Sara gets her drink drugged and she gets fucked pt 1

"Oh my god, Sara, you're embarrassing me," Amanda hissed.

Sara had claimed she wasn't going to drink at all when Amanda had finally agreed to bring her along to a real college party. Then, when they got there, she claimed she would only have one drink. Then two. As far as Amanda knew Sara only had about two and a half drinks and yet she was totally shitfaced.

Amanda had no reason to suspect Sara would embarrass her; Sara had always seemed totally chaste and innocent. She was the kind of girl who wore pajamas with Disney characters on it. Amanda had drank with Sara before and she really only had one drink. But these were people Amanda wanted to impress, upperclassmen and graduate students. One of her TA's was here. Amanda was a freshman. She was still trying to prove to herself that she belonged here, with adults and aspiring professors and elite athletes. The last thing she needed was to be associated with annoying high schoolers.

Sara was just sojailbait-ey.

It didn't help that she was so short - barely five feet tall. Or that she had those high, squirrelly cheeks or those big, dark eyes that were so appealing and innocent. She was gullible beyond belief, totally willing to be the butt of every joke, guilelessly accepting every drink handed to her, totally willing to stand there with a dumb smile on her face as Jim threw his arm around her shoulders, fingers dangling perilously close to her breasts, staring down her shirt or pulling her onto his lap on the couch like a trophy. And, of course, totally willing to let Sam have his turn casually feeling her up, and then Jim, and then Mike, and so on.

It didn't help that she was a Christian, the self-proclaimed "cool" kind that liked to party and even have sex or use swear words on the right occasion, little silver cross around her neck drawing the eye to her cleavage.

Speaking of which, it didn't help that she had those big tits or that she was just a little chubby and apparently that was in, "thick" or "thicc" or whatever. Compliant, baby faced and big tits. An older dude's dream.

Oh, and it didn't help that she was kind of exotic looking. She grew up in America but both her parents were straight out of Libya. It was terribly vogue for liberal white guys to prove how progressive and open they were by sucking on some brown titties or pumping and dumping an Arab girl.

But, Sara was her friend. So she put up with the jibes, the lighthearted teasing and the ribbing when she arrived with her high school friend in tow.

Even Brittany teased her, briefly. Brittany and Amanda had gone to high school together and frankly, Amanda thought of Brit as the slutty one. Laid back, but slutty. Brittany had introduced her to weed, she'd made out with her, she always had vodka at sleepovers, she bragged about sleeping with people's dads or teachers. Amanda believed her. Brittany was a bombshell. Tall, almost six feet, perfectly straight brunette hair, piercing hazel eyes, toned shoulders and thighs and, oh yeah, huge tits. The kind that didn't seem like they could exist on a girl as fit as her but she'd had them since at least middle school, despite the plastic surgery rumors.

"Jeez, jailbait brigade," Brittany had said with a wink. For some reason that word caught Jim's attention immediately, eyes darting to Sara's chest, throwing his arm around her shoulders and shoving a drink into her hands, guiding her away to the flip-cup table. Brittany and Sam, the TA, had a chuckle at that. Sam had literally nudged Amanda in the ribs.

"Hey, you're old enough to be in my class, right?" he said. They were smiling at her but Amanda could feel her cheeks getting hot.

She put up with another few comments through the night, smiling and laughing awkwardly, trying not to make a scene.

"Hey, next time the jailbait brigade comes around, think I can get an Asian one? You have a menu or something?" Rick asked her, grabbing her hip and pulling her next to him as she blushed again.

Amanda looked at Sara. No wonder he was talking about her like a piece of meat. Sam, Jim, and Mike were sitting on the living room couches, Sara on Sam's lap. She was talking to Jim, so he was meeting her gaze but the other two were just blatantly staring at her body. She clearly wasn't used to wearing a skirt so short and they were getting quite a show. She wasn't used to being drunk, either, so she wasn't paying a lot of attention to how much her boobs were jiggling as she talked and gestured. Amanda cringed (have some dignity, Sara!) when Sam got up to get another drink and literally handed her to Mike, picking her up and planting her on Mike's lap and patting her head. Mike threw his arm around her shoulder, sliding his hand under the strap of her tank top and rubbing her collarbone in circles that got closer and closer to just shoving his hand into her bra as Amanda watched.

"Well, they seem to be getting along," she mumbled. Rick laughed and dragged her to the flip cup table.

That was the last Amanda had seen of her until much later. She thought she caught a glance of Jim making out with someone who might have been Sara while some other dudes watched but she willed herself not to look.

She was playing beer pong when she heard a cheer go up from the living room, a cheer that sounded like either a bunch of college dudes rooting for a sports team or a bunch of college dudes who just saw tits. Alarm bells started ringing in Amanda's head. She tried to act casual but made her way to the living room and cringed harder than ever at what she saw.

The boys were dancing with Sara. They were loosely gathered around her and she was twerking on them, grinding her ass on their crotches one by one. Her skirt had ridden up, or maybe someone had pulled it up, and her butt was jiggling and slapping against their jeans. She grabbed her boobs an jiggled them through her shirt and then Jim and Sam had her sandwiched between them, both grinding on her and Sam was behind her, helping her out of her top as the girls giggled and pointed and the guys watched hungrily.

Amanda wanted to just sink into a hole in the ground. She swore she would never take Sara anywhere near a college campus ever again. In desperation, she looked around to see if anyone was aware of her plight, if somehow someone could save her from this. She met Brittany's eyes. She was laughing, eyes glittering with mirth, and then she saw Amanda's face. Her expression changed and she nodded to her.

The music cut out.

"Okay, okay, jailbait brigade over," Brittany announced. "Come on, break it up, party over," she said in a tone like a mom breaking up a fight between little kids. A disappointed groan came from the party in unison.

"I'm serious, it's almost 10, my neighbors are gonna start complaining. Sorry, bye. Bye."

"Awww, are you serious," the boys protested. A wave of confusion passed through the crowd. How were they going to keep drinking if they had to leave? After a moment of silence, Rick announced, practically screaming,

"Party at my place!"

"Wait, isn't Christina doing her sewing circle thing tonight?" Dan asked him.

"We're crashin' it!" he slurred loudly. Another cheer went up and people started making their way outside. "Come on, JB!" he yelled to Sara.

"Jailbait brigade's staying here," Brittany said sternly. Sara's top was still half off and she tried to take a swig from her cup, spilling most of it onto her chest. "Uh, yeah, I think she's good," Brittany reiterated.

"Aw, man. Fine, Julie - you're inviting your little sister."

Julie slapped him on the shoulder but didn't seem totally against it. "I'll do it for a half."

"An eighth," he negotiated. "Of the good stuff."

"A quarter."

"You'll really bring your sister if I give you a quarter of weed?"

She shrugged and said sure and then they were outside.

And then here we were. Sara was wobbling on her feet, trying to scoop more punch into her solo cup. Amanda was begging her to stop being so embarrassing and everyone else was gone except the roommates, Brittany, Jay and Nate. Jim had also chosen to linger for some reason. Brittany helped Sara sit down on the loveseat and fixed her top. Nate and Jay were playing NBA2K, ignoring the whole thing. They seemed alright, at least to Amanda. They hadn't teased her about the "JB brigade" and they hadn't been staring at Sara, really at all.

Brittany assured Amanda it was fine. Jay was going to head to Mike's party as soon as they finished this game, so Brittany and Nate would just sit around and get high and babysit and play video games.

"And you were just about to leave, too," she said to Jim sternly. He protested that he just wanted to hang out; Brittany assured him that he was very creepy and gently ushered him out the front door.

They finished the game and Jay left. Amanda kept apologizing and offering to stay and help babysit, but Brittany insisted it was no problem and, to be honest, Amanda really wanted to go to that party and keep drinking. Eventually, after reiterating how embarrassed and grateful she was, Amanda left.

And Sara, head lolling around, eyes glazed over, was alone with them. And then Jim, Jay, Mike came back inside through the back door.

"Oldest trick in the book!" Jim declared.

"No thanks to you!" Brittany retorted, throwing herself down on the couch next to Nate.

"That girl didn't recognize you?" he asked.

"Who, Amanda? Yeah, she did. We've hung out a couple times since she came here. Now, pay up," she announced.

Nate leaned over and reached into his backpack. He pulled out a quarter ounce of weed in a plastic bag and shoved it down the front of Brittany's shirt. She rolled her eyes.

"C'mon, all of you pay up."

Jay handed her an eightball of cocaine, Mike gave her a wad of cash, but Jim gave her the prize she was really looking forward to. A Sony a7 mirrorless digital camera. He spent a lot of time in the AV department and Brittany had been bugging him to swipe her a nice camera.

"Ooh! It looks so new. You sure this won't be missed?"

He nodded. "An undergrad checked it out and accidentally took it with him when he graduated. Inventory counted it as shrink last semester and then he returned it to me this past week. I'm the only one who knows it exists."

"Oh, perfect," Brittany said, turning it on and figuring out he basics with the bag of weed still sticking out of her cleavage. She took a few dozen shots of Sara, zooming in and out on various body parts. "Cool," she declared, handing the camera to Nate and pulling her grinder and rolling papers out of the cookie jar in the center of the coffee table. She pulled the weed out from between her boobs and started rolling joints.

Nate snapped pics intermittently as Jay went to stand in front of Sara. He towered over her, 6'4 and totally jacked. Jay lifted weights every day for no reason other than to catch women's eyes and to intimidate guys. His hair was blonde and close-cropped and he looked like a Marine out of a movie or something as his back flexed and he pulled his tank top off one-handed. He stepped out of his shorts and sat down next to Sara on the loveseat, arm wrapped around her shoulders to hold her in place. If she noticed or cared she gave no indication, just staring into space and wobbling.

Jay grabbed her ponytail and yanked her head back. A dumb moan escaped her mouth and was cut off by Jay jamming his mouth against hers, licking around in her like an animal. Her moans were muffled in his mouth, her eyes half open and arms limp at her sides. She didn't even notice as he slid the straps of her top down and pulled the front of her shirt down so her bra was exposed. He reached around behind her and unclasped it, arranging her arms in her lap so he could pull the bra off her one-handed.

Her top was still around her belly but her skirt had ridden all the way up and her tits were exposed. Her tanlines were in the shape of her tank top on her torso and up to about her mid-thigh on her legs. Her hips and boobs were paler than the rest of her, big brown nipples pointing up in the middle of her fat, round breasts. Nate whistled in appreciation, camera whirring as he zoomed in for some close-ups.

Jay stopped making out with her and looked at her tits as he groped them, lifting them up one at a time and pinching her nipples lightly, jiggling her tits around in his hand. Sara looked down at her naked chest. She made a weak effort to pull her top back up.

"It's fine, babe," Jay told her, looping his arm around her elbows and pulling them behind her so she was totally exposed. He resumed batting his tongue around inside her mouth, groping her chest and occasionally slapping her tits up.

"Hold her still, dude," Mike said. He knelt in between her legs and tapped a line of MDMA out of the plastic bag, onto her left thigh, right on the pale part. Jay held her firmly in place, taking a break from slapping her breasts, as Mike plugged a nostril and snorted the line off her leg, grunting in appreciation and licking the residue off her. Licking and licking, getting closer to her crotch until he was there, pressing his tongue against her panties and pressing his lips on them, soaking her underwear and massaging her with his tongue. She flinched, if you can call reacting that weakly flinching. Mike didn't even notice. He wrapped his hands around her hips for leverage and pressed into her even harder and more frantically.

"I wanna do a line off her tits," Brittany declared, getting up from the couch.

Still holding her arms back, Jay yanked her head back even more, arching her back brutally, holding her rock steady as he grinned at her helplessness. Brittany tapped out a line of coke on Sara's left tit, snorting it and licking the residue off her just like Mike had done. She flicked the hard nipple around with her tongue and then licked up the side of her neck, up her cheek and shoved it in her ear. Sara moaned and Jay cut if off again by locking their lips together as she tried to shrug away from Brittany's assault but she couldn't budge at all. Jay flicked and pinched her right nipple while Brittany made another pass, sucking on her left one and licking her way up her neck and face to violate her ear with her tongue again, over and over. Jay let her straighten up a little since she was really trying to squirm away every time Brittany made out with her ear.

Mike stopped licking and yanked her panties down just far enough for him to wedge his head in there, her thighs clamped to either side of his head as she moaned again into Jay's mouth as Mike's tongue wiggled into her.

Jim didn't do drugs besides alcohol so he just took another shot and knelt down behind Mike, grabbing Sara's feet and licking the soles of her feet and tonguing in between her toes and sucking on them one by one. He held her feet up before him and lapped at them like a dog until Brittany decided she'd had her fill for now. Jim took her spot, but he wasn't interested in ears, only boobs.

Jim attacked her breasts with his mouth, crushing her nipples against the roof of his mouth with his tongue, raking his teeth across the tight, smooth skin of her tits, leaving big hickeys on her underboobs. He bit her nipples and pulled on them, he licked the sweat out of her cleavage, licked the dying punch off her breastbone, smooshing her tits against his face and motorboating them and licking every inch of her rack over and over, coating her chest with his drool.

In fact, pretty much her whole body was getting covered in drool, spilling from Jay's mouth and down her cheek, Jim covering her tits deliberately and Mike giving her inner thighs and pussy a thorough tongue bath.

On the couch, Brittany lit a joint and took a couple puffs. She held it up to Nate's mouth so he could partake without ceasing the photography. She even stole some of Mike's MDMA and rubbed it onto Nate's gums.

"Thanks, babe," he said, turning the camera sideways for some vertical shots. Brittany set her iPad on the stand on the table and set it to record video.

Brittany unbuttoned Nate's shorts and tried to take his cock out. He was too hard and his dick was too long; she pulled his shorts and boxers down until his boner popped straight up. She gave it a couple gentle strokes and immediately Nate said,

"Holy shit I'm gonna come."

"Watch out, guys, first payload on the way," she giggled, guiding Nate to his feet, taking the camera from him and setting it down and walking him up to Sara. Mike and Jim scurried out of the way and Jay arched his victim's back again, breaking off the makeout session and sticking her tits out.

Brittany whacked him off furiously from behind, hugging one arm across his chest and stroking him with the other. Nate groaned obscenely as he ejaculated all over Sara, Brittany holding his cock nice and close to the girl's neck so none of it shot onto Jay. Rope after rope squirted against the girl's neck, dribbling out of the tip and spraying her tits. When he was done her neck was covered in semen, with a nice glaze of it dripping in between her breasts.

Nate let himself be guided back to the couch because now it was Mike's turn. Mike stood in the same spot, yanking his pants off and letting Brittany hug him from behind and whack him off. He didn't last much longer, all seven inches trembling in excitement as Brittany brought him to ecstasy, this time with Jay holding Sara's face right up to the cock, her dumb mouth open as a load of semen shot across her nose and forehead, with smaller loads leaking onto her lips and making her cough as a nice glob of sperm dripped right into her mouth. Brittany squeezed out the last drops and rubbed them on the girl's chin.

Next was Jim. Brittany didn't really have any desire to stroke Jim off but it only seemed fair. He was half a foot shorter than her so she had to stoop a little to grab his cock. It was shorter than Mike's but a lot thicker, the thickest cock she'd seen in recent memory. Her fingers could barely close around it but they did and she whacked him off, too. He also started to orgasm almost immediately and he shot out even more sperm then either of the previous guys. Brittany aimed his cock a little further down to spray down Sara's tits completely and drip onto her belly. The first load shot out so fast it splattered Sara's sternum, followed by three, four, five more ropes of semen. Just when Brittany thought he was done even more sperm oozed out and onto the girl's belly.

Nate, still dazed by his own orgasm, had procured a towel from the bathroom, after taking probably a hundred photos of Sara's glazed torso, and handed it to Brittany.

"Oh, I have to clean her off?"

"Hey, you made the mess," Nate shrugged. Brittany laughed and went to work toweling the poor, semen-plastered girl off. When she did a reasonably complete job Jay got up and slid down his boxers. His cock wasn't as thick as Jim's but it was still very thick, and long. Probably 8 or 9 inches and veiny.

He sat back down on the loveseat and scooped Sara up and positioned her so she was in his lap, legs spread and facing away from him. He snaked his long arms under her thighs, his elbows spreading her knees as he reached up and clasped his hands together behind her head, squishing her down against his steely hips in a full nelson, her arms sticking out to the sides uselessly, boobs squished by her knees folded up against her chest. He started trying to stab his meat stick up into her blindly.

"Here, I'll help," Brittany offered, voice getting a little gravelly because the weed was hitting her but moving a little too fast because of the coke. She bent over and guided Jay's massive cock so it was pressed right against the opening of Sara's pussy and then scurried out of the way so the cameras had a good clean shot.

Jay flexed, his huge arms straining, right as he stabbed upward violently with his hips. The result was Sara taking probably 7 or 8 inches all at once, eliciting another stupid-sounding cry from her as Jay went to work, horse-fucking her fast and hard, like he were in a porno. No mercy for her, just his meat pole jamming in and out of her furiously like he was trying to scrub her insides with the head of his penis, steely cock glistening with her juices as he grunted and worked up a sweat, pounding her with the same lightning pace nonstop. He lasted the longest, probably at least five solid minutes of Sara having her insides ravished by cock until he finally came without warning, jamming her down as hard as he could, forcing her to take the last couple inches as she groaned helplessly, arms flapping weakly and feet sticking in the air.

"Fuck," he groaned, stabbing into her a final few times before standing up and tossing her back onto the loveseat like a ragdoll. He grabbed her hair and yanked her up into a sitting position and slapped his softening cock around on her cheeks until his cock was reasonably dried by her face. She opened her mouth and Jay slid his cock onto her tongue, where she suckled on him lazily until he was clean. Jay let her drop to the loveseat when he was satisfied. Brittany gleefully toweled her face off again.

"My turn," she declared, unbuttoning her shorts and pulling them down with her panties in one motion. She pulled the straps of her top down and pulled it down her body and then unclasped her bra and let it drop. The boys watched, frozen, with their mouths open as she pulled Sara around so her head was hanging off the edge of the seat with her knees over the back of it and squatted down onto her face. Brittany got down so her hands were on the ground, knees bent slightly, so her ass was grinding right in Sara's face.

She knocked Sara's head around with her butt, taking her turn to twerk now, grinding her asshole right in her mouth and nose area, getting red in the cheeks as she titillated herself on the brown girl's face.

For some reason, Jay was getting dressed again just as everyone else was getting fully naked.

Brittany grunted in pleasure. "Going somewhere?" she asked.

"Gonna see if Julie's sister showed up," he grunted, fastening his belt and pulling his shirt back on.

"Oh, that makes sense," Brittany said. She giggled but it was cut off by her own moan. Sara had stuck her tongue out and Brittany was wetting her asshole on it. Brittany grabbed Sara by the hair with both hands and shifted so her clit was pressed against her tongue. Sara was wiggling it around but her technique wasn't very good so Brittany was grinding her hips on her face in a circular motion.

Jay left and the other boys' cocks started twitching back to life at the spectacle of Brittany face-fucking Sara. Her banana tits were hanging down and Mike crawled over to her, rolling on MDMA and sweating hard, and latched his mouth onto one of her nipples. Brittany gasped and nodded and grabbed the back of his head with one hand. She waved Jim over and gestured at her other boob. Jim complied immediately, getting on his hands and knees and sucking on her other nipple like him and Mike were puppies feeding from their mother's teats.

"Kiss me, kiss me," she panted throatily. Nate figured she was talking to him so he bent down and pressed their mouths together, making out like teenagers and panting and grunting in each others' faces. Nate grabbed the back of her head with one hand and slid the other under her armpit to help support her. She grabbed Sara's hair with both hands again and rode herself to orgasm, thighs squeezing Sara's head and the boys' tongues playing with her nipples and Nate stroking her hair and licking her mouth. She cried out, heart pounding and abs clenching as the pleasure washed over her, pouring into her clit from Sara's tongue and filling her hips and making her shake and stiffen up. Nate helped her stay upright and stopped kissing her long enough for her to ride it out, mouth all the way open and eyes closed, moaning every time she exhaled as the boys overstimulated her nipples and she let them, letting the contractions hit her again and again as Sara clumsily attempted to eat her out and she just did all the work herself.

Finally she pushed the boys off her tits and shakily made her way to her feet with Nate's help. She yelped in surprise when Nate swept her off her feet and carried her to the couch and sat down with her laid across his lap so they could continue to make out.

"Damn, Nate, you should do this ecstasy shit more often," she whispered, staring him in the face.

His cheeks were red and he was starting to sweat, too. "Mmm-hmm," he replied, pressing their lips together again and stroking her naked hips and thighs.

Sara was still lying upside down. Mike looked at Jim and nodded in the direction of the bedrooms.

"At least take the iPad with you," Brittany told them, not even looking, just guessing their nefarious intentions.

Jim shrugged and grabbed the iPad and tucked it under his arm. He and Mike grabbed Sara and picked her up, Jim holding her wrists and Mike lifting her ankles, and carried her to Brittany's room.

"I have a camera recording in there, anyway," she told Nate.

"That's really hot," he told her and she gasped as he slipped a finger into her.

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