Familly Lessons 7

As Phip and Julia drove to the beach, Phip couldn't get the sight of his mother's bare breast out of his mind. He had clearly seen the pink nipple standing erect, with his father's hand cupped around it, and Dad had made no move to hide it, or how his hand was groping it. He thought his parents were probably fucking right now, and his dick sprung upright in his shorts. He reached to adjust his pants, glancing at his sister as he did so. She had on one of his old T-shirts, which ended high on her naked thighs. Underneath he knew she had on a new string bikini, and he could see a hint of it through the thin cotton top.

Her dark hair was cut short, and flared to fit her face, accenting her high cheekbones and pouty, full lips. She looked a lot like their mother, he thought, the same firm small tits, though he hadn't seen Julia's bare one for a real comparison, the same dark hair, both cut short, hazel eyes, and long, slim legs that they loved to show off. He couldn't decide who was sexier, his mom or his sister. He really wanted to see Julia's naked tit, and the flash of her bare thighs was sending chills up him as he drove, making it hard to concentrate.

Finally they arrived, and as Phip got out, he noticed his hard-on was still pushing out at his shorts. He stood by the car for a moment, willing it to deflate a little so it wouldn't be so obvious on the beach. Julia ran off, teasing him. "What's the matter, got a hole in your pants," she shouted over her shoulder. He watched her round butt bouncing away, the T-shirt lifting to reveal glimpses of her shiny blue bikini bottom. Finally he ran after her, carrying the beach bag with him. When he caught up, she was already peeling off the oversized T-shirt and kicking off her sandals. He dropped the bag and caught his breath as her arms went over her head, making her breasts stand at attention under the tiny bikini top. He thought he could gobble her up right there, she looked so damn delicious, her tits rising seductively on her chest, almost popping out of the little top. He thought he caught a glimpse of a bare nipple as she bent over to toss her shirt and sandals into a pile, then bobbed off, her ass bouncing wonderfully across the sand, the bikini bottom riding up into her ass crack as she ran. Phip looked down and discovered his hard- on was bigger than ever. He dashed into the water after his sister.

When he got out, he found her already back at their blanket, with her beautiful butt sticking up for his inspection, her arms at her sides. "Rub some lotion on me, would you?" she said as he came dripping up to her. Phip toweled himself off, found the bottle of sunblock, rubbed some in his hands to warm it, and began massaging the silky lotion into his sister's golden skin. The touch of her bare back and the sight of her rounded ass cheeks peeking out of her skimpy bikini bottom was bringing his erection back.

"Undo my top," she said, and Phip felt lightheaded. Gingerly he untied the bow that was all that held the minuscule top in place, watching it nestle softly on the blanket. The edges of Julia's tits were now exposed to his gaze, as he began slowly rubbing the lotion all over her back, feeling his hard-on starting to throb in his trunks and his pulse begin to throb in his temples. He smoothed the sunblock down her luscious long legs and thought he would die with pleasure when she spread them as he moved up the thighs toward her honey pot. He could almost feel the heat emanating from her barely concealed pussy. He moved back up to her back, rubbing smoothly at the hollow between her shoulders and neck.

He leaned close to her and whispered hoarsely in her ear, "You look terrific, sis. You're making me horny."

Julia raised her eyelid and looked right into Phip's crotch. "Yeah, I can see that," she said. "What you wanna do about it?"

"Well, I, um, I" he stammered.

Julia sat up, gathering her top and tying it behind her in one smooth motion. She looked him right in the eye and said, "How about if we go where it's less crowded so we can talk. You know that double party thing is coming up and I'm wondering what to get for Dad and cousin Cindy."

"Sure, how about the grove of beeches, you know, where we used to go when we were kids?"

As they headed up the coast highway toward the woods, Phip thought about his mother's naked tit, his sister's wild suggestion, and his cousin Cindy, just a year younger than his sister Julia. He was driving automatically, having gone this way many times before. He was stirred out of his lustful dreaming when his sister leaned across the seat and ran her fingers up his naked thigh.

"Still horny?" she asked, and Phip's eyes widened. Then she raked her fingers lightly across his fly and his prick immediately jumped to attention. "I guess that answers my question," she said, settling back into her seat and looking at him slyly, a smile crinkling the edges of her lips.

They hiked into the woods until they came to an opening that was shaded but secluded. Phip tossed the blanket onto the ground and they both plopped down, sweaty from the exertion on a hot day. Julia peeled off the soaking T-shirt and crossed her legs. Phip shed his own and looked once more at his sister's seductive body. "So what about the party?" he said, to get things rolling.

"Well, I think Dad should get something special for his number four-oh, she said, licking her lips, and I think they've got something going on with Uncle Jamey and Aunt Sara. I think we should visit cousin Brad and Cindy and find out what they know."

"Just what do you think Mom and Dad have going with Uncle Jamey and Aunt Sara?"

"Don't you hear Mom and Dad in their room when they're having sex? They get into some pretty weird shit, and I personally think Mom and her sister have a thing for each other. Don't you see them hugging and kissing?"

"Well, yeah, but."

"But nothing. I'm pretty sure they're fucking each other, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've dragged Cindy into it too?"

"Um. I have to admit Cindy's pretty sexy, and Mom and Aunt Sara. Well, the three of them together would be a man's fantasy come true, if they also were fucking him."

"Which one would you like to fuck most?"

"Which one? God, I don't know. All three I guess. Or, maybe you even more. Especially now. I'm so horny just looking at you I can't stand it."

"Then pull it out and let me see it," she said, staring straight into her brother's eyes.

Phip didn't need a second invitation. He slid his trunks over his hips and grasped the base of his pulsing cock. Julia leaned over and breathed hot breath onto the tip, then bent closer and sucked the tip into her mouth, reaching out to put her hand over her brother's as he stroked up and down on the rigid shaft. She released the head and kissed him full on the mouth, parting her lips and letting his tongue probe into her mouth, snaking her own tongue around his in a passionate embrace.

Phip came up onto his knees and reached around to untie the bikini top from his sister's tits. She pressed her soft, sweet flesh against him and pulled him closer, probing his mouth with her searching tongue. He worked the top off her and leaned back to ogle her tits, the memory of his mother's globe returning to his mind. He couldn't decide which was more delectable, they looked almost the same. Yet this one, right in front of him glowed with life, and he watched as his sister's breath caught in her throat as he bent to suck one nipple into his mouth. He wanted to fuck her more than anything else in the world.

She fell back onto the blanket, giving him full access to both luscious tits, and he alternated between them, sucking both into a state of frenzy, the nipple standing at attention to his guzzling tongue. He trailed down her belly, stopping to tongue her belly button, bringing a squeal of delight from her panting lips. He stripped the bikini bottom off, shed his own trunks, and prepared to mount her, but she stopped him.

"Don't you think your sister tastes good?" she asked. "Aren't you going to eat me first? I think I can cum in your mouth in a heartbeat. Then you can fuck me."

Phip didn't need any urging. He lowered his lips to his sister's cunt and began lapping furiously at her clit, working one finger into her pussy to help her along as she ground her hips against his mouth and hand. "That's it. Eat me. Eat my pussy. Lick me up and down," she yelled from deep in her throat. The sound of his sister's voice inflamed him and he pushed even further into her, engulfing her engorged clit, sucking it deep into his mouth, adding a second finger to her gyrating pussy, and worming one against her tiny little asshole.

She was on the verge, and pressed his face deep into her pussy, locking her legs around his head and screaming with delight as the first wave of her orgasm hit her, flooding her brother's face with wave after wave of steamy love drippings. He lapped it up, taking it all into his hungry mouth, eating his sister for all he was worth. Slowly, her shaking subsided, and she drew him up to her, kissing him passionately. "Oh, what a sweet brother. You ate my pussy just like a pro. Let me have a taste." She licked the precious fluid from his mouth, settling back with a sigh. "Umm. That pussy tastes good. I can understand why Mom and Aunt Sara like it so much."

Phip rolled his sister over and began working his cock up the crack of her ass, feeling her ass cheeks parting for his huge tool. He pulled her up onto all fours and stuck his fingers where his mouth had just been, finding it wet and slippery. He diddled her for a bit, preparing her for his swollen cock, then eased it into the opening. She moaned a bit, and slid back toward him. As the head of his cock slid into his sister's pussy, Phip grabbed her ass and pulled her back toward him, feeling his dick sink cozily into her grasping cunt. He started a rhythmic fucking, gradually picking up speed, feeling his balls slap against her on the in stroke, and the head almost emerge on the out stroke.

He reached under her to grab her tits. twisting the nipples savagely, hearing her scream with pleasure as they stiffened under his touch. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Cum in my pussy. Cum with me now," she shouted, and Phip felt her start to tremble again, a second orgasm starting to shake her body.

"Fuck me. Fuck your sister," she yelled. The thought of cumming in his sister after seeing his mother about to get fucked this morning drove Phip over the edge and as he exploded into her he shouted.

"I'm cumming, sis. I'm cumming right up your hot pussy. I want to fuck you forever," he shouted. And I want to fuck Mom, too, he thought, as his cum shot out in gooey spurts, filling his sister with his hot jism, and feeling her cunt juices joining his as they collapsed together on top of the blanket in the woods, thoughts of the family party dancing through both their heads.

It was going to be one memorable time, if today was any indication, and Phip knew he wanted to keep fucking his sister regularly, and the memory of his mother still flitted through his mind. He knew she had watched him as he looked at her, and he thought he remembered a little smile curling on her lips just before he ducked out of the room.


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