Meet the Pornstars: Remake

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Meet the Porn Stars
by Ruchnids

My name is Joey Brett. I am an average man. Everyone thinks of me as Mr. Innocent, but what they don't know about me is that I am a porn addict. Every night, I watch porn videos, dreaming of the day I would be in a porno myself. I would have loved to be in a threesome with two big-breasted women, on or off camera. Those videos were my fantasy.

One day, I had entered a contest to win tickets to meet two porn stars, Sierra Devi and Janet Jade. I would have loved to meet them, but what were the odds of little old me being with those two busty beauties? The chances were one in a million, literally at least that's what I thought.

One week after I had entered the sweepstakes, when I checked my email, I saw a word I never thought I'd see


I was so excited. Could this day get any better? I immediately printed my tickets and checked the location of where I would be meeting those two goddesses.

Two weeks later, I headed for the hotel where I would be meeting them, bringing self-burned DVDs of their scenes. I wanted to get their signatures. Excitedly, I counted the numbers on the doors, heading to the one where I would meet them. Eagerly, I knocked on the door.

There they were, wearing tanktops that exposed their massive cleavage Sierra and Janet. All of my dreams had come true at that moment as I was staring them in the eyes.

“Well, who do we have here?” the bustier Sierra asked.

“Joey Brett,” I said, barely able to contain my excitement. I first offer a hand to the woman, which she took to shake. I am never washing this hand! I thought to myself. I handed over my DVD for her to sign, doing the same for Janet.

“It is nice to meet you,” the other star said.

“It is definitely nice to meet you too,” I said. Calm down, I started to think. They're still people. Remember to make eye contact. I took a deep breath.

“You must be tired,” Sierra said. “Why don't you go lay down for a bit?” she asked, pointing to the bed.

Immediately I obliged, laying on the bed and stretching.

“Is there anything we can get you?” Janet asked as she turned to me with a smile.

I grinned. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

“Really?” Sierra asked as the two of them approached me. “Not even this?” Before I knew it, their hands were on my crotch, caressing it.

Oh fuck, I thought to myself. This really is a dream come true. “Well, maybe” I said.

“Maybe we could help you with this,” Janet said as they both took off my pants and undid my boxers, as my 10-inch member popped out. “Wow,” she said. “I wish I'd known you were hiding this.”

I grinned, seeing the stars fawn over my length. I still couldn't believe this was happening. “Oh, it's nothing,” I say.

Sierra giggled at me. “Oh, stop being so modest, Joey,” she said.

The grin on my face kept growing as I heard her giggle, just as she did in her movies. But that grin was later turned to pleasure as I felt the two of them go down on my cock. Janet took the tip in her mouth, swirling her tongue on it as Sierra used her tongue to slowly go up and down my protruding length. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan. Just when I had thought the day couldn't get any better, it did. Not only was I in the room with two of my favorite porn stars, I was laying on a bed with them as they were sharing my dick. I must have been the luckiest guy in the world.

But what happened next was even better. Sierra had pulled her mouth away from my dick as Janet attempted to take my entire erect length in her mouth, stroking my balls as she sucked me off. As that happened, Sierra removed her tanktop and crawled up next to me. I saw her big 32K knockers right next to my face as she pushed one of them towards me with her hands.

“Suck it,” Sierra whispered as my lips wrapped around her nipple. Fuck! I thought again. There's just no limit to how good this day is going to get. If someone had told me three weeks ago that I would be laying on a bed in a hotel room with a chance to suck on Sierra's nipple while Janet Jade was sucking on my dick, I would have called them crazy. But it was all happening, right here, right now.

As Janet continued to please my dick, I hummed around the bodacious bombshell’s nipple as I sucked eagerly at it, hearing her soft moans of pleasure. “Ahhh…. Yeah, make my nipples moist… and hard…” she said quietly as her hand moved to her ignored nipple, tweaking and pinching it. The only thing I thought that could have been better than being in a room with Sierra and Janet pleasing me, was seeing that they were being pleased as well.

The bustier woman glanced at the other seeing my dick go in and out of her mouth. She longed for another taste of it. With a lick of her lips, she pulled her breast out of my mouth and returned to her original spot, having her mouth run up and down the length of my dick as Janet returned to the tip. I whimpered a bit as her breast left my mouth, missing the feel of it, but then moaned out in pleasure as the two went back at my cock. As much as I loved sucking on her tit, I was still blessed to be in this position regardless.

But nothing could prepare me for what I was about to be blessed with. The door opened, and standing there was someone I never thought I’d have the pleasure of meeting or seeing ever. Even being in a room with her was basically the same odds as winning the lottery. And boy, did I feel like I had won the lottery.

It was the Dominican model, Miosotis Claribel. Her size was unknown, only rumored, but she was world renowned for being the bustiest slim model in the world. And boy, they weren’t kidding. Just seeing her pictures was amazing enough. Now I could see her up close.

The other two women removed their mouths from my dick, Janet stroking the tip gently with her finger as Sierra moved her hand up and down my shaft. “Well, look who it is,” Janet said.

“Where have you been?” Sierra asked.

“In traffic,” Miosotis answered. “I can’t believe you two got started without me.”

“Well, it’s not too late,” Janet said before the two continued to please my hardened and stiff cock. I was at a complete loss for words, unable to speak with that goddess in the room.

The dreams just kept coming true as Miosotis lay on the bed, just as Sierra had earlier. She leaned one of her massive knockers into my face. Was she doing what I thought she was doing? “All yours,” she said, sure enough. “Do whatever you want with them. My treat for keeping you waiting.”

Yes, this was a dream. At least it felt like it. My only worry now was that any minute I would wake up. But it wasn’t happening. I was still here. Dream or not, I knew what to do. Immediately I took her right nipple in my mouth as my hand reached over to grasp the other one. From the actions of the other two on my cock, I began to moan around her nipple, my lips vibrating against her skin.

Miosotis bit her lip, letting out a soft moan. “Yeah… moan for me,” she said. “Moan on my big fat titties.” I felt her fingers tangle and tug on my hair as she held my head against her breast. I didn’t know what was better – that the biggest chested goddess I had ever seen was being pleased by my mouth, or that I had her massive breast in my mouth to suck at to my heart’s content.

I let loose some precum from all the actions on my dick. Immediately the other two began to lick it up. At this point, my hand grasped Miosotis’ massive tit harder as my fingers moved to pinch her nipple, causing me to suck harder on her other tit. “Mmmmm… yeah… cum for me…” the top heavy goddess said between moans.

It felt as though the other two were listening to the Dominican woman, as Janet’s hand headed for my balls and Sierra stroked the side of my shaft her tongue wasn’t touching. “Mmmmmmmmph!” With all the pressure, I let loose my huge load over Sierra and Janet’s faces, my mouth clamping down on Miosotis’ nipple as my hand grasped her other breast tighter. I felt her hand grabbing a fistful of my hair as it all went down. “Oooooooh Joey!” she let out.

The other two girls cleaned my cock as I removed my mouth from the other woman’s nipple. I looked over at all of their faces as they smiled at me. “So how about that, Joey?” Sierra asked.

“Did you have a good time with us?” Janet asked.

“That’s the understatement of the year,” I reply. “No, the millennium.”

The three girls and I all shared a laugh.

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