Be Careful what you wish for - Chapter 2

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I had often fantasised about wife swapping but it didn’t turn out as I planned.

Joy and I sat down Sunday morning and talked about the night before and the events that happened with Barry and Marsha. Joy admitted that she had known both of them were bi. She also admitted she had wondered for ages about having sex with another woman. She didn’t know how I was feeling. I told her I had never considered sex with another guy but when pressed I admitted that it had been “interesting”. She laughed about the shocked look on my face when Barry pegged me while I was fucking his wife. Shocked? I was shocked already.

I told Joy that tricking me was nasty and I would think of a punishment. I also said she had to do as she was told, no argument. She finally agreed. Far from being upset she seemed to get quite excited. “What do you have planned” she said “I can hardly wait”. I didn’t let on as, really, I hadn’t thought of anything. I decided that I wanted to take her out of her comfort zone. Not humiliation but make her do things out of the ordinary. After lunch I told her to strip and just put of a cotton dress she had bought. Underwear was banned. I guess she thought I would make her walk around the house and then grab her. Oh no. She came out of the bedroom in the dress and high heels. It was almost see-though and barely covered her cute ass. “OK” I said “let’s go shopping”. The look on her face probably matched my look when I got pegged.

“Like this” she exclaimed. “Yes” I said. I swear her nipples grew larger. She looked at me and shrugged. “OK” she said “you’re the boss”. We drove to the shopping centre and parked. She looked at me but I just said “come on”. We walked into the centre and immediately guys were perving at her. I have to admit that my cock as rock hard as I watched them staring. At first Joy was embarrassed but I noticed her mood was changing. We walked around the supermarket and then went into the food hall. The poor guy who served us did a double take when he saw Joy. We were having a coffee and she leaned over and said “Troy I feel so horny”. I smiled and replied “would you like to cum right here right now”. That shocked look and then a wicked smile.

Her right hand dropped to her exposed thigh and then, looking around, it slipped under her dress. I had said it to just shock her but she shocked me. Her smile got wider and I knew she was doing it. She moaned softly and closed her eyes. A minute later she leaned over and whispered “I have never cum so quickly darling”. My cock began to ache. We stood up and when back to the car. She grabbed my hand and pulled it into her crotch. She was soaking wet. I had to be careful driving home I didn’t exceed the speed limit and get fined. We rushed into the house and I mounted her over the kitchen bench. I didn’t last long either but it felt so good. We both agreed it had been quite a moment.

All week Joy was saying how Marsha had enjoyed Saturday night. I figured she wasn’t talking about the party. When Joy told her about our little shopping centre escapade Marsha was so excited. Joy was keen to pay Marsha and Barry another visit but that Friday Joy’s period started so the weekend was put in a holding pattern, so to speak. At least I got my cock sucked although she always stopped when I said I was close. She finished me by hand. I didn't mind as I figured a hand job was still ok and Joy had never seemed like she was into going all the way in sucking me off.

The next week was pretty sedate. I made Joy masturbate with the dildo while I watched. She enjoyed that. I would make her get off twice and then pound her furiously. Joy came Friday night to say Marsha and Barry had invited us to visit for the weekend. This wasn’t a surprise. I was expecting it. I said I would agree if we did the Friday shopping thing again. This time she eagerly changed into the dress sans underwear. She had that evil grin happening again. We got to the supermarket and this time she relished the looks she was getting. A couple of guys got punished by their other half which made me laugh.

But the time we got back to the car she was buzzing. “Fuck me honey” she whispered “right here in the carpark”. It was dark and there didn’t seem to be anyone around just then so I unzipped my pants and took my sexy wife across the bonnet of our car. It was so nasty and so bloody fantastic. I was hoping someone would see us but no-one did. That would have been so crazy.

Saturday afternoon we drove to Barry and Marsha’s house. We got there about 6pm. Had drinks and then dinner. All very civilised. Of course we all knew what would happen later. I was hard as soon as we arrived. Joy had packed her underwear in her bag and when we arrived Marsha had on skirt and top that left nothing to the imagination. It was a toss-up those nipples were the most erect, Joy and Marsha. I think it might have been a draw. I certainly enjoyed the view. I bet Barry did also.

After dinner we went into the living room. Barry dimmed the lights and we drank more wine. Joy was sitting on the couch and Barry sat beside her and was playing with her thigh. He unzipped his pants and Joy began fondling his cock. I looked over at Marsha and she had one hand up her skirt and the other fondling her breasts. Not to be left out I unzipped my pants and slowly stroked my cock. Joy gave a moan and I could see Barry had found her pussy. I have to admit that watching another guy groping my wife was turning me on. Suddenly Marsha stood up. “Let’s get naked” she announced “I am so fucking horny”.

We headed into the bedroom and clothes were shed. Four people on the bed fondling each other. It was so wild. My cock was being sucked. It was Barry. Joy was sucking his cock and Marsha was licking Joy’s pussy. I managed to turn around and rubbed Marsha pussy and clit. Moans filled the room. “Don’t anyone cum yet” Marsha said “we have all night. She was right. No good getting too excited too quickly. We swapped around from time to time and I found myself sucking Barry’s cock. His moans actually excited me. I was obviously doing it right. Joy looked up and gave me that wicked grin. I gave one back. I found it easy, maybe too easy, to be bi if only for a night.

“I need some cock” Joy groaned “I want to be fucked”. Barry laid on his back and Joy immediately mounted him cowgirl style. “Give me your cock honey” Joy said to me. I knelt over Barry’s head and Joy licked my cock. “Suck it darling” I moaned and as she did I felt Barry licking my balls. I looked up and saw Marsha putting on a strap-on dildo. “Oh shit” I thought “will Joy get a surprise”. Joy did indeed get a surprise as a greased up dildo began to invade her anal opening. “No” squealed Joy but Marsha wasn’t listening. Moments later the no changed to yes. Joy had a cock in her pussy, a cock in her mouth and a dildo in her arse. A gangbang. She moaned, she groaned, she squealed. She was totally possessed. I was close but she wouldn’t stop and sucked my off. It was magic. Barry unloaded soon after and Marsha finally stopped her pounding. We all collapsed in a heap. Would we last the weekend I wondered.

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