Harry Potter "That" Need Part 5

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Ron collapsed unceremoniously onto his bed when he and Harry reached the haven of their dorm room later that night. Neither of them had said much since their unexpected encounter in the Room of Requirement, and Harry was a bit nervous. Everything had been fine while the four of them were consumed by passion, but as soon as they’d emerged from the room, things began to feel differently. Harry and Ginny were fine, of course, their relationship already being public, but Harry noticed that Ron and Hermione had let go of each other's hands immediately at the first sign of another person in the corridor. When they’d parted on the stairs to go to their dorm rooms, Harry had enclosed Ginny in his arms for a soft kiss good night, but kept one eye open and on Ron. Ron had managed to take Hermione’s hand and stutter through, "Well, umm, you know, g-g-good night then," before leaning in for a half-second press against her lips and bolting towards the boys’ tower. Harry saw the roll of Hermione’s eyes and the little shake of her head that clearly said "Oh honestly, Ronald" before she went into her own room. Harry had then pulled back from Ginny and whispered "Tonight was brilliant, I’ll see you tomorrow," before they too headed for their rooms.
Harry sat gingerly on the foot of Ron’s bed, glad that their roommates had not yet come upstairs, and waited for Ron to look at him. Ron’s mood was clearly glum, and Harry was so scared that Ron would be mad at him, now that he’d regained the powers of thought and speech. Ron had told him just that morning he didn’t want to know too many details about Harry’s love life with Ginny since she was his sister, so the first thing Harry had gone and done was treat Ron to a front row seat to watch Ginny lose her virginity. When Ron didn’t look up, Harry finally said, "I’m sorry, Ron."

Ron gave Harry a bewildered and sort of hurt look, and asked " ‘Bout what, Harry?" The last time Harry had seen that look had been the night his name had come out of the Goblet of Fire and Ron didn’t believe he hadn’t put it in himself. That was not a good sign in Harry’s opinion.

"About Ginny and me, and while ago," Harry said cautiously, not sure how Ron might react. It wouldn't have been any less than he deserved if Ron punched him, or hexed him.

Ron did the one thing Harry wasn’t expecting, he smiled at him. "That was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever fucking seen." Harry wasn’t sure if he meant watching Hermione with Ginny, or him with her, but he hated to press his luck too much. "So you’re okay with it then?" he asked tentatively.

"Yeah," Ron said, then "No, I mean, I’m okay about you and Ginny, but now what am I going to do? I’ve never even told Hermione I fancy her, and now I’ve shagged her and I’ll never be able to look her in the eye again. I don’t even know if she likes me, or if she was just horny and I was handy when you pulled Ginny off her. Shite, Ginny even had to help me finish her. Hermione’s gonna hate me."

Ron looked so miserable, Harry couldn’t help moving closer to him on the bed. Harry actually had to put his hand under Ron’s chin and lift his head so that Ron would look at him, both of them feeling the contact somewhere other than where their skin actually met.

"Ron, Hermione’s always loved you, just like you’ve always loved her. You’ve just got to get over being shy about it, like you got over being shy with me," Harry said, looking into Ron’s sad blue eyes.

"Yeah, but you’re my best friend, Harry. It’s different," Ron said.

"She’s our best friend, too, Ron. The only difference is that you can snog her in public and not get called a poof," and then Harry leaned in and kissed Ron, intending it to be a "cheer up" kind of kiss, but the moment their lips met, and Ron’s mouth opened slightly, "that" need set in and Harry lost all control of his tongue. It brushed across Ron’s pouty lower lip and plunged into his welcoming mouth.

With no hesitation, Ron pulled Harry against him, hands searching frantically for any bit of bare skin they could find. They continued to kiss hungrily, each devouring the other’s mouth as if starving for something only the other could give, while ripping and tearing at clothing until finally they were both naked, unwanted garments littering the floor all around Ron’s bed. Harry had barely enough conscious thought left about him to grab Ron’s wand from his bedside table and mumble the silencing charm and the spells to vanish their discarded clothing and lock Ron’s bed hangings in place so they couldn’t be found when the other boys came up to bed. He ground his erection hard against Ron’s as he replaced the wand on the bedside table. Ron groaned and Harry knew what he needed.

He rolled sideways off of Ron’s warm body and trailed his fingers across Ron’s jaw, then down the side of his neck. His fingertips caressed Ron’s chest, pausing to tease each sensitive nipple, long enough to work it to a hard peak, before moving lower. Ron thrust up against Harry’s hand as he gripped his friend’s erect cock, stroking him ever so slowly.

"I wanted to do this so badly tonight when your face was buried between Hermione’s legs," Harry whispered.

"I’d have lost it right then and there if you had, mate," Ron growled. "That’s why I was so careful not to let Hermione touch me like that. I nearly lost it watching her and Ginny. Ngghhh. . ." Harry had just taken Ron’s full length into his mouth and down his throat, and was beginning to bob his head up and down, with his tongue lapping around Ron’s shaft as he worked.

Ron clutched at the sheets, struggling to not buck too hard into Harry’s mouth, as his talented friend nearly drove him spare. He particularly enjoyed the way Harry would lick around his balls with the flat of his tongue, not just the tip, then from the base of his cock, up the sides, and swirl around the head, the way someone does when they’re trying to control a rapidly melting cone of ice cream. Ron groaned, blissfully aware that he might soon look like melting ice cream because he was so close to release. He wound his fingers in Harry’s messy dark hair, kind of their unspoken signal that he should move away or get ready to swallow. Harry never backed away from a challenge - Ron had always loved that about him - he went down on Ron hard, pressing Ron’s cock into the back of his throat, coaxing out every drop of his warm fluid. When he lifted his head away from Ron, Harry licked his lips seductively and Ron pulled him into another deep kiss, plunging his tongue into Harry’s mouth searching for a taste of himself.

Ron encircled Harry in his arms and rolled him onto his back so that he was now in the dominant position. Their kiss continued, then Ron pulled back and began to kiss first the corner of Harry’s mouth, then his chin, then up his jaw line towards his ear. He sucked Harry’s earlobe into his mouth, earning what he hoped would be the first of many low groans before he was finished. As he released Harry’s earlobe, he swirled his tongue into Harry’s ear before moving down the side of his neck and onto his collar bone.

Ron could feel Harry’s erection throbbing between their bodies as he moved himself a bit lower to continue his sweet torture of Harry’s warm and willing flesh. Harry whimpered as Ron took one of his nipples into his mouth, laving it with his tongue, and smiling as it hardened at his touch, while teasing the other with his thumb. His free hand slipped between their sweat slicked bodies so that his fingertips brushed against Harry’s cock, earning Ron yet another much cherished groan from Harry, which in turn caused his own presumed spent member to twitch in interest.

Ron reluctantly rolled off of Harry so that he could give his full attention to making Harry moan. He wrapped his hand tightly around the base of Harry’s cock, varying the pressure he applied as he stoked it slowly upward, and then back down, because experience had taught him that was how Harry liked it.

"Oohhh," came from somewhere deep within Harry’s throat. Ron smiled, and repeated the motion, forcing himself to keep it slow, but allowing himself to add just the slightest twist to the motions that he liked so much himself. "Oh Merlin, fuck," exclaimed Harry; apparently he liked the little twist as well because, unlike Ron, Harry very rarely used the "f" word.

After several long minutes of this exquisite torture, Harry could take no more, "Can I, please?" he pleaded with Ron.

Ron reached immediately for the little jar of lubricant he kept in his bedside table and handed it to Harry before resting himself on his elbows, bum in the air. Harry loved Ron in this position, open, willing and waiting for him. They’d only progressed to this level of their relationship a few weeks before Harry started going out with Ginny; it had taken them several months to move from wanking to oral exploration of one another, and nearly a year of that to get to this most intimate stage. But that was perfectly okay with both of them, as every moment had been pleasurable, even the fumbling and awkward ones like when Harry’d had to ask Hermione to teach him a healing charm so he could fix up a nasty scrape he’d given Ron with his teeth that would’ve been much too embarrassing to see Madame Pomfrey about (of course, he’d told Hermione that they’d been out flying and Ron had slipped on his dismount, and scraped the skin off his bum as he hit the pitch), or the first time Ron tried to shag him, but either Ron was so nervous or his aim was so bad that he’d finally cum all over Harry’s bum just from repeatedly bumping against his entrance, so Harry got an oral consolation prize instead.

But now was different, now they both knew what to do, just as naturally as walking or flying. Harry opened the little jar, but on an impulse, leaned down to run his tongue across Ron’s balls, which seemed to be teasing Harry from between Ron’s spread thighs. Ron groaned out Harry’s name in frustration, eager now for more invasive attention to "that" need building within him. But Harry felt mischievous and ran his tongue upward instead, tickling around Ron’s entrance and causing his thigh muscles to tense visibly. He dipped his fingers into the jar, and at the same moment, he pressed his tongue into Ron, causing Ron to swear breathlessly.

Harry did his best to invade Ron thoroughly with his tongue, although Ron’s tightness made it difficult for Harry to move it around inside his friend as much as he’d have liked. It was much easier with his fingers or with his cock, which he then remembered was aching from "that" need to be there at this very moment. He reached between Ron’s thighs with a dollop of lubricant and rubbed it all around Ron’s cock. Then he dipped his fingers back into the little jar, and gave himself the same treatment, although perhaps being a little more generous with the application of lubricant on himself out of consideration for Ron’s comfort. For the third time, he dipped into the little jar, which thankfully was self-refilling, and scooped up more lubricant, then both eagerly and reluctantly, he retreated from his oral exploration of his friend’s backside. He massaged the lubricant around Ron’s entrance and slipped a single finger inside him, waiting to feel Ron relax before adding a second finger, scissoring the two as he worked them slowly inward and outward, trying to stretch Ron’s opening to make it easier for him to accept the larger intrusion Harry had in mind. Ron groaned Harry’s name against his pillow when Harry’s fingers skated across the walnut shaped lump they both seemed to like so much.

Harry couldn’t wait any longer and he drew his fingers out, pressing the end of his penis against Ron’s opening. He hesitated only a second until he heard Ron release the breath he knew he was holding, then pressed persistently into his friend’s arse, stopping only when he was fully sheathed in Ron’s body. He waited then until Ron pushed backward against him, the signal that he was ready for more.

Harry pulled outward slowly, changing direction to push back inward just before the head of his dick could slip past the ring of muscle at Ron’s entrance. He kept his pace excruciatingly slow. . . out. . . in. . . out. . . in. . . out . . . in . . . out. . . with his hands holding firmly onto Ron’s hip bones for balance and to better control his stroke. As he began to feel his own release building, he shifted his weight a bit to his left so that he could reach around Ron with his right arm and stroke his friend with that same agonizing rhythm.

"Harry, you’re killing me," Ron growled, but Harry knew he meant that in a good way, because it was killing him as well. It was time to use Ron’s preferred tactics, hard and fast, and he began to pick up speed.

Harry’s next thrust inward nearly knocked Ron off balance, but Ron didn’t complain. He had to bite his lip to keep from screaming with pleasure as Harry’s cock slammed into him on one side, and his hand pumped him furiously on the other side, and he silently prayed he could hold off as long as Harry, just so he wouldn’t distract him by spilling over his hand.

It didn’t take long. Harry’s breathing became ragged and the hand around Ron’s cock tightened almost painfully. Ron knew Harry would be filling him at any second, so he willed himself to relax and let go. His cum oozed onto Harry’s hand and dribbled lazily onto the bed, just as Harry was bathing his insides with a huge load of hot, creamy fluid. Ron would have felt outdone had he not realized it was his third orgasm of the evening and only Harry’s second. Ron grabbed for his wand and whispered the cleaning charm as Harry collapsed against him.

Both fully exhausted, they slept naked and tangled in each others arms until Harry woke sometime in the early morning and slipped quietly into his own bed so he could be seen there when their dorm mates rose for breakfast.

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