My Summer Job aka my best friend's mom

It was the summer of 2004. My name is Steven and I had just turned 16 and my body seemed to know it. My dick had grown 2 inches during the school year, bringing it from 5 to 7 inches. I practically had a mane of pubic hair surrounded my cock. I was 6 foot even and about 170 pounds. I wasn’t particularly fat, but I wasn’t all muscle either. I had a lot of muscle from lifting weights but some baby fat that I never really got rid of. My hair was long, a little past my shoulders. I wore it in dread locks. My eyes were blue.
This summer, I had gotten my first “job”. I put quotes because it was just taking care of my friend’s cat while he and his family was away.
It was my first day on the job, and I had just gotten into the house. I turned on the lights and walked into the kitchen, calling to the cat.
I got out a can of cat food and opened it up. I put half of it into the food dish and laid it out for the cat. I then filled up her water dish. After that, I was done. (it was an easy job).
Because I was finished and had some time to kill, I decided to explore the house. I went from room to room looking for anything interesting. The only thing I found were some otter pops in the garage. That is, until I went into the parents room.
By then, I was pretty bored, so I decided to look through their drawers. The first one I looked through gave me a shock. In the drawer was some of the sexiest lingerie I have seen. Now, seeing lingerie probably wouldn’t shock most people, but this woman was a devoted Catholic, so anything sexual was a surprise to me.
As I looked at her underwear, I started to get a hard on. I could feel it bulging through my pants, begging to be touched. I complied.
I pulled a pair of her underwear out of the drawer and smelled it. It was wonderful. My raging hard on got even stiffer. I pulled it out of my pants and started to stroke it gently while rubbing it against the panties.
Now, to some people, jacking off into the panties of a forty-something mother may seem gross, so I should probably describe her. Her name was Jolene. She was a natural blond, standing at 5’5’’ with nice, firm c-cups, which were surprising, considering her age and the fact that she has had 2 kids. She was in shape, but not like a supermodel. She looked like she went jogging a couple of times a week. She also had one of the prettiest faces I have seen, with her full, pouty lips and big brown eyes.
Back to the story.
I was rubbing my dick harder now, thinking about fucking her. I pictured myself first licking her pussy lips and clit, getting them wet with my saliva and her own juices. I could practically hear her moaning, begging me to continue. I would do it ‘till she came, then stick my dick in and fill her up.
As I reached this point in my fantasy, I could feel the familiar tightening in my balls.
“Oh shit!” I yelled as I climaxed. I closed my eyes in pleasure as my cum filled her panties.
When I was finished, I took the cum soaked panties and thought about what to do with them. I couldn’t take them home, because my parents might find them, even if I hid it in my room. I decided to leave it there for now. On my way home I felt giddy with excitement about doing something some-what taboo. I looked forward to doing it again the next day.
For four days, that exactly what I did. On the fifth day, I got to the house and hurried to feed the cat. As soon as I did, I went strait for the parent’s bedroom. I pulled out the panties and started to jack off like nobody’s business. This was going to be my last day being able to do this, because they were scheduled to come home the next day.
I started again with the familiar fantasy. I was nearing climax and moaning her name when I heard a voice at the door.
"Having fun?” a female voice asked.
I spun around and gasped as I saw Jolene. She was standing in the door frame, looking at my now limp dick.
"Um, uh. I-I-I don’t know what to say,” I stuttered. I was a beet red, and getting redder by the second. I had never felt so embarrassed. She didn’t say anything. She just stood there, looking at me. “I’m so sorry Mrs. Robinson. I’m so embarrassed.”
“Oh honey,” she said, “it’s perfectly natural. Young men have urges. I completely understand.”
Eager to change the subject, I asked he the first thing I could think of. “Why are you home so early?”
If she noticed my attempt to steer the conversation away from me, she didn’t show it. “Well, I wasn’t feeling too good, so I decided to come home early. Now, why don’t you put that thing away?” she suggested, looking at my crotch.
I suddenly realized I still had my dick in my hands, and hurried to put it away. I was just about to re-zip my pants when she spoke again.
“On second thought,” she said in a tone of voice I had never heard her use, “why don’t you keep it out?”
“Huh?” I said, bewildered.
“What’s the matter honey? Don’t you want to have some fun?”
My dick began to grow hard, but the rest of my body was a little slower to respond. “Excuse me?” I asked. “You want to, um, uh…”
“Oh yes,” she said in that soft, sexy voice. “I’m afraid that Todd just cant keep me satisfied anymore. I need someone new. I need a stallion.” She inched ever closer to the bed, where I sat with a raging hard on. I had come past shocked and into understanding. And with that understanding came the lust for the woman of my dreams. My fantasy was finally coming true.
“Let me help you with those,” she said as she knelt between my legs. She took my pants of slowly, trailing my erection with her finger, making me shiver with anticipation. I reached out and gently pinched her now hard nipple through her shirt, earning a soft moan of pleasure.
She got my pants off and started on my underwear. My cock came springing out. She then took off her shirt and bra, showing me the most beautiful pair of breasts I had ever seen. They were perfect. Her nipples stuck out a half an inch and her areolas were light pink. Her breasts barely sagged at all. As she knelt down between my legs again, I reached our of touched her breast. I loved the feel of it on my hands, like soft silk.
“Now you just lie back and let me take care of you,” she said in that sexy voice, that made me even harder than before.
I did so without hesitation. The feeling of a pair of lips on my cock made me gasp with pleasure. Her mouth was so wet and hot as she slowly sucked and licked up and down my shaft. She would take my seven-inch cock all the way down her throat like a pro, and then come back up until she reached my head. I was in ecstasy.
I reached out and grabbed her hair and gently moved her head up and down my erection.
“ Oh Jolene,” I gasped, “don’t stop! I’m going to cum!”
I could feel the cum start to rise from my balls up my shaft. I kept expecting her to pull away, like the other girls who have blown me, but she stayed on, teasing the cum out of me. “Oh shit!” I exclaimed as my cum exploded in her mouth. She started to swallow every drop, milking me dry.
When I was finished, she pulled off of my dick and got on the bed with me. I grabbed her breast as she kissed me. I could taste the salt from my cum in her mouth. We stayed like that for five minutes, us kissing and me playing with her breasts, earning soft moans from her. Finally, she broke away.
“My turn,” she said. She spread her legs, giving me a perfect view of her neatly trimmed woman-hood. I crawled down between her legs and licked two of my fingers, getting them wet. They slid easily into her already wet pussy. I slid them in and out until she came for the first time. ”oh fuck yes,” she moaned quietly as the orgasm shuddered through her body. But I wasn’t done yet.
I pulled my fingers out of her and slid down even more, until my face was even with her cunt. I stuck out my tongue and tasted her pussy. It had a musky taste, but not bad. It was almost sweet tasting. I moved my tongue deep in her pussy while I gently brushed her clit with my wet fingers. She moaned louder now. “Fuck yes, Steven!” she cried as another orgasm rushed through her, making her shake.
I started to go at it again, when she told me to stop. “I need you inside of me right now,” she growled, the sexy voice lost in the heat of passion. I quickly complied coming up until I was even with her in a missionary position. I slowly slid my hard dick in. She gasped as I brought it past her lips and into her vagina. I started to slowly stroke in and out, bringing moans of pleasure from both of us.
I continued like this for ten minutes, not changing pace until Jolene cried out. “Come on you son of a bitch. I cant take this anymore. Ram me hard! Fuck me!”
Hearing these profanities from a woman I thought was pure did something to me. It made me crazy for her. All I wanted to do was pound her until we both came.
I did just that.
I flipped her over onto all fours and came at her from behind. I attacked her cunt with all my might. I fucked harder than I had ever fucked before. It wasn’t long before I felt that feeling again. “Shit, Jolene. I’m gonna cum!”
“Do it inside me. I’m in the pill.”
That was all I needed. I released my cum into her hot pussy. I shot rope after rope of my cum deep into her pussy. Having me cum like that must have excited her because she started to cum, even harder than before.
“Aaaaah! Oh shit!” she screamed. She started to buck while the orgasm took its effect. When her orgasm subsided, we collapsed on the bed. We lay next to each other, covered in sweat and cum, exhausted from the physical feat we just preformed.
2 hours later, i awoke, still sticky with sweat and cum. i reached out, put my arm around Jolene and kissed her again. we remained locked in this embrace for 10 minutes, just kissing and feeling each other. between kissing her and having my balls gently rubbed, i got another hard on.
"Let's go again," i said eagerly.
"Im sorry Steven, but you wore me out. i havnt had a good fucking in years. but i'll be sure to call you again sometime."
"make it soon," i told her. And with that, i got dressed and left, a smile on my face all the way home.

this is my first story, so any helpful comments are welcome

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