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“Tring, tring,tring” went off the alarm at 5 O’clock in the morning. Fuck I hate it every day when it rings at that hour. Yeah yeah I know I need to go for a walk because I work the whole damn day and don’t have any energy left in me to do it at the end of the day and I hate mornings ………..My thoughts everyday morning when I wake up. I bitch every morning about it. Thank god, its Friday today, can at least sleep for two days it being a weekend tomorrow. Sigh. Anyways, I get up, freshen up, and go for my walk. Now where I go for a walk; in the park, its rite opposite my apartment, not very fancy, just a walking track and some place for the kids to play. There are very few people who come for a walk at this ugly hour so basically have it to myself except for other 3 or 4 guys who also walk at this early hour. One of them in fact I have been eyeing him for quite some time now. We smile at each other as if trying to say hey, yeah we know each other. To tell you the truth, I go for my walk to ogle at him. He is tall, broad built, nice huge arms, amazingly sexy butt and a HUGE cock. Looking at it, it must be about 8 or 9 inches long and equally big girth wise. I salivate just at the sight of him and there are times when he has caught me staring at his crotch. A few times, we brushed against each other when walking for a warm-up and his hand has brushed against my boobs and the jolt that I feel right to my pussy is so strong, it’s unbelievable.
Well, today am already done with my warm-up and can’t still see him. Where the fuck is he? Kept looking for him but….suddenly I get grabbed from behind and dragged off the jogging track and I can’t see where I’m going to, rather being taken. I try screaming but there is a hand on my mouth so I can’t scream, I try to kick but to no avail. Suddenly, I get pushed against the trunk of the tree and the person is in front of me. It’s my hunk whom I ogle at ever day. My eyes widen for a few seconds, once I realize its him, I calm down and give a smile as we usually do to each other; but today he doesn’t smile back. He just looks into my eyes and says ‘I know you’ve been eyeing for me for some time and don’t deny it because even I have been eyeing you for some time and I thought it would be good for us to fuck each other.’ Sheesh, damn corny, I know and saying that, he ground his cock against me and started to thrust against me. God, I thought, he IS huge, I was not over exaggerating or fantasying anything wrong. Well how could I deny it, when to tell you the truth, I had been thinking of ways to get closer to him so that I could fuck him. Knowing it is what I wanted, I started grinding myself against his crotch in response instead of saying a yes. He pushed his hand into my track-pants and started stroking my outer lips through the panties. And my hand went down between us and I cupped him; or rather tried to. I couldn’t hold him in one hand; I used both my hands to cup and massage him. He was already hard. I smiled to myself; finally getting the chance to fuck him ;-) his other hand went behind me and grabbed my ass and started squeezing and massaging it. I lowered my hand and grabbed his balls in my hand and started massaging them. He must have loved it because his cock became harder and twitched in my hands and to stop himself from groaning out loud, he bit me on my shoulder.
Hummm, this was getting nice and serious; suddenly I realized we were not so alone anymore, people had started coming to the park for their walks, time to take this indoors now. Gave him one nice last squeeze and pushed him away. I told him that now that people are there in the park, we had to stop. He looked dejected and his cock was still bulging in his pants, ‘but don’t worry, we will continue this at my place’ I said stoking his crotch through his pants, couldn’t keep my hands off him. Since I stayed right opposite the park and stayed alone, I had the apartment to myself. So we walked over to my place and I thought it might be good to offer him some coffee or tea if he preferred. So we had a light breakfast and then I told him I needed a shower before we could fuck since I had missed my ritual of bath last night. So he said ok and settled down to reading the newspaper in the kitchen right after breakfast. Jerk, I thought. I had hoped he would join me for a shower and we could start from there.
Disappointed, I went into my room and removed my clothes and went into the shower and set the dial on hot and switched on the shower and got under. I took the soap and lathered it onto my body and kept it back. I took the lufaah and started rubbing it vigorously on my hands and was starting on my body when the door opened and he walked in, gloriously naked. He said, ‘I thought even I could use a shower’ with a wicked grin and took the lufaah from my hands and started rubbing it on to my back and then he went lower and started on my butt and pressing it between the butt. Had no clue that lufaah, when scrubbed between the butt, can be erotic. Then he went lower and scrubbed the back of my legs. Then, he got up, turned me around and began doing my breasts. He was giving them a lot of attention. Lifting it from this side and scrubbing it, then lifting it from the outer side and scrubbing it. God, I was getting horny every passing minute. He moved to my side to give special attention to the side of my breast and his erection pressed against my hip, and I rubbed my body against him. He was standing full and erect at 90 degrees. Mmmmmm, mouth was watering just looking at him.
Then he moved to my stomach and scrubbed it clean and then moved his hand between my legs. He got down on his knees and pushed me against the wall and asked me to hold onto something. I held on the tap and then, he wrapped the lufaah around his fingers and started rubbing my outer lips with his hands. Then, slowly he parted my lips and thrust one of his lufaah wrapped finger into my sloppy went cunt and I moaned. He moved his finger in and out of me gently. The lufaah rubbing against my insides was very erotic. Then, he pushed his other finger into me and he started moving his fingers side to side inside of me. Then, the third finger joined in and he started moving his wrist round and round inside me. I could not stop myself and started thrusting against his hand and caught one of my breasts and started squeezing the nipple. I tried deep breathing but could not help myself and I felt my control go and screamed my release. After I regained my breath, which was like a good 5 mins or so, I realized he had finished my legs as well and was rinsing the lufaah.
‘My turn’ I said and soaped his body and scrubbed his back and then his butt and what a tight little butt he had. Using the lufaah, I stroked his butt and pushed it between them to stroke his ass-hole and his body twitched. He put his hands out onto the wall and supported himself. He was enjoying my hands there so I decided to continue with it. After a good 5 minutes or so, I was still continuing my massage of his ass-hole when, suddenly he turned around and lifted me bodily off the ground, into his arms, turned around and pressed me against the wall wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust into me. I was not prepared for it, so when he pushed his cock into me in 1 thrust, my eyes widened and I felt too full and stretched. Remember he is HUGE. ‘I can’t take it anymore. I need to fuck you right now’ and saying that, he started moving in out of me in quick movements. I tightened my legs around him and wrapped my hands around his neck for support. He went on like that for a good 20 mins or so and then I felt me second orgasm and I told him’ Fuck, im cuming.’ He said ‘oh yeah baby, cum for me’ and I felt his load shoot in to my pussy. After shooting his entire load into me, I felt him slip out of me and he let go of me by sliding me down his body. ‘Let’s get clean and get comfortable in the bedroom’ he said.
He took two towels and gave me one to hold. He dried my body giving special attention to my inner thighs and pussy, using the corner of the towel to stroke my pussy lips and rubbing my clit with a towel covered finger and man, if that does not blow up your mind, then I don’t know what. It was very erotic, I felt. Then he gave some extra attention in drying my boobs and then wrapped the towel around me, took the other towel from me and wrapped it around his body without drying himself and then steered out of the bedroom. I went to the mirror and took off the towel form my body and dried my hair. He came next to me, removed his towel and started drying his body. I found it highly arousing to see him dry off his body the way he was giving extra attention to his cock in drying it. I could not stop myself. I threw my and his towels down, sat on my chair which was in front of the mirror at the dressing table and took him into my mouth. I started by licking his mushroom head like a kid would lick her candy stick; making a lot of slurping noises. Then, I took him into my mouth and started giving him a blow-job. Licking, biting, stroking his length with my tongue, pushing the tongue into his pee-hole and scratching his balls with my nails at the same time was driving him crazy. Then I took his balls into my mouth and started massaging them with my tongue. He must be really enjoying himself because I could hear him….’mmmmmmmmm, yes, faster, humpf, yeah, that’s more like it’ and he held my head and started thrusting his cock in to my mouth. He was fucking my mouth. We went on for quite some time. Then, suddenly he said, ’Im cuming ‘and I increased my speed in sucking him. Suddenly, he shot his load into my mouth, I felt it hit the back of my throat and then, go down my throat. He went on shooting his load in to my moth for quite some time; he must have been really excited. I milked him dry and then he pulled me up next to him and began to deep kiss me, could feel his tongue right down my throat. We had been at it for a good 30 mins or so. And man, this guy has the stamina to last really long- I thought to myself, it will be fun in bed.

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