New Roommate 6_(1)

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The tension between Nate and I had grown over the past few weeks, to the point that Kevin and Paul both struggled to to talk to us when we are in a room together. It was getting to a piont where I didnt feel comfortable in my own home and me and Nate not talking unless we had too, was making everything awkward and I was getting tired of all this.
After Nate had left for his shift at the pub, I pulled Kevin and Paul to one side so i could talk to them. "Guys, we need to talk. I am so sorry about this hole situation, and I'm sorry that it has dragged out this far, and so you guys know Im looking for a new place to live." I say feeling slightly realived.
"No you are not moving out Rox, you are part of this family, and to be honest, things would be strange with out you." Paul says.
"Im sorry Paul, but I have to go, it is just so awkward between Nate and I, and I feel so confused about the hole situation. And I have tried to talk to him, But he won't listen. It's my fault this all happened, so I am going to fix it." I say opening a bottle of water.
"Well you are wrong, it is completely Nates fault. you have been through so much and he knew that, and yet he still acts like a douche bag towards you" Kevin says
"Thank you guys for all the kind words, but I am not staying here to be alienated by Nate, and I am not breaking your friendship up, so until I find a new place I am going to stay somewhere else." I left before they could get any words in and try to change my mind. I picked up my duffel bag and left the flat. For awhile, I just drove around town, to clear my head. I had absolutly no where to go. So not wanting to be a burden on anyone else, I ended up at my garage. I sat on my bike for awhile, not knowing what to do, feeling upset too sleep, I looked around and noticed an old bike cover in the far corner. removing the dusty sheet there was a battered, dusty old Suzuki GSX750 (1997-2002). I pulled it into the middle of the room and desided it was time for some TLC. I went to my bech picked up my tool box and set to work.
It was like this for a few days, work through the day, and the odd shifts and the Minx, and all the evening spent work on my bike. I hadn't slept since I left the flat, and I was starting to feel the affects, but I had to keep busy, If i left my mind wander too much I would start feeling the lonelness creep in, and I would start thinking of all the shit that has happened, and I really couldn't face it all. Come my next shift at Minx, I was looking worse for ware, covered in oil, smelling of rusty metal and my lack of sleep was making me delerious.
I hadn't heard anything that Lottie was trying to say to me, and I couldn't keep my eyes focused. Everything was a blur as I tried to focus on everything around me, and when I finally did I realised I was in a car, driving towards the flat. "Stop, what are you doing Lottie." I say forcing my eyes open.
"I am taking you back home Rox, you need sleep, and god you need a shower, you stink."She says and I glare at her.
"Take me to my garage Lottie, Now. I am not going back to the flat. please just take me back there." I beg her. She just sighed, turned the car around and drove me back to my new home and helped me get inside.
"What have you been doing Rox?" she asks as she stares at the bikes skellington.
"I am re building a Suzuki GSX750, now go, I have so much left to do." I pushed her out the door shutting it tight behind her. I was bent over the engine and carefully cleaning it out so I can see what can be saved and what I would need to replaced. I heard a knock on the door and I ignored it, fixated on my work. I was so intent on finshing on cleaning the engine, I hadn't realised that the person knocking on my door had let themselves in.
"Hi Roxie. Its Kevin, I need you to stop and look at me." He says lightly placing his hand on my shoulder. "You need to come home, you are making yourself sick." I dropped my brush and sat there shaking.
"I don't have a home." i say tears falling down my face.
"Yes you do Rox, with us. Please come home. You are making yourself worse the longer you stay away, and we need you. we havent had a real meal since you left."He wiped the tears from my cheek and I chuckled at his statement. "Come with me please Rox. If not for yourself, for us we will die if Paul tries cooking again." He said and I laughed again wiping my face, smudging oil everywhere. I nodded and Kevin lead me by the hand to his car, making sure he locked my garage behind us. putting me in the back seat, he drove me home. I got to the front door and when it opened Paul bombarded me with hugs and questions about food, and I laughed.
"Paul let her get in and sleep." Kevin said.
"I'm ok Kev" and on saying that I collapsed on the floor. When I woke up my stomach growled and on looking at myself in the mirror behind my door, I looked like crap. I had a shower and went to the kitchen and started to cook. Nate walked into the kitchan and sat down looking at me.
"were you really going to move out, because of me?" he asked
"Yes" i said focusing on slicing the mushrooms.
"Why?" he asked.
"Are you really that blind. You never speak to me and when I try you just blow me off, it was been awkward round here for weeks, and I just couldn't handle it anymore. I was fed up of being alienated by you and so I moved out." I said.
"To your garage, hiding." He said.
"I wasn't hiding." i snapped at him.
" you were hiding and you new it." he says back at me.
"So, what if i was, why do you even care. you even said that what happened between us was a huge mistake."
"I don't care." he mumbled.
"well you obviously do care Nate or you wouldn't be sat here now." i say to him, I had stopped cutting up the mushrooms.
"I need to go." he says starting to get up.
"no we are going to sort this out now Nate. you say im hidding, what are you doing. you are hidding, and your being a huge hypocrit."I say to him.
"I know i am hiding, Because I have never felt this before." Nate said
"Felt what before Nate." i asked getting confused, he stood up and the next thing I new his lips were pressing against mine and they were urgent and longing. My head was spinning.
"What was that." i asked him shocked at what had just happened.
"I love you Roxie, the moment i saw you I loved you and I can understand if you wont feel the same, but i cannot hide fom this anylonger." he finished his speech and looked at me with his smoldering eyes and I felt my skin on fire. I leaped forward and kissed him again, feeling his soft lips against mine. He picked me up off the floor, and i wrapped my legs around his waist. I never wanted to let him go again. He carried me into his room, and we fell on his bed, drunk with a new kind of passion, I ripped the clothes off his back and kissed his body all over. I wanted him now.
he waisted no time in taking off my clothes and I was soon in paradise as he kissed down my neck towards mt stomach and then lower to my pussy. His tongue was quick to work licking my sweet spot until i felt myself begining to climax. He didnt stop and soon I was cumming again. He smiled at me and added a devilish wink. I couldnt do anything. He kissed my breasts and lingered on my nipples, gently lapping his toungue over them. I felt his cock head against my opening, and without warning he thrusted deep inside me, until He couldn't go any futher, and started to fuck me hard, he was an animal.
In the heat of the moment my nail dug into his back, and scrapped down leaving red marks. He pulled out suddenly and flipped me over so my ass was in the air. "you ready?" he asked kissing my lightly all over.
"If you don't fuck me now I will leave." I said, my body calling out for his touch, He chuckled and I soon felt his cock againdt my ass pushing slow. It didnt hurt for me and before he new it, i thrusted myself onto his cock, and soon was having my ass fucked like there was no tomorrow. my screams of pleasure filled the air, and my body shuck through another intense orgasm. my shaking body nearly gave out, I didn't know how much more I could take, when Nate pulled out and cam all over my ass. He collapsed ontop of me and the rolled over to his side. I rolled over to look at his face. Both of us gasping for air, I turned and faced the other way, resting my head on his pillow."Nate?" i whispered
"Yeah rox."
"I love you too." i felt his arms wrap round me and I could feel his cock harden against my thigh. we spent that night learning each others bodies and for once in my lofe I felt secure in the arms of my man.

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