King Dong: A Monster Movie Parody Act 7

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True to his word, a huge crowd attended the premier. "Live at the Hollywood Bowl, Dong, the Eighth Wonder of the World, XXX Adult Show" the signs promised. The people took their seats, speculating on what they were about to see. Many rumors had filtered out, some mostly accurate and some much less so.

Anne and Jack waited backstage. Jack in a tuxedo, Anne wearing only a lacy matching set of bra and panties. "You nervous, Anne?" Jack asked.

"Mmmm, ready to soak through my panties is more like it. Being on that island was a nightmare, but he fucks me sooooo damn good. I can't wait to feel his tentacles in me again," Anne confessed.

"And here I thought Dickem had to coerce you into doing a fuck show live on stage," Jack said.

Anne gave him a naughty smile. "I barely even care about the money he's promised, although I'm certainly not turning it down either."

Just then, Karl arrived, in a tuxedo of his own. "Jack! Anne! Looking hot as always. The box office is reporting a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar take for the night. How's that for a haul?"

"You crazy mother fucker, you really pulled it off, didn't you?" Jack said.

"Damn straight. And every night after this, too. Now just some quick interviews here and we can get started," Karl said as the reporters and photographers filtered in. "Boys, this is Miss Deeper, and Mr. Enoff."

"Is it true that Mr. Enoff is the one that rescued you?" a reporter asked.

"That's right. I wouldn't have gotten away without him," Anne answered.

"So how did you manage that feat with a creature that big?" another reporter asked.

"Well, at that point Dickem is the one that gets the credit. We were all running scared, but Dickem and his balls of steel had the nerve to attack it with the gas bombs," Jack replied.

"So you're the big hero, then," a reporter said to Karl.

"No, leave me out of it. Miss Deeper is the center of our story. Without her, we wouldn't have had a chance at Dong. He was after her when he came to us."

"A regular Beauty and the Beast!" a reporter remarked.

"That's it exactly. Use that," Karl said. "Beauty and the Beast. Dong was safe and alone on his island, but once he seduced Beauty, he couldn't live without her. There's your story."

"Can we get some photos now?" a photographer asked.

"Hold off on that. I'm going to start the show, give a little speech about Dong, Miss Deeper, Mr. Enoff, and our grand adventure. I'll call you up when it's a good time for photos," Karl said. "Anne, Jack, come on with me on stage for when the curtain goes up." Anne's hand reflexively went to rub her pussy, and she found her panties were indeed incredibly damp. She made a small horny moan. "That's a good girl, can't wait to get started," Karl observed and led them up to the stage.

He stepped out in front of the curtain to the full capacity crowd, and started to wind them up like a circus ringmaster. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am here tonight to tell you a fantastic tale. So fantastic that nobody would ever believe it. But, ladies and gentlemen, seeing is believing, and we have returned with the living proof of our adventure, an adventure in which many men died horribly.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, before we begin our tale, I am going to show you the most amazing sight you have ever seen. Mark this year down in your lives, because you'll never again see anything as fantastic as you did right here in 1978. He was the ruler and god of the world he knew, but now he comes to civilization, merely a captive, a show to gratify your curiosity and your erotic interests. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dong, the eighth wonder of the world!"

The curtain rose, revealing Dong, covered with thick nets and chains, enough to ensure the only tentacles that could move were the small ones on his face. The crowd gasped, some women shrieked. Karl smiled proudly. He waved Anne out next to him. "And now to introduce to you Miss Anne Deeper. The most resilient girl I've ever known." The audience applauded. Anne removed her bra with a flourish, and they applauded louder and cheered.

Karl continued. "Behind us the Beast, and here is Beauty. She lived through an experience that no other woman could even imagine. And she was rescued from that peril by a very brave man, and incidentally her future husband, let's meet him now, Mr. Jack Enoff." Jack arrived on stage and took a bow to the applause of the audience.

"Now, before I tell you the incredible story of our voyage, Anne is going to show you just what makes Dong here so special. And I'll ask the gentlemen of the press to come forward now, so you may have the privilege of watching them take the first photos of Dong," Karl announced. "Anne, go on up if you're ready."

"Mmmm, I am more than ready," Anne said. She slid her panties down her legs to the floor and turned toward the photographers as they came out on stage. "If any of you boys are brave enough for a close up view, you're welcome to follow me," she said with a seductive voice and a wink. She climbed up a series of stairs, ladders, and catwalks that had been positioned behind Dong, finally bringing her up to a platform that swung out near his head. Some of the photographers took her up on the offer, getting a superb view of her from underneath as they followed. Jack went up behind them as well.

When Anne got close to Dong, he gurgled and reached out towards her with his tentacles. She grasped one in each of her hands and stroked them gently. "I know, baby, look what they've done to you. I'm here now. You don't deserve this any more than I did, but at least we can be together again," she said. She stepped closer and let the tentacles start to caress her body. She moaned loudly with excitement and anticipation. A flurry of flashes went off as the photographers both on the stage and up on the catwalk started taking photos. Dong's gurgles increased in volume to a roar as he struggled within his bonds. "Shhh, it's okay, it's just lights and cameras," Anne said.

"Ladies and gentlemen, don't be alarmed. We have him tightly secured with the strongest chains, and Miss Deeper is in no danger of anything but a fantastic fucking," Karl announced. "Jack, how about you get in on some of the photos. That'll beat any of the photos at your wedding tomorrow."

Jack kept a cautious distance, but allowed the photographers to get him and Anne together in their shots. Anne groaned as the tentacles rubbed against her tits, pussy, and asshole. The photographers jostled each other and pushed forward for a better view. Dong roared again and the chains holding him began to show their strain.

Karl grew concerned, "Wait, hold on. He thinks you're threatening the girl!"

"Let him roar. These are great pictures!" a photographer said. Then a chain snapped, and another, followed by the rest. The nets tore easily and Dong freely waved all his tentacles around him. Jack grabbed hold of Anne, pulled her free of the smaller tentacles and leaped off the catwalk just as it crumpled from the impact of one of Dong's large tentacles. They fell in the direction of the side curtain and managed to grab hold of it, while the photographers screamed and plummeted to the stage below. Unable to hold the sudden weight, the curtain tore free from its support, but the collapsing fabric gave them a relatively soft landing for the remaining fall.

Jack recovered quickly, pulled Anne off the stage, and ran with her, as the crowd panicked and ran also. "My car's this way. Come on! We can escape into Hollywoodland," he said. They jumped into his convertible without even bothering with the doors. Jack started it up and drove over the grass to reach the road headed towards the nearby housing development on the other side of the freeway. Dong's tentacles swatted people and cars aside as he crawled through the parking lot in pursuit.

As Dong made his way through the rows of fancy houses, he spotted a blonde woman in a bikini sunbathing in her back yard. One of his tentacles swooped down and snatched her up. She screamed loudly as she was lifted into the grasp of Dong's facial tentacles. She wailed and struggled as the tentacles reached for her body. Dong paused, realized his mistake and tossed her aside. She shrieked as she fell through the air, thankfully landing in one of her neighbor's pools.

Jack and Anne sat in the car within a garage they'd found open and empty. "We'll hide out here. Don't worry, they'll get him," Jack said.

"It is him I'm worried about. It's like we're back on that fucking island, with him coming after me and Karl hunting him," Anne said, while subconsciously rubbing her damp pussy.

Suddenly the car was pulled from the garage. Anne yelled in surprise as a tentacle grabbed her. Jack shouted, but another tentacle overturned the car with him still inside. He crawled out from underneath and watched as Dong carried Anne away. He got up and gave chase on foot, but within a few minutes a police car stopped next to him and Karl leaned out from the passenger window. "Jack, get in!" he said.

"He's taking her that way, towards the old Hollywood sign up in the hills," Jack said.

"The police already have helicopters on the way. Let's get to them first though, come on!"

- - -

"Coming to my rescue again, even now when I don't need really need it?" Anne mused to Dong, who held her in his smaller tentacles. "Just calm down, baby, and we can be together. I'm all yours. We'll fuck whenever we want. Now and forever, you own me. You just have to stop! Dammit, how can I make you understand?" Dong crawled up the mountain overlooking the development and took shelter behind the "H" of the dilapidated old sign that once advertised it. Anne grabbed for two of the tentacles, pulling them towards her. She pushed one into her pussy and licked the other with her tongue. "Please? We need each other. Take me right here and now!"

She came almost instantly as Dong got the idea and pushed the tentacles hard into her mouth and pussy. She had a second orgasm within mere minutes as they pounded her holes, and a third when one more slithered up her asshole. The sound of the approaching helicopters interrupted them. Anne yanked the tentacle from her mouth and futilely called out, "No, go away! He just doesn't understand! Leave us be!"

The helicopters circled around them, and men within opened fire with machine guns. Rows of bullet hits formed across Dong's body. Anne waved her arms, no longer able to even hear herself begging for them to stop. The shock of the attack made Dong ram his tentacles into her hard, and the pain and pleasure of it mixed, causing her to convulse with an extremely powerful orgasm. Dong roared, broke the remains of the first letter "O" from its mount, and hurled it at a helicopter. The sign clipped the tail rotor and the helicopter spun away into a crash landing nearby.

Emboldened, Dong ripped apart more letters and threw them at this attackers while they rained bullets down upon him, careful to avoid hitting Anne. "Please, please stop hurting him. I don't know how I can live without this…" Anne whispered to herself, tears streaming down her face, the tentacles still pleasantly stuffed in her holes but no longer thrusting.

As Dong reached the end of the sign, blood pouring out all over his body, he reached up with a large tentacle and pulled her away from the smaller ones. He looked at her, gurgled, and set he down gently behind the letter "D". He turned and roared again at the helicopters in defiance. He lunged at them, his great tentacles outstretched, and then fell to the ground, rolled down the slope of the mountain, and fell still about halfway down.

Jack reached the sign just then, the police car having sped up the winding mountain road to the top. He ran to Anne and clutched her in a tight hug. "Anne! Are you alright? Baby, please tell me you're not hurt!"

Anne shoved him away and took off down the mountainside towards Dong, scrambling down at first and then running when she could. She climbed up onto Dong's body, making her way toward his face, where she clutched at the small tentacles, rubbing them on her naked body. "No! Please be alive! I'm here! Your pet! Your fuck doll! Your cock sleeve! I'm your slave forever if you'd just wake up! Don't be dead! No! No! Nooooooooo!" she shouted, then collapsed into wailing sobs.

Jack slowly walked back towards the car, a dazed and dejected look on his face. Karl and the policeman looked down at the scene. "What's her deal, buddy? She take a bullet from the choppers or something?" the cop asked.

Karl shook his head. "No. It wasn't the helicopters. It was the Beast that Beauty abandoned her former life for in the end."


- - -

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