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The hubby and i have been swingers for years, and aside from our couples parties, we have our separate hook ups. He has his favorite ladies on the side and I've got my favorite men. Maybe an "open marriage" is a better description for the layperson but otherwise, we really don't care if we're labeled. We're just into some pretty intense sex.

Usually on a Friday night my man invites two or three of his friends over for beers and cards, and then there's the sex after they get bored. I get a good pounding from the guys and that wraps things up. I love sucking dick too, and his buddies can get a blow job from me anytime. I feel great after I make a man cum in my throat. I guess I'm submissive in general, but making men cum is my goal, and my man, being very dominant, makes sure that I pleasure his friends correctly as well as him, of course.

A month ago one of my hubby's employees was invited over for the card game, and by 4:00 a.m. I was in a major gang bang with him, my man, and the 3 other regulars. The new guy flipped out when I walked into the basement room (it's finished and usually gets pretty smokey and stuffy after a few hours of the guys hanging out) and took off my old terry bathrobe to reveal my new lingerie. I gave one of the regular guys a fast blow job to start things off. After he grunted his way through a massive shoot into my throat, I got onto the futon couch and spread myself wide to take cock.

I want men to cum IN me, not on me, because that's the way a woman should serve a man. Being pumped like a whore makes me wild with lust. I love how one of my man's friends at these weekly events just drills me like I'm nothing but fuckmeat. He wants to cum, and he's not wasting any time with foreplay. When he holds my ankles apart and slams that beautiful big cock of his into my cunt, I am insane for it! He cums fast and hard -- this is sex for the men, not for me. My lust is all about them and their pleasure. I love it when a man pumps me hard and deep and doesn't waste any timehe's there to cum, and my holes are his.

The new guy watched me suck the first dick and then get fucked, and he dropped his jeans and was staring, stunned, with a big erection. He got the nod from my man and the words "fuck her" and he mounted me on the futon and I felt his thick cock tear me open. MAN, was that good! Guys obsess about size, but what matters is thickness, not length, and this guy was the proverbial soda can, a fat, rock hard meat that stretched me out so much that I could barely take him. Then he thrust like a madman; I think he was still kind of in a state of shock that fresh pussy was on the party agenda that night. My man encouraged him to get as rough as he wanted, and that guy banged me until I was bruised. It was five minutes of pure fuck heaven, the kind of fucking that women really do crave.

Not to mention being watched! The other guys stood around waiting their turns in my holes. One of them always goes last because he demands anal sex and he's into some real rough stuff.

After the new guy unleashed a huge river of sperm into my cunthole, his dick slid out and it was still rock hard. His cum poured out of me. He was coated in sweat and finally it seemed to dawn on him that he'd been invited to this party and now had a seat on the regular line of men who injected me with sperm once a week. I had sex with the other guys and with my man, and then "new guy" did me again about an hour later.

At dawn, I was on under one of the guys sucking his balls and teasing his cock slit with my tongue as he rolled his wet tongue around my burning clit. He spread my cunthole open wide and as he teased my clit, I was gushing out liquid cunt lava. We did 69 for nearly 45 minutes until both of us exploded, and then my man fucked me doggie style while the others got dressed and went upstairs to raid the fridge.

My man is super hard after he watches me satisfy his buddies. The load he leaves in me after these party fucks is enormous.

I went upstairs a few minutes later, in my old robe, and scrambled up some eggs for the guys. They all talked about how to fuck me again, but my man had a date with one of his ladies. It was Saturday morning, and his regular card buddies knew that he had lots of extra side pussy, but the new guy didn't know that. While I served breakfast, my man and his friends explained to the new member of this select group that we had a very casual sex life and that my man had two regular girlfriends he fucked whenever he got around to it. Hubby left for his day with his other lady, the other guys had to leave for weekend jobs, and I spent the morning having sex with the new fellow, who was a basket case by then, not quite believing his good fortune to get such easy pussy without even asking for it.

We fucked hard on couch and he came deep in me, howling. We had some more coffee, watched some news, and then about two hours later we went upstairs and he screwed me like a whore. There is NOTHING as hot as feeling a man ejaculate in my cunt -- I can feel his cock pulse and that warm sensation as his sperm flows into my hole. I rubbed his sweaty chest as he blew out another load and slipped my hands around and down to stroke his balls right before he released -- that sent him over the edge of the cliff. I was by then addicted to his super thick cock, no matter that it actually hurt when he fucked my hole. That sensation gets me begging for more, and a man is naturally going to want to rough up the bitch who needs it like I do.

By dark, the new guy was spent, and he got dressed and headed home. My man didn't get home that night since he was enjoying his ladyfriend at her house, and so I accepted an invitation from one of my hubby's other friends to drive out to his apartment and fuck. I arrived there about 9pm and he had a black friend there with him. My man knows I fuck like crazy just like he does with new partners, so I enjoyed a terrific rip in the bed with the men and did a nice long 69 on top of the black guy. He had a gifted tongue and my clit was on fire. When his cock blasted out a strong stream of cum, I licked it up as he sent me into space with an explosive cum, his tongue expertly flicking across my slit and clit as I screamed. His balls were the biggest, fattest, tightest balls I'd ever seen, and when he ejaculated, they rippled and swelled and the skin was so tight across them that I could smoothly kiss them and lick them as he erupted. He drank the liquid cunt juice I released when I climaxed, cupping his lips over my cunthole to suck it all out.

Around 2:00 a.m. I drove home, and there was a message on the answering machine from my hubby. He and his lady friend were at a hotel in the city near us and that's how we check in with each other. I beeped his cell phone with our code to let him know I'd taken care of a couple of guys that day and evening and things were cool on the homefront.

This is just the way we both think sex should be -- none of this crap about monogamy if you're not into that. We both want sex and a lot of it, and one partner is simply not enough. We love getting together after a weekend of fucking other people to compare notes, describe our favorite acts, and then usually by Sunday night we're in a marathon fuck of our own. My man always reminds me that I'm his bitch, and that after he fucks his girlfriends or has a one night stand, I'm there to be his obedient fuck hole and worship him as he proves to me, every time, that his cock and his pleasure is my duty.

He loves watching me make his friends cum, and he loves knowing that I know my place -- my place being to give him all he wants, to worship his cock, and to give his buddies or any other man he tells me to satisfy the full treatment. I love being enslaved by him, and I love obeying him. On my knees before him, holding his cock in my hands, I am his whore, and he's my Ruler, and when he tells me to spread for other men, I see that look in his eyes and I rush to follow his orders. He wants his bitch to keep his friends satisfied, and he loves being the man who owns his bitch and passes her around. I wish all women understood how good it feels to truly serve your man, on his terms, his way, as he dictates, and all women should feel the pleasure of cock in their cunts, exploding as the men who fuck them use their holes as women were born to get fucked.

It's also an exquisite pleasure to see my man pumping his cock into another pussy. I've watched my man cum in many women, and each time, I'm thrilled to see him be a real man, not a wimp, not a guy who has to beg for it. And I love watching other women pleasure him, sensing that they are with a very powerful and controlling male who expects them to make him feel good.

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