Grandpa and Me

This is not a very erotic story, just some memories of my childhood, let’s say 18 for legal reasons, when I was just getting interested about sex. I was about 4’6” and weighed about 80 pounds as best I can remember. I had no breasts or hips and my mound was bald.

My favorite time was when I went to visit my grandpa about once every month or two. We would go to the zoo or aquarium, ice skate, or just play games. We played hide and seek, board games, and, my favorite, card games. I would sit on the couch on one side of the coffee table and grandpa would sit in his lazy boy chair on the other side. It was a hot summer day when I first saw a penis. We were playing cards, sitting across from each other.

Grandpa usually wore shorts in the summer and this day he must have not been wearing any underware because when he turned just right in his chair, I was able to see up his pants legs and I saw part of his penis and one ball.

I must have starred a long time because he said, “What you staring at Lily”.

I caught myself, looked up and said, “Just daydreaming”.

We continued playing, but I stole glances up his pants legs every time I got the chance. I was so intrigued at seeing a penis. After the card game, I got out some animals I often played with and went over to sit in front of grandpa. I was able to get up close and see up his pants legs while pretending to look at him. I played with the animals running them up and down his leg. I had him lay back and I put the animals on his lap and played like they were chasing each other. I had some of them hide under his pants legs. I placed them so that they made the pants stand up and I could see in better as I sat in front. Wow, now I could see all of his penis. It was beautiful!

I got my toy snake and had it slither up his pants legs until it almost touched his penis. How I wanted to touch it myself. Finally he got up and went into the kitchen to fix us something to eat. Nothing else special happened that weekend except we just had a good time.

Two visits later, I was at grandpa’s house and we had played a lot outside in the hot summer weather. When we went back inside, he was tired and said he was going to take a nap and I could watch TV or read. After about half an hour of reading, I went into his bedroom to check on him, He was laying on the bed in his underware and tee-shirt. That wasn’t unusual, he always napped that way, but to my surprise, his penis was peeking out of the front of his underware. I crept into the room and stood by the bed just looking at it. The head was just sticking out and I could also see some of the shaft as well as the head. The head had a little slit, a hole, in the end of it. I guessed that was were the pee came out. I must have stood there 15 minutes. I wanted to see more so I thought of a plan.

I went back to the door and called “grandpa, are you awake” several times.

He did not stir. So I went back to the bed and gently got up on it and sat next to grandpa. I sat still for awhile before I reached over and touched the head of his penis. It was warm and soft. I loved touching it. I gently pulled open the slot in his underware where his penis was sticking out so I could see more. As I pulled it open, it kind of plopped out and over to one side. I saw it all. It looked soft and I could see veins under the skin. It kind of curved a bit as it lay up over on top of his underware. I gently started touching it all over. When I touched the head again, it jumped a bit and I almost jumped out of my skin. It looked like it was starting to get bigger. It was! Each time I touched it, it seemed to grow a bit more until it was almost to his belly button. Wow, it was really big and it was harder than before. I was thrilled but a bit scared too. It was so beautiful. It was soft but hard at the same time. A big vein ran from the base to the top.

As I touched it and gently rubbed it, it started to leak out the pee hole. It wasn’t a lot and it didn’t smell like pee, so I touched it. It was clear and sticky and where it stuck to my finger, I touched it to my tongue. I liked the taste; it was sweet and salty at the same time.

I rubbed his penis some more and more of the clear liquid came out and I tasted it too. It was fun rubbing and tasting and watching his big penis move and jump. I wanted to play with it all day but knew I had better not get caught so after a half hour, I got off the bed and went back to my book. Good thing I did too, because 10 minutes or so later I heard grandpa get up and move around in the bedroom.

Now that I had seen and touched his penis, I was determined to do it again as soon as possible. I went to visit the next month for a weekend and made plans to see more of it. I knew that grandpa slept nude at night. I always slept in another bedroom. This weekend I brought a night light that strapped on my head for night reading.

The first night, after grandpa went to bed and I heard him snoring, I crept into his room. He was sleeping under the sheet on his back. It was dark but I had my head light. My head light was working just fine as I could see everything and yet it was still dark in the room. I called his name and he did not answer, so I walked over to his bed and slowly pulled the sheet down from his stomach to his knees. And there it was in all its glory. His penis was laying to one side of his leg and his balls were hanging between his legs. It was the first good view of his balls that I has seen and I loved looking at them too. They were hanging almost to the bed itself. I just stared at them and his penis for a long time. Did I say they were beautiful?

He was sleeping close to the edge of the bed and I could stand beside the bed and reach over and touch his penis. As I did, it moved again like last time. I ran my finger along its length and like last time it started growing. It moved up his leg and over his belly until it was pointing toward his face. It was so big now! I put my fingers around it and rubbed it until the clear juice came out again. I leaned over and licked it off the tip of his penis. It tasted good, but touching his penis with my tongue was also a great feeling. I licked again and again and more juice came out and I licked it up.

I then stood back up and reached over and for the first time touched his balls. There was like a big marble at the bottom of the sack and I could move them around inside. I was very careful to gently and slowly play with them. That was just as much fun as rubbing his penis.

I guess I ought to say that I was also surprised about the amount of hair growing around his penis. Lots of it above and some on the side and a little on the balls. It was dark brown and when I ran my finger through it is was rougher that his head hair. It was more fun to touch his penis hairs than his head hairs. They were more jumbled or curly than his straight head hair. All this was so new and so exciting. I don’t know how long I stayed there and played with his penis and balls and hair, but it was a long time.
From then on, every visit to grandpa’s, I would find a way to see or touch his penis. Sometimes, as we played, I would get in his lap and intentionally wiggle around. I learned that if I did this, I could feel his penis get hard under me. Grandpa never complained and I would wiggle and squirm a lot. It felt best when I would do it in my pjs or just in my panties.

A few time, I caught him in his underware napping and I would come into his bedroom and call to him. If he dind’t answer, I would pull open his underware and touch his penis. If he did answered, I would jump up on the bed, wrestle with him, and then sit on top of him, talking to him. As we talked I would scoot down until I was sitting on his penis. I would start tickling him and could feel his penis under me as he moved around. As I continued to play and wiggle, it would grow big and hard under me but he never said anything. He just let me continue to play with him. His hard penis would press up against my pee hole and I would wiggle on it. I liked to feel it under me as much as those nights or afternoons when I would touch it.

One day, as I got older, I was playing this way and I started feeling tingly between my legs. The more I wiggle, the stronger the tingling got. I was wearing a short skirt and panties and I could feel his hard penis press into my panties. I started to get wet between my legs and I was afraid I had peed on grandpa. I jumped up and sure enough his underware was wet and when I touched mine, mine was wet too.

“I’m so sorry I peed on you”, I said.

He said, “Don’t worry Lily, you didn’t pee. I did it, but it is not pee.”

“What do you mean”, I said.

“Well”, he said, “When a person gets sexually excited, a juice flows out of their sex member”. “When you were wiggling me, I got sexually hard and my sperm spewed out of my penis and got our panties wet.”

“But I thought it was me who was peeing”, I said.

“You may have also had a sexual release from your pussy”, he said.

Without going into all the detail of our long discussion, this is how I learned about sex and how my body works and how a man’s body works. Grandpa answered all my questions and told me lots of things I had only guessed at before. So much of what my girl friends at schools and I had talked about was only partially true. My grandpa and I were always close, but we would become closer through the next several years.

If you liked this story, I will tell you of the other things I learned at grandpa’s.

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