Sister's plan.._(0)

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I woke up with my head pounding, my own fault I might add, drinking was not something I was very good at and by the feeling that even the dim light of the room I was in was giving me, I'd do my usual vow of never drinking again after about 10 aspirin and 2 gallons of water. I opened my eyes a little more and the confusion set in, I was not on the couch I was sleeping on for the week, I was in my sisters bed! I looked over and she was fast asleep with her back to me, I looked to see where my pants and shirt were and found them on the floor along with my boxers. I went to try and sit up and the room started spinning so I flopped back down on the bed again.

"Mmm, morning sleepyhead, how's the hangover?" Said my sister Kendra, leaning on her elbow.

"I hurt so much. Why am I in your bed naked?" I replied.

"Oh great, best night of sex in my life and you don't remember it." She said then got up to use the bathroom.

I tried to think, I couldn't have, my own sister? Kendra is one of the sexiest women I know, she was kind of a late bloomer, dorky older sister with a few too many pounds but when she hit puberty she became this sexy, beautiful thing that guys would lust after at the slightest smile from her. She didn't care and still held on to the self image of her childhood but she used her looks to have guys do what she wanted.

Kendra came back from the bathroom, she was only wearing a pair of lace panties, her beautiful full breasts swaying as she walked. She just smiled at me, I'd seen her topless plenty of times but never after having fucked her. She gave me a couple of pills and a bottle of water from her nightstand.

I got up and managed to make it to the bathroom without falling over, she'd left me a towel so I got in a hot shower and actually felt better after it. I decided I wanted her when I could remember, I dried off and drank more water while she showered and when she came back in just her towel I got up, sat her down on the bed and knelt between her legs and started licking her pussy. She gasped and tried to speak but she was soon just moaning in pleasure as she got really wet. I had gotten hard as a rock from eating her, when she came all over my tongue I climbed up her body and slowly pushed my cock into her and began a slow steady pace. Kendra wrapped her legs round my back and gazed up at me as I fucked her.

"Y you're so big." She gasped when I was fully inside her.

I didn't last as long as I'd hoped, when I felt her cum the 3rd or 4th time I groaned in pleasure as I exploded inside her, spraying my hot seed deep into her pussy. I slowed down when I'd finished cumming then just gazed at her face, her legs still holding me in place.

"Was that as good as last night?" I said as we caught our breaths.

"You uh, didn't give me a chance to say but I, um, I was kidding about last night. You were so hammered and I didn't want you to wake up in the full light of my lounge at 5am so I brought you in here. You were in your boxers when I put you in here, you must have kicked them off in the night but this was our first time my love." She said. I froze.

"Oh, uh, sorry." I replied.

"For what, cumming so quickly? This was my fault and I fucking loved it. How about we get some breakfast, get you feeling human then we can do it again, take our time and enjoy every thrust, every lick. You have a great cock little brother, I have never felt so full." She said.

"And the fact I'm your own brother isn't upsetting you?"

"Well when you licked me, thinking you'd done it before, did you?"

"No, you taste great."

"We're two humans enjoying the physical pleasure the rest of these fuckers tell us is wrong. When have you ever known me to be normal my love." She said then kissed me.

I spent the rest of my hangover in a kind of daze, I didn't feel any regret and the thought of what I did being wrong just wasn't there at all. Later that morning Kendra's roommate came home, Kendra was in the bathroom.

"Hey Marcus, your head didn't explode I see, you were so drunk last night." She said.

"Yea, I hope I wasn't an ass or anything." I replied.

"No, you were funny. Do you even remember fucking your own sister though? You didn't even close the door."

"Uh, last night we didn't but this morning we, wait, last night?"

"Shit, Hi Nikki, guessing you didn't see my texts." Said Kendra.

"Ohhh, I should have read these." Said Nikki.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Your sister and I thought it would be funny to wind you up, pretend you fucked her but why is he saying this morning Kendra?" Said Nikki.

"Well, thinking he'd missed out on a good time he wanted a replay and just kind of well, took me. I really liked it." Said Kendra, her face was going red.

Nikki didn't say anything for what felt like forever, just looked at us both smiling.

"Well, I wish I'd gotten home sooner, that is so hot you guys." She said, finally.

"You don't think we're gross?" Said Kendra.

"Fuck no, you should see the erotica I have on my nook, is full of incest and all the other taboo stuff." Said Nikki.

"Well just don't tell anyone okay."

"Who would I tell, I have a few dark secrets of my own, yours is safe with me guys."

Nikki went to her room leaving Kendra and I alone, I dozed off for a while but woke up to Kendra straddling my lap.

"So I'm still horny from this morning, do you want to fuck me again and take your time?" Said Kendra.

"Hell yes I do."

Kendra led me to her room by my hand then once she'd closed her door she stripped and stood before me naked.

"You really are sexy as hell sis." I said.

"And you have too many clothes on." She replied with a smile.

I stripped and Kendra took the lead and got to her knees before me and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck me. I didn't take long to get hard, once I was Kendra got up onto the bed and got onto all fours.

"Thought you wanted me to take my time?" I said, getting up onto the bed with her.

"You can the second time, I want to feel you cum in me again."

I got behind her and slowly pushed my cock into my sister for the second time that day, she felt amazing and I began to thrust slowly, savoring her warm tightness as I slipped deeper into her pussy. Kendra began to moan as I increased my pace, I was thankful I'd already cum that morning as I knew I wouldn't last. I caught movement at the corner of my eye, when I looked, Nikki was watching through the door that she'd cracked open. I stopped thrusting and told Kendra.

"Well, I told her she could watch. Come in sweetie, he seen you." She said.

"Sorry, I'm useless at being a peeping tom I guess." Replied Nikki.

"I have a condition, we're both naked, you should be too." I said.

Nikki took off her clothes and sat on Kendra's chair, I started thrusting again, stealing glances at Nikki's breasts and smiling at her. Before I wanted to I felt the familiar tingling in my balls and as Kendra came over my cock I groaned and pushed in deep as I erupted, spraying my seed into my sister as Nikki watched.

"That was so fucking hot, did he cum in you?" Said Nikki.

"Y Yes he did." Replied, Kendra, still catching her breath.

I pulled out and Kendra collapsed onto the bed, without saying anything Nikki got between her legs and started licking her pussy. I always loved lesbian porn, never thought I'd get to see it in person, let alone with my own sister being the one receiving.

"That is so fucking hot." I said, watching Nikki as she licked my cum from Kendra.

"I want pictures, Marcus, get me my phone."

For the next few hours Kendra's room became her little sex show, the girls fed me a Viagra and I took turns fucking them both, all with posed pictures on Kendra's phone. We were all exhausted by the time we were done, we lay snuggled together on the bed, soaked in sweat and grinning.

"You're not really the type of guy I'd go for Marcus but you have a lovely cock, thank you for fucking me." Said Nikki.

"Nikki likes the sissy boys she can tie up and fuck with her strap on, you're a rare visitor into her pussy that has a dick bigger than 4 inches." Said Kendra.

"Well I'm honored, you were fun." I replied, struggling to stay awake.

The next morning I got up and checked my email, the whole reason I was there had paid off, I found Kendra sitting at the kitchen counter with her coffee, I hugged her from behind, kissing her neck.

"Mmmm, easy tiger, my pussy is still aching from last night." She said, still turning round to kiss me.

"Oh I doubt even viagra could bring my poor cock to life today, I do have good news, I got the job!" I said.

"That's fantastic! When do they want you to start?"

"Once I've passed the drug screen, which I will, they have a conditional offer starting next month. Oh, the job comes with an apartment too!"

"No way!"

"They sent the details already so I can plan, 3 bedroom on the west side of town."

"Nice, I'll be able to visit, my work is over there."

"How about you take one of the rooms instead."

"Are you serious? That would be amazing! Oh fuck, I do have a lease agreement with Nikki though, she can't afford this place on her own."

"Bring her too, the money you'd both save would help a lot."

"I'll talk to her, that would be so awesome."

"Well I have to get back and start packing, this uh, wasn't just a one time thing right, I've never felt so alive making love to you." I said, putting my arms round her again.

"Did you think I'd allow this then not want you again little brother?"

"I don't know, I was just so wrapped up in the lust of it all really."

"I'm pretty picky who I allow between my legs I'll have you know, you're only the third guy I've ever had sex with."

"Well it was wonderful."

"One thing, I don't want you sleeping with any sluts while you're away, I love feeling you cum in me. If you do sleep with another woman, wear something okay?"

"I don't want anyone else Kendra."

When I landed back home my stepmom picked me up from the airport as planned, she'd married my dad when I was 3, Kendra and I's mom had gotten into drugs and was sent away, last we heard she'd made her way to Europe somewhere but Lisa was a good mom to us both. She greeted me with a hug and drove us home.

"I'm really proud of you sweetie, I called your dad and told him, he's still in Hong Kong but he said to tell you he's proud of you too." Said Lisa as we drove.

"Thanks Mom, it's a really great company to work for, I have Dad to thank for pushing me so hard with my school work."

"Well I have a nice dinner cooking for us then we have something to talk about." She said with a smile.


Lisa's cooking was always awesome, I helped her clean up then she told me to follow her for the talk she'd mentioned. I wondered what it was about, expecting more of the 'we are proud of you' stuff I soon became confused when she led me to her room then sat on the bed. She pulled her iPad from under her pillow and powered it on.

"Come sit beside me." She said.

"What's this about?" I asked, sitting down.

"Now, these are offline now but your sister accidentally shared these to my cloud drive since she's on my family iPhone plan. Is that her roommate that you're having sex with too?"

Lisa had a photo gallery pulled up, all the pictures Kendra had taken when we were fucking.

"Y yes."

"Did you enjoy fucking your own sister?"

"I I liked it."

"Well, you owe me for taking these offline, you're going to start by eating my pussy then you're going to fuck me with that nice big cock of yours. If you don't, well, that little 'restore' button at the top puts them back on the cloud and I'd let you explain to your father how much you enjoyed fucking his little angel and you know how much he adores her."

"But.. You're my mom!"

"Stepmom, not that it matters, you've already been in your sister, you can't pretend you all of a sudden developed clear morals. She's a sexy young woman, I can't say I blame you but this is for me."

Lisa stood up and took off her dress, she wasn't wearing any panties but had on a white lace bra that was pretty see through. She liked to work out so didn't look anything like the 40 year old she was, I hate to admit I actually enjoyed finally getting to see her pert breasts when she took off her bra. She laid back on the bed beside me and told me to strip, I did so and got between her legs when she opened them and licked her the way my ex had taught me. When she had cum a couple of times she pulled me up and looked at my face as I entered her, gasping in pleasure as I slowly pushed every inch inside her. I'm not sure how long I lasted but Lisa had cum quite a few times before I finally moaned loudly, spraying my hot seed deep into a woman I knew as mom. I collapsed on top of her when I was spent, catching my breath as my cock softened.

"Go and shower then bring us both a drink, you can have your own bed tonight but I expect this every night until you go."


I laid in my bed when Lisa finally released me for the night, wracked with guilt about fucking another woman. I decided to face time Kendra and tell her.

"Hey sweetie, missing me already huh." She said, smiling.

"Well, yea but I have something to tell you." I replied.

"I know."

"You know what?"

"Oh come on, I work in the Apple store remember, do you think I'd 'accidentally' share pics I didn't want her to see? Dad's fucking his secretary and poor Lisa hasn't been fucked good in years, I set you up little brother, I hope she was fun."

"Wh.. what? She said I'm hers every night until I leave here!"

"Well, is just as well we have a sexy stepmom and not a troll because you got a letter, 'position delayed, sign on bonus being doubled, half paid early, looking forward to you starting in December.' I had to sign for it, I'll pay the check into your account."

"That's 8 months Kendra!"

"Oh I know, I want you to practice your stamina with her, get used to fucking your big sister and her roommate for when you're finally here with us. I'll be home for a week in August, I'll tell her then but until then, enjoy her my love." She said then hung up.

"So, I get you for three months, have to share with your sister again then mine for another five months?" Said Lisa, I didn't see her standing at my door.

"You knew?"

"If you didn't enjoy it I'll leave you alone, I don't want you to feel like I forced you, if you did enjoy me I'm nice and clean and my door is open." She said then walked away.

'Fuck it' I said to myself, my own bed was too small anyways and made my way to her room..

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