Tanith and china chat with val_(1)

Hey guys, I'm writing this cos I'm a big fan o Val's and I would love to see her naked but this is close enough ;)

Valkyrie entered chinas apartment and sighed, fletcher hadn't been putting out anything, she ended up getting so horny she masturbated in the bus. It was even worse when she squirted and realized she would have to drink it. These hormones were killing her.

'Why hello dear' china said 'how ever are you?' 'I'm grand she said'
'And fletcher? How is that boy?"
'Hes good to' valkyrie said lacking conviction l
'Look child, is something wrong? Is something going on with fletcher and don't say nothing is because we both know that's a lie'
Valkyrie sighed 'I can't believe I'm saying this but he isn't putting out right now'
Chinas legs twitched slightly
'Child how did you get here?'
'On the bus, why?'
'One because it tells me your not speaking and two it tells me your'e horny enough to masturbate on a bus because you have cum trickling on your skirt, it doesn't ubsorb moisture'
'Crap' Val said 'anyway what do you want to know'
I already know everything but I'm just thinking maybe you shouldn't get so hung up on a boy if you're not even sure you like them'
'What do you mean' her heart quicken
'I think I can help you' china said ' with our friends help'
Tanith came out of the bedroom naked and said 'oh thank god' I've wanted to rip that shirt of and shove my face into it since your tits came through'
Valkyrie pulled off her panties
'Lye down on the couch' china said she did
'Now' she said and pulled a massive vibrator blurring speed out of her pussy.
'You had that in the whole time?!' Valkyrie said
'Yes child, and tanith had the remote, she slammed it up when we were talking, now suck it'
She blew the vibrator now turned off and tanith poked her ass with two fingers and licked her pussy. China looked at them and masterbated, she pulled off her blouse and rubbed her clit while clasping her tit, face gritted trying not to moan, then tanith took the vibrator and shoved it in Valkyries ass. ( I'm a girl and I love anal) the vibrator rubbed her ass and pussy at the same time. Valkyrie squeezed her large tits as tanith sat on her face, valkyrie licked, sucked and nibbled, this was not truly her first lesbian experience, the reflection had done her hard befor but this was with two real and hot woman. She was thrilled

She licked tanith and when she cummed she lapped it up then swallowed. China pulled the vibrator out of her ass and then tapped two symbols on the sides of her pussy. A massive throbbing dick formed ou of the glowing symbols. Child don't worry. We will both enjoy this. She rammed it in her pussy and valkyrie gasped, it was amazing. China was going balls deep with.a 23 cm cock it rubbed her sides and china grabbed one boob. Valkyrie was losing control. She grabbed her own firm ass checks then taniths. She sucked her and moaned, china was thrusting deeper and deeper, the feeling was incredible, to be in a threesome with these two beautiful woman. China did one last deep and slow thrust then came on her, there were long white hot strips of drippy cum that covered Valkyries tuts and taniths ass, china then sprayed in her mouth and valkyrie almost gagged, but not because it was yuck, but because there was so much, and it was so delicious ( I love nothing more when finishing but for my boyfriend to fuck my tits the to cum in my mouth) she swirled it around in her mouth then swallowed. Tanith looked at her, did you just swallow a entire mouthful of chinas hot white cum?' 'Yes' valkyrie said
'Ok' tanith said 'now lick me clean' valkyrie extended her tongue and licked taniths ass, china was stroking her dick waiting to reload but valkyrie was still fucking tanith, she licked it all off her ass then up her back, on e she had it all she swirled it around in her mouth, tanith spun around and valkyrie moved all the cum into taniths pussy, 'now suck it out she said, and tanith did, she grabbed her firmxthighs and pulled her pussy to her face and sucked it all out she kissed valkyrie and gave her all the cum, valkyrie swallowed it and china was back.
'Tanith now we have established what the lovely girl is like in a lesbian threesome we should see her in a male threesome tanith tapped to symbols beside her clit and a giant dick grew out of them. Tanith grabbed Valkyries head and rammed her cock into it, it went deep into her throat. China I the meanwhile grabbed a condom and put it on. It took valkyrie a second to realize it was ribbed before she rammed it in her ass. ( I've done this, it's so nice, almost as nice as in the pussy, valkyrie moaned as chinas rythme speed up ramming faster and faster tanith was hitting Valkyries face with her balls and they both sped up. Valkyrie felt the condoms tip shred and then with a few final deep thrusts they finished tanith spraying some in her throat but most covered her face. China had filled her ass completely and proceeded to spray on her back. Valkyrie lay there and china and tanith took pictures. Then she got up and wiped the cum off her face with a finger, she ate it all and left. China told her they could chat anytime.

After she left, while tanith and china masterbated to the pictures they took, china asked, 'do you think we should have told her about all of the cum in her hair?'
Nah, tanith said, 'give her a snack for on the way home

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