My Week With Tommy. PT.2

please excuse any grammatical/punctual errors as English is my second language.
Names have been changed for the safety of people featured in this article
this article has underage sex and if you are not into it GTFO!
Part 1 is TOTALLY True, Part 2 is pretty much exaggerated into a story

It Felt like we had been doing this for hours, but when I looked at the clock it had only been about ten minutes.
I looked back at Tommy and he was fast asleep, soon we are both naked and sleeping next to one another cuddling.

A few days passed without me and Tommy doing anything, I honestly thought there would be no more fun among the two of us. Anyways, it was Wednesday and I was watching some stupid shit on TV bored out of my fucking mind, fading in and out of the show playing, while sipping my beer, sending an icy chill down my throat and sending me back to reality each time. Thinking of a way to have some fun, I suddenly had a light bulb moment! (The thing in cartoons when someone gets a potentially stupid idea). I walked up to Tommy's room, and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Tommy yelled

I opened the door.

"Hey Tommy I will be right back" I Said

"Ok" He said staring blatantly at the TV

I ran back to my house, unlocking the door, I ran to my room and pulled out the skimpiest skirt I had, and then pulled out a shirt that barely covered my perky 34C breasts. I first stripped my shirt, along with my bra, pants, and panties, standing there naked I grabbed the skirt and pulled it on. It got about as low as my upper thighs and would show all my ass if I were to bend over. I slipped my shirt over my head, feeling the material of this shirt rub against my nipples always sent shudder down my spine. I was now walking back to Tommys house, as soon as I was in the living room I received a text from Tracey(an old friend I grew up with) reading "Hey meet me at the park, we need to fucking chill" I responded "Cant, I'm babysitting", I soon got a reply stating "Just take the kid with you, all kids love parks" "True, I'll be up there soon" I responded.

The park was only about 10 minutes away, I called Tommy downstairs, probably a minute later he was down stairs. "Tommy, you wanna come to the park with me?"
I asked, "sure, I guess" he said, as we were walking down to the park I felt the cool breeze running up my skirt and blowing against my pussy. We soon arrived, I greeted Tracey and introduced her to Tommy, he ran off to the playground. Tracey and I sat on the swing's talking, gossiping and among other things, she stopped talking all of a sudden. After a few awkward seconds of silence she spoke up.

"Hey, Chelsea, You see that guy over there?" she whispered as this guy was pretty far away from us.

"Yeah? what about him?" I questioned.

"Isn't he hot as fuck?"

Looking at him, he was cute, he looked as if he was in his late 20's, dirty blond hair, and a very, very sexy body which all added to be a very sexy guy to me at my age.
The next thing I know Tracey was poking me, "What?!" I Yelled, "I bet your too chicken to flash him your pussy" she said. "How do you know I'm not wearing panties?!" I whispered not wanting anyone to hear me, "Hello? I grew up with you Chelsea! I know you've always hated panties!" she slightly whispered. I thought about what she said about flashing the stranger and I guess she took the silence as a no, "Bwak! bwak!, Chelsea's a chicken!, bwak! bwak!" She teased. "FINE! I'll do it" I said as I hit her on the arm playfully.

I adjusted myself to where he could have a straight view of my bare pussy under my skirt, I spread my legs and started swinging, which soon got his attention and was now staring at my pussy, wide eyes and jaw dropped, Tracey started to burst into laughter, which caused his sexy blue eyes to turn away from my pussy. After Tracey stopped her fit of laughter she said "Did you see him? He was so fucking stunned hahaha!", the next thing I knew she had her hand in my skirt, feeling up my pussy and clit.

"Oh. My. God., You fucking slut! You're soaked! Hahahaha!" she said as she bursted out into another fit of laughter

"Fucking Stop it Tracey!" I said

as she stopped she said "I dare you to go over there and jerk him off till' he cums in your hand!"

"No!" I yelled

"Do you want me to do the chicken thing again?" she said giggling a little bit

"You better not!" I said as if i was threatening her.

"Then You better do it!" she said

Accepting her dare I stood up and fixed my skirt and hair, I prepared my sexiest walk and built up my courage. I started my walk over to the sexy stranger I was about jerk off. The walk seemed like an eternity, like every single step was length of a mouses step, or as if i was in slow motion. In reality I was actually looking forward to beating off his cock, the swing 'accident' had turned me on so much I would jack off anything else in sight.

I had finally got there, I lifted my hand and said "Hi! I'm Chelsea", "I..I'm Trevor" he stammered as he shook my hand. I sat down next to him and looked at him, his blue eyes taking mental pictures of my tits, "Did you like my pussy" I whispered into his ear. "What are you talking about?" he said as if he did not see anything, "Do you think I am dumb? I saw you staring at it!" I said "Ummm..yeah I loved it" he said as if it were an awkward situation for him. I looked over at the other side of the park and saw Tommy playing with some boy in the sand, I then decided to make my move. I slipped my hand under his jeans and felt a rock hard cock waiting for my hand, it felt as if it was at least 7 inches just by running my hand over it.

"What are you doing?" Trevor asked, "Just having a little fun, calm down" I whispered. I undid his button and pulled down the zipper to his jeans, sliding down his boxer's a fully erect 8 inch cock popped into nice, well needed air "Oh my god, your fucking huge!" I whispered, all I got in return was a nod. He pulled out a laptop to cover himself up just incase someone happened to come by, after that was all done, I wrapped my small hand around his thick, long cock, he let out a muffled moan as I ran my hand up and down his long cock, with my hand picking up speed on his cock, his precum started to ooze out. whilst still jacking him off I look over have Tracey, who was still on the swing but discretely rubbing her pussy through her booty shorts, I looked back over to Trevor's cock and by now the head of his cock was covered in pre-cum. With my hand still wrapped snuggly around his shaft, I dropped my tongue over the head of his dick and slurped all it off his cock. I slowly started run my tongue all over, and up and down his shaft and balls.Trevor pulled my head up by my hair and shoved my head down onto his cock, as he thrusted his hips he sent his whole cock down my throat still leaving about an inch out of my mouth, as he thrusted again it all went in. He let go and I soon was bobbing my head up and down his shaft with the occasional deepthroat, with a few more strokes, he blew a massive load down my throat, trying to swallow it all some of seeped out of the sides of my mouth as I lifted my head off of his cock, I swallowed all the cum in my mouth as it went down I coughed a bit.

Forgetting about the cum on the sides of my mouth an older couple walked by with a disgusted look on their face, I then felt it run down my chin. I ran my index finger over the right side of my chin and scooped up the leftover cum, sliding my finger into my mouth like a tiny cock I slurped the cum off of my finger, doing the same thing with the other side of my mouth.

"That was fucking great!" Trevor said in exhaustion.

I gave him my number, and walked back over to Tracey. "Was that good enough for you?" I asked sarcastically, "Just had a great orgasm" she said, by now my pussy was dripping, Tracey gave me a ride back to Tommy's place.

By now it was about 7:00 P.M. and Tommy was sitting down in the living room watching 'Family Guy', I was still extremely horny and still quite wet from my earlier sexual encounter, I looked over at Tommy with the obvious outline of his boner through his pajamas, "This is my chance to have some more fun with him" I thought to myself. I made my move by running my hand over his hard little cock, I looked at Tommy to get a reaction of this, and he just smiled, so i took that as a sign to continue, I ran my hand more slowly over his cock again, twirling my index finger around the outline of his cock caused him to moan in pleasure "How about we move this to the room?" I asked tommy, he agreed, so on we went to the bedroom, Tommy and I stripped all our articles of clothing, we both jumped on the bed, with Tommy on top of me, we started making out like we had been possessed by sexual demons. Our tongues invading each others mouths and throats, exchanging each others spit, this went on for several intense minutes before I broke the kiss to say "Stop teasing just fuck me already!", I helped him line up his dick to pussy, since it was his first time, after it was in, his strokes started slow and hard, as picked up speed, his thrust's became fast and hard, as he was fucking me like a beast, he leaned forward and started playing with my breasts, twirling his tongue around my nipple and pinching the other, the rougher he got, the closer I came to an orgasm of a lifetime, he started to bite on my left nipple, which had sent me over the edge, leaving my back arching and my whole body shuddering, whilst Tommy threw in one massive thrust and I felt the 'cum' rush through my pussy walls, he then pulled out and shoved his cock in my mouth for me to clean it, which eventually brought him to another orgasm. The second load of cum in my mouth for the day.

Soon after we were laying next to one another gazing as if we had been lovers for 20 years, we soon fell asleep while cuddling and fondling each other.
the next morning I awoke to a loud scream.


The only thing i could see through my unfocused eyes was a womanly figure
Part 3? Yes or no?
Anyway's don't be too harsh, please? lol
I know it's not great, but I hope its ok at least lol

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