“I would like that, very much,” she told me. “How about next Saturday afternoon?”

When I ran the idea past my man Julian he was very eager. “Tell me all about Fiona, what does she look like?”

“About our age, fortyish. She and I were lovers once, incredible pair of tits on a size 12 body.” Some of my girlfriends claim she has a ‘liberal attitude to sexuality’ while others claim she is ‘gender fluid’.

“I want you naked on the bed on your back for Fiona,” I tell Julian just before Fiona is due. “I want both of us to spoil her and satiate her sexually, remember she hasn’t had sex for twelve-months. The thought of her using you is a big turn on for me while I watch. Let’s stretch the boundaries. Can you get it up three times in one session? I want you to for what I have in mind and what I arranged with Fiona.”

When Fiona arrives she is wearing a simple above the knee dress with half the buttons undone to display her ample cleavage. Julian is impressed. I am wearing just a skin tight pair of leather slacks and heels and enjoying being topless for two people.

“Been a long time Fiona, far too long,” I whisper as we kiss passionately eager to have her as I take her dress off. “Love your g-string and cup-less bra, you always did have magnificent tits. And how could I forget those long erect nipples of yours,” I tell her as I start licking them.

Julian had never watched me pleasure another woman before today. He is rapt as I kneel in front of Fiona, slide her g-string down to her ankles and slip it over her heels.

“Wow, that really is something,” Julian murmurs as I grasp Fiona’s ass and commence licking her cunt lips.

“Your man is hung, really well hung,” Fiona whispers with his erection in her hand as Julian is standing so he can lick and kiss her nipples as I lick and suck her cunt as she arches her torso toward me.

“Incredible pair of tits, just incredible,” Julian keeps repeating. “Never licked and kissed such magnificent tits, even better while my lady is licking her cunt.”

“I am hanging out for a fuck, absolutely hanging out for it,” Fiona is moaning as she orgasms repeatedly.

“Your man is hung and thick, love it,” Fiona smiles wickedly as she mounts his erection and takes all of it, right up to his balls with Julian laying on his back. I can remember the last time I watched Fiona fucking a man, her technique was to slide her cunt up and down the man’s cock, totally in charge as she used the man.

After all that time her technique is still the same but more determined and she is very noisy as she uses my man and I am enjoying watching as I position myself legs apart with one foot higher than the other so she can lick my cunt lips, just as she has done previously while I watched her using a man.

Fiona tells me again, “I have been hanging out for a fuck, this is a real fuck on a full size erection, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my wet cunt.”

Julian is making almost as much noise as Fiona as he is close to cumming. “So close, nearly there, watch, watch me cum,” he is moaning as Fiona stands, legs apart, teasing her cunt lips with a finger before she squirts.

“So fucking good, a long time since I squirted like that and love two people watching.

“That was so good, I want to watch you fuck Julian, even better if you lick my cunt while he is fucking you,” Fiona tells me as we wind down in my very large shower alcove.

“Or maybe I can give him a blow job while you watch as foreplay? Can he get it up for us three times in one session?”

“Let’s find out,” I smile aroused at the thought.

Julian has never licked my cunt with another woman watching and it is very exciting as he stands me against the wall, kneels in front of me with his hands on my ass and pulls me toward him. His tongue is magic on my clit and cunt lips with Fiona watching. Even better when Fiona starts tongue kissing me as Julian is sucking my cunt. As I glance down the size of his erection is a huge turn on as I cum on his tongue.

“Do I have your permission to give your man a blow job,” Fiona teases knowing full well I want to watch her do it before he fucks me while she watches.

“Standing or sitting Julian?,” Fiona asks.

“Blow jobs are always better standing,” he replies as he positions himself against the wall as Fiona kneels in front of him and licks his balls.

“What would you like me to do Julian? Your erection is magnificent, I want to help make this blow job memorable for you,” I tell him as we tongue kiss.

“Lick my nipples,” he whispers as I watch Fiona take four inches of his cock between her pursed lips.

I am proud of my blow job skills and always enjoy the chance to compare mine while watching a man receiving one. I have watched Fiona blowing other men in the past, though watching her blowing my man has a new frisson. And she is very good. And I am very turned on watching her technique.

“That is heaven, absolute heaven,” Julian is moaning as Fiona scratches his balls with her nails as he slides his rock hard erection between her pursed lips.

“Can I watch him masturbate? I love watching a man masturbate,” Julie asks me as Julian is breathing very heavily.

“Yes of course, we always were on the same wave length. Do it for both of us Julian.”

“On my tits, on my tits, do it,” Fiona is moaning as Julian slowly teases his eight-inch erection.

I love watching a hung man masturbate, especially when I am so horny and looking forward to a really good fuck.

“On her tits, on her tits, do it for both of us,” I whisper as I flaunt my ass for him, something he loves when masturbating.

“On my tits, on my tits, do it,” Fiona is urging as the veins of Julian’s erection are bulging. Then the noise he makes as he cums is the loudest I have ever heard him

In the afterglow Julian is watching Fiona urinating. “Your man likes watching me peeing, he is getting a new erection for us,” Fiona smiles as Julian holds her gaze as she enjoys the attention.

“One of his fetishes, see if you like this,” I smile back as I lay Julian on the floor, open my legs and stand over his groin.

“Count to three for me Fiona. Now watch,” I whisper on the count of three as I tease my cunt lips and slowly release a long stream over his groin and now very erect cock.

“I do like the way you trim your pubic hair, nothing apart from a long this tuft above your cunt lips.”

“Julian does it for me.”

“Will you do mine for me Julian?”

Watching my man shave the hair around my girlfriends cunt lips evokes a strange feeling, but I do like watching the pleasure they are both getting from it. And Julian has a raging erection as he does it. And I want him to fuck me with it soon, very soon.

I did agree for my man to fuck Fiona and I was very turned on watching. I am even more turned on now after our third round of foreplay. Julian has never fucked me with another woman watching - and I do like another woman watching a man fucking me, especially if they talk to me while they watch.

“I want to add to your pleasure before you fuck,” Fiona smiles as she oils my naked body. “You really do have a magnificent ass,” she whispers as I enjoy her hands rubbing oil into it with my man watching with a roaring erection.

“Now you Julian, any special areas you would like some extra attention?,” Fiona teases as she commences on his nipples. Then his back and ass cheeks before she takes his balls in one oily hand and his new erection in the other. I am enjoying it almost as much as my man as Fiona pours some oil on my man’s hands and tells him to ‘oil my big tits’.

She really does have a glorious pair of tits with long erect nipples as I watch my man teasing them.

“Julian and I are both looking at your magic ass, he has his hands all over it. Is he is going to fuck you in the ass? Is that what you want?,” Fiona asks, her face beaming in anticipation as she lays on her back on the bed with her legs apart. “And lick my cunt at the same time?”

Fiona watches mesmerised as I bend over her with an arm either side of her naked body and support myself by holding her hands as I my part my legs for my man as he grips my ass cheeks and slowly feeds the full length of his very erect oil covered eight-inch cock into my ass.

I gasp and groan as he slowly works all of his eight-inches between my ass cheeks while grasping them, at the same time I am thrusting my ass in sync to receive his strokes.

“You are lucky to have a well hung man to fuck, I love watching, is he good?,” Fiona asks.

“Fucking magic, I am so horny after watching you fuck him, then blow him.”

Fiona is holding my hands very tightly, even more tightly as Julian drives his full eight-inches into my ass and his body slaps against my ass cheeks.

I am making incomprehensible noises I am barely aware of as he drives and pounds into me.

“That looks magic, love the way your ass muscles are moving for him, you always told me size is important for you,” Fiona whispers.

“Come on Julian, use me, fuck me harder, really hard, I love it. I love you giving me eight-inches up my ass. I love it with Fiona watching.”

“And I love watching, love it.”

“That is so good, so fucking good, I am going to squirt, watch me, watch me squirt.”

My whole body is trembling with sexual excitement as I orgasm and squirt in huge gushes while Julian is still driving his eight-inch erection into me.

Then he follows and has a very loud orgasm.

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