Visiting family

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My name is Cassie. I am just recently married and enjoying it. The only problem is I live a long way from my family. So recently I have been missing them and I decided to drive down to see them. Unfortunately, my husband had to work so he couldn't come with. Anyways, so I drove down and have been spending the past few days visiting my mom, dad, and big brother. It's been a lot of fun so far but I think the most fun was today. Just so you know my big brother's name is Todd. He's only a little over a year older then me but no where near where I'm at in life. He's still living at home, working on and off, and no where near looking to settle down with a nice girl. He's kind of a "live in the moment" kind of guy.

So the past few days it's been him and I hanging out (dad and mom both work). We've been playing Xbox and watching TV. Just chilling out really. Today I decided I wanted to get in the hot tub, have a drink, and just relax. So I put on my bikini, grabbed a beer and headed out. After a few minutes of just soaking in the warm water, Todd came out to join me. As we talked and joked I couldn't help noticing how his eyes would travel to my chest. My brother was checking out my rack! I can't blame him though he is a guy and my top doesn't do much to cover my full c cups. But I would splash his face just to get him to focus.

After a while I was starting to get too hot. I sat on the edge so my legs were still warm but so I could cool off some. It was brisk out and soon I could feel my nipples getting hard. Todd instantly noticed and smiled, "Little chilly, Cass?" I shrugged it off, "You still need to grow up." He smirked, "Little sis I'm plenty grown." Rolling my eyes, I slipped back in the water. As I get in Todd pinched my ass. I smacked his arm and pinched him in return. Suddenly, he had pulled me over and is tickling me. I was laughing and trying to get away but the hot tub is only so big. After a bit I felt my top tie for my bikini top come undone. "Shit. Time out.", I gasp as I grab it to keep it from sliding down.

Just as I catch the strings for the top, I feel the bottom tie get pulled loose. "Todd! What the hell?" I glare back at him and he couldn't look any smugger, "What's wrong little sis?" I snap back at him, "You really do need to grow up. This is such a stupid stunt." Before I know it he's grabbed my waist and pulled me on to his lap. I cling to my top across my breast, shocked. He leans to my ear, "I told you, Cass. I am grown." With that, he ran his hands just under my breast. I gasped and tried to stand but he holds me tight to him. I feel his dick jump a little against my ass.

I am still trying to pull away as he pulls my top from my grasp. "Cass settle down. I'm not going to hurt you at all." I start to freak a little. Everything inside me screaming that it was wrong. "Todd! Stop you perv!" He started kissing my neck and whispering how much he loves me. I moaned a little and his hands each cupped one of my breast. Lifting them up and down as his thumbs rubbed across my nipples. I can't help moaning as I say "Your my brother though." I feel him smile against my neck "Then let me show my little sister how much I love her." I moan and lay back against his chest. He now was taking my nipples between his thumbs and fingers, pulling and twisting them. I moaned softly and turned my head to him. Before I could think I pressed my lips to his and slid my tongue in to meet his. He groaned and started grinding against my ass as our tongues explored each others mouth. He let go of me long enough to lift his hip and pull his trunks down. I gasped in shock as I felt my brother's cock press against my ass.

Todd smirked and bit my ear, "You feel that baby? What'd I tell you?" I giggle and turn so I'm straddling his hips and his cock is pressed to my bikini bottoms, "Well this part of you is definitely grown." I press against him and swirl my hips so he feels my pussy pressed against him. I gasp as he grabs my ass and pulls my hips to his. He takes my nipple in his mouth, pulling rough and hard. I can't help it as I start to grind against him. The harder I press against him the harder he squeezes my ass.

Todd moaned loudly, "Fuck Cass! I need to fuck you!" I reached under and pulled my bottoms aside. I rose up enough so his tip is positioned and lower my pussy on my brothers throbbing cock. We both groan softly and I lay my head on his shoulder. I bite his neck hard and start to move slowly up and down. "Oh god Todd." I softly moan. He lifts me up so that I'm still in the water but he can now move. With every thrust, he quickens the pace until he's pounding into me. I began moaning louder as I feel my orgasm building. "That's right Cassie! Cum on big brothers dick!" I grasp his shoulders and scream his name as my orgasm swallows me. I can't stop my hips from jerking and my nails have dug into his shoulders. He lowers me back on his cock and I rest my head on his shoulder, trying to catch my breath. Todd suddenly smacks my ass, "Get up. We're going to the bed." I laugh and we get out. His cock bouncing as we walk into the house. My nipples hard in the cold air.

As soon as we get to my bed, Todd pushes me so I'm bent over the bed on my stomach. He grabs the back of my neck and holds me there. I feel him groping my ass and I moan softly. He then gets behind me pressing his tip so it's just at my pussy hole. "Your still on birth control right baby?" I moan "Yes" and he slams into my pussy. "Good!" He grunts. As he continues slamming into me, I'm clawing the bed sheets and gasping. He's such an amazing fuck!

He grabs my hair and yanks my head back, "Cass I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in my sister! Oh fuck yessssssss!" I feel his cock twitching and he slams me hard with each twitch. I moan and rub my clit, determined to cum once more on his cock. "Oh yes Todd fill my pussy with your load. Cum in my pussy. I want my big brother's cum!" I'm jerking my hips and moaning as I cum for the last time. My pussy squeezing his cock dry. He slowly pulled out me and walked off. Leaving me there against the bed feeling used and like a whore. But I was his whore and I loved it.

Even now, he's just right across the hall from me in his bed

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