It's a naughty world: The initiation Part 1

Dear reader, This is my attempt in writing an erotic short story. Your reviews, ideas, comments regarding language or vocabulary, the pace of the story, and the amount of erotic comment is invaluable to me. Constructive criticism would be highly appreciated !

thank you, and enjoy of course!

For past several months, since I hit puberty, I had this desire to watch mom and dad making love. I couldn’t ask for a better parents. They are always there for me, whatever the weather may be. But as a married couple, I might say they should limit their emotions within the limits of their bedroom. You see, they are raising two teenage kids, me and my elder sister, Jessica. But still, I m happy that they kiss and hug each other in front of us, or even outside, say shopping complex, or a football game. Mom is not game enthusiast, she is husband-enthusiast.

Mom and dad met in their college days, started dating each other and after few months she was pregnant with Jess, at only 17 yrs of age. My mom, Kylie Baxter, was pretty and lovely since childhood, and thus was accustomed to many casual approaches by boys. She however, had two boyfriends, and had slept with five boys, by the time she met dad. Of those three ‘lucky’ guys, mom used the first one as a revenge against her first boyfriend. Second guy of the three ‘lucky’ ones, took advantage of my mom’s drunken state, and fucked her in men’s washroom. She rather enjoyed it more, so it couldn't be considered rape. The third ‘lucky’ guy was her cousin! Weird, right!

Now I don’t know much about the second boyfriend, but heard he moved to Australia with his parents, for daddy’s got a transferable job.

My dad, Terry Jones, a nerd by instinct, genius by brain, and successful by endeavors, did had a girlfriend, but slept with none! So when mom and dad made love for the first time, he was a virgin, mom was just backdoor virgin. So finally some credits to dad! But now these lovers have grown and matured a lot, and now do understand the meaning of love, and teaches us the same. Dad did shed his geeky image and appearance, and due to regular workout, grown himself into a good-looking hunk!

After they got married, an year after Jessica’s birth, I took birth an year further later. They named me Kevin. So I am younger to Jessica by 2 years.

Till I was below ten, I didn’t have any idea about lust or sex. By the time I reached twelve, I had some idea about sex, in relation to procreation. Now by the time I turned fourteen, my current age, and my conversation circle in school extended, I learned a lot of things about how intoxicating sex is. My best friend Jay, gave me some adult films, which I saw late at night, got to know about few incredible things! Though my penis enlarged and went hard, as they say : hard-on, I didn’t felt like stroking it, as advised by Jay. Next few weeks, I saw a couple of such movies, got bored and felt like returning them, until I saw a latina beauty, addressed as milf in the film. Her voluptuous body reminded me of my mom, and her eyes and smile were similar too.

Since that day, I developed interest to see and know how my mom would look completely undressed. So this curiosity grew into fantasy to watch mom and dad making out.

When you desire something whole-heartedly, it comes true. That is the arrangement of mother-nature. After our dinner, we had this strawberry ice-cream, with those crispy strawberry slices in it. Wishing each other good-night, we all returned to our respective chambers. Mine and Jess’s room is upstairs, and living room, kitchen, mom & dad’s room and guest’s room is downstairs.

Back in my room, I kept on thinking about ice-cream and couldn’t get the taste off my mind, so I tip-toed myself into the kitchen, to get that extra share of strawberry ice-cream, and found mom and dad kissing passionately against the refrigerator door. It was 12:40 am, and Jessica was fast asleep, and I thought the same would be the case with mom and dad. How wrong I was!

So there was no light, but fortunately it was a fool moon day, and the moon light was entering through the kitchen glass-door. I could see my dad’s hand moving slowly up her thigh, caressing gently through the thin fabric of her white coloured night gown, that was maybe an inch or two short of her knee. Their mouth clamped unto each other’s, head bobbing from side to side. Mom started kissing furiously, rather tasting dad’s lower lip, her both hands holding dad’s head from the sides, and fingers curling his hair. Dad’s left hand was cupping her breasts, and right hand now went underneath gown, and feeling her curvy and big butts. He then grabbed one of those ass cheeks, and started squeezing it. God, I was having such a hard-on!

On this lovely night, mom would be 33 plus, and dad might have been 35. The thing I like the most about my mother, besides her big heart, is her well tanned, light brown skin. As a mother she is attractive, as a wife, she is tempting, but as a woman, she is seductive. Her height may be 5 ft’ 4 inches, hair- black, complexion-light brown, shape maybe 34-26-36, and weighing around 138 pounds (63 kgs). To a stranger, she might look as good as a 26-27 yr old, on any fine day. Dad on the other side, aged as per his age.

I used to hear that mom gained a couple of pounds, got more healthy and beautiful. But the good thing is she has got fat in just the right places, the very places my dad trying to hold with his right hand. Dad was bare chest, and wearing thin cotton boxers, and I could see his hard cock, forming a huge bulge in his boxers. My heart was beating so furiously like it wanted to come out of there, and just run away. My throat got so wet due to this sudden and massive production of saliva, which usually happens in front of a gourmet pizza, topped with double cheese burst!

But let me tell you, this romantic scene, watching two passionate lovers, married for 15 years, kissing and caressing each other under the soothing blue moon light, you can’t pay or even pray to watch such a warm moment. My mom’s right hand now in his shorts, stroking very slowly his hard-on, and dad’s hand (of course the right one), lifted her gown upto her waist, and for the first time in my life I saw my mom’s fleshy and beautiful butts. I was so mesmerized by her booty, I forgot everything else in the world. . I seems unbelievable that me and mom been living under same roof for all these years and I never really appreciated what a ‘heavenly body’ that loving woman possess!
I remained hidden behind the living room sofa, and watched these lovely couple, my loving parents, having their time.

Dad now releasing her nipples, looked into her eyes, smiled; mom smiled back and planted a kiss on his lips. She got on her knees, maintaining the glare into his eyes. And she used her teeth to catch the hard bulge through his boxers. Dad said, “Today, it’s my turn”. Dad pulled her up by her hands, and again kissed her, tongues interlocked, and hands running all over her back. He release her, got behind her, and pushed her into the refrigerator, with her back side facing him, mom let out a mild laugh, as if taken by surprise. Dad went down, now on his knees, lifted her gown again, upto the waist, he looked at her naked butt for a couple of seconds, then kissed her ass cheek. Now as a total surprise he inserted his head in between her legs, and began licking mom’s sensitive genitals furiously. Mom moaned, “Oh my God! Oh Yeaaaaah.”. dad’s both hands were placed on her ass cheeks, grabbing them and trying to squeeze juice out of them. Mom resting her face and boobs against the door, curved her ass outward, and started fingering her clit.

Mom’s gown fell, bringing dad’s face between the fabric and her naked ass. This scene was so hot. He continued doing so for a couple of minutes, all the time mom’s eyes were closed and was moving her ass back and forth, against his face. She seemed to be in some other world altogether.

Dad suddenly stood up, and held her breasts using both hands and pushed her towards himself, and started rubbing his cock against her ass, mom too responded and pushing herself harder against his hard-member. Then dad whispered, ‘Come here’, mom turned around, he placed his hands a little below her ass, and exerted a sudden force, to lift her and place her on his shoulders, mom again taken by surprise almost squealed a laugh, to which dad responded, ‘Shhssshhh’. He carried her out of the kitchen, with dad’s face and her booty (completely shaved), facing my side, I got scared. Few steps before the living room he turned left into the living room’s bathroom, and locked the door.

I was scared like hell, man. I thought I am gonna get caught. Heart was already pumping more than enough blood to brain and to my hard cock. I walked silently towards the bathroom, pressed my ear against the door and heard the sound of shower and faint sounds of mom’s laughter. Considering it useless, I went to the kitchen took my ice-cream in a bowl and went back to my room. Now whatever happened in the bathroom, stayed in the bathroom!

What I just saw only made my determination more stronger to watch again mom and dad having their steamy sessions, so I decided I should plant some hidden mics and cameras in the house, to see them, enjoy with them, learn from them, and grow with them.

The following day I called my friend Jay, Afro-American by origin, whose skin may be dark, but his heart is of gold, the reason he’s been my best friend since, say 6-7 years, and lives couple of blocks away. I explained I need to have some cameras installed inside my house. He asked me the reason, I told him - ‘personal’, to which he asked nothing further. I also requested him to keep mum about this, to even my family. He laughed, ‘You are not planning to spy on your family, huh”. I replied, “No, just increasing the security level at home, and after a month or so I shall surprise mom and dad, by how I can take care of the house, and will show them weekly footage. I told Jay that cameras are for front gate, and the backdoor in the kitchen, and mic in living room.

I hated lying, especially to good people who are good to me, but sometimes it has to be done.
After I finished my conversation with him, I went downstairs for breakfast, into the kitchen, and there some conversation between dad and Jess was going on.

I looked at my mom, wearing a light coloured summer dress, and making the morning toast. I looked closer at her booty, and it looked more puffy as ever. I went to her, and planted a kiss on her cheek, from behind. Mom taken by surprise, “Where was my kiss all these years, huh! ”. She was right. Last time I voluntarily kissed her was when I was 8. “You look happy today, what happened overnight!”, she asked. “Nothing, I just wanted to show my appreciation for all what you did for me, for all of us”, I said. Mom got melted and hugged me, that’s something I really needed. As soon as I tried to place my hand over waist, she spoke enthusiastically, “Awww ! Sweety, you are my son, whatever I did was out of loving affection. Thank you for all this gratefulness, honey”. Dad looking at us, told Jess, “See this is what I meant. Family members must trust each other, and live a life based on loving relationships.”

Jess replied, “yeah, whatever!”, and left the breakfast table.

“What’s wrong with her”, I asked. “Nothing just a house party at her classmate’s house”, dad replied. “So why don’t you let her go?”, I asked. “No! You never know with young kids these days. Our girl is simple and innocent, and an easy target for immoral boys to get these girls drunk, and take advantage of”, dad replied.
“You are right dad!”, I said. “Mom! Breakfast! I m getting late!”. “Just a minute, hon”, mom said.

As she approached the table, I noticed she was not able to walk properly. Her legs were stumbling, as if they were weak enough to carry her weight. I asked mom about this, she replied, “Oh! This, uh Actually I..”. Dad intervened, “I often tell her, not to exert too much while working out, but she never listens! These are just muscle cramps, and will go away”. “Yeah, looks like she had been doing a lot of workout the previous night, in that bathroom”, I thought to myself.

After the school that day, me and Jay went to some electronic store, purchased a dozen hidden cameras and microphones, and went back to our respective houses.


The next day, I took a day off, pretending to be ill and tired. After everyone went to their respective jobs, I called my classmate-friend Davis, who is good in electronics and control systems, to install these bugs. He didn’t asked the reason, but looked suspicious. To clear away his speculations, I told him that my parents asked me to do this, for security purpose, as we might be travelling a lot in coming months.
It took two days to finish the job, as we had not much time at home by ourselves. Now I had two cameras installed in living room, two in parent’s bedroom, one at front gate, one at backdoor gate (kitchen) and one for each bathrooms(living room and bedroom). Initially I left out guest room, but you never know what they are experimenting with, so installed two further over there. Now I have just one cam left.

So finally I had several cameras and microphones operating giving me wide range of vision, and subtle sounds too. Now only mine and Jess’s room was untouched. Man, all this did cost me a hell of a money! Fortunately my father was a businessman, in a well to do growing firm.

After dinner we had some light conversation. I again asked mom, is she able to walk now properly, teasing her as well as checking her response, mom replied, “I m alright honey. It’s okay. Next time I’ll try to be more careful!” Dad was smiling secretly.

Jess had this movie, which was about to be started, so she left in the middle of family conversation. Well I too followed after 12-15 mins, went straight to my room, switched on my pc, and saw all the six cameras were working perfectly. Mom and dad were still on the dining table, holding each other hands, and talking to each other. After 5 more minutes, mom stood up and said, “I think I have an itch, right over there. Can you do something about it?”. Dad smiled, “You are lucky woman! I have just the right instrument for you!” They switched off the remaining lights, and headed towards their bedroom.

I maximized the camera 1 windows, the one in their bedroom. As soon as they closed the door, mom turned back, pushed dad against the door, this time he was taken by surprise, and clamped her lips unto his lips, I couldn’t figure out whether they were exchanging saliva, or sucking each other’s lips. Well, it doesn’t matter, as long as they are preparing for a highly erotic session.

I heard a knock on the door, HOLY SHIT!

I immediately minimized the window, just about to leave the chair to open the door, but Jess opened it from outside.

I spoke angrily, “How many times do I have to tell, don’t enter unless I tell so!”

Jess replied, “What? Were you watching some American Pie bullshit ?”

I replied, “I am not interested in such genres. You know that, I am more into Sherlock Holmes.”

Jess, “Ok Sherlock, just give me setup file for MS Office, I just reformatted the windows”. Saying so she started walking towards me, where I was sitting on my desktop, I got frightened. Covering my emotions, I told her, just wait in your room, I’ll get you the file in few minutes”.

“No, I want to see which version you have”, she said.

“Its 2010, now don’t worry, I’ll bring it to you”, I said a bit louder.

“Whoa! Why are you so afraid, is there something on that screen, maybe minimized, huh ?”, she asked.

“No, nothing”, I said. Then I thought of an idea to trick her into and immediately replied, “Alright you got me, I was in an online chat with Jay. He is asking me about this place to take her girlfriend to”.

“Place for what?”, she asked, sounding a bit naughty. “To eat, ofcourse”, I said. “Jay is a good man, he would never think of doing anything with her girl, unless they both get mature enough”, I added.

“Only time will tell that, Kevin! And beside not everyone is lazy and dumb like you”, she said and turned towards the door.

I said, “Ouch!”, trying to sound loud so she may hear it.

She turned back, “File in five minutes”, and went out of the door.

Hell, she wasted my four minutes.

I switched on camera 1 screen, and found that lights were switched off. I turned on night vision. Then I noticed that two candles were lit very dimly, and dad was in the process of lighting third one. Mom was nowhere to be seen.

Dad lighted a couple of more candles, then went to his wardrobe, opened a drawer, and took some medicine. It was pretty dim, I increased the brightness of my screen to maximum, and saw its colour was blue, Oh man! It was Viagra!

He opened a champagne bottle and started drinking it. Dad seems to be preparing for some action, but where is mom?

Fuck, it struck me, she must be in bathroom. I switched to camera 2, and still nothing!

I again switched back to camera 1, Oh! There she is, standing at the bathroom door, in a seductive pose, hair being loose, wearing black heels, black fishnet stocking, garter belt and white-black lacy thong supported by waist belt, and a black lacy bra.

There are times when you loose your better part of judgement, and just get carried away with the wind. This fucking hot woman just made me realise that I am about to dive into one of such moments.

Dad kept staring at her, trying to drink as much from her body, through his eyes. ‘Lust’, would be appropriate adjective for this moment, and seduction the appropriate verb.

Mom started laughing, looking at his hungry face, and turned around, giving the hell of a view of her booty to me and dad. She started teasing him, by swaying her butts sideways. Dad kept away that champagne, and shifted his position to the edge of the bed, now sitting at the edge facing mom.

Mom turned around and started walking slowly and seductively towards dad. She reached closer to him, bent towards him and planted a kiss on his lips. As she tried to move away, dad caught hold of her head, and pushed her mouth unto his. His both hands got behind her, grabbing her big wet butts. Mom picked up the champagne, released kissing, and started drinking it. Dad placed his mouth just over the visible cleavage, and started kissing, licking, sucking altogether voraciously.

I heard another knock on my door. “where’s the file, dummy?”, Jess asked from outside. I stammered,

“Just cumin, in few mintues.” She left saying some insulting words, I don’t give a damn right now. I just hurried up, copied the setup file into the pendrive, trying to watch cam 1 in between, as much as possible. Mom’s bra was now down, and he was furiously sucking and licking and biting her breasts, sometimes mom sipping champagne, and other times moaning.

Data transfer was complete, so I minimized the window, rushed out to Jess’s room, and without knocking, opened her door straight away. I heard her say, “Ok, I’ll meet you”, before she got interrupted by me. She said on the speaker, I’ll call you later, and hung up the phone. She shouted, “You scumbag, where are your manners. It’s easy to pinpoint mistakes in others, right”. I said, “I am sorry, I am just in a hurry. No..No actually I m tired, that’s why in a hurry to go back to sleep.”

“I shall be taking rest now, sorry I forgot to knock, and here’s your file”, I said.

“Alright, goodnight then”, she said.

I hurried back into my room, switched off the lights, locked the door, took off my shirt and boxers, and after getting completely naked, went to computer screen and maximized it.

Mom was now grabbing his head and pushed his face against her breasts, in the meantime dad’s fingers were inside her thong, and violently rubbing her clit. Mom’s face was showing signs of carnal pleasure, she could barely manage to keep her eyes open and her mouth closed. She was trembling over his hand. Seeing mom just getting over the edge, he took out his hand, and placed the wet fingers in his mouth, and sucked of the juices. Kinky!.

Mom snatched the same fingers and started licking it. He grabbed her head from behind and again kissed her, this time tonguing her. He again placed the fingers underneath her thong, and shoved two fingers in her pussy, and started fucking her pussy with those fingers. Mom squealed as soon as he entered her pussy, and started pulsating back and forth over his fingers. All the time, they mouth were clamped to each other, exchanging saliva and licking each other’s tongue.

He pulled away his hand from underneath her, and gave it to mom, “Suck that honey, I know you love it!”, he said. “Oh! you have got no idea”, mom said and took the fingers in her mouth completely!

Mom released those fingers, staring dad in his eyes. Dad ‘s face was few centimetres away, both were breathing heavily, dad placed his hands on her cheeks, and using his thumb, he wiped off her remaining lipstick, making a stain on her chin. Mom was in some kind of trance, her eyes buried in the depth of her husband’s eyes, trying to say so many things, trying to listen to so many things. Dad pulled her face forward, kissed her forehead and said, “I just love you so much. Thanks for being with me, marrying me and loving me. I shall be grateful to you till eternity”. Mom’s eyes were getting wet, and she kissed him again on his mouth.

Letting go off his mouth, she started kissing his neck, going downwards, kissing slowly and moving in a straight line. Kissing the chest, stomach, waist, to his underwear. She opened her mouth, and pressed her teeth over dad’s hard and bulging cock through his underwear. The same way she did the earlier night, in the kitchen.

Now she got unto her knees, pulled his underwear down slowly and playfully, until the rock solid hard cock sprang open and hit her in the face. “Wow”, she started laughing. “Isn’t it crispy!”, asked dad. Mom replied, “Yeah, it seems to be getting crispier every passing day.”

What I could figure out is dad’s cock might be 6 inches long, about the same size of mine. My penis when fully hard has lot of green veins, which was missing in his, and that might be the only difference.

For the first few seconds, she simply stared at the cock, as if hypnotized by his prowess, then leaned a bit forward and kissed its head. Dad grunted, “Yeah!!”, with a long sigh..

She opened her mouth a bit more, and engulfed half the length in her mouth and withdrew completely, making the penis glistening due to her saliva. She again went further, upto same length and withdrew it again. This continued for 3-4 times, she wasn’t exactly sucking, but simply lubricating with her saliva. She looked into his eyes, partially stood up and kissed him hard on his mouth, exchanging the taste of his hard cock. She again went down, but this time tried the entire length into her mouth, but reached only three-fourth. Dad then grabbed her head from behind, and tried push further and further inside, but as soon as she began choking, he released her. My God! She had this long blobs of saliva sticking out from her mouth, and connected to his penis, she even got amused looking at the length of it. She again tried taking the entire length into her mouth, and stopped at the same point, and started gagging. Dad maintained a loose grip on her head this time, and thus she again withdrew her mouth. Now she took half the length and began sucking on it, mouth moving back and forth, making slurping sound all the time. Dad’s cock seems to be getting more and more harder, and looked like a fucking 7 inch steel pole.

This time dad pushed her mouth towards his cock, and tried to push it further and further inside. This time she could swallow more than 90%, and a couple of millimetres away from swallowing the whole length. Dad pulled her face back, allowed just a second breath to her, and again pushed his hard cock into her mouth, the result was same 90% length. And again pulled her back. Dad gradually started fucking her throat, with 90 % of his length. Mom was having difficulty in breathing, but she never protested, and he didn’t obliged.

He kept on fucking her throat mindlessly, all the time mom was making that gulping sound. And in the final thrust he pushed his cock too far, that mom now completely engulfed his fucking 6 and a half, or maybe 7 inch cock, and was literally kissing his stomach. Dad released a long and pleasurable sigh. Her eyes got watery, and those ‘tears’ were flowing through her chin, washing away black eye-liner, making those black stains on both side beneath the eyes, and she looked like a ravished whore.

He released her head, she pulled out immediately, with those thick and long blobs of saliva from her mouth. Mom started breathing heavily and coughing badly. Dad bent towards her, and started rubbing her back, allowing her get over cough, and continue breathing. They both looked into each other eyes and started laughing. Dad told her, “Not even a dozen women on this planet can match your deepthroat skills”. She smiled, and gained tremendous amount of confidence.

He made her stand, got behind her, asked her to bend forward resting her hands over the bed. He went down to his knees, started taking off that thin thong, and immediately inserted his head between her ass cheeks, with the thong hanging just few inches lower than his face. He used both his hands to grab those ass cheeks, and pushed her against his face. Seeing all these reminded me of that night in the kitchen.
After 3-4 mins of tonguing and licking her pussy and asshole, he placed his hands on the thong and began removing it slowly. He backed up a little and stood, mom got out of her thong, and then they locked their lips again, kissing furiously. Mom even bite on his lower lip, making dad writhe in pain.

Dad said boldly, “Alright honey, enough of these games. Let’s get started with the business.” He pushed her hard over the bed. Mom landed in the middle, her stomach facing downward, and her ass towards dad. Dad climbed over, told her to get on all fours, which she obliged without any second thoughts. He smacked that ass of hers with a strong slap of the hand, making her squeal. He now got into position behind her, held her waist with both the hand, and started rubbing his cock against her completely shaved pussy. It seems mom like to keep things clean.

He was rubbing in a very slow and rhythmic way, clearly teasing her. She can’t do much but to push her ass backward and match his rhythm. He took his left hand off her waist, and used it guided his hard enraging member into her pussy, all the way in one stroke. Mom was quivering with both pain and ecstasy.

She said, “Easy tiger! Easy! Not in one stroke baby.”

Dad understood and kept his cock in that position for 5-7 seconds, allowing her to accommodate his size. “Why is that during the end, you get loose, but by the next time you are as tight as a virgin?”, dad asking meanwhile.

“Some people are created for a higher purpose”, she managed to speak out and laugh, while still in pain.

Dad pulled back, and pushed again slowly and gently. Mom was moaning like sex-goddess. “That’s better! That’s nice honey”, she told him, while face contorted, showing pain and pleasure mixed up. Dad kept on thrusting deep inside her slowly and rhythmically. After few minutes, mom’s pain faded out, and she demanded some more action.

This was all he needed to start pounding her relentlessly. Mom kept on moaning, “Oh my God!, Oh my!, its so big, yes.yes.yes.fuckkkkkharder.

Dad gradually increased his speed in pounding her clean and wet pussy, and a minute later was pumping her like a steam engine. . It’s funny thinking that mom is pleasing this man through the same place, from where I was born. Technically I must be having more access to these beautiful and juicy areas. On second thoughts, I told myself clearly, “Don’t develop any ideas man!”

After 2-3 minutes of hard pounding, mom had her first orgasm of the night, and she screamed terribly louder, that dad had to push himself over her, and covered her mouth with his hand.

“Easy there, babe. You don’t want kids to get frightened, and run into us, at this moment”, he said. Saying this he let her mouth go free. “I am sorry, honey. I just couldn’t manage to control” she replied. Dad’s hard cock still inserted deep inside her, dad again started thrusting deep inside slowly at first, the gradually picking up speed. Mom was pulsating violently back and forth, matching his rhythm, and now pain appears to be history, her mind being carried away into the realm of the senses.

Fucking her frantically, dad placed his thumb inside her ass, which immediately sent her over the edge, she screamed in a controlled volume, “I am cumming.”, hearing this dad further increased his speed, and was now fucking the hell out of her, mom of course couldn’t control and came terribly hard this time, releasing large amount of fluids through her pussy, completely covering dad’s cock, in her fluid.

She couldn’t maintain this position, and fell down flat over the bed, catching breath and relaxing. Dad’s cock was still as hard as metal rod. He pulled out his cock, crawled forward to where her face was. He lied down there, parallel to mom, just his cock was at the same height as was mom’s face. He gently picked up her face from the bed, mom still breathing heavily, and placed it over his cock, such that his cock goes straight inside her mouth. Mom started sucking off her juices from him, and after 1 or 2 mins, she asked, “You didn’t came even once yet?” He replied, “No!”.

Mom asked, “You took Viagra again?”. Dad smiled and answered yes. “You old devil”, mom told coyly.

After another minute of slow mild sucking, dad told her to get back in the same position, it’s time to finish pending business. Mom still not recovered from her last bed-breaking orgasm, again showing excitement, as he picked her up, and got her into the same position. This time dad instead of getting behind her, rather stood over her, and bent his knees to get to her level.

Hey! I know this position, its doggystyle, I thought to myself.

As he got down further, he straightened his cock vertically downwards, and placed the tip of his cock, unto the opening of her asshole. Mom said, “Now easy there, you bad boy, don’t tear me into half, I don’t want Kevin to ask me every morning about my walk.”

Dad said, “Alright honey, I’ll go easy over there!”.

He slowly kept on pushing his hard member inside her ass, and mom’s face was turning red due to immense pain. Dad repeatedly telling her to keep breathing. Mom was moaning like a heavy and completely stuffed mammal, and dad grunting like a lucky bastard. As he got half way into her, he started thrusting it into her, super slowly and gently. She has just recovered from the massive orgasm, and now she was being prepared to be torn apart! Dad gradually picked up pace, and now trying to get it more and more deeper. Mom kept on saying, “easy.easy.bit slower..”. He released right hand from her waist, and now was pulling her upward, by her waist band. Mom was moaning like a whore, “Ohhhh Yeahhh! Babby!, go deeeeeppp, slowly.. but more deep,”. Dad was now 5 and a half inch deep in her anus, just one inch remaining.

Mom despite being in pain, was pulsating her hips against his cock, to experience that intoxicating pleasure, the next stage after pain. Dad increased the speed of his thrust more and more, and after 4 or 5 mins started pounding her ass, relentlessly, like a lucky rapist. I couldn’t tolerate now, and started stroking my hard cock, which was, standing in full pride, until now.

Mom was rubbing her clit with her fingers as violently as her ass was being pounded by dad. Now he made his grip more tighter over her waist and slowed down a little, to catch some breath. Mom shouted, “No! Don’t slow down, fuck faster, keep it faster, please!”

Dad just hearing this pushed his cock with extreme force, that her ass had completely taken the whole 7 inch cock inside. As soon as he reached the extreme depth, he paused for a moment, and mom was like, she just couldn’t tolerate this much, and was feeling like being too much stuffed inside. She now couldn’t rest her upper half on her elbows, so she put her head down on the bed, resting her elbows, and watching him from the side.

I involuntarily or voluntarily increased the speed of my stroking.

After giving mom few seconds to adjust, dad began pounding again. This time the complete length of his shaft was invading her ass. After a couple of minutes, he was back in his steam engine mode, now bed also making its characteristic squeaking noises. Dad removed mom’s hand from her pussy, and using his hand started finger fucking her pussy. This double penetration was enough to bring her to climax again. She started squealing, “I am gonna cum”. Dad immediately replied, between his breaths, “No! Wait I m about to cum too!” and saying this he increased his speed to the highest level, ever witnessed by me, either in porno or live. She shouted, “I am cumminggggg”, to which dad responded by shouting, “Aaaaahhhhhhh, I am cummingg tooooo.”. And started shooting load after load of his warm semen into her ass.

Both of their sounds were matching, “”aahhhhh, yeahh.oohh my godddd.”and just a millisecond or so later, I too came terribly on my chair, with cum falling over by stomach, and some of those were energetic enough to land over the keyboard. This maybe the third time I masturbated, but this was something entirely on a different level altogether. Those two were nothing compared to this one. Watching parents in such an erotic way, completely changed my perception of people, sex and of course masturbation.

Dad and mom remained still, catching their breaths, his dick still inserted her asshole. A couple of seconds later, he got down off her, and fell over the bed, sideways along with mom. Mom asked in between her breath, “You okay?”. Dad replied in a deep voice, “Never felt better, honey. Now come here”. Mom moved towards him, he held her head, and pushed it downwards towards his cock. Mom taken by surprise, “What? Really?”. Dad said in a heavy voice, “yeah, do it”. Mom laughed a bit, and then engulfed half his penis inside and started tasting all over the engulfed part. Meanwhile dad inserted a finger or two in her asshole and gathered some of his cum over his finger, and put that finger into her mouth, which she sucked enthusiastically. She again got back to sucking off her anal juices from his cock, dad again trying to gather as much cum on his fingers, and giving it to her.

Man this was simply awesome. When she finished of her sucking she climbed over him, reaching his face, kissed over his mouth, and dad trying to taste as much of her mouth as possible.

I got up, went inside washroom to take shower, cleaned the cum stains on my waist and legs from soap, changed into new boxers, and again maximized the Cam 1 window. All the candlelights were off, mom and dad embracing each other, resting in each other’s arms. I thought they had gone to sleep. But suspecting a little whispering noises, I tuned up the volume and heard dad saying, “The champagne too was no ordinary champagne”. Silence for 1 or 2 seconds, and they both started laughing heartily.

Well’s its 1:29 am, and I should also go to sleep. That was a hell of a show, taking all the pain to install cameras and mic, was completely paid off. I laid on my bed, looking at the ceiling, thinking of mom and dad. I was actually thinking more about mom, the way she was teasing dad, the way she kissed him. How her face contorted while experiencing orgasm. The more I thought the more I realize, dad was not having sex to please himself, but to please mom. Maybe that’s why he tried to make mom orgasm again and again, but he came just once! Dad is a selfless lover!

I kept on thinking for 25-30 mins, saw the time, Shit! Its 2 am. And closed my eyes trying to get my sleep.

Maybe an hour later, I woke up again, my stomach and penis pressed against the bed. Due to the pressure of the whole body over the stomach and the genitals, it has gone hard again. My face pressed over the bulky pillow, I thought it to be mom’s butts and started kissing it, and gradually licking it. I knew it was a pillow, for it tasted like a pillow, but I didn’t want to come back to reality. I removed the pillow from below my head, kept it vertically straight, in parallel to my body, and then climbed over it. I kept on fantasizing it to be mom’s back, and my hard cock was aligned to her ass. I kept on pressing my body over her back, and started pushing my hard member back and forth rubbing against her ass. Then I took out my hard cock from the boxers, and placed it below the pillow, or her ass, and started pounding furiously. The whole time I kept on whispering, “Oh Mom! Oh Mom! Yeah I am your baby, yeah momoh mom.”, and came after 3-4 minutes, right over the pillow. SHITS..


The morning came, and I woke up late. Did my morning business, took a bath, all the time thinking about what I saw in the video footage. Went downstairs, mom was making dad a grilled sandwich. I went behind her, placed my right hand gently over her waist and planted a kiss on her left cheek, more deeper and longer this time. She grinned and kissed me back, on my right cheek. “How are you feeling today, honey?”, she asked.

“Never felt as better,” I replied.

I took the breakfast, and left for school. Anticipating all the time, what I may see tonight, I somehow managed to attend the classes, not quite understanding what the hell were they teaching. Jay too was on leave today, so the day went quite boring.

And finally goes the last bell. I was relieved, and walking fast to reach home as soon as possible, if mom’s there, maybe give her a kiss and a hug.

As I was walking down the staircase, I saw Jess and this tall, black guy, Marty, holding each other’s hands, laughing together and walking towards parking area.

“Great”, I said to myself in a sarcastic way.

I got a bit upset, as she is still too young. And you never know with these boys, as dad was telling the other morning.

My speed got slower but still was somehow walking towards bus stand. I saw Marty’s Dodge Charger, 70’s model, pass by me, but I didn’t saw Jess. Is she going with someone else? Maybe Amanda? I kept on thinking hard and realized Amanda was out of town for a couple of days, as Jess was telling over dinner. I got really worried, where Jess could be? Wait a minute. Has he kidnapped her? Is she in his boot space, tied down and mouth covered with cloth??

Marty’s car was still in front of my eyes, waiting over the traffic signal. I started running towards him. I saw a cab behind me, and stopped it.

“Where kid?”, driver asked.

“Follow that yellow Charger”, I told him.

“Whoa! You got a problem, call the cops, don’t bother me”, he said trying to sound angrily.

“Listen man, I think that guy has kidnapped my sister. But before calling 911, I need to be sure. Please help me”, I begged him.

“Alright then get in”, he said. And without wasting time we were after him. Traffic signal went green, so the driver stepped hard on the pedal to catch him in time. We finally caught him, after a couple of blocks over third traffic light. I told him to slowly park besides his car, and see if there is any girl on the front seat, or back seat. We stopped the car parallel to his, and both of us looking through his windows. We couldn’t find her. “Maybe you should call the cops”, he suggested.

“Yeah you are right, but let me see his response”, I said. I unlocked the door, and as soon as I opened, I saw Jess’s face come out from his lap, hair tied as a pony tail, she was staring at him into his eyes and laughing. With those wet lips and saliva smeared around her lips, it was crystal clear, what was going on.

“Sorry man, shit happens!”, the driver said.

“Just drop me at the bus stand”, I told him.


Thus ends the story Initiation Part 1.

Thank you

Feel free to comment.

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