Lunch Special

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like gay.

Stranger: hey

You: Hi!

Stranger: asl? :3

You: 17
You: m
You: English and Spanish.

Stranger: 17 M to ^^

You: And California.

Stranger: Florida here

You: I keep getting confused about the L!

Stranger: :P Hows it going?

You: Pretty good.
You: What brings you to Omegle this fine day/
You: ?

Stranger: Nothing, just bored, and pretty horny to ^^
Stranger: What about you?

You: Boredom. I'm using this to avoid homework.

Stranger: Niice, would you possibly want to do something while you avoid your homework? ;)

You: Well, it depends on what you have in mind.

Stranger: Maybe a little dirty chat or alittle roleplay? ^^

You: Roleplay sounds fun.

Stranger: What kind of theme do you have in mind? ^^

You: I'm not sure. It is really up to you.
You: I'm only here to please. ;)

Stranger: Sexy! Maybe some school action?

You: Oh, really? Have you ever done anything dirty at school?

Stranger: The only thing I've done during school is that I received a blowjob in the bathroom :3

You: Oh, well maybe we could Extend on that experience?
You: ;)

Stranger: I like how you think cutie ;)

You: Well then. I guess I should just follow you to the bathrooms during lunch, perhaps.

Stranger: Alright, do you want to start or me?

You: I think you should.

Stranger: Alright!
Stranger: *The lunch bell rings as the students move to the lunch room. I sit down with you and alot of other friends.*

You: *I smile and give you a little wave* Hi, there, um *embarrassed and blushing* What's your name again? I'm terrible with names.

Stranger: *I look up at you and get a buldge in my pants at the sight of you.* "Oh, my name is Alex."

You: HI, Alex. *I smile wider, still blushing* How have you been?

Stranger: *The buldge in my pants wiggle as I blush at you.* "I-I-I've been good, sorry but excuse me, I need to use the bathroom." *I hastely walk to the bathroom.*

You: Excuse me, guys. I'm going to go make sure he's okay. *I go wait for you outside the bathroom, wondering what's the matter*

Stranger: *I open a stall door and close it, I drop my skinny jeans and I take off my shirt as I start to slowly stroke my huge cock with my eyes closed, picturing you. I open my eyes and see the stall door isn't locked, thinking i'll finish quickly I don't care."

You: *I hear slight moans from the bathroom and walk in* Are you okay? *I ask, worry in my voice as I push open the door to your stall and see you near naked* Oh, um I Um Sorry. *I sputter as I back slowly away, a bulge developing in my own pants*

Stranger: *I look up and see you, in suprise I quickly cover my cock as pre-cum shoots from my hard dick at the sight of the buldge in your pants.* "W-Wait.." *I say very quietly*

You: Um O-okay *I back up to a sink, my eyes glued to your covered manhood*

Stranger: *I think to myself "What the hell did I do!?" I get up while still covering my cock as I come out of the stall and kiss you as you lean over the sink. "What the hell am I doing? I don't even think hes gay!" I think to myself.*

You: *I'm confused by the kiss, but after a few seconds, I start kissing you back, bringing my hands around to hold your bare sides closer to me*

Stranger: *I slip my tounge in and close my eyes as I put my arms over your shoulders. My cock brushes up agastint the buldge in your jeans as the tip wipes pre-cum onto your jeans.*

You: *I break the kiss to take a breath* We shouldumm *I start to walk toward the door, my intentions unclear to you*

Stranger: *I slowly rub my cock* "We should

You: *I each for the handle, but let my hand travel below the bar toward the lock, twisting the lever to seal the door* Lock the door. *I stare back at your cock, your hand mesmerizing my eyes*

Stranger: *I lead you over to the center as I lay you down on the floor, I climb on top of you as I reach my hands up the sides of your body. I then take your shirt off.*

You: *I shiver as my back touches the cold floor* Uh *I trail my hand down your back and trace patterns on your ass cheek*

Stranger: *I flip around on top of you so my head rests on the buldge in your jeans. I rub the buldge slowly as my cock rests to the side of your cheek.*

You: *I swirl one of my fingers around your nether hole and use the other hand to take hold of your dick, stroking it nice and slowly, squeezing your precum to drip onto my cheek* Are you Are you sure about this? *My voice is nervous but dripping with lust*

Stranger: *I starts rubbing your cock through your jeans.* "Well, I might just be doing this out of horniness, but my cock never lies to me when it says it wants something. I actually was thinking about you when I was in the stall." *I continue to stroke your crock through your jeans while with my other hand I take off your belt and unzip and unbutton your jeans.*

You: *I moan at my own dick's pleasure* I'm flattered. *I flick my tongue across the head of your piece and grab your balls with the hand that was stroking your ass*

Stranger: *I pull down your jeans and I put my mouth on your cock through your boxers and I rub your dick with my lips through the boxers. My cock throbbs in enjoyment from your cock.*

You: *I wrap my lips around your dick and moan into it. I raise my hips just a little to push my dick against your mouth*

Stranger: *I try to hold back a moan as I speed up on your cock while I lick your cock through the boxers.* "Your li-lips feel s-so good"

You: *I take my mouth off your dick just long enough to suck on one of my fingers* Nnng *I take you back into my mouth and use my wet finger to rub your asshole*

Stranger: *My ass widens as I shove my hips backwards causing more of your finger to go into my ass. I moan as you finger me. I rub the head of your cock as I speed up with my lips.*

You: *I raise my head to take all of your cock into my mouth, moaning at your actions to my own dick. I insert more of my finger into your ass and then start thrusting my finger in and out*

Stranger: *I thrust my hips inward to shove my head further into your mouth as pre-cum shoots out into your mouth. I let out a huge moan into your cock as I speed up to what seems to be impossible speeds as I play with our cock.*

You: *I groan onto your dick, pulling my lips away* Oh, god Just Just take them Take them off. *I pant as I grind my precum and spit soaked boxers against your mouth.*

Stranger: *My cock throbs to your words, I lick the tip of your cock through the boxers sucking in the pre-cum. My body ignores your pleas as my balls start to swell due to the cum it holds.*

You: *I whimper and take your dick back into your mouth* I use one hand to fondle your balls and the other to finger your ass, firmly wrapping my lips around your dick so it doesn't slip out*

Stranger: *I moan loudly while I put all my spit into your boxers so it feels like a constant blow job. I then rub your fully massive erected cock through your boxers fast and hard waiting for a stain to leak cum.*

You: *I finger your ass roughly, adding another finger while grinding my dick to your face* Nnng ng *my body starts to shake from the overwhelming pleasure heating up my whole crotch*

Stranger: *I feel presure build up in my balls which swell in your hand while the same pressure comes to my cock. Trying to hold back my cum I speed up on your cock.* "Oh my.. oh my fucking.. god you feel too great" *I pant as I feel the pressure build up in my cock*
Stranger: (Heres a beutiful cum shot jsut for you

You: *I feel your dick swell and pull my lips away before you cum* Oh yeah. You like that? *I add another finger so that I am fingering your ass with three fingers*

Stranger: *I speed up rubbing your cock to what seems like the speed of light.* "Oh my fucknig god, y-yes give it.. give it to me!" *I shout as I feel the cum slide towards the tip inside my cock. I focus on how good your fingers feel as I release my hot cum all over your face, drenching it. My cock shoots out what seems to be a cup of cum while it throbs in your face.*

You: *I groan and wrap my lips around your dick to catch what cum doesn't land on my face as I use my free hand to jerk the base of your dick, squeezing your cum into my mouth* Mmm. *I start thrusting my hips against your mouth as I start to feel my own organs swell with heat*

Stranger: *More cum from the inside of my cock rolls out into your mouth while I reach my hand inside of your boxers and I start to stroke the full length of your cock. My cock shoots out another stream of cum in suprisement of the length of your cock. My hard cock calms down to a long soft dick. I stroke faster and faster inside your boxers as I rub on the outside also, licking your head all around through your boxers.*

You: *I speed up the fingering and pull my lips off your dick, panting as I feel my cum shoot out of my dick and onto your hand and my waist, soaking my boxers even more* Oh, fuck! *my body tenses and my back arches as my body struggles to eject weeks of pent up cum from my body*

Stranger: *I take my hand out and lick it clean. I take off your boxers which seem to not have a dry spot anywhere. I stare in amazment at your giant cock, still cumming, cum shoots out onto my face as I put my mouth around your cock swallowing any cum that comes out. I go down on your cock and lick it clean. I take my lips off of your mouth as I grab your boxers. I turn around and I immediately start making out with you .*

You: *I probe your mouth with my tongue, yearning for a taste of my hot seed. I grind my now sensitive dick against yours, causing myself to moan into the kiss*

Stranger: *I lick the side of my cheek and gather cum from my cheek. I lick your tounge as my cock gets slightly hard from your cock.* (Fuck, im about to cum.)

You: *I suck on your tongue and reach my hand down to grab both our semi-hard dicks, the sensitivity causing shivers up my side* (Good!)

Stranger: *My cock wiggles to the feel of your hand, I dig my tounge deep into your mouth as cum drips off of my tounge onto yours. I take my hand as creep a finger into your ass and put it in there slowly.*

You: *I groan at the new invasion into my ass and continue to jerk our dicks, milking them for more*

Stranger: *I start to slowly finger you as I grind my now almost fully erected cock agastint your sweet cock. As I grind my balls caress yours as mine pass each time.*

You: *I spread my legs wider to allow you more access and break the kiss to start licking, sucking, and kissing your neck* Gawd *My dick grows hard as steel again and I thrust against yours*

Stranger: *I slip another finger in and I start to thrust your tight ass hard with my fingers. Our cocks rub agastint each other giving each other a hand job using our cock only. My cock grows hard as I moan once I feel you lick my neck. My cock throbs at the feel of everything you're doing.*

You: *I stop necking and look at you* I want to take you. *I wait for an answer, my tongue sliding across my lips*

Stranger: *I look at you as my giant cock throbs on top of yours.* "Go ahead.." *I whisper into your ear as I climb off of you.*

You: Fuck me. *I spread my legs and pull your body closer to mine*

Stranger: *I rub my cock a little while you turn over. I then ram the tip of my cock up your tight ass and slowly jam my head into your cock, I leave it there and wait for a reaction while I caress the sides of your torso.*

You: *I gasp and moan from the feel of your hot dick in my ass* Chinga *I groan and start to push back onto your dick*

Stranger: *I slowly push forward into your ass until all 8 inches of my cock is in your tight ass. I slowly move in and out.*

You: *I groan again and reach back to stroke my own piece* Harder! (That was I finished)

Stranger: *I start to ride your ass and gradually pick up speed, I move my hand down to feel your balls.* (Haha, im going for round 2, last month was no fap march and this month is my fap marathon. I have fapped and finished 73 times this month. My record for a month is 98. Trying to break 100 :3)

You: *I stop jerking myself and put my hand down, balancing myself so I can push back to meet you thrusts. I moan quietly as you grab and fondle my balls* (Wow I only do it to release all my pent up sexual frustration. I don't count, but I have been trying to do it less.)

Stranger: *I see you try to stable yourself as I thrust in harder having our balls slap every time I ram your ass. I feel your prostate each time I jam my cock into you.* (My gay friend's record is 105 and I just wanted bragging rights ^^)
Stranger: (People are coming in and out of my room, im here I just cant post. hold on)

You: *I start to pant and moan louder with every inward thrust you make* Shit Put two fingers In my mouth I'm getting too Too loud *I groan and shiver as I feel my second wave begin to rise*
You: (Oh, that's okay. I have never been able to do second rounds, so I can wait around and watch TV)
Stranger: (Haha, im sorry, my family decided to use my televesion. ugh..)
You: (Omg Hahaha. So you wait for them to leave?)

Stranger: (Haha, I have to, im naked under my covers!)

You: (Hahaha! Way to go, Alex!)

Stranger: *I shove my cock deep into your ass, shaking your whole body with each thrust, I put 4 fingers into your mouth and make a fist to muffle your beutiful moans.* (Haha, they left finally. They wanted to see my aunts pregnancy video and Im the one with the DVD player :P)

You: *I moan and gasp into your fist, shoving my ass back onto your dick so increase the pleasure* Nng.

Stranger: *I moan loudly as I fuck your tiny tight hole. My cock throbs as it swells with pressure arising. I put one hand on your soft ass cheek and the other rubbing your cock furiously.*

You: *I groan loudly, hoping nobody hears us* Fuck *My body feels hot as my orgasm builds* (Almost done with round two, hot stuffs?)

Stranger: *I scream a moan as I tense up for a large orgasm to explode in your tight ass. I hear a knock on the door, it sounds like a guy from the lunch room table. I ignore it and continue to fuck you while uncontrollably moaning loudly.* (Yeah, I didn't even clean up from last time, I even got to jack off underneath the covers while the family was in here. The video was hard to pay attention to while the only thing I could think of was you and your glorious cock ^^)

You: *I groan and shudder as I start to squirt my jizz all over the floor of the bathroom* Fuuuuuuuuuuck *My whole body tenses as I release, my ass squeezing your dick as you thrust*

Stranger: *Ass your ass squeezes my dick I let out a pant as multiple streams of cum fill your ass to the limit. I continue to fuck your ass while cumming, cum splashes out of your ass. I pull out and squeeze my cock as 1 last stream of cum explodes onto you back. My large ahrd cock goes back down.*
Stranger: (Fuck, almost there)

You: *I let out a very loud moan as my body lets out a third, very powerful orgasm from the heat in my rectum. There is a small puddle on the floor, and my dick adds to it a few more times before it finally softens* Shit *I let out a large sigh and shiver from the exertion, beads of sweat dripping down my body*

You: (Well, I finished my second time)
You: (Who knew how horny I was?)

Stranger: (And I finished too, Im drowning in my own cum. If we keep doing this whenever I have a boner or horny, I would keep you here for ages. Im already hard again, haha)

You: (Ohmygosh You horn dog!) *I shiver again as I try to stand, my legs shaking until I am on my feet and leaning against a sink.)
You: *

Stranger: (Haha, I can't help it! You're so god damn cute! Are you really going to try for a third time? If I cum again I will break my record of how many times I cum during one sitting.) *I watch you wobble to the sink, I wounder if I Fucked you too hard. I get on my knees and suck the cum out of your ass.* "How did you like that baby?"

You: *I moan from pleasure, afraid my legs will give out* Shit *I giggle a little at my pun, causing my ass to jiggle* That feels good. (I'm not going one more time. I'd be glad to help you break a personal record, though!)

Stranger: (Haha, alright, lets hope my cock won't be sore.) *I lick your ass while I lay down on the floor, I pull you down to the floor while I rub my cock to get it hard again, you confused about my intents.*

Stranger: (You sure you don't want to do this with me? ^^)

You: (I couldn't. I'm already sore. And my arm hurts :P) I don't think I can go for a fourth *I protest, but don't take any action against you*

Stranger: (Come on! Just once more! Use your other arm! ;)) "Well, lets find out for sure if you can or can't" *I lick your cock as I feel your balls. I mainly lick the head as I put your soft cock in my mouth.*

You: (My mom just walked in to look at prom pictures) *I cringe at the sensations, but my body betrays me and I groan as my dick starts to harden* Nnnng

Stranger: (What if I make you hard with photos? Will that make you want to go a third time with me?) *I continue to suck you using all my spit taking your whole cock into my mouth licking your semi hard cock all over. I start to deep throat your limp cock and with each bob my chin touches your balls.*

You: (Not likely~ :P I'm spent. If it were late night over here, I might. But it's only 5:52, so it's too high risk. My family never knocks on the door.) *my dick hurts and feels bruised from before, but it still continues to gradually harden from the attention. A loud groan escapes my mouth, and I gasp and cover my mouth with my hand*

Stranger: *I suck your cock harder and faster playing with your heard by using my tounge. I throw you your cummed soaked boxers and shove it into your mouth to keep you quiet.* (Theres a knock at my door ^^)

You: *I bite down on my boxers and suck, pulling the cum and saliva from the fabric* Mmmhmm *My hips start to move in a mock thrusting motion*

Stranger: *As you jam your hard as rock dick down my throat I take your cock out of my mouth and I climb on top of it, using my saliva as lube. I slowly sit on your cock inserting the head first and keeping it there.
Stranger: *

You: Uhhhnnnfff! *I gasp and moan as the pressure around my cock increases, pulling my soaked boxers out of my mouth so breathe* Shiiiit I've never Done this before *I grab your hips and kiss the skin of your chest as you impale yourself on my hard rod*

Stranger: (My god that made me hornier than fuck!) *I slowly shove it all in biting on my lip from the pain. I then slowly ride your cock, I take my hand and shove the boxers back in.* "Do you.. do you like it?" *I say as my cock hardens*

You: *I nod "yes." I pull the boxers back out and put them behind me. Then, I lean forward and start to nibble on your nipples, sucking and biting while I moan softly* (Which part? (; )

Stranger: (All of it! especially when you sucked on your boxers for so long you had to take it out to breath, the pressure of your cock rising, and how I impale my self on your hard rod oh my god fuck me hard!) *I move up and down faster and harder, I start to go so fast my cock starts to flop up and down. I grab it and start to jack off in front of your face.*

You: (Yay! I tuned someone on!) *I brace my hands behind me and start to move my hips up to fuck you. Your ass is so hot and so tight. I can feel my fourth orgasm building up quickly.* I'm gonna fuck that tight ass *I lean forward and continue sucking on your nips*

Stranger: *I hop up and down on your cock while you thrust my ass doubling how fast my little ass gets fucked.* "Awwe.. fuck yeah" *I moan under my breath as I feel my cock swelling with cum. I speed up and jack off furiously*

You: *I gasp from the quickness that my orgasm came up on me and coat your intestines with sticky, white semen* Oh, God! Shiit! Fuck! Ass! *My whole body quakes as my body pushes out its fourth orgasm in the past half hour. My dick throbs in your ass, the pain mixing with the pleasure and keeping me filling you up and more, my seed squirting from your ass with every thrust*

Stranger: *Your hot cum fills me up and you feel your cum splash onto your cock with each thrust. Your steamy cum causes me to moan loudly and shoot cum all over your face and torso. My cock turns into a fire hydrant as it sprays cum all over you drenching your face. I continue to pump my cock even though my cum won't stop coming out. I slow down on fucking your giant cock as I sit there screaming in pain and pleasure, the screams are loud enough for someone to think its murder. I pump my cock faster getting all my cum out.*

You: *I lean forward and stifle your screams with my lips, your cum splashing onto my torso. I reach down and grab your dick and start to pump with you.*

Stranger: (Oh my fucking god one more post)

You: *I leave you to scream and make out with your neck, sandwiching your spurting dick between our two bodies and smearing your cum between our two tummies as more of my cum leaks out of your ass, even if my dick is finished and painfully softening*
You: (Be right back I need to go do my laundry.)

Stranger: (My god that was the largest load I have ever came I cant even see my own nipples im covered in too much cum)

You: (Wow I'm glad to know that I helped with that. I helped you do that!)

Stranger: (My god. My cock isnt even sore. I want to eat it all)

You: (Hahaha. I wonder how many calories you just burned by jacking off and cumming.)

Stranger: (Haha, same here, judging by how much cum im covered in I'd say I lost 3 pounds ;))

You: (Hahaha! Your balls have to be shriveled up by now!)

Stranger: (Definately smaller than when I started fuck that felt amazing. Words can't even describe it.*

You: (Hahaha. My name's Ryan, btw.)

Stranger: (Sexy ^^ Thats actually my favorite name. Do you have any pictures? its okay if you dont)

You: (Thanks. I'm kind of out of love with my body, so I have zero pics where I have any clothing off. But I have a recent one in which I look fabulous: "

Stranger: Wow you look amazing and I'm hard again stop it boner! Did you get my pic from the beginng?

You: Yes. I stared at that for like Half an hour.

Stranger: Haha, thanks. Its my favorite pic.

You: It is a really hot gif. If not a little small.

Stranger: Mine was a picture, not a gif ^^ just in case you saw the gif that I posted and thought it was me
Stranger: Im the one on the elft
Stranger: left*

You: Oh, well, I did not get a picture!

Stranger: Hehe

You: Oh, hello.

Stranger: Haha, I think im cute but not cute to where somebody would fap over a picture of me

You: Oh, I could jack to that pic. Like, seriously.

Stranger: Really? Damn!

You: Really. I could. Lovely body. Nice little patch of hair. Adorable nipples. And I love the hair.

Stranger: What do you think about my cock? ;)

You: Well, it's half covered by the blonde. But it looks
You: What's a word that can describe this?
You: Beautiful?
You: Sexy?

Stranger: Haha, stop! Your making me blush

You: I made you cum. Is blushing so bad as that?
You: ;P

Stranger: :P Don't forget you made me cum, 3 times ^^

You: Oh, yeah. I bought you to climax thrice. And myself twice in one hour. Something I have never done before.

Stranger: Don't remind me, your going to make me so horny here soon ^^

You: Hahaha. I have one question to ask.

Stranger: What would that be?

You: Are you a pon star?
You: porn*

Stranger: Haha, no, Why would you ask?

You: I think you could be.

Stranger: Haha! I call bull

You: Honest! You could be!
You: I've seen my fair share of gay porn, and your body rates with the twinks I see!

Stranger: Awesome! I actually was aiming to be a twink ^^ I might go into the porn industry. I heard it pays well, and hell I get paid to cum! Im good at that ^^

You: Obviously! You could use it to pay your way through college. Or make a life out of being a porn star.

Stranger: That actually doesnt sound so bad! The only thing that might retrict me from being a good porn star is how much I cum and sometimes its hard for me to control my cum, so it may come whenever

You: Well, they can work their movie magic and make twenty sessions seem like twenty minutes. Plus, they might love that you can come so quickly in succession.

Stranger: Talk about this is already giving me a boner. Maybe thats another thing ><

You: I'd bet many porn comps would love a guy who can get it up multiple times~

Stranger: Yeah, I might just do porn for a living.

You: You'd be pretty good. You have the body. You have the libido.

Stranger: I'd be the next big thing, people would google me for my images ^^ Haha. well I gotta go.. cya around?

You: Maybe. Is there any way to keep in contact?

Stranger: Through email maybe..

You: Tumblr?

Stranger: Sadly not
Stranger: I only have email

You: You should. Very addictive.
You: Also, lots of jerking material.

Stranger: Yeah, it will be awesome. Alright, mom is coming in and I havent cleaned out the tissues everywhere ^^

You: Ouch. Well, good luck! And I am definitely saving this conversation onto my laptop.

Stranger: You should, and I will to ^^

You: Hahaha. Adeiu.

Stranger: Cya around! xox

You: Adeiu, mon ami.

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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