The Knight and the Acolyte Book1, Chapter 6: Monstrous Mating

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The Knight and the Acolyte
Book One: The Quest
Chapter Six: Monstrous Mating
By mypenname3000

Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Acolyte Sophia – Western Deorc Forest, The Federation of Deoraciynae

I patted Purity's neck as the dark trees loomed over us. The elvish forest was untouched by lumberjacks, the trees growing tall and proud. The Blath Forest had seen generations of humans touch, cutting down trees, trapping, hunting, and herb gathering. Roads had been blazed through it. Here, Angela and I led our horses across game trails.

The trees were too thick to ride. My feet ached in my shoes. I had never walked so far. They throbbed with every step. Angela strode before me in her armor, leading her fierce charger, Midnight. The horse clanked with every step, his metal barding rattling. I winced as branches scraped down the metal.

“Can we take a break?” I asked. “I'm not used to walking.”

Angela sighed. “Fine.”

My emotions were so mixed. I was still angry with Angela, but she was right. We had to work together in the forest. We had to somehow find the Lesbius Oracle and not get killed by the elves. They were reputed to be a fierce race, protective of their forest. If we harmed their trees or the animals that dwelled in harmony with the elves, they would hunt us down.

I trembled as I paused by Angela. I couldn't help glancing at her. She was so beautiful, with red hair that fell about her gleaming pauldrons, and large breasts that gave her an impressive cleavage. Her half-breastplate cupped those wonderful mounds, lifting them up and making my mouth water.

A pendant nestled between her breasts and Angela's fingers absently stroked it.

“Who gave you the amulet?” I asked. My words came out as an accusation and I flushed. I couldn't help it. I did love her, despite Angela's assertion it was just a schoolgirl crush.

Angela's eyes tightened.

“I'm not trying to start a fight,” I said, holding out my hands. “It came out wrong.” I swallowed. “Was it Kevin?”

Her fingers clenched about the garnet pendant at the mention of her boyfriend. “No.”

“Oh, okay.” I swallowed, my head swiveling about to stare off into the brush. The forest all looked the same, dark and green bushes around the trunks of towering trees. I couldn't see more than a few feet before the forest swallowed up everything. Silence hung between us. I wanted to reach out and take her hand.

Why did love have to be so painful?

Birds chirped in the trees above. Angela's hands clenched and relaxed on the amulet as she leaned against the tree. I shifted. The silence was too much. I had to say something. “So, um, who did give it to you? Unless it's too personal.”

A smile crossed her lips. I was surprised by how girlish it was. “Lady Delilah.”

My stomach twisted. She said the woman's name with such a breathless fondness. “So, um, you have a crush on her?”

“A girlhood crush,” Angela admitted, her eyes glancing at me.

I flushed. My love for Angela wasn't like a girlhood crush.

“When I was young, Lady Delilah visited my parents' estate.” Angela's smile grew and a flush crossed her cheeks. Her breasts rose as she quickened the speed of her words. “She rode up on a black charger dressed in her armor. She was a Knight Deute and she took my breath away. A black cape draped down her back, the contrast making her flaming-red hair almost seem to burn. She was graceful and beautiful. For the first time, I had awakened to sexual desires. I masturbated to Lady Delilah that night. In the quiet of my bower, I discovered the pleasure that existed between my thighs.”

A shudder ran through Angela. She closed her eyes and clutched on her amulet.

“Was she the knight that was with you during the ceremony?” I asked. I vaguely remembered an older knight with red hair. She had been a mature beauty.

Angela nodded. “Lady Delilah is the reason I am a Knight Deute. I was inspired to follow in her footsteps.” She laughed. “I had the foolish notion that when I arrived she would fall in love with me and we would go on adventures.”

“But nothing ever happened?”

Angela shook her head. “Lady Delilah was rarely around. She was always out questing. And as I trained, I matured and outgrew my silly crush. I met Kevin and” Pain clouded her eyes. “Well, anyways, before we left, she presented me the amulet. If it wasn't for her support, I'm not sure I would have had the courage to go on this quest.”

I nodded my head. If it hadn't been for the Goddess Saphique appearing in my dreams, I wouldn't have had the courage to continue on. I would have been thrown out of the priesthood and my mother would have been disappointed. She had such grand dreams of me becoming the High Virgin of Saphique, the highest priestess to the Virgin Goddess.

“Well, are you rested?” Angela asked, letting go of her amulet. It fell down between her breasts and disappeared behind her breastplate.

“I guess,” I sighed. “My feet still ache.”

“You'll probably form blisters. Can you heal yourself with your magic?”

I had magic. Saphique had given me her blessing, but I wasn't used to casting it. I did have two more healing potion, but using one seemed like such a waste. “Maybe,” I answered. I should be able to heal myself.

“Good. I would hate to lose time because you became unable to walk.”

“Sorry for being weak,” I muttered. “I'm just a spoiled girl, after all.”

Angela's eyes hardened. “I thought we agreed no more of that.”

“Sorry.” My eyes burned. Why couldn't Angela see how much I loved her and return it? I just wanted to hold her. “Let's keep going.”

Angela grabbed Midnight's reins and led her horse down the game trail. Walking through the woods wouldn't have been too bad if the ground was level. But it wasn't. The trail snaked up and down. Tree roots crossed it, building out of the hard dirt. And it turned out walking downhill was as much of a strain as up as my thighs burned as I had to carefully set my feet to avoid tripping.

My light-brown hair was a tangled mess. Leaves and twigs kept snarling in the strands. The branches all tore at me, snagging on my beige clock and white robes. Angela wore her kite shield strapped to her right arm, pushing back the branches with it and protecting her face.

Strange sounds echoed around us. Animals scampered and growled. Birds chirped. Squirrels darted up and down tree trunks, and other things scurried out of our path through the leaf-strewn ground. I would catch flashes of small, furred bodies and shuddered. What sort of rodents darted through the bushes?

Something big lumbered through the brush near us. I squeaked in fear as a large, black-furred body passed through the trees. I had heard bears could attack a person. The creature seemed more than large enough to be a bear. Angela drew her sword and watched the bear. It ambled off, disappearing deeper into the forest.

I sighed in relief.

A few minutes later, Angela froze. I peered around her and gasped. A woman stood on the trail, naked save her red hair. But she wasn't human. Long, pointed ears emerged through her coppery curls and her face was narrow, beautiful in an inhuman way. The lines of her face were wrong, the angels of her cheekbones slanted down. She was tall and slim, taller than an average man. Her hips shifted and I blushed—a thick cock dangled between her thighs.

“We mean no harm to the elves of the Federation of Deoraciynae,” Angela called out. “We are on a quest for the Lesbius Oracle.

The elf beckoned with her hand before she turned and darted down the trail. Her hair was bright, flashing between the trees as the elf moved with such grace. Angela sheathed her sword, grabbed Midnight's reins, and followed at a jog.

I groaned, and forced my weary legs to keep up.

The trail bent and wound. The elf was ahead of us. Only her red hair flashing through the trees let us know we were still behind her. Angela's armor rattled as she kept up her jog. I stumbled behind her, trying not to trip on the roots as my side began to ache.

The red hair grew further and further away. “Pater's cock,” Angela groaned. “I don't see her anymore.”

“No,” I heaved. “Idon'teither” It hurt to speak. Sweat drenched my face and my hand grew slippery as I held Purity's reins. My gentle mare nuzzled my hand as I stopped. “I think we lost her.”

A woman shouted and a rooster crowed.

“What was that?” I gaped.

“Not sure,” Angela said. “But it's coming from the direction the elf ran. Maybe she's in trouble. Come on.”

“Right,” I groaned and forced myself to move.



My bow twanged as I released my arrow. I squeezed my eyes shut. Wood scraped along scales. It sounded like I only glanced the basilisk with my arrow. I couldn't open my eyes. If I looked into the basilisks golden eyes, I would suffer Xiloniasa's fate. The new elf hunter had been petrified and lay fallen on the ground.

“Xerathalasia! Move!” Relythionaia shouted. She was another of my hunters. An arrow hissed and a rooster crowed as she must have wounded the basilisk.

I threw myself forward, hoping I didn't crash into a tree trunk. I rolled along the ground and crashed into a brush. Something heavy thudded past me. I risked a glance. The basilisk crashed past me. It had a dark, dull-green scales over most of its body, squat and four-legged like a lizard. A fat tail swung behind it. The scales turned into brown feathers at the head. It's head was a roosters, with a red comb along the crest and a sharp, yellow beak. More brown feathers adorned its taloned, bird-like feet.

The basilisk turned its head. I snapped my eyes shut and drew an arrow from my quiver at my hip. My naked breasts heaved as I drew my bow and blindly fired. The monster didn't cry in pain. I missed. I scrambled back as it crashed towards me.

My ears twitched. It's taloned feet tore at the ground. It crowed and clucked its beak. My flesh crawled. A basilisk's bite was venomous. I strained my ears and judged how close the monster was. I dived to the right and let it barrel past.

Another arrow hissed. I risked another look. Relythionaia stood a few feet away knocking another arrow. One of hers had already embedded in the thick hide of the beast right above its shoulder. The basilisk turned on her and lunged in. Relythionaia closed her eyes in time.

“Dodge!” I shouted.

My hunter dived right. It was the wrong direction. The basilisk's beak snapped out, tearing a viscous wound into her naked thigh. Relythionaia gasped in pain and fell to the ground. She convulsed and then fell unconscious. Basilisk venom didn't kill, but it did render a victim unconscious.

Basilisk preferred to mate with their prey before feasting.

I turned around, putting my back to the beast as I plunged into the brush. Everything had gone wrong. Relythionaia, Xiloniasa, and I had waited to ambush the basilisk. We had tracked it down, and my other two hunters, Deliasonele and Quenyathalee, were supposed to drive it into our ambush down a game trail. But the basilisk had somehow gotten behind us and attacked poor Xiloniasa.

I crashed through the brush. “Hunters! To me!”

The basilisk clucked behind me, crashing and scrambling through the brush on its four legs. It was fast. I couldn't risk looking behind me. I couldn't take the chance that I would look into the beast's golden eyes.

I wanted to return to my wife. Atharilesia was pregnant with our first daughter. I wanted to hold her in my arms. I couldn't die here in the woods because a hunt went bad. I had been leading hunts for forty years. I was a master in the woods.

My feet nimbly avoided roots and rocks as I ran barefoot. My naked flesh wasn't scratched by the brush. The plants parted for me. I was an elf, born of the element of wood. The foul basilisk was an interloper into my forest, a foul creation of the mad Biomancer Verthan and loosed upon the world.

I dodged around a tree. I flowed over a mossy log. And still it chased. I turned to the right. I needed to double back and find Deliasonele and Quenyathalee. But the basilisk was persistent. It crowed again. It sounded closer.

Could it run faster than an elf?

My head kept turning. I kept wanting to look behind me and mark my pursuer. I fought my instincts. I vaulted over a mushroom-covered stump and landed amid soft ferns. The feathery fronds parted for me. I burst out on the game trail that would lead back to the ambush spot.

The basilisk crowed. A weight struck my back.

I crashed to the ground. Sharp talons scratched my back. I screamed out in surprise. The trail rushed up at me. I rolled on the hard ground, a rock bruising my side. I ended up on my back. The basilisk was between my legs, his forelimbs grasping my thighs, the sharp talons pricking my skin. Its beak pressed against my pussy, the red comb atop its head flopped as it nuzzled.

A hot, thick tongue licked out. I groaned. It was going to fuck me before it killed me. I closed my eyes before it looked up at me. I felt around for a weapon. I had to do something. The tongue slithered between my pussy lips and flicked my clit.

A hot rush washed through me. My nipples hardened. I shuddered as my body betrayed me. I fought my desire as the hard beak rubbed at my clit and its tongue probed the depths of my pussy. My cunt throbbed and my juices flowed. The basilisk crowed in delight, fucking its tongue deeper into my depths and swirling around the walls of my pussy.

I groaned. It felt good. I shook my head, fighting the depravity of the moment. “Stop!” I gasped.

The monster didn't listen.

My toes curled as its tongue slithered through my pussy. Its taloned claws squeezed harder on my thighs as I thrashed, pinning me in place. I had to keep my eyes closed as my hands swept across the ground for something to attack the beast with.

I brushed my leather quiver that hung from my side. I had arrows. I could stab the monster. My hand reached the top of the quiver. My arrows were gone. They must have tumbled out when the basilisk tackled me.

I cracked my eye as I peered to the left, looking for the white-gray feathers fletching my arrows. I didn't see anything.

The basilisk crowed again. Its tongue swiped up, brushing my clit. I spasmed and gasped in delight. The pleasure rippled through my body. I moaned and squirmed. Part of me wanted to give in and enjoy the monster's molestations.

But I couldn't. I had to keep fighting.

“Matar, help!” I prayed to the hermaphroditic goddess of nature. She had birthed elves along with the four other hermaphroditic races. The basilisk's tongue licked over and over. It seemed to love my pussy juices. My hips bucked against his tongue and hard beak. “Matar's big cock!” I cursed as the pleasure oared through me.

The basilisk's hard beak pressed into my pussy, rubbing up and down. My folds burst with pleasure. My fingers clenched into the hard dirt of the path as I climaxed. The pleasure washed through me, drowning out my fears. I was left only with lust. The basilisk's tongue collected my juices as they gushed into its mouth.

“Damn!” I groaned. “Oh, damn! So good! Matar, yes!”

Another orgasm flooded my body. My hands found my breasts. I squeezed them and pinched my nipples. I pulled on them, stretching out my tits as my body quavered beneath the amazing tongue of the basilisk. Every time the monster licked and nuzzled me, I burst with more pleasure. I screamed out for everyone to hear.

“Yes, yes! Eat me! Oh, damn! Matar's big tits and big cock! Oh, yes!”

My pussy convulsed about the basilisk's probing tongue. It was amazing. I screamed out my delight. My passion echoed through the woods. The basilisk crowed in delight. My thighs spasmed, brushing the ticklish feathers adorning its head.

The basilisk lifted its head and crowed loud. It was a possessive crow, declaring to all the world that it had claimed elvish pussy. I shuddered and heaved as its heavy, scaly body crawled up mine. My nipples rasped against its dry, hard scales, sending electricity shooting down my body. Its tongue licked my face. I opened my mouth and tasted the marigold passion of my pussy on its tongue as we kissed. Its hard beak rubbed on my soft lips.

A hard cock rubbed at my thigh. The heavy beast shifted. It was so squat it had no trouble nudging the folds of my pussy with its cock. I groaned. I hadn't had a cock in my pussy in months. It always seemed like I was out on a hunt when my wife went into heat and sprouted her dick.

“Matar, yes!” I groaned as its thick, hard cock pressed into my pussy.

It was different than an elf's girl-cock. It was tapered, growing larger and larger as it drove deeper into me. My pussy ached as it stretched around the thick base. I wrapped my arms around the basilisk, lost to the pleasure. I rubbed my face into his soft feathers that adorned his rooster-like head as his rough scales rasped against my breasts, belly, and thighs.

“Fuck me!” I hissed, humping my hips. “Pound me with that cock! Oh, Matar, yes! I needed this! I needed to be fucked in my pussy!”

I had no guilt. The basilisk couldn't impregnate me. It wasn't cheating on my wife. Only letting another hermaphroditic cock fuck my pussy would be cheating. I couldn't get pregnant. I could enjoy the monstrous dick slamming into my depths.

“Oh, yes! Oh, fuck! Keep working your cock in and out of me! Mmm, yes! That's it! Matar, yes! What a wonderful cock!”

I kept moaning and panting as the tapered dick reamed in and out of my pussy. My nipples were on fire as they rasped against its rough scales. The basilisk clucked its beak in delight and crowed as it buried its cock over and over into my hot depths.

Its talons scraped the dirt beside my body as it rammed its cock faster and faster into me. My fingers scraped along its armored back as the pleasure swelled inside me. My clit exploded with bliss every time the monster slammed its dick into my hot depths. I arched my hips, grinding my sensitive clit on its rough scales.

“Yes! Matar, yes!” I screamed as I came.

My pussy writhed about the amazing cock. I bucked and squirmed as the pleasure hammered my mind. I didn't care about anything. Only the pleasure. It filled my mind. I held my basilisk lover tight as his thrusting cock triggered another orgasm.

They followed one after another. My nerves burned with passion. My muscles contracted. My pussy ached and my clit throbbed. Every orgasm made my nub more and more sensitive. The pleasure became the sweetest agony. My toes curled as I humped faster.

“Pound me! Yes! Matar's big tits! Keep fucking me! Never stop!”

The basilisk's thrusts grew rapid fire. Its pelvis hammered faster than any elf could fuck. The cock slid in and out of me so fast, my pussy felt ever-full. The basilisk crowed the loudest, proud of its conquest.

Hot cum squirted into me. The basilisk kept crowing. I screamed as my orgasm burst through me. Thick cum was in my pussy. It overflowed me. So much pumped into my body. It spilled out, running down my ass.

“Matar, yes!” I gasped.

The basilisk thrust one last time. My pussy squeezed out the last of the cum. Its cock shrank out of me. I gasped and heaved, the pleasure still buzzing through my veins. I almost fell into a stupor, exhausted by the amazing fuck.

And then the fear struck through me. It had satiated its lusts. Now it would feed its other hunger. I grasped its neck as its beak snapped at my face.

“Deliasonele!” I screamed. “Quenyathalee!”

The basilisk crowed in frustration as it tried to kill me.


Knight-Errant Angela

The woman's shouting grew louder. A sharp beak snapped. The trail took a sharp turn. I slid to a stop. An elf with short, green hair lay beneath a large lizard, her hands fighting to hold back a sharp rooster's beak.

“Basilisk!” I gasped.

“What?” Sophia asked as she stopped beside me.

I squeezed my eyes shut and with my freehand grabbed Sophia. I covered her eyes with my hand and pulled her off the trail. She gasped and struggled against me as I pressed her body against a large tree. Her body was lithe. Memory of the times we made love flashed through me.

But my fear drowned them out. I couldn't let Sophia get hurt. “That's a basilisk. If you look into its eyes, you'll be petrified.”

“Saphique watch us,” gasped Sophia, “and protect your daughters.”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

The elf cried out again in her musical tongue. She wasn't the redhead elf we had chased. Where had that one gone? Well, it didn't matter. “Stay here,” I whispered.

I raised my shield strapped to my left hand, blocking the basilisk from my sight. I drew my sword and advanced down the trail. I could only see a few feet before me beneath my shield. The basilisk thrashed and crowed as the elf screamed.

The thick, swishing tail of the basilisk appeared at my feet. I closed my eyes, moved my shield, and swung. My sword bit into flesh. Not deeply. The scales were hard. The basilisk crowed in pain. I raised my shield as it scrambled towards me.

The monster crashed into my shield. Metal rasped as its talons and beak scraped against it. I thrust my sword around the shield, hoping to find the basilisk's flesh. The tip scored along its hard scales, not penetrating its side.

“Damn!” I shouted as the monster's ferocious attacks drove me back. I thrust again, angling my blade to try and hit its feathered head. It had to be more vulnerable there with only feathers and no scales.

“Angela!” Sophia cried out in fear.

“Keep your eyes shut!” I shouted. “Stay in the trees!”

The basilisk swiped beneath my shield, scratching my armored, left greave. Its talons grabbed me and jerked. I stumbled backwards and the monster rushed, crashing into my shield again. I gasped as I was thrown to the ground. I kept my shield up as the monster leaped on me. Its weight was heavy. The top of its beak appeared over the rim of my shield, snapping and clucking as the monster sought my flesh.

I closed my eyes and struggled to thrust my sword into its belly. On my back, pinned beneath the creature, I had trouble stabbing. I couldn't draw back my arm to get any momentum or to put my body's weight behind the attack.

“Las's pox-ridden cock!”

The elf shouted something. A bow twanged. The basilisk crowed in pain and scrambled off of me. I risked a peak. The elf dived into the brush as the basilisk charged down the trail after her. I forced myself to stand, heaving in breath. I charged after the monster, ready to raise my shield if it snapped around at me. A pair of arrows were embedded barely an inch into the beast’s scaly hide and my sword had only scratched its flesh.

I slammed my sword down on its back. My blade barely cut into its flesh before bouncing back.

It was too armored.

I raised my shield as it turned and swiped its talons at me.


Acolyte Sophia

I know I should keep my eyes closed as I peeked around the tree. But I couldn't help myself. The basilisk wasn't focused on me. I gasped as Angela's hard, overhand swing bounced off the basilisk's thick back. The knight raised her shield as the monster swiped at her with its sharp talons.

I caught a bit of golden eye and ducked back around the tree. The elf shouted something in her musical language. A bow twanged again and the basilisk crowed. I peeked out again, my stomach twisting into knots, my heart screaming to not look.

“Please, no golden eyes, Saphique,” I prayed beneath my breath.

The basilisk was rushing at the naked elf. She had her eyes closed. She was tall and graceful, her body covered in green, brown, and black paints. She dived into the brush and seemed to vanish, blending in with vegetation. Angela, shield held high, charged after the basilisk and scored another glancing blow.

“I need to do something,” I whispered as I struggled to remember my training in priestly magic over the terror thudding through my veins.

<em>Priestly magic is different than the arcane arts wielded by the Mages of Thosi,</em> Priestess Michelle had droned. <em>Mages channel the energy found in the natural world to violate its laws and create powerful effects. Priests draw their power directly from the god or, in our case, goddess they serve. This power manifests in different ways. For us, it manifests in our breast milk and our pussy juices. Once you've learned Saphique's mysteries and become a full priestess, you will be able to lactate at will. Now what can we do with our magic? We can heal the sick. We can make potions that break curses and exorcise the dead. We can enchant weapons and armor to defend their bearers. Priestly magic isn't flashy like the Mages. We protect, enhance, and heal.</em>

I could enchant her blade for a few minutes.

I unfastened my belt, dropping the satchel and my enchanted dagger. My robes open and my small breasts were exposed. I pinched my right nipple. I had been given the magic. I hadn't tried to use it. I concentrated on my breasts filling with milk as I played with my nipple.

“Please, Saphique,” I prayed, it wasn't necessary but helped me concentrate on my milk filling my tits. “Grant my breasts your sweet milk.”

A heat gathered in my breasts. They felt full. My nipples ached. I needed to be emptied. I pulled my nipple and sweet milk squirted onto my fingers. I milked my tit again, letting my creamy drink coat my hands.

I struggled to remember the words of the spell as I darted into the fight.


Knight-Errant Angela


I turned and gaped as Sophia darted down the path. Her robe was open, her small breasts jiggling. They beaded with white drops of milk. Her hands were held out, more milk staining her palms. She had her eyes squeezed shut, the only sensible thing she had done.

“In Pater's name, what are you doing?” I demanded.

“Enchanting your blade.”

The basilisk crowed as it charged after the elf.

“What? How can you have magic? You're an acolyte? Aren't only priestesses allowed to cast spells?”

“I'm a special exemption,” Sophia gasped. “Can I open my eyes?”

“Yeah, you're covered by my shield.”

Sophia opened her green eyes. Then she rubbed her milk-covered hands on my sword, staining the metal with smears of white. “Saphique, the Virgin Goddess that loves all women, bless this weapon so it may protect its bearer. Let this sword shine bright, a beacon to defend all women.”

I gasped as my sword was engulfed in a pink, pure light. After a few heartbeats, the light dimmed, but left pink flames dancing up and down the blade. The sword hummed in my hand. Power brimmed in it. Hope bloomed inside me. I could defeat it.

“Good luck,” Sophia said and kissed me.

It was brief, and then she fled back to safety. The warmth of her lips lingered and my heart beat faster. “Focus,” I muttered and turned, throwing a glance over my shield. The elf had scrambled up a tree. The basilisk's beak tore at the tree while its fore-talons scraped and ripped, throwing chunks of bark to the ground.

I advanced, raising my shield. I peeked around the edge, my sword held up, readied for the thrust.

I stepped on a twig. It snapped loud.

The basilisk turned. I squeezed my eyes shut. The elf shouted from above. I pictured the battlefield, imagining when I should thrust at the charging basilisk. I pivoted on my left foot as my right leg stepped forward and my right arm thrust at the beast.

My arm shook as the monster impacted the blade. I stumbled back as its weight slid up my sword and into the hilt. The basilisk let out a gurgling groan. Its claws tore at the ground and its tail thrashed. The weight of the collapsing monster ripped my sword from my grip.

I kept my eyes closed. “Is it dead?”

“Yes,” the elf said.



I dropped down from the tree. The basilisk's cum dripped out of my pussy and ran down my thighs. I shuddered, my emotions mixed between the rapture of the monster's cock and the revulsion that I had submitted to its bestial lusts.

I turned my attention to the pair of humans. The knight yanked her sword from the dead basilisk's gullet and wiped her blade clean with a rag she produced from a pouch. She sheathed her sword and faced me. The other woman rushed forward, her robes still open. Her breasts were small, but a mother's milk dribbled down her mounds and across her fair stomach.

“Who are you?” I asked, speaking their harsh tongue. It hurt my jaw. There was no music to it.

“I am Knight-Errant Angela of the Knights Deute, and this is Acolyte Sophia of the Temple of the Pure.”

“We did it!” Sophia gasped and hugged Angela from behind. The young lady was excitable, her light-brown hair bouncing across her face.

“You have trespassed on our forest.”

Angela stiffened and pushed the acolyte off of her. Sophia gasped as she stumbled back. “Angela!”

“We are searching for the Lesbius Oracle,” the knight said. “We are not here to harm your people or your woods. We are on a Quest.”

My ears twitched. I bit my lip and then I remembered poor, poisoned Relythionaia. “We can discuss this later. I have wounded hunters.”

“Wounded!” Sophia gasped. “I can help.”

She was a priestess. “Okay.”

The young woman rushed back and picked up her belt. She closed her robes as I fetched my bow and a few arrows that lay scattered about the road. She rushed back, leading a pair of horses. Angela took the reins of a particularly fearsome brute that snorted at me.

“I am not your enemy, friend horse,” I said in elvish. The horse snorted and his eyes relaxed.

Angela frowned as I reached out my hand. “He's trained to bite.”

“He will not harm me,” I smiled and stroked his snout. Then in elvish, “What sort of mistress owns you?”

The horse neighed, the rich sounds proclaiming the wondrousness of Angela and how proud he was to serve her. The white mare added her whinny and affectionately nuzzled at Sophia's neck. The young woman giggled as the horse nibbled on her ear.

“Stop that, Purity,” grinned Sophia. “My ear is not an apple.”

It wasn't a crime for a human to transgress our lands, but we did not encourage it either. Usually, we turned them back. If they resisted, or harmed our woods, then we feathered them with arrows and left their corpses on the boundary as a warning. But a knight on a Quest to see the Oracle.

A knight who saved my life.

I led them down the trail at a jog. Sophia gasped and whined at the pace, but Angela had far more stamina. In a few minutes, we reached the unconscious and feverish form of Relythionaia and the petrified statue of Xiloniasa. I shuddered, bending over the young elf and stroking her stone hair.

“I'm sorry,” Angela said, putting her hand on my shoulder. “What about the red hair elf?”

“What?” I asked.

“We were following a red haired elf when we found you. She must have run past you. Is there a village nearby?”

“No elf passed me when the basilisk wasattacking me.” My cheeks reddened. I needed to clean my pussy. “Besides, I have never met an elf with hair that color.”

“We did see her,” Angela said, her eyebrows furrowing.

Sophia knelt beside me. “Poor thing,” she whispered. The acolyte pulled out a small, glass ampoule and threw it down hard.

“What are you doing?” I gasped in horror as the glass bottle smashed on Xiloniasa, splashing her with a milky liquid.

“Holy milk banishes curses,” Sophia answered. “Look.”

My eyes widened. Everywhere the milk touched her had washed away the stone, revealing Xiloniasa's painted flesh. The living flesh spread across the stone like a stain soaking into a rag. Faster and faster the stone was banished. I trembled for joy as Xiloniasa gasped and sat up.

“What?” the young elf asked as she looked around. “Xerathalasia. What happened? I saw golden eyes and”

I hugged Xiloniasa, tears burning down my cheeks. “You were petrified, but the acolyte saved you.”

I made my choice. The basilisk was done. The hunt was over. I would let my huntresses return to Khalesithan while I would guide the knight and the acolyte north to the Lesbius Oracle.


Acolyte Sophia

I smiled as the elves embraced. They were both so beautiful and graceful. I had heard elves were hermaphroditic, but neither had a cock. And their breasts were beautiful. They seemed a little perkier than a human's breasts, their nipples upswept and hard.

I moved to the unconscious elf and stripped naked, letting my robe and cloak fall onto the ground. My breasts were still lactating, and my warm milk had tricked all the way down to my shaved pussy. Angela leaned against a tree, her eyes hot on my flesh.

I flushed. If she didn't love me, then why did I always feel her eyes watching my body, admiring my beauty? My pussy grew wetter as I knelt next to the wounded elf, her coil of braided, green hair stretched out beside her. A bloody wound stained her thigh and she whimpered and shuddered on the ground.

“I'll heal you,” I whispered, stroking her face.

The elf let out a breathy groan and her ears twitched.

I took a deep breath and shoved two fingers from my right hand deep into my wet pussy. I had practiced this spell since I was a novice, though this was the first time I had ever cast it. “Saphique, bless the font of my womanhood with your loving power.”

I gasped as the Goddess's power flooded through my body. My breasts quivered as my pussy was electrified. The pleasure rippled through my body. I threw back my head and moaned as my fingers were bathed by my climax.

“Sweet Saphique,” I gasped before I sucked in a deep breath. My pussy continued to tingle as I drew out my fingers. A powerful desire filled me. I needed to be touched and pleasured. I needed to explode with passion.

I fought down my lusts and brought my fingers to my nipples. As I anointed each of my hard nipples with my blessed pussy juices, I prayed, “ Saphique, transform my virgin milk with your love. Let my milk heal the sick and infirmed.”

The milk in my breasts seemed to boil, shooting waves of heat back down to my tingling pussy. I bit my lip as my head swam with passion. My milk had been transformed into a healing drought. I could bottle my milk as a potion or allow the wounded elf to suckle from my breast.

I chose to nurse her.

I picked up her head and cradled her to my breasts. I rubbed my hard nipple on her lips. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled the scent of my breast milk mixed with my tart pussy. The elf opened her mouth and latched onto my nipple.

“That's it,” I groaned as she nursed.

My milk flowed into her. My nipple burned with pleasure. My pussy clenched. It was like my nipple was directly connected to my pussy. I squeezed my thighs together and massaged my aching clit as I stroked the elf's face.

The wound in her leg glowed pink as the healing magic went to work. The elf suckled harder. I shuddered and moaned as the pleasure increased in me. The elf moved and moaned about my nipple. Her violet eyes opened.

“That's it,” I purred. “Keep drinking and be healed.”

My hand stroked up her cheek to her long ear. The elf shuddered and suckled harder. She mewled about my nipple. Her thighs shifted and the scent of bluebells filled my nose. It took me a moment to realize it was her arousal.

Elves smelled wonderful.

I stroked her ear again and she shuddered, pressing her thighs together. “Mmm, you like it when I do this?”

I loved the way she moaned and shuddered as I stroked her ear. I leaned over and nibbled on the end. She bucked in my arms, suckling hard and draining my right nipple. Without missing a moment, she kissed over to my left.

“Oh, yes!” I gasped as the elf pushed me down as she suckled.

I spread my legs as the elf lay atop me. I humped, rubbing my hard clit and pussy against her smooth stomach. I played with her ears as my clit burned with rapture. The pleasure sparked through me over and over.

“That's it! Drink your fill,” I moaned. “Let the Goddess Saphique's love fill your body.”

The elf moaned. Her hips shifted. I humped harder. My pussy clenched as I smeared my hot flesh against her smooth stomach. My fingers stroked her ears faster and faster as the pleasure built in my core. Every time my clit slid across her flesh, I shuddered and came closer to coming.

“Oh, you're a sexy, naughty elf,” I moaned. “Keep suckling. Oh, yes! That's it! Wow, yes!”

The elf lifted her face from my nipple and moaned in her beautiful language. It was pure desire. Her body trembled atop me as she orgasmed. I stroked her ears as I stared into her beautiful face, delighted I could give this female elf pleasure.

My pussy contracted. The pleasure boiled through me. I shuddered. My pussy creamed her stomach, smearing my juices up and down her flesh. I moaned in delight as I convulsed. The elf slid up my body, her breasts pressing against mine as her sweet lips kissed me.

I savored the creamy taste of my milk as we writhed together in passion. Her fingers were exciting as they caressed my flesh. I gasped for breath when she broke the kiss. I humped again, rubbing my pussy on her hot thigh and another shudder raced through my body.

“Thank you,” the elf whispered in my ear.

“I'm glad I could heal you,” I gasped.

The elf smiled and kissed down my body. My head tossed about. The other two elves and Angela watched us. Angela's cheeks were red and her hand had disappeared beneath her chainmail loincloth. She shuddered as she rubbed hard at her flesh. The two elves rubbed each other's pussies, their violet eyes dancing as they watched us.

“Relythionaia will make you cum hard,” the elf we rescued from the basilisk grinned.

“I will. Thank you,” the elf moaned, her green braid draped across my stomach.

I gasped as the elf nuzzled her face into my flesh. “Turn around. Let me taste you, too! You smell like bluebells!”

The elf gracefully spun. Her height made her have to contort her body so we could both devour each other's pussies. She had such grace. I stroked her smooth ass as my tongue slid through the folds of her pussy. She tasted like a flower's perfume. I drank her down. I had never tasted a pussy like this before. I missed the saltier taste of a humans' pussy, but elf cunt definitely had its charm.

There were subtle differences. The elf's pussy had an extra layer of folds for me to nuzzle and play with. Her clit was fat, one of the largest I had ever seen. I licked and nuzzled it as the elf's tongue slid through my folds.

“Yes!” I moaned as the elf's tongue contorted and writhed, moving in ways no human tongue could replicate. “Saphique, yes!”

The elf worshiped my pussy. She swirled through all my folds while her deft fingers rubbed at my clit. My thighs spasmed as sweet waves of pleasure washed through me. I concentrated on her clit as my fingers worked deep into her hole. I curled them, wondering if she had that special spot in the depths of her pussy.

The elf moaned and gasped in her delightful language as I stroked through her pussy. She spasmed when I touched the special spot every woman had in their depths. I smiled and stroked the bundle of nerves that would make her erupt. I rapidly tongued her clit while she gasped into my pussy.

Relythionaia squirmed and spasmed on my face. Her flowery juices squired into my lips as she screamed her pleasure. Her pussy spasmed about my fingers as her intense orgasm burst through her. I drank down her squirting juices, proud of my work.

“Now make me cum, elf slut,” I purred, humping my hips as I licked and nuzzled at her pussy, allowing Relythionaia to focus on pleasing me.

Her fingers pushed into my depths, rapidly fucking in and out. I squirmed and gasped into her delicious pussy. Her tongue swirled around my clit. Then she nipped it with her teeth and suckled on my bud.

“Oh, yes!” I groaned. My pussy contracted. I let my orgasm trigger my pussy to squirt, forcing out the powerful convulsions shooting out a blast of juices into the elf's hungry lips as I collapsed and shuddered on the ground. “Sweet Saphique!”

The elf turned around, her face dripping with my tart passion. “Mmm, you have such a cute clitoris, human.”

“I'm Sophia,” I smiled and pulled her down for a kiss.


Knight-Errant Angela

I shuddered on my fingers as Sophia and the elf shared their kiss, both their faces sticky with their excitement. The two elves beside me were already licking their fingers clean of the other's juices, satisfied smiles on their face.

The elf I rescued from the basilisk turned to me. “I am Xerathalasia.”

I nodded. Her name rolled off her lips. “Well, Xerazalsi,” I said, stumbling over her name.

“You can simply call me Xera,” she smiled. “I have dealt with humans before. Our words do not come easily to your lips.”

“No,” I laughed. “Well met, Xera.”

“I will send my hunters home and lead you to the Lesbius Oracle. It is to the north.”

“Good thing we found you. I really would love to thank the red-haired elf that led us to you. I doubt we would ever have located the Oracle without help.”

“Yes, it was fortunate for the both of us,” Xera nodded. “The Oracle is in a dark and dangerous part of the woods. My people rarely venture there. But I will guide you safely.”

“Thank you.”

To be continued

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