Tim, the Teenager Part IX

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Tim, the Teenage Part Nine By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter III: 9th Grade - Winter 1986 Part 8 - To Fuck, or not to Fuck (mc, oral mf)

"Hey Tim! Check this OUT!" I quickened my pace, and then was standing beside Joey. We were in what appeared to be a gym, but not like any gym I had been in. Two girls were in a large tub, nude, and mud wresting. I found myself with yet another woody, but then wondered where Suzi was. So I asked him. "What do you mean where is she? That IS Suzi" Sure enough, the girl that was currently slamming the other into the mud was my sweet loving Suzi. "Holy" I started. "Shit.. yeah," Joey finished for me. "When we first came in here, there were two women in there doing that. Then they left. Suzi kept looking over at it. And then about fifteen minutes ago, Sherman brought in Wanda there and asked Suzi if she would care to wrestle her. "She said no at first. Heh, all I had to do was tell her if she didn't I would. The next thing I new, Wanda was helping Suzi to strip." "How she do? She looks like she's not gonna win now." "Man you should have seen them when they started. Suzi was a wild woman. I guess she kinda used up all her spunk in the beginning Ohh, that one hadda hurt a little." "Wanna join them?" I thought to Joey. "I was waiting for you to say that," Joey replied.

We started stripping quickly, and I said to Joey, "Who do you want?" "You get Suz, I'll take the other one." I agreed. "Incoming!" I yelled as we both ran to the large circular mud filled tub. Unfortunately, neither Joey nor I realized how slippery the mud was. With our built up momentum, we each found ourselves unable to stay on our feet. We both fell face forward into the mud. I barely was able to spit out my mouthful of the slimy brown goo before I was tackled from above and found myself face down in the mud again. I managed to wiggle around enough to escape my female attacker, and was gasping for breath while I wiped the mud from my eyes. All I saw as a pair of brown glistening breasts coming at me. I got my arms out in time to deflect the attack. I bumped into another hot body behind me, and we both lurched away from each other. It was Joey. "Maybe this wasn't such a great idea," I said to Joey as the two girls regrouped. They were now working together. "What do you mean?" he said grinning as we helped each other up. "I've dreamed of doing this kinda thing!" "Yeah, but.." I started. We were working ourselves apart in hopes of surrounding the two girls. Unfortunately for us, that was what they had wanted. "You dreamed of winning!" I finally finished as the girls knocked both of us off our feet and were on top of us in a flash.

Wanda was on top of me holding me with her thighs around my waist, my dick standing straight up, bouncing against her butt as I struggled. I found myself pinned down. Somehow the girl was managing to keep a grip on me even through the mud. My legs were free, but I couldn't get a good enough traction to push me out from under her, and every time I managed to work my legs and feet to buck her off, she squeezed her thighs together to where I couldn't breathe. After struggling a minute more against this and my building lust, I surrendered. I had expected her to get off me, but instead she started sliding herself down my body. As her ass wiped across my dick, I realized she was going to fuck me. I stopped her just as her pussy slid along the side of my rod. "Why, master? The loser always fucks the winner?" she said clearly upset. "P-Please get off?" I begged as her slit started to slip around the side of my shaft. The head of my dick was at the edge of her mound of hair, but she was slowly slipping the underside of my shaft in between her vaginal lips. "Get off him, slave," my father's voice came from above us. "You will not take his virginity." "Yes master," she said sadly.

She got off, then offered to help me up. "Uhm, I could use a little help here!" Joey said. Suzi was lying on her back, grinning like the cat she is, with Joey's helpless head locked in her legs. Joey, also on his back, was in a rather uncomfortable position. "Joey, all you have to do is promise you'll be my servant at lunch tomorrow, and I'll let you go," Suzi said wickedly. "Never!" Joey said as he struggled a bit more. He couldn't wiggle out of her grasp. "Oh, come on Joey, it wouldn't be that bad. Who knows, maybe you'll like it," I teased. After a few more wiggles and grunts, Joey conceded. "All right. I'll be your Fucken slave at lunch tomorrow." "You know what his means," I said to Suzi while Joey got up rubbing his sore neck. "Yes, I know. Joey will be out for revenge," she replied as I helped her up. "You bet I will!" Joey said. Two men and four women came over to us with towels. They began to wipe us off, getting us fairly clean. Joey and I both had hardons still from all of the female fondling of our bodies, and I could see Suzi's love knob poking out just a little bit. I wanted her right then, but it wasn't the time, or place. I heard one of the men ask Suzi, "Would the Mistress care for us to bathe her?" "Uhm, well, a shower sounds good, but.." she stammered. "Actually, a shower sounds great!" I said. "But just the three of us." I said brightly to Joey and Suzi. "Yeah," Joey agreed out loud. Then he privately thought to me, "But can we do the bath thing with them later too?" "Maybe," I replied. I looked around the room for my father, remembering what he had done. I hadn't seen him since we split company outside the study. He was nowhere to be seen. I wasn't sure if he had actually been physically in room earlier.

We were shown to our huge bedrooms, each containing a bed larger than a king size. Joey's was a waterbed, and we all thought it was neat. Each bedroom was connected to the others, along with a fourth which was not being used. They all had something different about them. Joey's had the waterbed. Mine had a Jacuzzi. Suzi's had a fridge with all sorts of food. But the fourth bedroom had something that caught our interest the most at first. "What is this stuff?" Joey said, pulling out what appeared to be a green plastic looking transparent bra. "I don't know. Maybe they like dressing up in see through clothes," I said as I tried out a purple pair of briefs. "It kinda sticks to your skin more than they should. I wonder why?" "Hey fellas," Suzi said holding a red pair of panties to her nose. "Tell me what this smells like to you." "Hey, I know that smell," I said. "I can't think of what it.." "It smells like one of those fruit roll-ups," Joey concluded. Then he stuck his tongue out and licked the green cup. "Yep. That's what they're made of." "Ewww. That's nasty," Suzi said. "Why?" I said. The idea of eating Suzi's underwear while they were on her was running through my mind. "I hate fruit roll-ups," she admitted. "Well, I don't, and Joey can't get enough of them either," I said. "So how about a little lingerie show later, and then Tim and I can have a little snack," Joey added, licking his lips. "Ewww, that's nasty. But nasty in the good way," Suzi said smiling.

"Let’s go jump in the tub and get cleaned up," Joey said. His face showed a little discomfort as he gave himself a couple of quick strokes. "They said they would be serving dinner at six. That gives us about forty minutes. Joey, haven't you cum yet?" "Nope. Did you?" We started heading for my room. "Yeah. Hey, I gotta tell you what happened. But maybe we should do something about your pain first." "Let me take care of it," Suzi said grinning. "Uhm, Suzi?" I said as the pool started to fill. "Hmm?" she said, her mouth full. "Can I do you?" Joey's dick made a pop sound as she pulled her mouth off. "You want to do it? Now?" "Hey, I'm in serious pain here!" Joey groaned. "Either get on with it, or let me do it manually." he pleaded. "No. Not IT. I want to uhm, taste you? You know, like you're tasting Joey?" She was stroking Joey's dick with her hand. "It still has some of that mud stuff around it. It didn't make Joey taste too good. Why don't we get cleaned up first, then you can." "Nrrrrh" Joey said, pleading. "Look, I'll take care of you, you take care of Joey. I don't care about a little mud. I already had a couple of mouthfuls of it earlier. A little more won't matter." "Okay. Joey, lay down," Suzi said.

Joey laid down on his back, Suzi got in between his legs on her side. I crawled up to hers, then had an idea. I laid down on my back, then pulled her crotch on top of my mouth. Suzi moaned as I began to use my tongue on her knob. She was a little gritty, but I didn't mind. I remembered how the twins had used their empathic abilities to keep me on the verge without taking me over. I grinned remembering how Suzi had almost driven me coocoo with her version, so I formed a connection. If I had never met the twins, I would have never figured out how to connect empathetically without the other person knowing. I had cleaned her clit very slowly and carefully, making sure I kept her arousal from building by much. I was just starting to work my tongue down to my primary objective, namely her lips, when Joey started his familiar moans and shutters meaning he was cumming. Suzi was busy taking his load, and I started to feel her wetness increase. I dragged my tongue across her vaginal lips in slow strokes, cleaning any remaining mud not washed away by her juices. Suzi was starting to get a little antsy, sometimes adding pressure to try and coax more stimulation from my tongue's movement. As her juices started to lube the area around my mouth, she began to hump my mouth slowly. She was trying to build her arousal faster so she could peak, but while she did so, I stopped my tongue work. She reached a threshold and couldn't get beyond it with my help. I waited for her to stop her movements, and was thinking about how much pleasure this was giving me.

I suddenly realized that I was controlling her, just without using my mind controlling powers. The rush I got from that control made me consider that maybe I would never have to use my powers to get this kind of pleasure. If so, then everyone would be safe. And that's I knew I wouldn't turn out to be like my father. My powers were not going to corrupt me to where I turn everyone around me into mindless sex slaves. They could keep their minds, their lives, and everything else about them, and still become my sex slaves, as long as they had that choice. Yes! That was it! As long as everyone has the choice in becoming my sexual servant, and keeps their free will so they can quit when they are ready, then I wouldn't be hurting them, and I could still have true love with them. I was so happy, I almost forgot what I was supposed to be doing. I recovered, and started to slowly and steadily increase my stimulation. I licked, I sucked, I even nibbled a few places. Suzi was now mindlessly humping my face, and I just let her bring herself up to her goal. Right before she orgasmed, I put a clamp on it, and held her at the brink and didn't let her peak. Her moans became frantic, and her motions became jerky. She was tiring, but needed to climax. "Suzi?" I said in her mind. "I figured it all out. Give me complete control of your sex life, and I will pleasure you like this and better whenever I command you to do something. If you give me control, I will use it anyway I wish, but you will always have the free will to take it back forever. Suzi I love you. I want you to be my sex slave for as long as I truly love you, and you me. But if you don't give me control, you will not cum now, and I will never make you feel like this again." Suzi was past the point where she could think rationally, but yet she knew what she wanted. "Suzi, cum now!" I yelled from between legs. "YES, MASTER!" she said, declaring herself my slave. I released her orgasm, and helped extend it for as long as I could. When she finally collapsed, Joey was holding her sobbing form.

"What did you do to her!" he said, alarmed. "She's mine, Joey. I'm her master now," I said, realizing I should have waited. "You WHAT!?!" not believing his ears. When he saw I was serious, anger began to fill his face. "Joey, it's okay. I didn't make her, she gave herself to me freely." "Then WHY is she CRYING?!" He said holding her to him. "I'm happy," Suzi sobbed. "But but I love her! You can't make her your slave! You can't DO THIS!" Joey said, nearly in tears himself. Suzi sat up sniffing, and smiled at him. "I still love you, silly. None of that's going to change." Then she kissed him. "Joey, it all just kinda came to me. Everything I was trying to tell my dad about love It's the same thing here too. As long as I give people the choice to become my slaves, and leave their free will alone so they can decide to be free again, I won't ever become my dad, and everyone will be safe from me. Everybody will still keep their minds. All I will do if and when they agree to become my slave is give them pleasure for whatever I tell them to do. They can still decide not to do it. "But. Suz, you really wanted to?" Joey asked, looking in her eyes. "Joey, he held me right there, keeping me from cumming. But it felt so good! He had control of it, and I couldn't do anything about it. You know he wouldn't hurt anyone. And I really can quit whenever I want to. I love him. But I love you too, just as much." "Come on, Joey. Trust me," I pleaded.

Joey sat there silently with Suzi and me waiting for his answer. He kept looking at Suzi, glancing at me once in a while, then would go back to Suzi. He let out a deep breath, then said, "I guess I can't really do anything about it anyhow," he said sadly. "Joey, if you really feel that way, I won't do it. I want to do it, but not if it makes you unhappy" Suzi said. "You really didn't do anything to her, did you," Joey said to me. "All I did was showed her what it would be like. That's all," I said. "Okay, I guess. I don't know how I will feel later, but for now" Suzi kissed Joey, then gave him tight hug. "Thanks Joey," she said as she let go. "Well, we have about 20 minutes before we eat. Let’s jump in the tub and wash each other up," I suggested. "Yes, master," Suzi said grinning. "Oh, brother," Joey said. Then he grinned too and said, "Hey Tim. I'll wash your butt, if you wash mine.." "Well then get your ass over here. Hey Suz? Don't be my slave yet. If it is okay with the two of you, I think well, I'd kinda like to." "What? Fuck?" Joey said, grinning again. "Yeah. After dinner. We could do it on the waterbed." "Yes mas I mean, Okay, Timmy," Suzi said. We played around for a while, rubbing each other down with the soap, and our bodies. I was tempted to just go ahead and do it right there, but I managed to control myself a while longer. They even almost teased me into doing it. Just before getting out, Suzi whispered something in Joey's ear, then called me over to her. She suddenly grabbed me, pulled me close, and maneuvered my dick between her legs. Then I felt Joey's hand spread my legs a bit and slipped his dick between my thighs. Suzi whispered in my ear, "Just giving you a sample of what's to come, master.."

We were given fresh clothes to wear to the dinner. Well, clothes may be a bit of a stretch. We each had a robe and a pair of sandals. Suzi and Joey were also given a collar like all of my father's servants wore, but they were red instead of black. Joey didn't care for the idea at all, but Suzi tried it on and said she was going to wear it to dinner. I asked her not to, reminding her she wasn't my slave yet. I started feeling uncomfortable about making her my slave. I just wasn't Suzi. I was delighted to see the twins there, and they sent me a warm feeling as a greeting. I introduced Joey and Suzi to Joy and Honey, noticing my father clearly disturbed from the way I really could tell them apart. Joey and Suzi didn't really warm up to the twins when I introduced them, but then only I really could communicate with the twins somewhat at their level.

As dinner was announced ready to be served, the twins took their places standing at either side of my father's chair. The table was one of those long things you see in movies. You know, where the King sits at one end, the Queen sits at the other, and if they want to tell the other something, they have to pick up the phone and give them a ring. Well, it wasn't really that bad, but the three of us easily could talk without my father appearing to hear. Of course he knew every thing we said because we each had a personal waiter who never left our side more than a minute. "Hey, how old to you think the twins are?" I asked them. "Uhm, I don't know 20?, maybe 25?" Joey guessed. "Suz?" "I'd have to say younger than that. Probably 18, maybe 17." "They are nine months older than I am." "What? Fifteen? WOW!" Joey said loudly. "I knew they couldn't be as old as Joey was thinking, but I didn't think they were that young," Suzi admitted.

"Which one gave you the blow job?" Joey asked. "Honey. She's the one on the right. I named her that because she had been so sweet about it. And I called the other one Joy because.." "Wait. You named them? Didn't they already have names?" Suzi said. "Nope. My dad can't tell them apart. They've never been separated from each other, not even for a few minutes. And you really can't tell them apart from the way they look. And since they don't talk.." "They can't talk?" Joey interrupted. "I just thought they were being shy or something." "No, they're not shy. They're empaths. You know that thing I do when I look in your eyes? They can do it too. The twins can't read thoughts or make people do anything like my mom, dad, and I. But my mom and dad are not empaths. I'm like both, you know?" "So how come they can't talk? Did your dad like make them not talk or something?" "They're immune to that's stuff. I don't know why or how, and I don't know why they can't talk either. They don't even think in words. They think in emotions and stuff like that. They are hard for me to read, but I'm getting better at it."

"Hey Tim, did you just do that?" Joey said suddenly. "I felt it too," Suzi said. "What? I didn't do anything." I checked to see if their shields had been penetrated, and they hadn't. "It was like, I don't know, a warm feeling," Joey said hesitantly. "More like a friendly feeling," Suzi added. "I think the twins just got over their shy mood and said hello." I looked over at the two graceful beauties. They just stood there, like two trained dogs guarding their master. No emotion showed on their faces, and they didn't give any indication they were doing it, but they gave the three of us another warm friendly feeling, followed by something which was directed to me, and didn't hide it from Joey and Suzi. And it was clearly sexual. "Don't say anything out loud," I urgently thought to Joey and Suzi. I saw they understood, and we changed the topic.

Dinner was of course excellent, and as the plates were taken away, my father called us down to him. "Tim, I believe the girls would like to spend a little time with the three of you. I'm not sure what they are trying to tell me exactly. I believe they want you to show them something, but I can't quit figure it out." "Uhm, okay. When?" I felt their urgency, so I said, "oh They want to do it now." I used my combined powers to try and figure out what they wanted. I kept coming up with something very sexual towards me, and a fierce love for him. I wasn't sure how he would react if I told him that. I looked at the girls and said, "Are you sure?" After a definite yes, I decided I didn't want to do this behind my father's back. I had already tried to take them away from him once. It was still hard to believe he hadn't kicked us out or worse after I betrayed him like that. "I don't understand this exactly, but they want do something very sexual with me. But they're doing it for you. I I don't understand wh" He looked up at his two girls in shock, pulled them to him and hugged them with happiness. When he released them from his hug, he was sniffing. "They want you to take their virginity," he said with emotion.

"Virginity?" Joey and Suzi cried. "Their virgins?" I said. "But.. But How can THEY be virgins. I mean you.. you had sex with your mom before you could walk. And they're sex goddesses!" "I didn't want to hurt them. I never could. They're my babies. Oh, how I've wanted to, but to take their cherries it would have to hurt. Anyone else, I could prevent them from feeling any pain. But not them." "But why me?" I asked. "I mean, if they want to have sex with you, why not" "Timmy" Suzi interrupted. "You wouldn't hurt them as much as he would. Yours isn't that big yet. I hate to tell you, but even Joey here has a bigger one. Well just a little bigger. Seems like every time I see them they've grown a little more. Maybe you should lose your virginity with them." I turned and faced Suzi, but talked loud enough everyone could hear. "Suz, I want you to be the first person I make love to. I don't care that you already lost your virginity, but I want you to take mine. And I want Joey take my other, and then I can take both of your other cherries." "That's what we planned on doing after dinner," I said to my father and the twins. To the girls I said, "Until that happens, I have to say no. You two are the sweetest souls I've ever known, and I do love you. But not like I do Suzi and Joey. And if you still want me to make love to you, it has to be with them too. Okay?"

The last part disturbed the twins. Giving complete strangers blow jobs was one thing. They had done that all their lives. But sex had been expressly forbidden to them simply because their bodies could not take the size of their master, and he refused to have them loose their virginity to any of his slaves. But I was his son. To everyone in my father's household, I was the young master, second only to my father. The twins saw having sex with me permissible. Sex with my friends well that was not. "Girls," my father called. They kneeled down, placing their heads in his lap, looking up at him expectantly. "Tonight, after my son has made his love to his friends, you will join them in their quarters." As he was speaking, his hands had reached down to their collars, made a quick movement of his fingers, then held his hands onto them. "And until you are finished with your lovemaking, you will not be needing these." As he removed his hands, the collars dropped from their necks. The two girls both gave a small cry of shock and panic. The collars indicated they were his property. Without them, they felt unwanted and unprotected. They began begging him with their eyes, tears beginning to fall. "No, girls. No.. You misunderstand. I am not giving you two up." A male servant walked up with two white collars on a white pillow. The girls grew very calm, and placed their heads back in his lap. "With these collars, you may have sex with anyone you wish. You may go anywhere, do anything your hearts desire. But when they turn black tomorrow, these freedoms will no longer be yours. Do you understand?" he said as he clicked the collars shut. Evidently they understood perfectly.
++++++++++++Part 9 - Make Love to me - Round 1 (mc, mf)+++++++++++++++++++
Before we went back to our rooms, I called my mom. Our conversation was descriptive yet brief. Afterwards she called Suzi's and Joey's parents, informing them we wouldn't be home tonight. How my mother convinced Suzi's parents everything was okay without using her powers I'll never know. While I was on the phone, Joey managed to flag down Sherman, and asked about KY. Sherman told Joey he would attend to the matter himself. When we finally got back to the rooms, we went straight to the edible underwear. Joey and I argued over a grape or strawberry bra, but we both agreed the panties should be cherry. Suzi insisted we turn our backs while she dressed, and when she walked out in front of us, Joey and I both popped a boner. We almost didn't notice she had put on the watermelon bra. "It's nice to know you two still think I'm sexy," she said when she slipped the robes back over our poles. "With the twins and all those walking centerfolds around, I was feeling kinda plain looking." "Naw. Your body is a piece of art. But even better, you can use your brain with it," Joey said watching his boner uncover itself again. "And right now, your body looks.. delicious," I added. "Anyone for some dessert?" Suzi said as she raised her arms above her head, and did a slow 360. Joey and I simply picked her up like a piece of meat. She was giggling her head off as we told her what we were going to do to her.

When we reached Joey's room, Sherman was there waiting with a small woman and guy who looked almost as young as us. "I've brought your lubricant, sir," he said, indicating the two next to him. "Uhm, I don't understand.." Joey said. The woman was shorter than Joey and I, about an inch taller than Suzi. Only her head and her hairless crotch were not covered by the shiny skin tight black leather outfit. The form of her breasts and nipples were clearly visible through the black leather, as was every curve of her body. The man was dressed in a similar outfit. He was slightly taller than Joey and I, but something was amiss about him. Joey noticed it first. "Check out this guy's dick," Joey thought to me. Like the woman, his crotch was hairless. But I realized it was not because it had been shaved, but from never having any. In fact, the man before us was physically underdeveloped. I probed the man's head for information, and almost blurted it out aloud. "He was castrated when he was a baby. He doesn't have any balls, and he never went through puberty!" I thought to Suzi and Joey. "I think he's your lubricant, Joey." I did say aloud. "Correct, young master," Sherman said. "He has a prostate twenty times that of a normal man. His natural precum is much more.. efficient than any synthesized lubricant." "What about her?" Joey asked. "She is simply and applicator," Sherman relied. When he saw we didn't understand, he said. "Men use her to lubricate themselves with." "Oh," Joey said. "They are quite knowledgeable about every form of sexual intercourse in case you wish to try something new. I should return to my duties if you don't need anything else." "Uhm, thanks.. I don't think there's anything else." "Young master, Sir, Madame," he said with a small bow before he left.

"All I asked for was some KY. Not ." Joey said nodding at our two 'helpers'. "Well, we could just send them away.." Suzi said. "But then we wouldn't have anything to do you know." "I don't think I can do.. you know.. with two strangers in the room." "Tim, what do you think." "I think my father is a sick puppy, that's what I think. Those two over there are empty. They don't have any personality, dreams, wants. Nothing. It's like they're robots or something. Even listening to what I'm saying doesn't seem to bother them. Nothing bothers them." "Well, I don't think I want them in here. They are starting to give me the creeps," Suzi said. "Hang on. They do know a lot about sex. Wow. Hey Suzi. Remember when you joked about the zoo animals? I think they've witnessed practically every zoo mammal.. Ewhk. That's gross.." "What?" Joey asked, always looking for something new to gross someone else out with. "Remember the mud pool?" "Yeah. It was one of the highlights of the day." "Well, replace the mud with cow shit." "Uuck. That's too gross, even for me." "Yeah, but you don't even know what they do with the cow." "Can we get back to the subject?" Suzi interrupted. "Okay Let me see if I can figure out something to make them a little more human" "What if we had them just lie down on the floor and told them to go to sleep. Then we could just wake them when"

"WOW! Hey! They do have personalities. Actually several. This is neat. They have the entire memories and personalities of at least three different people. And they are separate. But I'm not sure how to trigger. Hmmmm." "What?" Suzi asked. "It's almost like. Wait. Okay, I think I see now. I had to compare their minds with yours. Joey, you're the same way too." "What's the same?" Suzi said impatiently. "Sorry. You know how they say we only use about ten percent of our brain?" "Yeah" "Well it looks to me they were right. Or at least sorta right. Both of your minds have a lot of empty space.." "Thanks a lot," Suzi snorted. "That's not what I meant, and you know it. It looks like people have a lot of space for memories and stuff than just never gets used. Or maybe it just can't. I don't know. Oh wait. Okay. It looks like there are a lot of memories that if they aren't used soon after being made, they just get overwritten. It looks like they brain stores them all over the place, and has lots of spaces in between that just never get used because so many of the ones that are used are reused over and over." (Actually, memories don't work that way, but I was just a novice at the time.) "But with these two, someone organized their memories so they fit in a small tightly packed area. There isn't any space between the memories. Then they must have copied other people’s memories into the empty space, packing them just like the originals. But I can't figure out how to switch them. It's almost as if they are only storing the memories and never plan to use them." "What are the other personalities like?" Joey asked. "Lets see One is some sort of doctor Another is an animal trainer. Let me look in the woman's Hmm One of hers doesn't seem to be a person, just a whole collection of memories from different people. I think most of them are from slave minds. It's like a scrap book almost. And the other personality is a Oh my GOD.." I said, disconnecting.

"What?" Joey and Suzi said almost at the same time. "It was my mom." "Your mom?" Joey echoed. "I guess he copied her memories before he let her go. It isn't a up- to-date version of her anyway.." We were silent for a few minutes. I was a little tired from all the probing. "Hey, are we gonna fuck or what?" Joey said. "Don't start that again," Suzi said, wrapping her arms around his neck. Joey glanced down from her face to her fruity flavored encased tits. My dick started to rise again as I watched Joey's head move down for a taste. They had been sitting on the edge of the bed, while I had been standing. I walked over to the two leather encased sex objects, wondering what to do with them before I went and joined Joey for dessert. Curiosity got the better of me, so I asked, "Do you two have names?" "Yes master," they said in unison. "Uhm, what are they?" I said when they didn't continue. "I am Lea," the woman said. "I am Dinky," the man said. "You certainly are," I said amused. "So, show me how you.. this works. Say I wanted to fuck someone up the butt. What do we do?" The man's little dick began to grow hard.

Actually, once it got hard, it wasn't any shorter than mine. But it was as skinny as my pinkie. Once it was sticking straight out, he walked up the woman, and without either of them touching it, he inserted it into her. He stood there for less than a minute, then he withdrew himself and said, "The fucker would now insert his penis into Lea, then remove it fully lubricated. As the fucker did this, I would insert my appendage into the rectum of the fuckee and add additional lubricant." I was starting to agree with Suzi. They were kind of creepy. I was about to go back to the bed when I suddenly had a thought. I hurried to the bathroom, then came back carrying a glass. "Fill'er up," I said, handing the glass to Dinky. "Yes, master," he said as he took the glass and pointed his wand into it. The clear liquid came out quickly, as quick as someone peeing. When he was finished, I sent them away, taking the glass and setting it on the table next to the bed. Joey had Suzi on her back, and was slurping noisily on her breast. He had worn a hole through the fruit garment at her right nipple and was making the best of it.

I was suddenly very horny. I got on the bed, shucking my robe, and crawled up between Suzi's parting legs. I opened my mouth and planted it over her crotch, and started to close it, my teeth gripping the garment. Suzi was wiggling from my somewhat violent action, especially since the fruit product was pulling some of her hair out by the roots. As my teeth met, I bit through the panties, with a fairly good mouthful of the cherry garment. I pulled my head away quickly, tearing a nice hole. Ignoring the pubic hair that came with it, I quickly chewed and swallowed, then dove my tongue directly into her waiting hole. She really wiggled around, and I used my nose and upper lip on her clit while thrusting my tongue in and out of her. The thought that my tongue was fucking her came to me, making my lust grow with every thrust. She began to meet my tongue with a thrust of her own, sending me into a sucking licking frenzy. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, inserted my lip-covered front teeth into her while I attempted to push my lower lip and teeth as low as I could go. I wanted to get as much of her sex into my mouth as possible. I was frantically trying to eat as much of her as I could, as fast and slurppedly my tongue and mouth would allow.

As fatigue and frustration overcame the erotic pleasure of this, I felt the need to fuck. I took a hold of the remains of her fruity underpants with my teeth. With two violently fast movements, they were laying on the floor in two pieces. "GrrrrrR," I said, announcing my intentions. "GRRrrr," they agreed. Joey had eaten most of the bra, and finished it off by sucking the last bit of strap up like spaghetti. He sat there chewing it while I climbed up Suzi's body and aimed my dick at her waiting crotch. I almost plunged it in right then and there. "Shit," I said realizing I had almost done it. "What?" Suzi said somewhat frustrated. "I almost let myself do it while I was out of control," I said as I moved my lower body from between her legs. I laid myself across her diagonally, with just my chest on top of her chest, sliding my arms under her shoulders, bringing my face close to hers. "So? I was out of control too" Suzi said as Joey hopped of the bed with a huff. "Hey. I wanted to make love to you my first time, not loose control and have just sex with you. Wasn't that what you and Joey did? Make love, not sex?" "Yes.." Suzi said, eyes softening. "God," Joey said sarcastically as he got back on the bed, holding the remains of the cherry panties. "Tim, even if you didn't have your powers, you'd still be able to get any girl in bed with you using that kind of attitude."

I gave Suzi a soft kiss on the lips. "This is how I want my first time to be. Soft and slow." "Well, if you two don't mind," Joey said chewing on the panties. "I'll just sit here and eat while you two lovers get busy. But don't go too slow. I want to do some lovin' too sometime tonight." We didn't answer him since we had our lips doing other things. I still remember how she felt. She liked to kiss like a baby sucking a pacifier. Her lips just kept a steady beat while she used her tongue in random ways. Her hands made swirling motions on my back, sometimes sending them down towards my ass or crotch, which were both out of her reach. We paused a moment so I could slip my hands out from under her shoulders, then returned were we left off. I started to move my hands down under her back, feeling her warm soft skin, working them lower and lower until I was at the base of her back. Our pace was starting to increase, and the rhythm of our lips began to spread, making our upper bodies rock gently to the tempo. I didn't realize that with every dipping motion we made, my lower body was creeping up on top of hers. It wasn't until my hardon touched the side of her outer thigh that we both stopped a moment and smiled at each other, knowing I had been instinctively aligning myself with her without thinking. Suzi moved her hands down my back and gave me a gentle tug. I understood her motion, so I went back to her lips.

The rocking motion from our kissing began to increase in power, working my hardon across her thigh. We were at the verge of loosing control again when the time finally arrived. The head touched the entrance, sending a wave of pleasure though me. I wondered if Suzi could have felt it, for I swore it seemed to pass through my skin as it left. As my penis began to sink into her hot tight love hole, it felt to be the most natural, loving and tender action I ever made. Even though my body wanted to plunge into her urgently, I forced myself to keep control, extending the moment out as long as I could. I felt her crotch up against mine, indicating my penetration was complete. We broke our lips apart, and we had another moment of exchanging smiles. I said with all my heart, "I love you." She echoed my words, then I gave her another soft kiss before pulling our crotches apart. The rhythm our lips had made moments ago was soon felt through our entire bodies, but the source of our beat had changed. As my thrusts increased in speed and strength, our kissing grew impossible to continue. Our eyes were shut, our breath rushing in and out through our open mouths. Our moans echoed each others, adding a new instrument to our music. Our bodies glistened with sweat, lubricating our bodies as they slid against each other. My head was beside her own, face down into her lovely blonde hair. The smell of it filled my nose, almost making up for the discomfort of it trying to fill my mouth during my gasps for air. Our moans became more shrill and desperate, and I felt my orgasm begin to form.

During a moment of somewhat clear thought, I formed a connection with Suzi so we would experience our orgasms together. The added sensations I was receiving from her brought me near the top. In a powerful thrust which she met with her own incredible surge of force, our orgasm began. The strength and duration for which it lasted was three times what we had ever experienced before. I began to make powerful thrusts into her, pausing momentarily for each spurt of my seed. Her walls clutched and spazmed with the waves of orgasmic energy flowing through both of us. My seed pounded its way deep inside of her, both of us feeling the jet of semen hitting her walls which fed our orgasm further. When the last thrust of cum dribbled out of my spazming organ, my body went limp. She continued to ride out her own orgasm, her vaginal muscles milking my softening tool. As Suzi's orgasm also passed, we laid there breathing hard, feeling my dick shrink inside her drenched passage. As our breathing started to return to normal, we felt Joey moving around on the bed. I was too lost in bliss to look up when he had moved beside us. My dick immediately began to harden inside her when Joey's hand slipped between my butt cheeks. His lubricated finger began to tease my hole, causing an involuntary shutter pass through me.

Before he worked his finger into me, I realized I had to go. "Joey, wait!" I said as I tried to look over at him. "I gotta go the bathroom before you do that!" "Awe shit!" Joey said. "It's always something." Suzi giggled at the unintended double meaning. Joey removed his hand, but before I got up, I gave Suzi another passionate kiss, and even a couple of quick thrusts with my revived hardon. When I did roll off of her, my dick came out with a "shlurk" sound. Joey was sitting on the bed, his robe discarded on the floor in front of the glass of lube. Joey had wiped the clear lubricant on his own hard meat, and was slowly working his hand up and down. I knew he wouldn't go too far and jerk himself off. We both knew we wanted him to cum inside me like we both had inside Suzi. "Maybe we all should go the bathroom," Suzi suggested. "But this time, lets just take turns, okay?" she said, remembering the events earlier that day. As I sat on the can working the small amount that I had built up since that afternoon, I found those events seeming very distant. It was as if they had taken place weeks ago, not hours. So many things had happened since that afternoon. So many new discoveries about myself and others. And it was at that moment the fact I had lost my virginity sank in. I was no longer the horny boy who had played a cruel trick on his friends. I was now a man. A good man who loved them, and would never do something like that again. My thoughts turned to my nightmare, finding my fear for it had nearly vanished. It depicted me as a boy, falling under control of a man. The man had me enslave my friends to use them as his sexual toys. Then I became that man.

For the first time, I saw that my father had been right about the dream and my other related problems. It had been my own subconscious trying to tell me I was starting to loose control over my own desires. The man represented my own lusts and needs that every adult has. In my dream, I allowed them to control me, putting sex above love. But now I knew it had turned out completely differently. The only part of the dream that it had accurately predicted was my transformation from a boy into a man. But even in that, it had been wrong as to how I had become a man. Make no mistake, I knew I was still only fourteen years old, and that I had a lot to learn about life yet. But I had reached a new maturity about what I was and what I wanted. I knew sex would always be secondary to love. My friends had been right. I could never become the monster I feared. Once I had flushed and cleaned my bottom with soap and water, I finished my cleaning of myself with a quick shower. It only took a few minutes, and now I was nice and clean for my lovers. Joey went next, grunting for ten minutes trying to get what ended up being a pea sized turf out. I had offered my expert help, but he refused. He said that sometimes you just have to do these things on your own. Then he followed my example with a quick shower.

While Joey was singing "You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog" off key, Suzi called me over to her, sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for Joey to finish. She said, "You were wonderful. I thought Joey had been gentle, but you I just can't wait for you to take my other cherry so I don't feel I've cheated you like I have." "Hey," I said, kissing her forehead. "Don't feel like you cheated me out of something. Everything has worked out great. If I had taken your virginity instead of Joey, you would have felt like you had cheated him instead. The only way you could have messed things up was if you and Joey had done it just for the sex. And I know you love him more than me, and that's okay." "I do not!" Suzi said clearly upset. It was emphasized even more for Joey had shut the water off that instant, giving her words a strange silence afterwards. I formed an empathic connection, pointing out her own true feelings she had been fighting. I felt her give up her internal struggle, and then sadden because what the consequences were in loosing that fight. "Suzi, it's okay, really," I said holding her sex odored body to my clean one. "I knew a long time ago you and Joey would eventually want each other more than me. I even wanted it to happen. I love you two enough that I want you to be together, even after I leave you two."

"Leave? What do you mean your going to leave us?" She said looking up to my face. "Sorry. I just was talking about when we graduate. Joey will definitely be going to college, and I'm pretty sure he will try and become a doctor like his sister wanted to be. I figured if you haven't found someone else, you would probably go with him. He won't have time to help me with what I want to do, so I probably will do it somewhere else. Just so we don't distract each other, you know?" "I'm still sorry, Timmy. If you knew all that, why did you want me to be your first. The twins are so And I just can't help feeling I have used you somehow." "Used ME? Come on Suzi, stop thinking like that. Besides, you did the one thing no one else could ever do." "What?" "You made me a man. When you did that, you not only took my virginity, you took all my problems away too. I'm not afraid of the dream, of becoming my father, or anything. You and Joey have been telling me exactly what I needed to know, even though I had to figure out on my own anyway. I'm going to give you two the best years of your life while we are in school together. Just wait and see."

"I'd just like to get the best night of my life going," Joey said, appearing at the bathroom door. "Have you two been talking all this time and not listening to my beautiful singing?" He said as he walked stark naked over to us. I was surprised to see he wasn't even getting hard over seeing us sitting there naked. I guessed he had heard more than just the end. He was staring at Suzi with a lost in love took in his eyes. He must have heard it all. "You're next, sweet thing," he said when he came out of his daze. "Okay.." She said getting up. "Oh, Timmy? The other thing I wanted to say is, well, speaking as a woman who has experienced something very similar.. I think it would be best if you didn't. Uhm well, block any pain when we do it the other way. It is just part of the experience, you know?" "Uhm okay." "Good thing you said something before you went in there. I'm not sure I can wait for you to come back out," Joey said. "If you two start with out me, I'll kill you. And after I do that, I'll really hurt you." Her tone was so stern and convincing, a shiver went down my spine. I think she wanted to watch Joey and me more than she wanted one of us to do it to her.

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