to the menu that gave me the two options of altering a section of my body or alter my entire body; however, this time there was a small button on the bottom of the screen that said “Finished”. Again, the image of my body returned but this time my breasts were extremely large. I altered a few things with each selection, playing mostly, making my butt bigger, my clit extra large and protruding, made me taller and made my face more defined, generally not believing that anything would come of it. It was fun, changing the way I looked, and in the end, when I was done playing, I pushed the button that said “Finished.”

When I did, I expected the computer to ask me if I wanted to exit, but instead, the walls began to close in again. I panicked at first, but then remember that it has said that it had to take my profile before I left. I allowed it to overtake me. It closed in as it had before and I opened my mouth to breathe as it had before; however, I did not release as fast as it had before. I felt a heat surround me. My legs got so warm it felt like I was on fire. My chest began to ache and the heat on my face was intense. Suddenly, even though the walls remained where they were, I felt my chest expand, I felt my legs push further down although I wasn’t trying to reach the floor. My face felt like I was being subjected to an intense wind that was blowing my skin back. My ass felt like it was pushing back against a wall. In a split second the walls began to retract, but as they did, I felt a huge weight on my chest and as it completely retracted the weight released and rested against my stomach. I was in complete shock. My ass and legs were clearly altered, but I couldn’t get past my chest. Then the voice returned.

“Under what name would you like the profile labeled?”


“Mandy is already taken, please select another name.”


“Nancy is your profile name, is this correct.”


“Would you like to exit?”


The doors opened and I removed myself from the chamber. The light allowed to me see my body. I could no longer see my feet. My chest was enormous. The sheer weight of it was something I could hardly believe. As I made my way up the stairs, I had to alter my steps to compensate. I had to be at least five inches taller, and my ass jiggled as I reached each step. When I finally got to the top, I didn’t bother closing the door, but made my way straight to the bathroom. I turned on the light and looked in the mirror. They were simply the largest breasts I had ever seen. I got on my tip toes and then jiggled. They swayed with the movement. I noticed the difference in my face, and although it was clear that I was the same person, it looked like I was ten years younger with almost no fat in my face. I turned and saw my butt, not so large that my jeans would not be an option. I almost had a shelf at the top of my ass, for the first time in my life having clearly defined cheeks rather than a flat surface that contained a little padding.

My heart was racing. I went into the bedroom and laid in bed. I noticed that the small of my back didn’t touch the bed, my massive chest pulled to the side and flattened like two pancakes. I reached up to my chest and pushed them together, only to release them and fell a slight pain and they fell back to my side and jiggle in waves. My head was swimming as it never had, but when I tired to rotate and rest on my stomach, I found it impossible. I finally came to rest on my side, my right breast finding a resting place on my left breast and squeezed to my body by my right arm. It never occurred to me that I could simply reenter the chamber and change myself again.

When the sun came up, my eyes opened to a disaster of a room and the fuzzy memory that comes with a bad dream, but as I moved to get up, I realized that it had all been real. I stood and felt my new body once more. It was cold in the room, and I tried to search through the boxes to find clothes, and after about ten minutes, I found boxes in the extra bedroom. The first one had some jeans, jogging pants, and shorts. I picked up the jeans, and suddenly remember my thought from last night…. No way. I grabbed the jogging pants. The next box had coats, which I passed over, and after a few more of folded dresses and various other things, I found my underwear and bras. I had an overnight bag in the kitchen, but everything was dirty, our thinking was that I would unpack the first day I moved it. I pulled a pair of underwear out and stepped into them, but the ass was just too tight. I stepped out of them and found a thong, and for the first time I realized the purpose of a thong. I grabbed a bra without thinking, and pulled it around to latch it. When I rotated it around and pulled it up to pull my arms through, I realized the shear absurdity of it all. I unlatched it and through it in the box in disgust.

I searched and finally found a tee shirt and pulled it on. What was once a loose shirt, was now seriously tight. I took it off, and searched once more. I finally found a tee shirt of Marks, and pulled it on. It was still a little tight in the chest, but it worked much better. I looked in the mirror and saw a homeless person in front of me. It was absurd.

I went to the kitchen but realized that there was nothing. I grabbed my keys and purse and went to the car. I drove through the McDonald’s window and ate as fast as I could. I didn’t realized how hungry I was, and after some time of getting use to moving the wheel with my chest, I found my way to the mall. It was 10 on a Tuesday so I was hoping that the mall was empty. I walked around and found the Victoria Secret. I walked in and talked to the older lady behind the counter. I explained to her that we had had a house fire and I lost all my clothes and needed new bras and panties.

She asked me my size and I froze. I told her that I have been meaning to get all new bras and that I needed to get refitted. She looked at me and smiled, and told me she didn’t know if we would have anything that fit me, but she would be glad to measure me. I stepped into the booth and she followed shortly after.

“Do you mind taking your shirt off, it give us a better measurement.”


I took off my shirt and she reached her arms around me with the measuring tape.

“Honey, you need to lift your breasts so I can get a good measure underneath.”

She pulled the tape around me and looked closely. Then she asked me to release my chest and pulled the measuring tape around my chest having it come over each nipple, now completely erect with the cold.

“Sorry. Its really cold in here.”

“Its ok honey. I’m sorry it is so cold. Ok, well I have some bad news.”

“Ok. Do I have cancer?” We both laughed.

“Well, we aren’t going to have anything here for you. Its very rare that someone as small as you has suck large breasts. Usually we see it with women that get implants, but its clear that these aren’t something you just got yesterday.” Now I laughed.

“Well what size did you come up with?”

“You’re a 34J with my measurements. The largest I’ve seen on someone your size and I’ve been doing this for years.”

“Well we just bought the house and im new here. Where can I get bras?”

“There is a store right outside the mall in the strip mall across the street. They specialize in higher end lingerie. Try there.”

I thanked her and made my way to my car. I would be back to buy clothes, but I had to get these things contained. I found the shop and went in. We talked for a few and I told her the same story. She asked my size and then rounded up a few bras and took me into the dressing room. I tried on several and was amazed by the instant relief they provided. The girl stood in the room with me and watched as I put them on. When I pulled them up, she reached around me and adjusted my breasts in the cups. When she did, she retracted and looked at them, looked in the mirror and looked at me.

“They look good.”

When I tried on the second one, she did the same thing, but she got right up against my back and reached around to move them. She cupped underneath them, and pulled them up. My pussy was instantly wet. She moved the straps off my shoulders and said, “See the band holds the weight, and you need that support.”

She pushed back against my back and pulled the straps back up, readjusted my tits in the cups, and all I could concentrate on her chest pressing against my back.

“Which one do you want to wear?”

“the first one.”

She unsnapped me and my breasts fell.

“Wow those are really big. You must have all the guys and girls flocking to you.”

“Well I haven’t had that experience.”

She reached around me and cupped them in her hands, pressed them up and against me and my eyes shut.

“They really are amazing. Really big, but amazingly firm.” She was swirling them in her hands. She spread her fingers and held my nipples between her fingers. They were on fire. I felt the heat and the rush of blood into them. I turned toward her and she took one into her mouth. I moaned when she flicked my nipple with her tongue.

“We have to be fast and you have to be quiet.”

I didn’t say anything. I let her pull my jogging pants down and she dove onto my thong. She put her mouth on my pussy through the silk. I was soaked. When she pulled them to the side and put her tongue against my clit, my legs almost collapsed. I braced myself against the walls and let her continue to suck on me. Her tongue danced. It darted into me, and moved down my slit. Finally she concentrated on my clit, and only after two or three minutes, I was cumming so hard I sat down on the floor.

“Here is my number. Your tits are fantastic and your pussy is very yummy. Call me if you want to get together. We can have a lot of fun.”

I didn’t walk out of the store, I almost ran. I think I would have run if it didn’t instantly hurt when I tried to speed up my walk. I sat in my car and just starred into the distance. What had just happened? I let a complete stranger go down on me, and I had never even entertained the idea of being with a woman.

I regained my composure and went back to the mall. I went to a few stores, bought a dress and a skirt, a few tops and a few thongs from the older lady in Victoria Secret that made sure to tell me that my breasts looked even larger and healthier than they had.

I went home and thought for the first time about the chamber. Why did I buy these clothes when I could easily just go back and change myself? I wanted big boobs, but dear lord, I never realized what they would bring. I never appreciated that I didn’t have to worry about bras and clothes and random lesbians easting me out in dressing rooms.

When I finally got down there and couldn’t do it. I couldn’t change my chest. I wanted it. I was growing attached to it, and I wanted more experiences with it, but I couldn’t continue with my face the way it was. The neighbors that I didn’t know couldn’t notice when I switched back, if indeed I could switch back. So that was the plan.

I got in the chamber and it welcomed Nancy. I found the right menu and I was able to change back into my old self. When I exited, I noticed the difference instantly. I felt lighter on my feet. I didn’t like it. I got back in. I asked for Nancy. When I changed, I altered my body again by touching my face and having a random face assigned. The face that was in the picture was beautiful. She had huge eyes and high cheekbones. I named her Stacy.

I got out and went up stairs. I showered with my new body and dried my hair. I put on my new black lace bra and found a black lace thong in my collection of panties. I slid on the jean skirt I had purchased and a black button up blouse which I unbuttoned so a little bit of the lace on my bra was evident and a large amount of cleavage was present.

I left the house without any ideas and made my way into town. I found a bar and went it. It was nearly empty and I took a seat by the window and ordered a beer. The waitress left and the bartender brought the beer to me and said it was on the house.

“Why is it on the house?”

“Because as long as you sit in the window you are the best advertisement that I could possibly imagine.”

“Well thank you.”

“No thank you. Really…. Thank you.”

I drank the beer and then ordered another, and several people entered the bar. After my third beer, and black man about 6 foot came up to me and offered to buy me a beer. We drank together and I learned he was from out of town, just passing through seeing a few clients. We made small talk, and as thing were wrapping up, he asked me if I wanted to have dinner.

“Sure, but dinner is a few hours off. What do you want to do until then?”

“Well I have a few clients to see.”

“Oh. Well I can blow them off if you want. Want to hit the bar at the hotel with me and continue our conversation?”

“Yeah that sounds fun.”

We walked to his car, and he asked if I wanted to follow him. I told him I should drive, and once inside his car, we drove a few miles to the Hilton over looking the water. We had a drink at the bar and talked about his past and his family. He didn’t ask many questions, which was fine by me, but as I sat looking at him all I could think about was him touching my new chest. I found myself day dreaming about the myths of black men.

I interrupted him. “I really need to pee.” I paused. “Sorry. It just hit me.”

“Well I think the bathroom is right around there.”

“Public bathrooms are always dirty.”

“Well you can use the one in my room.” He took the bait.

We walked to the elevator and made out way to his room. When he looked at me as he slid the card in the slot, I smiled and felt my pussy warm. I was going to fuck this man. I hadn’t once thought about my husband.

When we got in the room, I went to the bathroom, and then washed my hands. When I came out of the room, he had lost his tie and was making a drink from the mini refrigerator.

“Want one?”


“What’s your poison?”

“I’ll take whatever you want to give me.” I smiled at him. I didn’t lose eye contact with him. I had never in my life been this bold, this confident, but for some reason, in the body of someone else, it felt natural. When I took the glass from his hand, I made sure to rub his fingers, smiling as I did, and even when I put the glass to my mouth, I kept my eyes locked on his.

We drank in silence, and I could feel the awkwardness growing. He tried to make small talk, and I returned the attempt, but I could tell things were beginning to go down hill. I had never had this happen to me before. Not the fact that guys didn’t know what to do with me, but that guys were clearly intimidated with me.

“Hey. I have a proposition for you.”

“I’m all ears.” He put his glass down on the side table.

“I hate to be this forward, but I’m nervous. I have never done this before.”

“Done what?” He looked really confused.

“I’ve never been this forward with a guy, never just come up to his room.”

“Well you just needed to pee.” He laughed. “I completely understand. Public bathrooms are nasty.”

“No I don’t mean that.”

“What then?” He smiled.

I didn’t say anything. I stood up from the table against the window, and looked at him sitting on the edge of the bed. I paused for a minute.

“Are you ok?”

I didn’t say anything. I brought my hands to my chest and undid the top button. I undid the next and then worked my way down until my blouse was open. The cold instantly made my nipples hard. I pulled my blouse off my shoulders and then undid the button on the front of my skirt. I looked at him. He was starring at my chest. He only broke his gaze when I undid my zipper and let my skirt fall to the floor. I turned around, breaking eye contact, took the last of my drink, making sure to bend slightly to show my ass to him, and then faced him.

“I meant I’ve never come up to a man’s room to fuck him.”

He was silent. I could tell he was shocked and clearly overwhelmed by the situation. I felt like I was giving a teenager his wet dream. I was beyond confident. I stepped toward him and dropped to my knees. I unzipped him and reached into his pants. I pulled his soft dick out and put it into my mouth. Even soft he was large. I loved sucking dick but had not had much chance since Mark was anything but comfortable with his size. This was heaven. He filled my mouth and as he grew harder, I could take less and less into my mouth. He wasn’t massive, I had gone down on a guy in college that was clearly larger, but it was the biggest dick I had seen in a long time. I didn’t want him to cum, so I stood up and he followed suite. He reached down and kissed me, reaching up and cupping my left breast in his hand.

“I have got to see those titties.”

I reached back and undid my bra. I pulled it off my arms and with the same motion I pulled down my thong and stood naked infront of him.

“I want them closer.”

“Well then you have to take your clothes off.”

I’ve never seen a man undress that fast. When his pants hit the ground, his hands grabbed my chest and his mouth met mine. I could feel my pussy almost leaking, and I gathered my confidence to push him back on the bed. I jumped on top of him and in one motion pushed his cock all the inside my pussy. I screamed. It felt amazing. I started bouncing on him, feeling him fully impaling me, my tits slapping up and down. I stopped and grinded on him and felt the heat grow. When he reached up and took my chest in his hands, I came instantly. I bucked back and forth, leaned all the way back and even when I did, he started slamming into me. Leaning back, I felt the pressure grow once more, but this time, when I came a huge stream of my juices came surging out of me as if I had turned on a fire hose, and it covered his chest.

He threw me off of him, and very quickly got behind me. He didn’t grab my hips, rather his hands grabbed my large ass and in one motion slammed the entire length of his dick into me. I screamed. He began pounding into me. The sound of his body against my ass was deafening. He fucked me harder and harder.

“Don’t cum.”

He paused. Wiggled his hips so his dick made a circle inside me. “Don’t worry baby. I’m not done with you.”

“I want you to titty fuck me.”

Again he didn’t pause. He pushed me on my side and made his way up. He put his dick between my tits and move, but the dryness was too much.

“Put it in my mouth for a minute.”

He went up further and once in my mouth I could taste myself on him. I didn’t suck him long before he made his way back to my chest. He gabbed the lotion off the desk and spurted a huge amount on my tits. He pushed my tits around him and he almost disappeared between them. I had never been able to titty fuck, and the feeling was amazing. My hands replaced his in pushing my tits around his cock, and after a few minutes, he pulled back and got between my legs. My nipples were sore they were so hard, and as I put them back into my hands, he slammed his dick deep inside me.

I struggled with holding my tits in place. At one point he pushed them to my mouth, and told me to lick my nipple. When I made contact with my nipple he fucked harder and my tits came loose and we gave up the effort. I came two more times. I didn’t erupt, but the orgasms were intense. My whole body was weak.

He withdrew and then pushed me once again on my knees. He got behind me and once again pushed his dick into my pussy. When he did he began massaging my ass with his thumb. The feeling was electrifying. He pulled out and went to the bedside table and got the lotion. I looked to my side and saw his dick bobbing.

“I want you to fuck my ass.”

He squirted the lotion on my ass and inserted a finger. I could feel him covering his cock. I felt the head of his dick push against my ass, and almost instantly I came. I bucked forward. The entire experience came surging into my mind. I had never felt sexier. His dick pushed into me, and surprisingly he went in pretty easy. I was uncomfortable at first, but once he got all the way in and pause, the heat subsided. Still not moving, he reached around and grabbed my tit.

“Leave my tits alone and fuck my ass.”

He complied. He fucked me slow at first and then the pace quickened. He slapped my ass and I felt it move. He fucked harder and I felt his grip tighten, now on my hips.

“I want you to cum in my ass.”

I don’t know if it was my ass or me saying that, but almost as soon as the words were out of my mouth, I felt a huge surge of heat in my ass. He let out a scream and then began fucking harder. The sound was amazing. His hips were hitting my ass, the squishing sounds of his dick fucking my ass were louder, and both out moans were too much. I came hard and collapsed onto the bed. He came with me, and with his dick still inside me, he came to rest against my back, kissing my neck and shoulders.

“Stay there. Please don’t move.”

I could feel his heart beat, or my heart beat, but the feeling was intense. We laid there for a while, until his dick got soft and slipped from my ass. He rolled over and laid beside me, meeting my eyes with his. He kissed me and I returned his movements. After a few moments, I felt the overwhelming urge to leave, so I went to the bathroom, grabbing my clothes on the way. I peed and got dressed. When I opened the door, I immediately opened the room door and ran to the elevator. It was only when I got downstairs that I remembered that I didn’t drive over. I still left the hotel as fast as possible, and as I walked down the street I used my phone to call a cab. I paid the cabby by taking my boobs out letting him grab them. When I finally laid down in my bed, I closed my eyes and replayed the day in my head.

The phone rang.

“Hey baby, how are ya?”

“I tired. Had a long day. Can we talk later?”

“Sure. Did you get a lot unpacked?”

“Yeah. Its amazing what you find when you unpack.”


“Yeah. But really, I want to lay down and take a nap.”

“Well I guess there are a lot of changes around there.”

“You can’ imagine the changes. You’ll be shocked when you get home.”

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