When i was thirteen_(0)

One morning i got a call from my best friend, Xavier and he told me he'll be having a sleep over party. (my age in this story is 13). I asked my mom, if I could go and she said sure. So that was my plan 4 tha night. Later on in the afternoon, I called him back to ask him who all were coming, he said a couples of guys and couple of girls. I wasnt afraid of girls, cause I can talk to them, basically they all talked about sex but i didnt know how to, at that age i didnt know where the pussy was, i just knew it was there. i said aight and got dressed to go there early. I kissed my mom good bye and left.(i was a mamas boy) when i got there, he said "we have a problem", "wat" i replied, "well, some of tha girls cant make it, so that means we'll have too many guys" but i did not understanding what he meant and said "so", he looked at me and said "well, i have a fun game for us to play later and we at least need a balance of girls and guys and now we have eight guys and five girls" i finally understood and said, "we need a way to balance it out" as he was about to say how until we saw two guys we friends walked by,and remembered they had alergic reactions to different foods, one was alergic to cheese, another was to ham and the other was turkey. i looked at xavier and said " someone gotta take one for tha team" and he replied you mea three" we served out sandwiches to everyone and they all gobbled it down, and in a few minutes, those three guys begun throwing up repeatedly, we kinda felt bad, but when one girl; passed by us and blew us a kiss, we got over it and called their parents who came and took the guys home, my friend Xavier said" next time" as they walked out the door. One hour later, the girls that couldn't come, came and now it was five guys to ten gurls, and all the guys were happy and quickly the music went blazing and everybody was dancing, then in about two hours, a gurl said "hey lets play a game", my friend jumped up and said,"who is up 4 spin the bottle" everybody raised their hands, except me. i just wanted to watch like always. when i did not join in, they did not notice. I walked out the room and into the bedroom to watch the television. one of the girls saw me and soon appeared at the door."why aren't you out here, playing with us" i looked up and this girl was beautiful, she maybe was older than the other others cause of the way she looked she looked, her breasts were larger, rounder and more firm and her thick round ass added greatly to her marvelous shape, a guy would get hard just by hearing her vioce. i lost the words somewhere between her lips and her long and smooth legs, i was in a trance as i let my eyes undress her. she came closer and said, "are you ok?" i replied"yes um im fine" , she begun to smile"r u sure?", i replied,"yeah", as my cock begun straining against my shorts, wat a day not to wear boxers, "come play with us", "with who" i replied, "with us", she said laughing and continued to say" are you sure, you are ok", she was now standing infront of me, as i sit on the bed. she continued on" it seems like you dont wanna join in, so i'll bring the fun to you", i looked at her and said" wat you mean?" she then leaned forward and kissed me at that point i cud swear i felt like i got bigger. "wat are u doing?" i asked, she said,"shhhhh, dont say a word" i complied and watched her every move. she moved her hands down to my pants and sqeezed my dick, i remained quiet. she said"wow, impressive" i smiled, she then asked, "have u ever had your cock sucked" i replied"no?". "well allow me to be your first, a cock like these needs alot of attention", she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and begun to lick it, from the head to my balls, then she covered her mouth over the head and her right hand begun to stroke my cock, while her mouth went to the same motion over my cock. i layed there with my eyes closed, not understanding wat i was feeling but all i knew was that i liked it. she then engulfed my whole cock into her mouth and at that moment i came, she kept sucking and said "u like that" i replied,"yeah" through moans. she then said"you taste great, now you gonna taste me" i looked at her knowing exactly wat she meant, as she stripped down to nothing. she then pulled me upwards to her and begun to undress me. then all of a sudden my hands begun moving up her body gently, until it reached her breasts. i did not know wat was happening as i begun to massage them, i didnt fight it, my fingers begun playing with her nipples. she then pushed me backwards, letting me fall on the bed, then crawled upwards and straddled my face. "you like my pussy?" she asked, i said yeah, in an extremely nervous voice. i looked at her pussy lips puzzled and asked" wat should i do?" i always talked about how, if i had the chance to fuck some gurl that i'd eat her out, now i had tha chance, i became dumb and forgot. She said, "use ur tongue and lick it, both out and in". i hesitated as i begun to stick my tongue out, and the closer i got to licking her pussy, i was more comfortable and i begun to lick her cunt lips, she said"keep it up", i licked and kissed her cunt until i felt something against my nose. i didnt know wat it was but i licked it any way as i licked it she jumped like she just got a jolt of lightening in here, but i continue licking wat eva it was.i pushed my tongue a little bit inside her cunt and worked my tongue in a clockwise motion. she moaned and grabbed my head to keep it in place as she rub her pussy against my face, she moaned some more as i pushed my tongue a little further into her pussy, and lick my tongue side to side. all i knew, i was suppose to lick her pussy and according to her i was good at it, then i felt something again tickle on my nose again, so i sucked it into my mouth and sucked on it. she starded to say thank you, then i felt her pussy was sucking on my tongue, i tried to pull away cause i didnt understand what was happening, but she didnt let me, she kept rubbing her pussy against my face, as i pulled my tongue away, she shouted out in a loud moan,"dont leave me hanging, make me cum, lick my pussy", i did as she said, but instead placed my mouth over her pussy, while she held her lips apart, i sucked on her pussy and she was enjoying it and in a few seconds, my face and mouth was filled, with a salty sweet, sticky substance. she said,"you liked how i tasted", i nodded as she said,"now i want you to fuck me" i understood that, and i gave her pussy a kiss to say sure. she crawled down, and positoned my cock at the opening of her pussy and slowly eased herself down my shaft, i didnt understand what i was feeling but i didnt mind one bit. as she begun to speed up, my hips begun thrusting upwads, as she began to ride me harder, i remembered that we never put on a condom but this felt so good, i didnt want her to stop, so i continued to thrust my hips, she was biting her lips in order to hold in her moans. then she begun to slow down, and rolled over placing me on top of her, i begun to work my hips in a circular motion, moving back and forth inside her. then a moan type sound came out both our mouths, i continued working my hips as i came face to face with her breasts. i begun to kiss them just around her nipples and then my tongue begun to lick her nipples, i continued this for a while, as i continued to work my hips, i moved upwards and begun kissing her neck, then she said through moans,"fuck me harder", she raised her legs upwards into the air, i placed them on my shoulders and leaned forward until i was looking in her eyes, i rested my hands beside her head, palm first, then begun to pound her pussy, she kept earging me to go faster and harder and to my surprize, i was fucking her the hardest and fastest i could, then i felt my cock grow harder and a weird feeling, i still up to today can't describe. i ignored it and continued trying to go faster. i begun to slow down, as i felt like her pussy was sucking on my dick, she told me to kneal down as she got on all fours, she continued to say enter me, i thought it meant her ass, as i tried to penetrate through the tightness, she scream"get it out of there" she pulled my dick away from her ass and directed it inside her pussy, i had an idea wat to do, cause i have two pet dogs and i begun humping her at a fast pace, she gave out a loud moan as i grunted, i went on until i felt something go throuh my dick and exits the head and moans escaped my lips, i continued to try to hump her but i couldn't work through the sensitivity, she pushed herself back until i fell on the bed and she was on top of me but with her back to me and she begun to ride me again, i tried to get her to slow down but she said"dont take this away from me", i battled the sensitivity until it was slowly going away, then she gave out a long loud moan and she came. she slowly lifted herself up and flopped down on the bed, i still was hard but soon i returned to normal, i took up a blanket and covered her with it and begun to dress to go out the room but she said"you better get in this bed with me" her voice sounded evil like she had something planned, i remove wat i had put on and snuggled behind her on the bed but as i put my arm around her, she jumped up and said "tell me you had on a condom", i looked at her disappointedly and shook my head no. she slapped me acroos the face and said "you know the trouble this would bring" i replied "yes" she continued but in an angry tone," wat are you gonna do about it?" i looked her in the eye and said,"if you'll let me, i'll stick by you through it" she looked at me wierdly and said,"you'll do that", "sure i would, but if you dont want me too, i under-", she cut me short and said, "well, i dont believe you" she continued, "lets sleep on it and see if we feel the same way in the morning", i said "no, lets talk about it now" she looked at me and said talk, i continued," lets look at it on both ways, negative and positive, negative u get pregnant, positive u dont" "ok" she replied, "if u do get pregnant, i'll be there by your side and we go thru it together, you didnt do it alone", she looked at me strangely, as if to say, she cant believe wat im saying. i continued, "i know im young, but i will be there for you and maybe if you want for us" her eyes glistened with disbelief and a feeling of belief. before i could speak again she stopped me," dont say no more, let ur actions do the talking and from this day forward, ur my man.
This incident of forgetting to put on a condom led to a real, interesting relationship, which ran for about 3 months, i'll come back with a second part, real soon

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