Chapter 3: Invitation and Prelude

I pull into my garage and park the car. Stepping out, I walk to the mailbox and grab a fistful of mail. Tucking it under my arm, I walk up to the door and let myself in, flick on the lights and dump the pile of mail on the table. Normally, most of the mail I get is junk, but a small envelope slides out of the pile and drops to the floor. I peer at the return address and while there is no name listed I know from the street address that it is Danielle’s house. Curious, I think, as I slide my finger into the envelope and tear it open.

“A Very Special Birthday” it says on the cover. Of course! I think, her birthday is in a couple of weeks. I should think of a gift for hermy thoughts begin to wander as I open up the card. My mouth gapes open as I read the contents of the card. A picture of her freckled face, made up with red lipstick and wearing, her open mouth featured prominently on one side of the fold. On the other are instructions. “You are cordially invited to an evening of pleasure. Masks are required, be creative! Guests are not permitted to masturbate for at least one week prior to the party. Condoms are required - bring your own. If you wish to attend, RSVP by ejaculating on my photo, signing your name, and mailing it to the return address printed on the envelope. Hope to see you there”

I groan a bit, staring at the picture of her cute little freckled face, all made up with pigtails, her plump red lips and little mouth encouraging me. I begin to rub myself through my suit pants and find myself quickly having a raging hard-on . I place the card on the coffee table in the living room and unzip my fly. Pulling myself out I begin stroking myself to her picture. I moan softly to myself,

“Danielleyou naughty little girl….” as I begin to leak precum. I lower my cock head down to the picture and leave a streak of precum on her picture, wetting her bright red lips. My stroking gets faster as I imagine what wild things could happen. ‘How many people did she invite?’ I wonder. ‘Will they all be guys? Any of my coworkers?’ I think and then, ‘Of coursethat’s why the masks are required’. I imagine what she will wear that night what kind of skimpy little outfit she’ll wear to entice us all. The thought of her positioned on all fours, those nice wide hips on her petite frame, the image of her spread open while she’s surrounded by horny men all with a week’s worth of cum for her. I grunt and send three large spurts of cum onto the invitation, her face covered with my cum. After letting every last drop out onto the card, I sign my name in the corner and leave it to dry. I put my cock back in my pants and start thinking about dinner….

The next day at the office I approach Danielle while she’s working at her desk. The weather is colder now and she’s wearing a light gray knit sweater that drapes beautifully off of the shelf made by her perky 32C breasts. The sweater goes down to her waist and she’s wearing a navy blue pair of wool slacks on the bottom. I stare intently at her full peach of an ass but can’t spot any sign of panty line. She must be wearing a thong today, I think, as she finally notices me standing there staring. She gives a bit of a start but then smiles slowly, looking around to see if anyone’s watching. Then without turning around she reaches into the waistband of her pants and pulls out her black thong. She lets it go with a quiet snap against her soft freckled lower back.

“Good morning” I say, and then under my breath, “You know how much I love your panties, don’t you?”

“Well, well,” she says in a low sexy voice, “now that I do know…” she trails off smiling up at me. I wonder what she could mean by that as I imagine my eyes tracing the soft cotton fabric of her thong as it disappears into the valley between her firm full ass cheeks. The thin band bridging across her pink pucker and then the gusset hugging her freshly shaved pussy, the plump labia shaping the fabric around them.

“Thanks for the invite” I say with a mischievous grin.

“You’re very welcome, Matthew” she says smiling slowly.

The next day at lunch I go out to my car and notice something on the passenger seat. As I open the door and sit down I notice it’s a purple-colored plastic ziplock bag. A note in permanent marker on the bag says “For Matt, xoxo Danielle”. I open the bag up, look inside. I reach my hand in and gently pull out what appears to be a black cotton thong. ‘It can’t be’ I think to myself. I turn the thong around in my hands (size Small, Victoria’s Secret) and notice they’ve been worn. ‘It must be the pair she was wearing yesterday’. I can see in the fabric of the gusset a faint white streak. Running my fingertips over it, the feeling is dry and crusty. I can feel my cock swelling right there in the parking lot. I peek around to see if anyone’s looking and raise the thong to my nose. I breathe deeply and the heavenly scent of Danielle’s perfect little pussy juices overwhelms my brain. She smells so good it transports my mind from the car to our last encounter in the yoga studio with her and Andrea, the intern. Me holding a “plank” position while Andrea grinds her hairy muff into my face while massaging her 38F tits. Danielle crawling under me and sucking me until I flood her mouth with cum. I find myself rubbing my pants in my car in the parking lot. I remember the taste of her pussy, sweaty from yoga, but pink swollen and beautiful. My tongue probing her little hole as she quietly groaned in pleasure and encouragement. Without thinking I open my mouth and bring my tongue to the fabric that soaked in Danielle’s pussy juices all day yesterday and am rewarded with her tangy flavor. I savor the taste and rub myself harder through my pants. Opening my eyes I realize I’m still in the car and need to stop before somebody sees me. I put the little thong back into its ziplock bag and seal it for later use…

At the end of the day when there are very few people left in the office I go to Danielle’s desk.

“Thank you for the little gift” I say innocently.

“I had a feeling you might like that,” she smiles.

“In fact I can see that you like that,” her gaze moving to the bulge in my pants which with her sitting down is just about head height. She wets her lips absentmindedly and looks up at me.

“I need to go pee,” she says leaning in and whispers, “meet me in 5 minutes”.

My face flushes red with excitement and nervousness. ‘Not everyone is gone yet’ I think. ‘What if we’re caught?’ But my excitement is too intense. Just the look she gave me, her eyes alone, told me she’s ready and wanting. I look at my phone, not sure how long it’s been. After what was probably only a minute I walk out to the lobby. The men’s and women’s bathrooms are side-by-side with a water fountain between them. I take a deep breath and push open the door of the women’s bathroom. A line of six stalls stretch out before me. The doors are ajar to all of them, save one. I can hear the sound of someone peeing into the toilet and I quietly walk over. The door is unlocked, I see a small gap between the door and frame. I then hear a quiet “Matt?” and take another deep breath and slowly push the door open.

Danielle has her legs spread, her shaved vulva on full display, with a stream of pee jetting down into the toilet. Her cheeks are flushed and she watches me stare at her and edge closer. She grabs my hips and pulls me to her face, unzipping my fly. She pulls my cock out and immediately puts her mouth over it and begins eagerly sucking. One of her hands grabs some toilet paper and moves down to her pussy where she is just finishing peeing and gives it a quick wipe, while continuing to suck me to full erection. I’m already close to cumming as I watch her sweet head bob on my cock, my hands move out to the walls of the stall for stability and I groan.

“Shhhh!” she says pulling her mouth off for a moment.

She stands up now, her pants only pulled down to just above her knees a navy blue thong rests inside them. She pulls her thong up quickly as she begins to stroke me with one hand. With the other she pulls at the waistband of her thong. I look down and can see her pussy in that dark little cave. She leans in and whispers, “I want you to cum all over my pussy”.

Without hesitating, I kiss her deeply and she responds back strongly, pushing her tongue into my mouth. As we begin kissing her grip tightens and I moan again. I start to cum with her stroking me, the first spurt of cum hitting just above the waist of her panties and she gently aims me down lower. The second and third spurts cover just above her clit and begin dripping down, glazing her bald pussy.

Danielle slips her hand down into her underwear and spreads my cum all over her vulva. I see her hand slip further down as her first two fingers disappear inside. She begins to moan, soft at first, then louder, recklessly. I kiss her mouth as she fingers her wet hot cunt and she bites my hard on the lower lip. I grab her ass and pull her close, my fingers squeezing into her toned full ass cheeks. I want to feel her finger-fucking herself, and I want to feel it close. I’m staring so intently I forget we are still standing in a stall in the women’s bathroom. With a creak the bathroom door opens and the unmistakable sound of high heels on tile floor gets closer and closer. As she gets closer to our stall I hear her footsteps slow down.

“Shit,” I think “we are totally busted.”

The footsteps stop and I begin to notice a familiar scent. Perfume. One of our coworkers, Karen, wears a very distinctive, intoxicating scent. Karen is about 5’6”, short straight blonde hair, icy blue eyes. Her long, strong legs lead up to her ample, child-bearing hips (usually with a tight pair of jeans stretched across them), a trim waist, and firm 34B breasts. Karen is 45 years old, married, with two kids, but she exudes the sexual energy of a twenty-something. At company parties she goes shot-for-shot with our recent grad hires and puts most of them to shame.

Danielle’s fingers are still inside her pussy, but she has stopped moving. Our breathing is shallow and quick; both of us trying to be quiet and avoid detection. Of course, it really is too late for that. We hear Karen turn on her heel and open the door to the stall next to ours. With a zip, we hear Karen unbutton her jeans, then we hear her peeling them off her hips and down to the ground around her high heels.

“Maybe she’s just going to pretend she didn’t see or hear anything..” I wonder to myself.

We hear Karen start peeing, the sound of her urine splashing against the inside of the bowl as Danielle and I both hover tightly together listening. After about 30 seconds we hear just a tinkle instead of a full stream, and we wait. Rather than hearing Karen wipe herself though, she is staying on the toilet. Our hearts are practically beating through our chests at this point from keeping our breathing shallow. After another minute we hear Karen sigh and see one of her feet shift in the stall.

“She can’t be…” I think to myself.

Another minute goes by and I can faintly hear the unmistakable wet sound of Karen’s fingers massaging the folds of her pussy. She moans louder, more boldly, and Danielle seems to take it as a sign that we can continue. She pulls her fingers out of her own pussy and raises them to my mouth. I suck on them loudly, hungrily extracting all of Danielle’s sweet pussy juices off of them. She removes her wet fingers, covered with my saliva and moans as she slips them back inside, beginning to reach deep inside her. At this point with two sexy women masturbating right near me, I am back at full erection. I release Danielle’s ass and she sits back down on the toilet, leaning back and spreading her legs wide open so I can see every glorious detail of her pussy. I push my pants further down and begin to stroke my cock right in front of her. We stare at each other, both incredibly excited at this meeting place and with a new friend next door.

Karen can hear us both now, openly groaning and moaning with intense pleasure. Danielle positively fucking herself, spread wide open and wet. I’m getting precum dripping down my shaft as I pump it faster staring at this sexy woman in front of me. Karen begins to moan louder, matching our volume and excitement level.

As I’m looking down at Danielle, I see off to the side Karen’s right hand under the stall divider, reaching out, palm up. Danielle takes her left hand and slips it into Karen’s. Hand locked together they start fingering themselves at the same rhythm. I grunt a bit, struggling to hold in my excitement. Danielle notices this and looks up at me. She briefly takes her fingers out of her pussy and pulls down her top, exposing her black lace see-through bra. My mouth hangs open as my eyes scan the intricate pattern on the fabric, eager to discern the outline of her pale areolas. Karen is moaning loudly now, the sound of an impending orgasm. She kicks off her heels, one of which slides under the divider into our stall. The long moan gaining in intensity and pitch as we hear her pound the wall of the stall. The next sound we hear is of a couple of bursts of fluid, some of it hitting the toilet but not all. After about 30 seconds, Danielle and I still furiously rubbing ourselves, I see what looks like a postcard drop on the floor between our stalls. Danielle picks it up with her free hand and smirks before looking up into my eyes. She slowly turns the card over and reveals it as one of her birthday invitations, now soaked with Karen’s cum.

“Oh god,” I moan, so excited at the thought of Karen’s cum on one of Danielle’s “special” party invites. Danielle turns the invite back over and brings it to her face, pressing her nose to it and then her tongue. She closes her eyes in pleasure at the smell of Karen’s juices on the tip of her adorable button nose and the taste of them on her sweet tongue. Danielle locks eyes with me and as she does an orgasm rushes through me. Without time to prepare, my cock begins pulsing, shooting jets of cum towards Danielle. Spurt after spurt, one hitting Danielle’s blouse, near the shoulder. Another hits her cheek and she smiles as it drips down to her chin. The last full burst hitting her chest and her black lacy bra. At that, Danielle closes her eyes and focuses on herself. Fingers curved over her beautiful mound, two fingers parting her pink inner lips, easily sliding into her. Faster and faster, she plunges her flingers, soaking wet into that perfect tight vagina.

“Mmmm Matthew…” she sighs, thighs clenching around her hand, the orgasm coursing through her body. She holds her body position, clenched up in pleasure. Soft whimpers of submission to the pleasure surging through her mind follow each breath. Finally she relaxes her thighs, feet return to the cold tile of the bathroom floor, a slight smile of exhausted satisfaction on her lips as she slowly opens her eyes to meet mine. I’m positively beaming at the sight of this radiant woman before me. A sex party invitation covered with another woman’s cum in her right hand, her freckled chest flush with excitement and traces of my cum shining in the overhead light, her left hand draped over her strong petite thigh, fingers covered in her own divine juices.

We hear Karen stand and pull up her jeans, flush the toilet, and leave the stall. Danielle reaches her cum-covered left hand out to mine and I help her up. She bends down to pull up her navy blue slacks and underwear, soaked with cum from my first orgasm. She looks up at me for a kiss, my head leans down to hers and as I lean closer she takes her fingers and spreads her cum on my lips before kissing me hard and loud. She exhales deeply and zips her pants, brushing by, and as she opens the stall door I watch her perky sweet ass saunter away from me. Still stunned as she leaves the bathroom and I’m left with my thoughts, it suddenly occurs to me that I’m standing half naked, cock out in the women’s bathroom. I rush to cover myself and flush the toilet before exiting the bathroom last. As I walk to my car at the end of the day, I remember Danielle’s worn panties are waiting for me on the passenger seat and I smile.

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