Androids of Evergreen pt2 Two Weeks with Chloe

Thomas Evergreen was in total bliss with his android, Chloe Foster renamed Chloe Evergreen. The morning after Chloe arrived, Tom awoke to the sight of her beautiful body next to him in his bed. After only a few seconds of looking at her back and her ass, Tom was hard again. He put his right arm around her and felt up her tits. Without turning over, Chloe pushed her ass out. Tom decided to tease her a bit. He guided his dick’s head across her lower back, just above the crack of her ass. He moved it over her cheeks, and beat it against her ass cheeks a few times too. Tom rested his dick on her asshole as if he was going to take her anally. He heard Chloe moan slightly with anticipation. “Take me, Daddy,” she begged softly.

Tom couldn’t refuse her. He took hold of her shoulder with the hand he had been using to grope her. He put her on her stomach and climbed on top of her. The day before, Tom had fucked her missionary the entire time. Now, he wanted to see how good she was when being mounted like a bitch. The feeling of power he got from taking her from behind made his cock hard as a rock. When he made the first thrust into her already wetting pussy, he put his left hand on her hip, but he put his right hand on her head. He pushed her head into the pillow as he entered her. He dominated her like that for several minutes until she came hard on his cock. Then, he took hold of her hair and used it to pull her up on her hands and knees. “Fuck, Daddy. Its so good,” she moaned as she put her hands on the headboard. Tom pushed her face against the headboard too. Then he placed both hands on her hips.

Tom slowed down his fucking, but now when he thrusted, he pushed his entire dick into her so hard and deep that it made her yelp with pain and pleasure both. “Oh my… ohhhh Daddy!” she called out. “That’s so… fucking deep.”

“You like me fucking you so deep?” Tom asked rhetorically.

“Mmmmm,” was her only answer at first. Soon after, Chloe said between her moans. “You own my pussy, Daddy. Fuck me all you want. I’ll take it and beg for more.”

“That’s a good girl,” Tom praised as he took another deep thrust into her. He then left her pussy entirely and was delighted to hear her disappointed moan at his dick’s absence.

Tom gave his new daughter a hard smack on the ass. It was harder than he meant it to be, but her body responded. She backed up her ass, wanting more of his hand or his dick. Tom was after what was on the other end, though. “Chloe that mouth of yours is too good to just be used on kisses and moans. Come around here and suck my cock, like a good daddy’s girl.”

Tom sat with his back against the headboard to watch Chloe work. His own personally fuck toy and he loved every minute of her. She laid on her stomach and grasped his hard cock in her right hand. The juices from her pussy was still slick on his cock, so when Chloe stuck out her tongue and licked the length of his shaft like a lollipop, Tom thought for a moment he would blow his load right there. It was insanely hot to think of her tasting herself on his dick.

Chloe licked up and down his shaft then swirled her tongue around his head. Finally, after a couple minutes of anticipation, she engulfed his head in her mouth. She quickly started bobbing her head up and down, taking in more of his cock with each movement. Soon, the girl had half of his 7inches in her mouth. Tom reached out to put his right hand on the back of her head. As Chloe blew him, Tom put his fingers through her hair and gently pushed down on her head so that she would suck more of his dick and faster too. After a few minutes of this, she paused her bobbing. His head was still in her mouth. She then started sucking on his head as if she was drinking a shake through a straw. It felt so good it caused Tom to buck his hips a bit.

“Ohhh Chloe, were born to put a dick in your mouth,” he told her, patting her head.

His cock popped out of her mouth long enough for her to say, “I could suck your dick all day long, Daddy, and I still wouldn’t have enough.”

“I just might take you up on that,” he said smiling.

“I want to make you cum with my mouth.”

“Get on with it, then, baby girl.”

She giggled happily and took his dick back into her mouth.

After a couple minutes of her mouth around him, Tom got another idea. If Chloe wasn’t his sex bot, he would have to ask permission to do this. But since she was his toy…

Tom reached out with both hands and put them on the back of her bobbing head. Without warning her, Tom applied pressure will she was bobbing downward. When she tried to come back up, Tom kept her head down. He also pushed, forcing her to take his whole cock in her mouth all the way to the hilt. He could feel it touching the back of her throat. Of course, Chloe resisted being choked by a cock. She struggled against his hands and her own hands slapped against his hands and thighs. He could hear her gaging as his cock choked her. After about ten seconds, he let her up. She gasped for air and coughed as her was released from his dick. After only a couple seconds, Tom forced her back down and made her deep throat him again. Again, he held her for several seconds, then let her up to breath. Tom continued making Chloe do the rough blowjob for about four minutes. By then, Tom was so turned on, despite how wrong it would be to do with a sex partner without their permission, that he was ready to cum.

Tom released her head and Chloe went back to sucking him of normally without protesting the intense face fucking she received. Tom felt the pressure building in his cock. “I’m going to cum, baby girl,” he warned her. She continued to suck his cock. He thought she didn’t hear him, so he said louder, “I’m about to cum.” She sucked on him faster. That made Tom smile and didn’t try to hold back. He blew his cum into her mouth and down her throat. Chloe was such a good girl, she swallowed every drop while jet after jet was unloaded into her mouth. When she finally released his dick from her mouth, she asked, “Did you like my surprise, Daddy?”

“Yes, I did, Chloe,” Tom answered stroking her head. “Its always a nice surprise when I pretty girl takes cum in her mouth. The only other times it happened to me, neither of the two girls weren’t able to swallow it all.”

Tom had Chloe go clean out her mouth while he put on a robe and went downstairs to the dining room and set his simple machines to make his breakfast. Tom wondered if Chloe was set to where she would eat and drink like a normal person since she slept last night despite not needing that either. Mr. Gill had told him that she was made to be able to do such things in order to seem more human to her owner(s).

Chloe came down just as his scrambled eggs and orange juice was placed in front of Tom. She was still nude. He enjoyed the sight of her walking around with her sex exposed. “Hungry?” Tom asked.

She shook her head.

“Do you want me to put on something, Daddy?” Chloe asked looking at his robe.

“No,” he said while starting to eat his breakfast. “You are only to wear clothes if I allow it. There will be some nights or days that I’ll want you to wear something sexy to turn me on before I take it off you and take you. Otherwise I want you naked so that it’ll be easier to finger you, grope you, or bend you over when I desire.”

An idea popped into Tom’s head. “Come sit on the table, Chloe.”

“The table?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said after a bite of eggs. “Sit facing me. Put your knees up and spread your legs. I want a good view of your fuck hole. Now, lay back. Good girl. I want you to masturbate while I eat.”

One of Tom’s simple machines brought his strips of bacon as she moved her hands toward her slit. She leaned up to look at him for a moment, then looked toward the ceiling and started to rub up and down her slit. Her pussy was wet in seconds as she moved her middle finger over her clit. She moved it in small circles over her sensitive area. She let out a gasp as she felt a wave of pleasure. She started moving her fingers faster. Her back and her hips moved up and down. The excitement in her pussy was intensifying and coursed through her body. Her moans reflected her excitement.

Tom was happy to watch the show. He wolfed down another piece of bacon as Chloe changed pace and put one of her fingers inside her. She reacted to it with a long-winded moan. Her sighs and moans of lust intensified with every passing second. As they did, Tom’s want for her increased. He finished his breakfast a few minutes later, wiped his hands clean of the grease, and downed his OJ.

Tom tossed his plate, fork, and cup off the table. The sound of the plate and cup shattering startled Chloe and she jerked her head toward it. Her finger also vacated her pussy. Before she could even ask what all that was about, Tom grabbed hold of her legs and pulled her toward him. Her ass sat where the plate had been. Her pussy was now inches away from his face. Chloe had yelped in surprise at first. Then, she let out a fit of giggles. She put both hands on either side of her sacred hole and pulled her lower lips apart for Tom. He didn’t hesitate to dig it. Her juicy wet pussy was so damn sensitive her moans seemed louder with every single lick Tom gave her. He had to take a tight grip on her thighs because of her jolts of pleasure.

Tom went from licking her entire slit to concentrating her clit. He flicked his tongue across her clit rapidly. The action resulted in a deep moan from the girl that forced her currently closed mouth open followed by a cry that echoed through the mansion halls. Tom pressed his lips around the area of her clit and sucked hard like he was sucking on a piece of hard candy. After a couple of minutes of hard sucking, Chloe’s cries of lust increased tenfold. Her orgasm hit her hard and she bucked in response. Tom held on tight as she climaxed into his mouth. Tom only released her legs and sweet hole when she started to come down off of her high of primal release.

In between her deep gasps for breath, Chloe grinned from ear to ear and exclaimed, “Oh… wow, Daddy! Thank you so much!” She caught her breath long enough to say, “Please, do that to me again. I will beg if I have too. You can already take me any way you want when ever you want, but I would be overjoyed to have your magic tongue again.”

It wasn’t till she started talking again that Tom realized, she hadn’t said a word the entire time to ate her pussy. She was so consumed with lust, she couldn’t even speak. Tom reached out and pulled her closer so that her legs were now off the end of the table and she was sitting on the edge. He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her, letting her taste her own pussy from his mouth. “It’s the least I can do, baby girl, after all you’ve done for me.”

Tom received his walking, moaning fuck toy on a Friday. The Monday morning after Mr. Gill came for a visit. He was very pleased that Tom was enjoying his company’s product.

“That is a big understatement, my friend,” Tom informed him. “Chloe, come here for a second!” he called.

Chloe emerged wearing a button up flannel of Tom’s. It was the only thing she was wearing. It just barely covered her ass. Even the slightest stretch of her arms or leaning over would uncover her.

Tom pointed at her and said, “That shirt is the only thing she has had on since you dropped her off and she has only had in on for about the last ten minutes. Trust me, I am taking full advantage of my new sex bot.”

“Glad to know that,” Mr. Gill responded. He didn’t pay much attention to Chloe. Maybe she wasn’t his type, he had already seen her before she was shipped off to Tom, or he had his own fuck girl at home. Whatever the reason, Tom sent Chloe off so he could talk to Mr. Gill about why he was here.

The salesman got to the point right after Chloe’s fine ass was out of sight. “We have another offer for you, Mr. Evergreen. We would like you to continue testing our sex bots, not just Chloe.”

“What’s the catch?”

“Well, we agreed to only record through Chloe’s eyes and ears for the first week—”

“Fuck! I forgot about that,” Tom interrupted. “You guys saw everything we did and heard all we said… including…”

Mr. Gill knew what he wanted answered. “The incest roleplays? The rough sex? Yes, and yes. Don’t worry. None of the info will ever be leaked because of the privilege agreements we signed. That is the kind of stuff we were after anyway. We want to gather data to make sure these sex bots can handle whatever is thrown at them. I’m glad to have some taboos you want to get out with her, and please keep it up.”

“If you want me to keep at it with her, then why do you want me to buy new girls?” Tom asked.

“More chances for experiments,” Mr. Gill answered as if it was plain as day. “We also want to run their eyes and ears on you longer; the first month, at least. And we want to request some of the actions you will take on the new girls.”

“So, you want me to do other taboos that I might not think of on my own to find out if they can handle it?”


“As long as I can keep Chloe out of it, I think I can agree to that.”

Mr. Gill nodded. “Of course. Chloe is already yours fuck her how you please. The other girls will be mostly the same; only every once and a while will we make a request.”

With the deal struck Tom and Mr. Gill went over the details of the first girl similar to how they did with Chloe. They also signed some more documents. The next sex bot would be arriving in two weeks.

During the two weeks between Mr. Gill’s visit and the new sex bot’s arrival, Tom fucked Chloe every day and on most multiple times. A routine was quickly established. After their morning fuck, Tom would eat breakfast while Chloe would blow him, finger herself, or just walk around the dining room naked and sexy. He would take her again in the afternoon or grope her throughout the afternoon. On the days he would only give her an afternoon touch he would have her dress in something sexy before bed and he would take his time pulling it off her and fucking her. On the days when he fucked her in the afternoon, he would have her dance for him before bed or he would finger and eat her till she came.

Some days Tom would switch things up. One day, he had Chloe suck his dick every time they would normally fuck. Another day, he gave her a spanking for some role-played punishment every couple of hours. One night, he decided to see what it would be like to try and sleep while on top of her and inside her. After a half hour and no hint of sleep, he fucked her like normal, but after exiting her, he still slept with his full weight on top of her. The next night he had Chloe do the same on top of him. Sometimes, he would set her to wake up before he normally did and wake him with a blowjob. A couple times, he slept with his head between her legs so that he sweet pussy was the fist thing he saw with the new day.

One of Tom’s favorite things to do would be to sneak up behind her, bend her over whatever she was close to, and surprise fuck her doggy-style. There was such power in penetrating her not only from behind where he had all the control, but also whenever he had the urge to. Tom could go however rough he wanted and Chloe wouldn’t complain in the slightest. Sometimes he would have her role-play that she was uncomfortable or didn’t want him. However, most of the time, he preferred to hear her beg for “Daddy.”

Tom and Chloe only got a change to their soon developed statues quo when the two weeks ended. The day finally arrived when the sex bot modeled after another porn star, Athena Faris, joined them. They would both be well pleased with her and by her.

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