A Fathers trash is a Son’s treasure

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My first story please bare with me it's quite a read but well worth it.

It was the 15th November 2008, there is a lot of rain here in South Africa during this time of the year especially thunder storms.

The time was 20:10 we were having dinner. That was mom and I, my younger brother went to visit a cousin of ours and my younger sister was with her boyfriend for the week end. It was a different Saturday for me because normally by this hour I’m out with my friends or with one of my lady friends for a drink or under covers working the register but, for mom it was quite pleasant and relaxing - and for protection from my father…

Today he’s drinking with friends or with one of his young girlfriends, younger than me on some occasion my friends would tell me they bumped into him with a girl younger than my sister who is 18 years old. Once he’s drunk he gets this huge bubble of a big head thinking he’s all that like he’s the man… I guess it is the young girls he runs around with and the company as well.

At around 22:00 I felt a bit sleepy, I decided to call it a day and head for bed. I was not sleeping in the house though, our home has a very big yard, and we have a guesthouse at the back of our yard. I sleep in the master’s it has a private bathroom and shower as well an open plan kitchen facing the dining room. I told mom I was ducking, and that she must lock all doors and put out the lights. I was about to drift away in a deep sleep from a long shower I had a few minutes ago. The windows were facing the houses patio, then I heard a loud bang from the front door and it sounded like someone was trying to slam it to pieces. I got up and I stopped when I heard father’s voice as he was shouting and mumbling something about my mom being a slut – and locking all doors as if she was hiding men in the house? Mom appeared by the door and he was still shouting, I think he hit her because she was shouting to let her go and to stop, at that moment I jumped out of bed put on my robe as I was wearing nothing underneath but, made sure I tightened it just in case. Just to let you know I am 1.80m tall, fairly built not like the major body builders, just a strong broad chest, shoulders and back and very meaty arms – that is what mom always tells me whenever she gets to see my body’.

I rushed outside to her aid to find her on her back against the ground, the basted must’ve… I was so angry I just grabbed my father, pulled him away from her, he tried to fight me but, it was in vain I’m in MMA classes, that year was my 4th. Mom called on me not to hurt him, so I dragged him into the house and he was still shoving and swearing at us to let him be because it is his house. We had an exchange of nasty words and told me to leave his house and to take my slut mom with me too as he wants nothing to do with a slut wife and a son that beats up his father! I was angry, shocked and sad by his words but, I took mom’s hand told her she’s going to be sharing the guest house with me, right after saying that we heard the door slam so hard the house could’ve came down on him luckily it’s not build in sticks.

We got to the house prepared a shower for mom and a big rugby t-shirt for her to wear after, there were no clothes in the house but jeans. While she was having her shower, I went to the small bedroom to prepare the bed but saw the was only a sheet there… mom must’ve taken the blankets to do her normal laundry on weekends, and on the other hand I only had one blanket and a thin duvet in the masters’. Now I was thinking we have to share, as there were no blankets in the guesthouse except the main house. Mom finished her shower and put on the t-shirt I got her while I waited in the dining room with coffee. I turned around to see what she was doing and to my delightful surprise, she had bent over facing away from me right in the bedroom entrance. she was still drying herself, she did not arch her back so I did not get a peek of her lovely snatch but, I had a very good clear undisturbed view of her large smooth globes. I didn’t mention this but we are black Africans with a fair complexion, like coloureds as we’re sometimes referred to by white people. My mother is a bit shorter than me she stands at 1.70m, sexy lean long legs, a very curvy frame with ample breasts, I’m not so clued up with bra sizes but her breast were big as paw paw, as I could see them peeking out on the sides of her back while rubbing the towel in her black silky long wavy hear. They still have shape and the curve as if she was still in her teens, she was 45 then – time and gravity has been kind to her I guess, she was still firm after all these years! Just when I thought she was done she grabbed some tissue oil of one of my shelves, she and I are having irritable skin towards lotion so we use tissue oil instead, she was working it from her toes, up her calves, her thighs and a little longer around her globes. I don’t recall seeing my mother as a sexual object or anything of the sort but, what I was feasting on right now was igniting the deepest darkest sexual lust within me I never thought I had. In the back of my head I was thinking she was doing this on purpose so to thank me for what I’ve done for her earlier with dad… but reality was telling me what I’m doing now is not voluntary, so I might as well enjoy it as long as I won’t get caught. Then the bomb dropped on me I could’ve caught a heart attack right then and there, while she was still standing facing away from me she turned slightly to put the tissue oil on the other leg but, she spread her legs slightly like she was stretching a bit as she bent over to her foot. I saw the mother of all pearls, her pussy lips blossomed like they were blowing a kiss to me. The lips were thick and looked very appetizing – it was the perfect clam!

I got back on my normal seating position to catch some air and to relax my jaw as well. I heard her come down nearer to me and my heart was racing as if she saw me looking at her, or did she… she approached picking up her coffee mug looked at it, with concern she looked at me and said, “honey my coffee is cold, would you arrange for another round please?” I had a problem as well… my huge boner but thought once I start walking it would slow down and luckily, I turn around before I put up a big tent that would tilt to one side of my leg. I had an average African dick that is 22.5cm in length and three fingers around in circumference; I guess it is as big as an average built woman’s wrist weighing around 55kg.

I got up, walked towards the kitchen, and stopped me before I got the ingredients out, “honey, don’t you have any hard drinks around here?” “What do you mean by hard?” I asked teasingly but she replied and said “wine or something like that I need to loosen up a bit. Your father just drives me crazy.” When she said wine I had a puzzled face and told her this is no place for sweet ladies like herself, “I’ve got J&B, Captain Morgan, your Southern Comforts, Jack Daniels and Vodka no wines at all” she replied “ahhmm well make me whatever you think will help me out, I don’t even know what you are talking about”. I brought her a bottle of Southies and a cocktail fruit juice, for me Vodka with Sprite on ice. We sat close to each other drinking and chatting away, I made sure I mixed her drinks very lightly, I didn’t want her passing out on me very early and she enjoy it very well.

“Your father makes me sick you know that. I mean how could he? How…?” she was pouring her heart out on me and her face was turning red. “Let me take this away from you I see you had enough already…” as I took the drinks from her, “yeah dad is a pain, let’s just say it’s that stage in his life where he finds it hard to admit that he’s old, he’s about to turn 55 already…?” mom smiled a little, and that’s what I needed. “Look on the bright side you are under a roof, since he kicked us out You are smiling, you look very beautiful and sexy with my t-shirt on and a man who honestly appreciates you, isn’t that something to smile about … at least”? She just looked at me, gave an honest cheerful grin, and jumped on my lap to give me a hug and thanking me softly in my ear “and what fine young man you have grown to be…” I did not get the rest of what she was saying as her breast felt like they tore through the rugby t-shirt she was wearing and were digging and massaging my chest as she hugged me. I felt like grabbing them and ordering them to cut it out, as I was in danger. My robe was parting a little and I was a volcano about to erupt! I cut her short while she was greatful to have a son like me; I got up and told her it was time for bed. “Mom we’ve got a situation here, there are no blankets on the other bed in the other room that means we’ve got to share the bed in my room” without hesitation she said “what’s wrong with sharing a bed with your o’ lady??” “No nothing just that” “Then are you coming or are you going to stand there…?” she went straight in and snuggled tightly between the sheets. “Is it me or is it cold in here…? She said, I replied “ Yeah it is a bit chilly I’ll put the heater on as well“ “hey just don’t forget to put it off in an hour’s time don’t want us dying in here, close the door behind you as well would you?” “Sure” just after I closed the door I remembered I had no shorts to wear, my underwear were wet because I wash them after every shower… Therefore, it is going to be the vest I am wearing and my naked lower body: I might as well tell mom so to not get a shock when she turns around and finds an extra leg under the sheets. “Mom one more thing, please don’t freak out. I’m only wearing a vest under my robe…” “Yeah what’s wrong with that? And if it’s long what do I have to worry about?” I was now laughing and putting the lights out and thinking that the liquor must be flowing heavy all over her system because if she saw the size of my erect dick she would not say that.

I turned my back on her, “no we have to say a little prayer before we sleep, and it has been a long night for us?” by now, I was becoming seriously worried about mom. “Heavenly father we thank you a lot for the protection and…” then a loud rumble and crackle from a thunder storm brewing outside disturbed her “oh shoot seems like you have more for us tonight lord but, please lord protect us we thank you for the love, the grace and the blessings and oh lord please don’t stop providing for us and just for tonight please give us more because I want to wake up with my son smiling tomorrow morning.” Just after her last words, the sky fell and there was heavy rain: and in this loud falling of the rain, I heard my father cursing and running his mouth about something I could not make out. Mom jumped on me so quickly like a child and gave out a yelp of fear, “honey I never told you this but, I am scared of thunder storms!” I now was on my back she on top of me but on my left side but, her head and chest was on mine: her leg wrapped between my legs, she was holding on for dear life as the storm rattled away. A couple of minutes later she was fast as sleep

The warmth coming from her was now hard to bear and the thought of what I saw earlier was driving me insane! I gave out a sigh with that my volcano erupted. A huge hard on was pushing against mom’s thigh and mom kept pushing against it. I tried rolling her over but she did not budge instead she rubbed her leg again my thigh and my hard dick in between. This was really driving me crazy; my lust for her was enough to bring a house down! As I struggled to move her, my hand slipped below the t-shirt and I felt her ass chicks, they were soft, firm and very smooth, I felt pre cum trickle out of my shaft, she adjusted herself and the t-shirt rolled up I felt a lot of warmth coming from between her legs and there was some moistness as well! I decided I am going to have to grab both her globes and move her but, what happened next nearly got me shooting my cream on both our legs. Mom moved on top of me fully, her legs straddling me, she sighed a little and slept again; all I could do was to breathe in deeply and out slowly… then another fate took turn she was moving her hips in a gyrating movement up and down; round and round on my shaft. I felt her thick clam pussy lips nibble and suck on my shaft – I thought she was dreaming or maybe I was. I was so puzzled by her actions I didn’t know what to do. Her movements were yearning for my head - my dick! I was thinking of waking her up but, I was enjoying the feeling too much to stop her. I guess what happened next was a blessing from above just the way she prayed for it. She finally found my head she took it in slowly and started breathing heavy and harshly as if she was about to have an asthma attack but she was Cumming! All of a sudden, she set up., “Ohh god… Honey what are we doing?” her eyes were closed, was she dreaming? She wasn’t taking my dick whole just the head and she was convulsing so hard and so much my heard was spinning. Then she finally got her strength and leaned forward on my chest and opened her eyes “oh honey…Mmm! How did we end up liked this?? You are sooo big it’s perfect!” That moment I knew mom was not asleep; my eyes were wide open. “Did you put the heater off baby?” OH GOD! She’s not asleep; “I I I thought I did… I‘ll go and check on it…” I was shaking so much I don’t even know how I didn’t cum right there on the spot, “if it’s not hurting anyone then leave it… aahhh!??” my jaw was on the floor literally as she lowered herself taking more of my dick - I was half dead, half asleep and more awake and alive! “Oh baby I’m sorry about this you should’ve stopped me Mmmmm… but what are we going to do about this situation…??? I’m so hot right now I feel eighteen again oohhhh” she still hasn’t taken all of my dick and she’s still Cumming, I have to be a man about this but what if I say something that might turn her off..?? My conscious tells me to push forward and be the man she has been looking for, wanting to have; I am already half way in her already! “Ma” she cut me “call me anything but that name baby, or how about we use names like honey and baby for tonight hmm…? Just tonight? This is so wrong but I feel good and special, I mean oh god you’re sooo big and I…” I placed my fingers on her mouth, looked her deep in the eyes, and said “Mom I want you to fuck me“, “but baby we agreed to refrain from those…” “Fuck me now MOM” I pushed my dick deep in her tight and unattended pussy she screamed so lustfully at me I literally kicked the blankets off the bed the way she was so tight! ”HOLD ON BABY because this is what dreams are made off!” The bed was rattling and making a goong, goong, goong sound. I knew I was at war of lust with a woman who has forgotten all her inhibitions and self-respect and especially our situation as well, I was not seating back letting her get her way with me, I fucked her hard and strong with a lot of vigour and confidence. She is my woman now no longer a mom to me but, a woman.

“Ooo! Oh god baby it’s so deep in me!”, “I can feel it too mom, Aargh” “Oh god baby I’ve never been fucked like this before! Son don’t you ever stop fucking me you hear – don’t you…” “Oh mom I was worried that this might be a once off fling?” “You think I would give this great fucking a onetime shot only son?? Then I must be crazy!” Mom brought her breast to my face then she let them slide very delicately down my face to my chest, her nipples were very hard and erect – her breast very soft and firm. I’ve always wanted a girl like this, a total freak in bed, never thought it would be mom!

“let’s switch positions baby” “no mom not yet” “but baby I’ve been rocking you for so long my legs are starting to hurt…” she said that with the cutest pout. “ No mom just relax and keep your body low and close to me” with that she smile and gave a deep sigh – almost like a cat purring, it very sexy. She was sitting my dick, her hands above my head, her breast just resting on my chest, right then she pulled a split while still on her knees! My dick sank even deeper, I felt her lower chicks resting on my balls, her breasts were now squashed against my chest! “Ooh fuck! Mom you’re driving me crazy!” “It’s the things you make me do son…” She smiled at me then we laid there not moving just enjoying our bodies entwined and the deeper feelings we were embracing from each other… I held on to her globes, took a deep breath and pushed up, with my hand clinging tightly on to her I got her to bounce up and down on my dick; she was screaming loud and hard feeling my full thrusts from my Alfa male pounding of my dick! “OH GOD! SON THAT IS TOO DEEP OOOH GOD PLEASSE SON IT’S TOO DEEP!” “I’m your man aren’t I?” I was really getting the feel of our delicious fucking. “OH YES - OH GOD YESS YOU ARE!” We were soaking wet from our body heat, I guess the heater made it even worst, too late to put it off now hey…

“Hey what’s going in there?” It was father and he was standing outside our house! Mom looked at me with tears in her eyes begging for protection. “Though we’re at his premises, the house we’re in is mine; and no one comes in unless I open that door. You get me?” she nodded her head with a little confidence. I looked around, saw it was quite bright outside, and wondered what time it was and how long have we been fucking or sleeping? Maybe it was around six in the morning by the looks of things and the messed up part about all this was that I haven’t even came yet and mom came a hundred time already, I was savouring the moment for too damn long I guess? “Son, open this door right now?” father was commanding outside. I looked at mom and told her I have not came yet… her eyes almost popped out! “Huh? You mean we’ve been fucking for long and never came not even once??? I’m impressed?” “I didn’t want the moment and the feeling to end” “your father’s outside what now?” we rose and sat up. “Well we can’t stop a good thing right?” “No son you can’t be serious?” “Dead right I am, give me all off you – I want everything” Without any hesitations she jumped off me and got on all fours next to me facing the window; “Well are you going to pick that jaw of yours off the floor and fuck me or what?” With no more motivation, I was behind her, my left hand pulling her from her firm round hip towards my now very hard glistening wet cock from her ejaculation. She starts wiggling her bums to me in a teasing way her beautiful pussy lips were softly kissing the head of my dick and then dancing away like those sexy girls in Hip Hop Music videos. I was grunting heavy with frustration and the great pleasure mom was giving me. “I love you son.” “I’d love you more if your ass could be still just for one second, I’ve got both of my hands on your chicks and it’s still very hard to hold onto with the sweat” giggling like a naughty girl she says “oh come son don’t be a baby. Or is mommy too much of a catch for you?” With that said, I sank my finger deep in each of her globes and managed to get her to arch her back more and that’s all I needed. My dick was in her again but this time I was pounding with great velocity. Moreover, mom could not contain herself, “AAARGHWWW!” “That’s a good girl” I cheered her on. I looked down at the action bellow, her globes clapping and jiggling hard; this gave me more thrusting power! I let go of her globes and held on to her small of her waist, just above her dancing ass. I watched in awe as mom leaned forward on her breast to take my entire dick in her pussy “oh mom! I don’t believe this?” my balls were the only thing stopping me from fucking any deeper; The room was filled with hot passionate love making, mom filled the room with her deep carnal screams and I was right there with her with me grunts. I knew I was going to cum soon but did not want to end the copulation.
“Son, Son can you hear me?” father was back again! “Son, where’s your mother? I hope that’s not her in there with you?” Then he was banging on the door trying to break it down. “DAVID LEAVE US ALONE DAMN IT!” mom managed to shout while struggling to catch her breath, and then she was back at her moaning and leading me on to fuck hard and deep! Father was now frustrated, was cursing and banging on the door hopelessly, “Oh god mom I’m there Oh!” “That’s it baby cum in me cum inside me –make sure you’re empty when we done son!” I heard father shout “WHAT??!” “SON ARE YOU FUCKING YOUR MOTHER IN THERE HUH… SON!?” I whispered to mom “oh yes I’m fucking deep, deep in her dad” mom giggled as she pushed her ass out for more; in no time I was cumming in her, liters of homemade sperm gushing into her – some was gushing out of her tight slippery wet pussy.

“Son I’m gonna kill you when you come out there!” I fell on top of mom my dick was still inside her, she gave one last deep moan, and I knew she was Cumming again. We lay there for a few minutes enjoying the embrace, then she turned around “no son don’t pull it out yet, keep it in there please, I just want to turn around and look at you” with that said she did it like she was break dancing and looked very sexy the movement gave me another strong hard on. “Aww baby you still want more… first let’s get out of this mess then we’ll go again” so we made a plan to call the cops as that was the only solution. I knew father had a gun and at this point, anything was possible. I had a phone in the bedroom right next to the bed; we made a call to the cops. “Yes ma’am my father is outside with his gun wanting to shoot my mom and myself… We are in our guesthouse at the back of our yard hiding Ma’am please get the police on duty at the address I’ve given you it’s an urgent emergency” I put the phone down, “let’s hope they get here on time” “ you know your father will never use a gun , why did you tell the police that?” “To get them here quicker” she looked at me deep in my eyes and said, “Do you love me son?” “Yes more than you’ll ever know mom” “After this mayhem son, I want to be your wife, your woman I want you to take me away and start a new life with me” my dick was pounding on its own deep in her woman hood, or was she clamping down on it, milking it for what it was worth? “Yes I will do all of that and more for you, mom. Because I do love you” I was on top of her and we embraced in a deep kiss and gentle love making, I put the covers on us again, and made love until the police arrived an hour later while dad was banging and kicking at the door.

“That’s the whole truth Mr. Van Wyk.” I said looking straight in our family lawyer’s eyes. “You know how he has been to us, his family for the past 9 years… The situation at home is worst than you may think… Even you cannot tolerate him.” Mom was also looking dead straight in his eyes. “Ahem… Ahhmm… Ahhmm… well ya. I have never come across of such em… But I will do everything in my power to prove your husband was under the influence and is suffering from partial insanity and delusions for the past 9 years Mrs Zwanne”. Our attorney said this while adjusting his tie from the neckline and sweating pro furiously

If you liked the story, then stay tuned for more from yours truly 

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