Victorious part 5

Monday for Victor started out quietly, except for the obvious.

“On Friday, time to think over the weekend was requested. Your time is up.” Meredith asked as they met in her office for the morning.

Victor stayed still for a moment soaking in her gaze. He felt strangely calm but stiflingly hot nonetheless. “Have you bought me a ring?” He started.

Meredith didn’t even blink. “Your answer?”

Victor continued undeterred. “Maybe someone should be here to annotate our agreement? I would like this on paper.”

Meredith paused, then reached over and called Jan in. “Please come in, this will only take a moment.”

Jan walked into the office stupefied.

Meredith turned to her. “Jan, I have an agreement that will need to be notarized could you please take notes.” She stopped and turned to Victor. “She stays.”

Victor sighed and began. “Where do we live?”

“Our best situation for our ideal is to have you move into my property.” Meredith rattled still keeping eye contact. “I value my space however I was always planning to have permanent company.”

He prodded her. “Expectations?”

“I expect your attentions and at times your undivided energies. I expect to have a continuance of our preceding time together.” She said simply.

“Others?” He breathed.

Meredith’s eyes flicked up to him. “Who?”

Victor looked up at the ceiling remembering Taris. “To be determined.” He offered wonderingly.

Meredith considered and pulled at her hair. “I have not given thought to sharing inside the home. I will not stop sharing of women with you, however I would be…very concerned if it happened away from my presence.” Meredith paused for the next set of words to form. “Marriage is an ideal that protects the home from the division resources by outside interests and disease. Historically, multiple marriages, or supplicants were common. While no other sexual contact outside the home would be preferable, condoms would be a minimally acceptable secondary. Marriage wasn’t intended so there could be children outside the home.”

Behind them, Jan shifted quietly.

“Timeline?” He asked next.

“Your lease is up in four months.” Victor’s eye jumped but he remember it was public knowledge.

Victor dryly asked. “Any other announcements?”

“Prenuptial contract in effect after the first year.” Meredith supplied.

“Division exactly by individual earned value over the period.” Victor said remembering her nasty divorce.

Meredith nodded and arched her fingers. “Agreed. No accounts shared.”

Victor conceded. “Announcements of the ceremony?”

“Next week if that is all.” She finished and stood staring blankly at him.

Victor himself had trained her never to offer a shake until the client did, or it was verbally agreed. Of all her slips, that one would be disastrous.

Victor stepped forward but didn’t offer his hand. “I know you don’t feel, and likely you don’t understand love. But that is what I want between us Meredith. If you can’t love me than all this will fail.” Victor said and leaned in onto her desk. Jan caught his eye as she stared at them like they were crazy. “Write that down too. Meredith should know she’s raising the stakes.”

Meredith kept her eyes on him and tried to stay still and aloof and not study what his body was doing as she always did in that way of hers. After a silent minute, he offered a hand. “I mean it Meredith, if this doesn’t work then what will we have left?”

She took his hand and the world froze just before Jan jumped into it. She made the hysterical wheezy screams of an excited pre-teen complete with giddy hopping and a huge smile. “We have to celebrate! Oh the girls have been waiting for this forever.”

“We can have dinner then.” Victor offered. “We have an appointment though and we should’ve been off already.” Hastily he pried off Jan and pulled Meredith from her grip.

“Tonight we’ll celebrate at Chez Alasco, I can’t believe this, congratulations!” She waved as they made their way down to the elevators.

Carmen eyed them quietly as they passed but remained silent. She seemed odd as Victor passed her. She wore comfort clothes that were hardly her style.

“Carmen wears glasses?” He mused.

In the garage, he followed Meredith as she got in her vehicle. On the way up he reviewed with her the purchases already made by the hospital, and the future plans of healthcare group that owned it. As usual, they simply wanted to save money. So far, they had been becoming more profitable. Victor’s plan would be to tie the success of the branch to his product and sell them the new model because of the more productivity it would promise.

The plan was for them not to verbally make any of the promises. They didn’t want to have a million dollar deal that depended on a fickle sense of personal affability. Either they trusted the company, what it did in the industry, its products, and the numbers put in front of them, or they couldn’t make it fit.

The fact that they knew who they were meeting, and the fact that they knew him for years did help the strategy a bit. However, he could still say ‘no’ despite how unlikely they made that option. Four hours later, they had finished the deal and were on the way back. Meredith called ahead to Jan and they made arrangements to meet at the restaurant.

After a quick stop to feed Simon at Victor’s apartment they left. As they drove, Victor caught a glimpse of Taris spying him out the window. He blanched hoping nothing would come of it.

They found Jan at the bar still staring at everything as she tipped back her wine. Victor guessed she had been waiting for a while already. Jan looked frumpish and out of place in a purple button up shirt and a long floral dress. But, anyone with eyes could see her pale Nordic beauty and enormous breasts. The men at the bar were circling like sharks.

Jan was witless to the attention as she stared around at the walls. As usual, she was gob smacked by the glittery colorful reliefs, sculpted ornaments, and the cozy feeling created by the low lighting. She seemed like a yokel every time she came in.

Chez Alasco was a French/Italian fancy restaurant. Jan enjoyed it and it seemed to be her favorite since she did a birthday party there earlier. To Victor it was a fake high-class restaurant. It was a cheesecake factory redone to appear in the snobby five-star range. It was nice, but it wasn’t worth the twenty-dollar drinks, and pretentious atmosphere.

“Hey, Jan.” Victor walked up and gave her a hug. “We got a table, come on.” Victor said pulling her from the well.

The dinner became a surreal affair. Victor and Meredith barely ate while Jan imbibed freely. Since her appetite was ruined by drink, she told them how happy she was the entire dinner. Victor noticed how adoring she was of her ‘big sister Meredith’. She seemed to move closer and closer to Meredith until finally they were sharing drinks, and dessert.

He wasn’t too surprised when she let slip her picking up lesbianism during college. By the end of dinner, she hung onto Meredith heavily with sleepy eyes and twirled her hair.

Victor listened to the words but watched her wine slosh onto her dress as she spoke. “I think it’s time to go.”

“Hmm? Ya tonight I’ll stay with Mere…” Jan claimed as he moved around the table to lift her.

“I understand.” Meredith replied and paid as Victor struggled to raise Jan to her feet. Meredith stayed back and let him maneuver Jan up and out into the parking lot.

As he got her into Meredith’s backseat, Jan clung to him and he got in back with her. He lay with her as she cried about social injustices on the way back to Meredith’s house. As usual, she parked in the garage and they got Jan out and onto a couch in the nearly dark front room so they could take off her ruined wet clothes. The moonlight came in from the accent windows overhead as they stripped and exposed her pale white body.

Quietly the dogs came in and watched but kept their distance as Meredith and Victor toiled over Jan.

“I’m so sorry guys…” Jan apologized. She didn’t seem to care the dogs were watching from the shadows, or that Victor was the one pulling down her dress as Meredith held her hand.

Victor almost chuckled at the worn out polka dot panties she wore, they fit her personality. He could hardly imagine lingerie under the shapeless clothes she wore. Under the panties, her whole crotch was unshaved. Victor looked at the wisps of blond hair peeking out along her thighs incredulously.

Next to him, Meredith took off her jacket and unbuttoned her shirt as she watched him strip Jan. Pulling her blouse off, she was ambushed as Jan suddenly pulled her down in a kiss. Behind them, Drei whined quietly as Meredith pulled away Jan’s hands and took control of the kiss. Victor watched as she got on top of her friend and coworker and tore the rest of her clothes off. She left her panties on as she held her co-worker down.

Jan still tried to cling to her as she cried. Meredith stepped back and quieted her by stripping herself down. She revealed in the half-lit room her perfectly sculpted full figured dusky body. Jan seemed happy to see Meredith reveal herself for her. Victor moved over to the sofa as Meredith again climbed over Jan in only her black demi-cup bra. She knelt high over Jan and looked over at Victor like a conquistador claiming new lands. The two contrasted deliciously as the relatively hard bodied dark haired bronze skinned Meredith explored Jan's padded pale fair haired body like a surveyor appraising her domain.

Jan wriggled under her as Meredith bounced her breasts against each other. Her huge pale globes raised high off her chest. She seemed like a perverted caricature, her breasts were much larger than her head. Her aureoles were so pale they were indistinct and only the large nub of her nipple was noticeable. They sagged but frankly, they looked completely natural for their gigantic size. Meredith was a double E but her pendulous orbs seemed quite ordinary compared to the pillows Jan was hidden under.

Meredith moved forward and Jan ecstatically wriggled lower so that Meredith’s pussy was brought over her face. She dived into it without being told and munched merrily. Victor watched until Meredith leaned down onto the couch arm to steady herself. Her holes were exposed as Jan attacked the sensitive clit Meredith pushed down into her.

Like a spider, he crept over to them careful not to interrupt. Meredith looked back at him quickly but was distracted. He straddled Jan’s chest as he got over her. Her warm breasts were felt for the first time. Victor couldn’t help but play with them. Bouncing them together and tugging her huge pale nipples, he was brought back into the sex by Meredith climaxing and pushing his ass back into him. Like a catcher, he pulled down her hips and slid his cock into her pussy in one smooth move. She moaned and froze for a second before undulating. Below them, Jan’s hands and lips did everything they could to keep her attention.

For several minutes, they fucked at a relaxed comfortable pace and moved back up over Jan’s body. Victor felt her padded breasts cup his balls as they bounced between his thighs. He felt her scoot down and then felt her tongue on them as she desperately tried to help Meredith along. The sensation was too much and Victor came deep inside Meredith and let her pussy drip on Jan as he pulled back his cock.

She flinched and cursed but after discovering the taste, she jumped into Meredith even deeper. Like a starving child she pulled Meredith back onto her mouth and made her pour out the nectar Victor left there. After several minutes, she turned to Victor’s cock and inexpertly sucked him as she single-mindedly went after more of their shared essences. Meredith rose off the couch to watch, her head was cocked as she witnessed a new obsession of her friend.

“This was the taste.” Jan bemoaned. “I always liked it This means even she was cheating on me…”

Victor watched her but couldn’t follow what she was babbling about. After a minute, Meredith reached in and tugged Jan away and off the couch. Her hips had been rising rhythmically and Meredith noted a wet spot on her panties from an unfulfilled need as the blonde discovered the taste of a man’s cum. Meredith marched her upstairs to the bedroom and threw her down like a prisoner. As Victor got in the room and closed the door, Meredith had came back to the bed with a gigantic dildo.

Meredith was direct and authoritative as she rolled and wrestled Jan onto her breasts and stomach. She pulled down her panties and slid the dildo across her. Victor got hard again and negotiated a position behind Meredith as she caressed and opened Jan. She licked on both of Jan’s untrimmed holes as she continued to push the dildo. She wriggled the tip around searching for entrance. The phallus finally found safe harbor and Jan wheezed as Meredith forced her ass open with it.

Her cheeks clenched and Meredith hissed and slapped her ass until she released. She whimpered and relaxed only to clench up again as the next inch went in. Victor reached around from behind Meredith and started fingering Jan’s hairy pussy. Under the attentions of the two, her body opened up to relax slowly. Their bodies gave off a variety of scents. Meredith’s Chanel worked hard, but it was covered by the smells of arousal and sweat. The bedroom reeked of sex already, but Jan’s scent was new and therefore particularly noticeable to them.

Lazily, Victor fucked Meredith in the sweltering room. He kept his movements slow and Meredith undulated against him for more friction a they set about the task of relaxing and opening up Jan as she whimpered, simpered, and mewled before finally just climaxing. After regaining herself, she pushed herself back harder onto Meredith’s invasive phallus and Victor’s plundering fingers.

Satisfied her pet sister could take him, Meredith suddenly tossed away the dildo, scooted off Victor’s cock, sat on Jan's back, and turned back to Victor spreading her cheeks. Numbly, he moved up into Jan’s saddle, as Meredith so obviously wanted. He slid his cock around and centered on Jan’s asshole, and pushed. Her relaxed muscles opened but he was bigger than her recent occupant was.

Meredith ground her pussy into Jan’s back and got more and more excited kissing him as he pushed into Jan’s ass. The blonde huffed, wheezed, and arched herself under them slightly as she was taken. The heat in the room built where the three bodies converged. Meredith scooted back and raised Jan’s face with both hands. As Victor slid into her all the way, she dropped her head down over her and bit Jan’s cheekbone savagely. The move prompted Victor to move forward and bite her back near the shoulder blade. Under them, Jan wriggled slightly in shock and confusion as they held her between them.

Meredith kept her grip, fumbled for Jan’s clit, and stroked her as Victor built up his rhythm behind them. For several minutes, Jan couldn’t move and it wasn’t till several more minutes later, when she came, that they released her and let her drop back down. Meredith moved back behind Victor and like a four-armed sex beast, they stroked her sweating body from behind as they took her deepest place.

As Victor gave her short deep thrusts and neared his completion, Meredith came to her, kissed her sister, and stroked her caressingly. He marked her insides with his burning load. He pulled away and Meredith crawled over the passive Jan and feasted on the creampie.

He watched over them with some odd sense of reverence as she fed on her and Jan lay still with heavy lidded eyes as they used her. When Meredith finished cleaning her sister, she curled up and they spooned with Jan in the middle. The tall blonde was curled in between them, her long limbs tangled over Victor as Meredith embraced her and stroked her neck and back. Victor couldn’t help but watch them as Meredith soothed her sorority sister like a child and cooed into her ear. Jan looked completely at peace in her arms.

He fell asleep peacefully and dreamed of soft hills and warm soft happy women running up and hugging him.

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