Teacher's Erotic Plan Goes Awry

Her stomach fluttered. Her legs felt like jelly. Could she go through with it? Was it too daring?

Min Chen had planned this for months. Now she sat in her car under the willow tree waiting for 3am. At 3am, the exact time she was born 40 years ago, she would open the school’s side door using the key she had ‘liberated’ from the custodian. Then she would enter, disrobe, and stroll the hallways stark naked. Nervously she popped another ecstasy pill into her mouth to join the two she took a half hour ago. She hoped she hadn’t taken too much but she desperately needed to build up her nerves. The kid who sold her the ecstasy pills had said they would soothe her but warned against taking more than one at a time.

The idea had come into her head early in the spring and she had become obsessed with carrying out this bold plan. It was safe enough, There was no chance anyone would see her at this time of night.

A few blocks away, Biff and Bo stumbled out of the party, which the police had just shut down, and looked for some mischief. The stars of the basketball team had finished high school a month ago and were just killing time until college started in the fall.

Biff said, “Let’s check out the school. Maybe we can get in and make a mess.

Bo replied, “Yeah. We can turn over all the teacher’s desks and dump them on the floor.”

They headed toward the school for some fun.

Mrs. Min Chen slowly stepped out of her car and, wearing her best teaching suit, got up the courage to cautiously walk to the school’s side door. Nervously she stuck her key in the keyhole and opened the door. Quickly stepping inside, she paused to catch her breath. Her heart pounded. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered like crazy. She wondered if she should just turn around and go home.

While she waited to regain her composure, Min Chen thought about how her husband of 20 years hadn’t bothered to stay home for her birthday. She’d hoped to make mad, passionate love with him. Maybe for 10 minutes instead of the usual 5 minutes. She wanted to feel his enormous member inside her, all 4 inches of it. She was proud of her husband’s record size. He had told her many times how much bigger he was than other men and had even shown her a website reporting that no man was more than 4 inches. She had been slightly curious to find the researcher’s name was the same as her husband’s but spelled backwards. Just a coincidence.

But, today, her birthday, he claimed he had to go out of town on business. Min was sure he was banging a white woman. (She’d read an incriminating email). The thought of a white woman touching her husband sent shivers up and down her spine. It was disgusting! It was bad enough that he was screwing some bimbo but did it have to be a white one? The image infuriated her so much she suddenly found she had the courage to go ahead with her plan.

Slowly, step-by-step, Min walked forward. Her 5 inch heels clicked loudly on the floor tiles. She entered the main hallway, turned left and strode to the school office. It was so dark. She stopped. Her legs felt weak again. Her confidence started flagging. Still she managed to slip off her elegant pink jacket and hang it on the office door knob. Step one complete.

Taking a deep breath, she continued down the hallway to the end stairs. Although the moonlight shone in, she could not see out the window because it was 5' up and Min was only 4’ 6”. She placed one foot on the first step then the other on the second step and carefully climbed the stairs.

Halfway up, she paused, took several deep breaths and slowly reached behind her to the zipper of her pink skirt. She slid the zipper down. It took several more deep breaths before she found the courage to let the skirt slide to the floor. She gulped as she stood there in her starched white blouse, white slip and red high heels.

Continuing on her way she reached the second floor hallway and marched along the hall listening to her heels clicking loudly on the floor. Halfway down the hall, she paused again. More deep breaths as she cautiously opened her blouse one button at a time.

Sliding the blouse off, she closed her eyes and tossed it in the air behind her. She didn’t notice that it landed out of sight behind a box. Her body shivered as she realized that she was now standing in her school wearing just a white camisole, slip and black purse. Luckily no one could possibly see her at this time of night. She was perfectly safe.

Biff and Bo arrived at the school and promptly started trying the doors. The front doors were locked. All the east side doors were locked. Same with the rear doors. They tried the two doors on the west side and were delighted to find the second one was open.

They entered looking for mischief.

Min continued down the second floor hallway until she reached the far stairwell. Her heels clicked loudly.

Biff said, “What’s that sound?”

Bo replied, “Somebody walking?”

Biff said, “At this time of night? No way. Just some fan making noise.”

The wandered to the school office.

Min paused at the stairwell. This one was much more difficult than the others. Her stomach rebelled, she felt faint, her legs almost gave out so she had to hold onto the railing for a minute. Finally, panting heavily, she took hold of her camisole and pulled it over her head and tossed it behind her letting it fall to the next landing. She felt a thrill rush through her body. Her nipples hardened.

Min breathed deep before starting up the stairs to the third floor. Without her camisole she now found herself in just her small, lacy black bra and her white slip. This was all set off by her red high heels and black purse.

She had to grip the stair rails hard. The stairs seemed to waver. She had trouble concentrating. She couldn’t remember whether she was going up or down the stairs. She stopped to try and think this through. Why was she feeling so odd? Why was she getting confused?

A side effect of the ecstasy pills? Yes, she remembered reading something on the internet about this. She would just have to make an effort to focus harder and maybe the confusion would go away.

After a few minutes her focus returned. She continued up the stairs to the third and last floor. Min pointed herself down the hall and tried to march down the middle of the hall. Difficult because she seemed to be weaving.

Halfway along she paused to look at a giant school mural of the basketball team. She stuck out her middle finger. She couldn’t stand basketball players. Stupid jocks.

Concentrating hard, Min fumbled with the waistband of her slip, trying to push it down her legs. Her eyes were out of focus but eventually she succeeded in getting her slip off and kicking it into a corner.

This left Min in her sheer, lacy black bra, sheer black panties as well as the sexy black stockings and garter belt she had purchased online. The non-elastic black stockings were held up by clips attached to the black garter belt. Her hand slipped to the front of her panties and she gently caressed herself through the panties.

Min stumbled to the end of the hallway pausing at the far stairwell. This time she clumsily tried to undo her bra clasp at the back until she remembered that it was front loading with no shoulder straps. It bothered her that her mind was so jumbled that she couldn’t remember such a simple thing.

Reaching between her small breasts Min managed to unfasten the clasp and flung her lacy 32B bra behind her. She didn’t notice it land in the custodian’s mop bucket.

Her pert little breasts stood out a full 2 inches. Her nipples were rock hard in the middle of her dark, dime-sized areolas. She continued to rub herself through her panties.

Clutching the stair rails, Min carefully made her way down the stairwell heading back to the main floor. Her small breasts gently jiggled as she stepped down wearing only her sheer panties, lacy garter belt, stockings and red high heels. She did not notice that she had lost her purse.

Biff and Bo found Mrs. Chen’s jacket hanging on the office door. They recognized the jacket having seen Mrs. Chen wear it in her class many times.

Biff laughed, “That stupid Mrs. Chen forgot her jacket. Let’s trash it. She’s such a bitch.”

Bo agreed, “Yeah, tear it to shreds. That bitch tried to flunk me. I almost didn’t get into college because of her. Bitch.”

Biff and Bo proceeded to rip Min’s jacket to pieces before tossing the pieces around the hall.

They tried a few classroom doors but most were locked so, being bored, they wandered off toward the auditorium.

Seconds after Biff and Bo turned the corner to the auditorium, Min reached the bottom of the stairs and walked toward the office once more. At the office she stopped to remove one last garment. There seemed to be a lot of pieces of pink rags strewn over the floor.

Min tried to slide her panties off but something seemed to be stopping her. She tried to focus but her mind was too jumbled and confused. After several minutes she realized that her panties were under the garter belt and wouldn’t come off because of the clips holding the stockings up. It took considerable effort because her mind just wouldn’t work but eventually she succeeded in unclipping the stockings and sliding her panties down.

Re-clipping the stockings was much harder. She managed to get one partly clipped but completely missed the other which sagged down her thigh.

Min stood there swaying. Her breasts continued to wiggle as she swayed. Her pussy proudly displayed its black, furry patch. Her tight, smooth bum felt a light breeze tickling the crack of her ass. Her garter belt was slightly crooked being partly attached to one stocking but not the other. One stocking had slid down almost to her knee.

Min stuck her hand between her legs to squeeze her pussy as she stumbled down the hall in her black garter belt, black stockings and red heels. She was becoming more confused by the second. She shouldn’t have taken so much ecstasy.

The diminutive 4ft 6in Min reeled unsteadily around the corner toward the auditorium with a vague notion of performing on stage.

Biff and Bo sat on an old sofa that had been left in a corner at the back of the stage. Since they hadn’t been able to find the light switch, they just sat in the pitch black sharing a bottle of coconut rum and wondering what to do next.

They heard loud clicking sounds on the gym floor. The sounds were coming nearer. They held their breaths worried that someone might see them and call the cops.

Min weaved across the dark gym toward the stage. When she bumped into it, she felt her way to the side and up the short set of steps. Feeling around for the light switch, she pushed a button. The blue spotlight lit up center stage. Bumping another button she noticed that the light was now slowly changing colors. Now red, now yellow, now green.

On seeing the spotlight, Biff whispered, “Oh shit. We’re caught.”

Neither moved a hair.

Min, dazzled by the changing lights, slowly stumbled into the spotlight planning to sing to an imaginary audience. Her fingers continued to rhythmically slide in and out of her pussy.

Bo whispered, “Holy shit! It’s Mrs Chen!”

Biff sucked in his breath saying, “Shit! She’s bare-ass naked.”

The two just sat in astonished silence watching Min’s smooth bum and listening to her bad rendition of “Happy Birthday to Me”. Min attempted to spin mid-way through the song but almost fell. As she spun Biff and Bo got a clear view of her little breasts with the tiny nipples and her fingers rubbing her black hairy pussy. They were fascinated by the way Min’s fingers went in and out of her pussy. Both felt some serious stiffening in their pants.

Bo whispered, “She looks wasted.”

Biff agreed, “Yeah, totally.”

Bo added, “No tits to speak of, nice bum though.”

Biff agreed, “Yeah. Short naked bitch. I don’t think she has a clue what she’s doing.”

Bo rubbing his crotch said, “The bitch tried to flunk me. Let’s do something to her.”

Biff agreed, “Yeah, let’s do something. Like what?”

Bo rolled his eyes, “Like fuck the bitch. What else? She’s too wasted to know. Ever fuck a teacher before?”

Biff finally caught on, “Right, let’s fuck her. My cock’s hard. Let’s strip and give her a surprise.”

Biff, 6’2”, stood and slid his pants and shirt off. Then he dropped his shorts so that his muscular, beefy body was completely naked. His rod stood out a full 8 1/2”. It was thick, almost 2” wide. His big hairy balls hung down in his over-sized sack.

Bo, 6’1”, also stripped naked. His manhood sprung out almost 8”. It wasn’t as thick as Biff’s but was still
1 1/2” wide. His sack was tighter so his balls bulged inside the sack.

Together they slowly stepped toward Min. She was still trying to sing but mangling both the tune and the words very badly. The spotlight colors kept changing making her skin look red, blue, white, orange. The colors continued to dazzle her so she was unaware of Biff and Bo until they were just 1 foot away.

Singing “Happy Birthday to Me” she rubbed her wet pussy harder and harder. The heat built up inside her and she slowly bent over double as her pleasure center forced her to shout out, “YES! YES! I’m so good to me. OHHHHHHH!”

As her body slowly stopped shuddering, her eyes opened. She jumped back! There, right in front of her, were two naked bodies! Looking up she saw two giant, naked men. At least, they were giants compared to her miniscule 4’6” frame. In shock she covered her meager breasts with one arm while her other tried to cover her pussy as she stepped back still further. Her eyes bugged out as she glimpsed there enormous raging cocks.

It was impossible! She remembered how her husband’s 4” cock was so far above average. She remembered the internet article he had showed her to prove how enormous his 4” cock was.

She gasped, “Those aren’t real! They can’t be!”

She looked up to stare at the leering faces and tried to take another step back. She couldn’t. Biff had already seized her arms and pulled her to him. His body crushed against hers. Her head didn’t even come up to his nipples. Her nose was forced into his rock hard stomach making it hard to breath. Her breasts only came 2 inches above his crotch. She felt his huge hard cock pressed up between her breasts. It reached almost to her chin. His ball sack pressed against her soft belly.

She tried to push away but he was much too strong. She wished she had joined some exercise program instead of letting her body get so soft and weak. She felt totally powerless.

Biff’s hands enveloped Min’s naked, round bum as he grinned and said, “You tried to flunk us in math so now we’re going to fuck you in anatomy class.” He laughed at his own joke.

Bo said, “Let’s get a good look at the bitch’s body. Is the old bitch even worth fucking?”

Biff took Min’s wrists in one hand and raised her arms above her head as he turned her around so Bo could have a good look.

When Min tried to protest, Biff pulled her hair, saying, “Shut up Mrs. Chen. We put up with enough of your lip in math class.”

Frightened, she closed her mouth while her chin quivered.

Bo looked her up and down and offered his opinions: “I never seen nipples so small. They’re barely visible. And her titsI could swallow both of them in one bite. What a stupid looking old bitch. Muscles are floppy and her pussy’s too small. Hardly worth the effort.”

Min was shocked at the way he insulted her beautiful body but was relieved when he said she wasn’t worth the effort.

Then he added, “Of course, it’s the only body available tonight. Probably a lousy fuck but, a fuck’s a fuck.” He reached out, grabbed her tiny nipples and twisted as he pushed his hot, red cock into her soft belly.

Biff lifted his hand higher causing Min’s feet to come off the floor. He turned her around again to get a look himself and complained, “Her pussy barely comes halfway up my thigh. I don’t want to have to bend down to get at her.”

Instead, he cupped her bum and lifted her pussy up so that his pulsating cock could press against her hairy bush seeking an entrance. His other hand searched for the pussy hole and guided his cock to the opening. His 2” wide, 8 1/2” cock pushed at Min’s wet opening. She was lucky she had played with herself otherwise it would have been too dry.

Biff grumbled in disgust, “It’s too small. I can’t get in this stupid cunt.”

Bo laughed, “Just push harder, you’ll get in. And she’ll thank you for it.”

Min begged, “NO NO NO. Leave me alone. You’re too big. No fit. I not tell anyone. Let me go.”

Biff sneered in her face, “I said shut up.” Then he pushed harder and harder. Slowly the head of his cock managed to squeeze in.

Min gasped. She tried to pull back but that was impossible. She was dangling from her wrists, held in the air by Biff’s powerful hand.

Biff grunted, “Yeah. That’s better. Let’s see if I can get all the way in.” He shoved and pushed. His thick long cock slid in an inch, another inch. He kept pushing until the base of his cock had reached Min’s very tight passageway lubricated by her earlier pussy rubbing.

Min’s eyes rolled back. She couldn’t believe the monster cock had entered her. She couldn’t believe she was still alive. She couldn’t believe how good it felt as Biff started pumping in and out. She felt dizzy and confused.

Min started moaning, “NOOOO. OHHH. Stop please. OHHHH.” She gasped for breath as Biff quickened his pace.

Biff drove his cock in and out, harder and harder. The tightness of her pussy hole made his cock stiffer as he enjoyed fucking this teacher bitch.

Bo, watching, encouraged Biff, “That’s it fuck the bitch. Teach her a lesson. She’ll think twice next time she tries to flunk someone. Fuck her, fuck her. Make her scream.”

Min begged, “No. No. Stop. I can’t do this. Please. OHHHH! Ahhh! Can’t. Do. This. Please stop. OHHH Shit.”

Biff continued poking Min while dangling her from her wrists. His one hand squeezed her round, smooth bum and fingered her bum hole. He pressed hard into her cunt. In, out, in, out. A full five minutes he thrust into her exposed, defenseless cunt.

Min, helpless, confused from the drugs, could only moan, “Ow. Ow. Too hard. Too hard. Please. No. No. OHHHHH!

At she shuddered as Biff’s enormous cock forced her body to spasm. Min’s body kept convulsing as Biff’s load pumped into her subjugated pussy.

Finished, he pulled out and handed Min to Bo.

Bo turned her around saying, “I don’t want to look at its face. Teachers are all so ugly. I don’t want to feel her stupid tits on me either. They’re way too small. Ugly stupid teacher.”

He put one arm under her soft belly to hold her up. Finding her pussy hole he aimed his cock and slammed it forward as hard as he could.

Being already wet from Biff and her own fingering, Min felt his cock ram into and up her pussy forcing an involuntary, “Aw. Aw. NONO” from her lips.

Again her feet were several inches off the floor. She bent double because she was only supported by Bo’s arm under her tummy and his huge cock in her pussy.

Biff grabbed her hair, lifted her head and started slapping her cheeks with his still hard, hot, pulsing cock. When she moaned, he shoved his cock right into her mouth and laughed, “Mrs. Chen is hungry for sausage.”

Biff started pumping his cock in and out of her mouth while pinching and pulling on her tiny tits. He made a point of pinching her tits hard to make sure there would be bruises. He was not a nice guy.

Bo gritted his teeth as his own cock ravaged Min’s helpless cunt. He also pumped forcefully in and out.

Min, completely helpless, dangled forlornly from Bo’s arm as both her pussy and her mouth were violated without mercy. The assault combined with her ecstasy pills caused so much confusion in her mind that her mind soon shut down.

Her body responded as a feral animal. Her body only understood that it was being used the way it was meant to be used. Again as the two men rammed, thrust and slammed into her mouth and cunt, her body started shaking, shuddering. Again her body spasmed as it accepted it’s natural fate.

Biff shot another load into Min’s mouth. Bo made a huge deposit in Min’s pussy. They dumped their old school teacher on the floor.

Bo remembered that Mrs Chen had been singing “Happy Birthday to Me”. He slapped her face a few times to get her attention and asked, “Hey bitch. Yes you. How old are you bitch?”

Min gasped, tried to comprehend the question and mumbled, “Forty, today. My birthday.”

Biff and Bo looked at each other and grinned. Biff sat down and threw Min over his knee, ass up. His big powerful hand went up then down with a mighty smack. Again, smack. Again. Again. He enjoyed watching her ass jiggle and redden as he gave her 40 birthday whacks.

She cried out as she struggled feebly, “Ow. Ow. OWWW!”

Relief at last. Biff stopped. Bo leaned over her, touched her hot, red quivering ass, raised his hand and … smack. Another forty birthday whacks. Min’s bum was reduced to a quivering red mass as the men dumped her on the floor again.

Bo looked at poor Mrs Chen lying, naked and trembling on the floor and said, “OK I’m finished. Unless you want to fuck her again, I’m going home.”

Biff answered, “I’m finished too. Let’s go.”

Then he stopped, thought for a moment and said, “Do you want to shoot a hoop or two?”

“Sure.” Replied Bo. “Got no ball though.”

After putting his clothes back on, Biff grabbed Min’s arm, hoisted her over his shoulder, held her in place by grabbing her aching bum and said, “Let’s put this in a hoop.”

Bo laughed and they both headed outside to the basketball hoop.

A coin toss gave Bo the privilege. One hand on her ass, the other holding her wrists, Bo ran up to the net, jumped and slam dunked poor Mrs Chen into the net.

Her legs slid into the mesh of the net. Her body slumped forward over the top of the net and she passed out.

Biff and Bo took a quick picture, high fived each other and went home after a very satisfying night.

As dawn broke, Min slowly opened her eyes. She gasped. She was looking straight down onto the parking lot 10’ below. Frantically looking about she realized she was stuck in a basketball net, outside, in the school parking lot. She managed to stifle a scream as she pondered her predicament.

How did she get here? Where were her clothes? Could anyone see? This last was the most frightening. She couldn’t imagine anything more humiliating than for someone other than her husband to see her naked.

Her whole body ached. Her ass felt like it was covered in welts. She looked down. Her breasts were bruised!

What happened? She couldn’t remember. The night was a blank. All she knew was she had come to the school to try her plan to walk the hallways naked. And here she was naked, stuck in a basketball net outside with the sun coming up.

Min slowly extricated her legs from the net, hung by her hands from the rim and let herself fall the remaining 5’ to the ground. She hit hard, got up, staggered to the school door and quickly went inside thankful that no one had seen her.

Searching she managed to find her panties, camisole, skirt and purse. She had no idea what had happened to her jacket, blouse, bra or shoes. She just ran to her car, sped home, parked in the garage and sneaked in the side door.

Her husband was passed out on the couch.

Mrs Min Chen spent the rest of the day desperately trying to figure out what had happened. All she had was a vague ridiculous dream of giant cocks and basketball players. Slowly she started to wonder whether she should try walking the halls naked again but this time without the drugs. She shrugged.

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