Peverted Deeds - Part 5

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Perverted Deeds – Part 5

Lisa is kinky, so is Mom.

After my confession to Lisa, and my unknown confession to my Mom I am just wondering where my life is going. How will the people I love and care about respond to the truth of what happened. Why do I do the things I have done?

It has been a week since I told Lisa and she has not spoken to me and will not take my phone calls. I figure I lost her and maybe that is a just punishment. I have talked with Linda and she says to give Lisa some time. Mom and I have talked and she is just amazed at what I went through to have sex with her and my sister. She made it painfully clear that she did not need the stress of an armed intruder in her life. I am not sure if all things are forgiven with Mom but she is as loving as usual.

I had to tell my sister what really happened. When we sat down and I started telling her she said that she suspected near the end of the sex session (Part 1) that it was a set up. Like Mom she said she did not need the stress of an armed intruder in her house. She said she did enjoy it and she did enjoy our second round of sex. (Part 2) My sister said she may come up with some type of revenge just to make things even. I wonder what she will do. As we were finishing our talk and before she walked out of my room, Sis leaned over, kissed me on the lips, I could feel her tongue lightly touch my lips and I opened my lips to touch her tongue with mine she pulled back as said, “I love you, and that may be more of a problem than you think.” She turned and left my room.

I have been working long hours on this big construction job in a neighboring town. I have been very late getting home every night. At work one day we had a big storm and the boss called off work for the afternoon. I was really glad to have a few hours off. I could think of nothing but getting home and calling Lisa. If she is not talking to me then I would go see her. I just have to work things out with her.

I arrived at home about 1:00 p.m. My Mom’s car was there as usual and my sister’s car is gone. I walked into the house through the back door and into the kitchen. I got a cold beer from the refrigerator and the first thing I hear is my Mom moaning. It sounds like it is coming from the living room. I know what that moan means. I figured she must be having a hot masturbation session. I am a true pervert and voyeur, not to mention I have not had any pussy in a week, so I decided I just have to watch.

I peeked into the living room. I could see my Mom’s head laid back on the arm of the couch. I could see one leg up on the back of the couch. I could see her arms moving so I figured she must have a dildo or something. She has no idea I am in the house.

I moved around just a little to get the complete view. When I see what is going on I almost passed out. There is my beautiful and sexy Mom holding my beautiful girlfriend’s head tight between her beautiful thighs. Lisa is working on Mom’s pussy like it is the last pussy in the world. Her eyes are closed and she is going after Mom like a demon. I did not know what to do. Should I stay, should I leave, should I just stand and watch? I was unsure what to do. I eased back to the kitchen and my hard cock was about to rip through my jeans. I knew what my decision would be and what I would do. I will watch!

I quietly took off all my clothes. I stroked my cock a few times and it is rock hard. I finished my beer, got another out of the refrigerator, and eased my way back to the living room to enjoy the show. As I approached the couch I could hear my Mom telling Lisa how to lick her pussy and to put a finger in her ass. Mom is pulling on her nipples and is really grinding her pussy on Lisa’s beautiful face. I moved closer and Mom caught sight of my motion. We immediately made eye contact; she just smiled, winked at me, and silently mouthed to me “Lisa is back!” She kept working her pussy on Lisa’s face.

I eased to the end of the couch and could see Lisa’s ass and pussy. Lisa was fingering her pussy as Mom continued working her pussy on her face. I moved around just a little more and sat down in the arm chair. I had a great view of my girlfriend eating my Mom’s pussy. I sipped my beer as I slowly stroked my cock and watched two of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world go at it. Mom is humping very quickly and I know she is close to orgasm. Mom is also watching me slowly stroke my cock. In just a couple of minutes Mom squeezed Lisa’s head between her legs and had a very intense orgasm. It took several minutes for Mom to calm down. Lisa looked up at Mom and said, “Now it’s your turn.” “I want you to eat my pussy!” Mom just smiled at Lisa and then pointed towards me with her head. Lisa looked over and was totally shocked as I am sitting there stroking my cock.

All of a sudden Lisa burst into tears. She sat on the couch with her face in her hands crying; Mom sat up and put her arms around her, kissed her cheek and whispered something in Lisa’s ear. Lisa got up from the couch, walked to me and hopped on my lap with her arms around my neck and the tears continued to flow. I just put my arms around her and held her. I have missed her so much. I told Lisa, “I love you and I need you in my life.” She held me so tight. She whispered in my ear, “I want you back, I love you.”

This is a very emotional moment for us. In a few minutes Lisa calmed down I looked at my Mom and she has lain back on the couch and her legs are spread wide. Her hairy pussy is on display and looks so hot and wet. Mom looked at me and gave me the “Thumbs up” sign. I know things are going to be fine.

I was pleased that Lisa is back but I had a very urgent need to cum. As Lisa moved on my lap I managed to begin to ease my cock in her hot pussy. I don’t think I have ever felt it this wet or hot. I turned Lisa around with her back to me and pushed my cock deep in her pussy. She leaned back against me, put her legs out over mine and was enjoying my cock. Mom had the perfect view of my cock going in and out of Lisa’s hot pussy. Lisa looked at Mom and said, “You still owe me a pussy licking.” Mom hit her knees in front of us and started licking Lisa’s clit as Lisa rode my hard cock. I could feel Mom’s tongue working my cock also. I knew I could not last long and I told Lisa I would cum soon. In a minute or so I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was going to cum. I told them that I am cumming. My cock was deep in Lisa’s pussy and I emptied all my seed in her. Mom was still licking Lisa and Lisa was moaning and still grinding on my cock.

My softening cock began sliding out of Lisa’s pussy. As soon as it was out of Lisa’s pussy Mom dove into Lisa’s pussy to lick it clean. Lisa had a tremendous orgasm in just a few seconds. Once again, I love to see her thighs and legs tremble and shake when she has an orgasm. Mom let Lisa calm down but continued slowly licking her pussy. Lisa told her to stop, she could not stand anymore. Mom stood up and looked at us.

Mom came to Lisa and me and leaned over and put her arms around both of us. When she did her tits were in our faces, Lisa looked at me and at the same time we moved on Mom’s tits, each of us sucking hard on Mom’s big nipples. Mom hugged both of us and told us she loved us. She walked out of the room.

I can just imagine the future of this family. I can’t wait to hear how Lisa and my Mom got together. I am happy, Lisa is back!

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