Harry Potter and Hermione, A Love Story

Two snakes entwined and writhed against one another’s scaly bodies. They whispered softly and the boy moved closer to try to hear what they said to him. Harry Potter moved one… two steps closer and was able to decipher the snakes words.
“Not one will ssssurvive.” one snake hissed to him.
“It will be your fault as before.” said the other.
“I don’t understand.” Harry said to the entwined serpents.
“Behind you.” the snakes whispered together.
Harry turned slowly with mounting dread at what he would see.
A pile of mutilated bodies stood a full 6 feet high behind him. A single beam of grey light lit the pile in the darkness. At the top lay the still form of Cedric Diggory. Below Cedric lay Ron’s form, bloody and slashed as though he had been killed by many knives. Next to Ron’s body lay Hermione, her head bent at an impossible angle. The other limp bodies in the heap belonged to Tonks, Professor Lupin, Madeye Moody, Sirius, And near the bottom Dumbledore’s pale face stared at Harry with wide open eyes.
Harry hit his knees before the heap of his murdered friends. He felt tears welling up in his eyes. Is this what would become of the people he loved? As the first tear hit the cold stones beneath Harry’s knees, the bodies all suddenly looked up at him and screamed a piercing note. The scream embodied every bit of doubt and dread that Harry could imagine. It shook his very soul with it’s pitch and volume.
With a massive start he awoke. The agonizing scream of his dead friends reverberated through his head. Harry felt the icy sweat that covered his limbs and quickly grabbed the bedpost next to his head to make sure that this was not another dream. He heard soft snoring coming from the bunks around his and slowly the horror of the nightmare began to ebb away.
Harry Potter had been having nightmares since Voldemort had returned to the world of the living. Usually Harry’s dreams showed him one specific scene over and over again, but this last week he had experienced a different and ever more horrifying nightmare every night. It had gotten to the point where he dreaded going to sleep as the day waned. Every time Harry sought to return to his slumber, a new horror would reveal itself to him.
The year was almost half over and the entire grounds of Hogwarts was covered in snow. After his return from Christmas break, Dumbledore had thrust Harry into Occlumency lessons with Snape. Harry suspected these torturous lessons were the cause of his nightmares. They forced him to relive the most terrible events he had experienced, including the death of Cedric Diggory and his fights to the death with Voldemort.
To compound his sleeplessness, Harry had recently struck out with his love interest Cho Chang. He had taken her to Hogsmead as part of a plan to make her his official girlfriend. But, she had suddenly freaked out and ran crying out of the coffee shop they were in.
All in all, Harry was feeling totally shitty about life.
Harry gave up trying to go back to sleep. He figured he would just descend into a new nightmare. As he looked over at it, his watch on the bedside table clicked to 3:30 a.m. He sighed and climbed quietly out of his four-poster bed and crept toward the door.
Harry descended into the Gryffindor common room hoping to spend the 4 hours before dawn sitting in front of the fire and perhaps strike up a conversation with the house elves that cleaned the common room at night.
What Harry did not expect was to find someone else in the common room at this late hour. But, sure enough as he rounded the last bend in the spiral staircase he saw Hermione curled up in the comfiest armchair near the fire with a canary yellow night robe wrapped around her. She had obviously been doing a bit of light, midnight reading judging by the small pile of books on the floor in front of the chair. Her curly auburn hair was spilling over her shoulders and onto the pages of her book.
“Oh. Hello Harry.” she said. “What’s got you up so late with classes tomorrow?” She spoke in a hushed voice despite them being the only ones in the room.
Harry hadn’t told anyone about his nightmares yet. Not even his 2 closest friends, so he replied. “I dunno. I guess I just haven’t been able to sleep much lately.”
Hermione nodded understandingly and patted the plush couch that sat directly across from the fire. Harry sat and stared into the dancing flames and for a moment both the teenagers just enjoyed the quietness of the night.
“You look tired Harry.” Hermione said softly. Then she continued “What’s been troubling you? You’ve barely said a word to me or anyone else for a week.”
“I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.” Harry said.
“It’s the occlumency lessons, isn’t it?” Hermione said knowingly. “And I bet the whole incident with Cho hasn’t helped either.”
Harry laughed quietly. “How the hell are you able to read me like one of your books?” he joked.
Hermoine smiled and said “You and I have been best friends for four years now. You and Ron are pretty much the only boys I talk to and we spend every possible minute together. I guess I just know you better than anyone else possibly could.”
Harry smiled again at the thought and asked “So, now we know why I’m down here in the middle of night. But why are you reading so late?”
Hermione looked slightly embarrassed and her cheeks turned pink in the firelight. “Oh, I just cant sleep tonight as well.” she lied unconvincingly. She tried to look back at her book, but Harry knew that his best and only girl friend was troubled.
“Hermione.” Harry whispered. “You don’t lie worth a damn. If something’s bothering you, I would really like you to tell me rather than keep it bottled up inside.”
Hermione looked down at the pattern of the armchair shyly. She closed the book and set it atop the pile on the floor.
“It’s just…” she started nervously. “It’s just that I get kind of lonely sometimes.” she said. “None of the other girls ever really talk to me. And like I said, you and Ron are the only boys I ever hang out with. When we’re apart, like when I’m stuck in the dormitory with the Patil twins and Lavender, I just find that I don’t really have anything constructive to say.”
Harry’s were wide with surprise. He had never known Hermione to show weakness at all. She was always the confident, brilliant one in every situation. But, now she was almost in tears as she told him about how she felt weak. The whole time she wouldn’t look up and just confessed to the pattern of the armchair she sat in.
Hermione continued venting her buried feelings even as her tears spilled out of her eyes and into her yellow robe. “Lately I’ve just been thinking about if I were to lose Ron and you. I think I would just turn into a human ghost and drift through life never speaking or taking pleasure in anything. If we had never become friends I don’t want to think about how my life would have turned out.”
Hermione dabbed at her eyes with the corner of her night robe.
Harry felt touched that she felt so strongly about him and valued their friendship above anything else. Harry leaned in closer to Hermione and put his hand over hers. She looked up at him for the first time and Harry noticed that even with her eyes all red, she was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever laid eyes on. He felt an overwhelming need to protect and comfort his friend who now seemed so vulnerable to him. There was no thought that went through his mind, no secret agenda or alterior motive. He just was staring into Hermoine’s beautiful hazel eyes one second and the next second he had leaned further and placed his lips on hers.
Hermione’s reddened eyes went suddenly wide. The first thought in her head was that Harry was playing some kind of joke on her. Her next thought was that her friend had been bewitched, or perhaps this was a dream. Only after a full two seconds did it dawn upon Hermione that she was in fact experiencing her first real kiss. Her mind raced as she slightly pressed her lips back against Harry’s for a split second before he broke the kiss.
It had only lasted five seconds. But, seeing the shock on Hermione’s face, Harry knew he had made a grave mistake. He immediately tried to apologize to the stunned girl, but he only managed to get out “Hermione I….” before she dove out of her chair and knocked him back onto the couch. Once again their lips met and Harry could see Hermione’s eyes closed and feel the raw emotion in her embrace.
Harry closed his eyes as well and for several minutes the two kissed in the firelight, lost in each others passion. Harry was surrounded by her scent and her hair cascaded around his face while their lips moved against each others. The first kiss was replaced by another and another and soon Hermione opened her mouth to bring her tongue into the equation. For a full five minutes their tongues danced in each others mouths until they were both panting sweating from the intensity of the make-out session.
When the contact finally broke both of the teens stared into each others eyes, Hermione laying on top of Harry who had his arms wrapped tightly behind her back. Harry noticed a new look in her still reddened eyes, a softness that had not been present ten minutes ago. At that moment he knew in his very soul what had seemed so impossible until this moment.
“I love you Hermione.”
Again, shock registered on Hermione’s face even as she felt inside herself that what he said was the truth.
“I love you too.” she said, though the feeling was so new to her.
They kissed again and Harry moved his hands up to her shoulders and all the way down to the curve of her hips. For the first time Harry fully appreciated the beauty of her form and soon his hands wandered to her bottom.
Hermione felt waves of electric pleasure from Harry’s stroking and she moaned into his mouth as he gave her bottom a squeeze. She rolled off him and lay facing him on the wide and comfortable couch. Hermione slowly reached down to the knot on the front of her robe and undid it. She pulled the fluffy fabric back over her shoulder and revealed that she had come down to read in only her lacy pink bra and matching panties.
Harry thought his heart may have actually stopped. He drank in the sight of the gorgeous witch who gazed seductively back at him. His eyes traced the curves of her stomach and breasts for endless seconds before he remembered that he actually had hands. His right hand found it’s way to Hermione’s stomach and he let it slide tantalizingly up her unbelievably soft skin. His hand glided onto her bra and he gave Hermione’s left breast a gentle squeeze.
Hermione let out a gentle moan at the squeeze and Harry’s dick stood hard as steel in his pajama pants. Hermione noticed Harry’s condition for the first time and giggled slightly. She then reached behind her, inside the robe, and undid the catch on her bra.
Harry’s hand quickly went from atop the pink cloth to the unbelievable softness and squishiness of the boob underneath. Hermione’s nipples were rigid as she was aching with horniness. Harry stroked her nipple with his fingertips and elicted more moans of lust from his partner.
Hermione couldn’t take it anymore. She stood, pulling her breast away from Harry’s hand and threw off her robe and bra. She then pulled Harry’s nightshirt over his head and exposed his not un-buff chest. Hermione lay back down beside him and enclosed his mouth in another mind-numbing kiss. At the same time her left hand touched his stomach and felt it’s way into his pants and onto his cock.
Now it was Harry’s turn to be surprised and turned on. Hermione squeezed the shaft of his dick and slowly began working her hand from head to base.
Harry put his free hands back to work exploring Hermione’s bare breasts and her still pantied ass. As he caressed her creamy flesh his hand found it’s way beneath her panties and he felt heat assault his hand from somewhere near. He worked his hand up and down and around on Hermione’s ass as she continued to work his cock at a maddeningly slow pace. As his fingers made their way in ever widening circles, Harry suddenly reached a little bit lower and encountered the moist, puffy lips of Hermione’s pussy.
A new groan sounded from Hermione’s throat. If it had felt like Harry’s touch contained electricity before, it felt as if she had been struck by lightning when he touched her sensitive lips.
Harry gave up on the circle approach and reached down to stroke Hermione’s aching pussy. He ran his middle finger along the slit a few times before he pressed a little deeper. Immediately his finger was surrounded in the warm, wet folds of Hermione’s vagina.
Hermione had stopped running her hand on Harry’s cock when he first encountered her flower. She was too absorbed in the feelings elicited by his roaming fingers. She had even broken the kiss and now both lovers buried their faces in each others shoulders while the young woman moved and squirmed with the liquid pleasure coming from her pussy.
Harry knew now what had to be done and pulled his hand from the back of Hermione’s panties. She seemed slightly disappointed to feel it go but her excitement rose as it dawned upon her what came next.
Harry pulled his pajama pants off and threw them over the back of the couch. His cock stabbed proudly into the air as Hermione removed her hand from it. She quickly had her pink panties off and sent them flying towards her chair.
Hermione maneuvered herself under her lover as Harry slid into position holding his torso above his naked goddess with arms that were toned and muscled though not overly large. Hermione opened her legs with her right pressing up against the back of the couch and her left hanging off into space.
Harry positioned himself one last time before he looked into Hermione’s eyes.
“Are you ready?” he asked?
“Yes.” Hermione breathed. “But go slow.”
Harry lowered his waist and directed his cock into her with incredible care. As his head was submerged in Hermione’s slippery velvet folds, he felt new levels of pleasure that he had never attained by jacking off. The real thing was simply without compare.
Hermione had expected pain at some point. But, as Harry buried his prick deeper and deeper inside her, she felt nothing but unbridled pleasure and joy. Finally Harry had slid the entirety of his shaft into Hermione’s pussy. She figured that at some point her maidenhead must have broken on it’s own. She had read that this could happen at any point in a girl’s life when they receive a sudden jolt or movement.
Harry pulled his hips back until his dick was almost out of Hermione, then he pushed into her again. Again and again he pumped with infuriating slowness, but if slowness was what Hermione wanted, it was what she would get.
Hermione’s head had lolled back and her body was now suspended between her hips and her head. Her back arched completely off the couch and her eyes were screwed shut in ecstasy. With every breath she conveyed her passion with feminine moans that traveled the range between low chest sounds and high squeaks.
Harry sped up his pace slightly with each thrust until his rhythm suited both his need and Hermione’s sensitivity. Soon after he established his thrusting rhythm his lover began to rock and squirm beneath him.
“Ohhh. Ohhhhhh God. Harder Harry. Ohh. Harder please.” Hermione begged as she neared her climax.
Harry sped up only a little, but his thrusts became more forceful and he buried himself into her with a burning need to satisfy her wildest dreams.
Hermione’s orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Tingling bolts ofpleasure erupted along every nerve in her body. Her legs clamped together on Harry’s waist and her arms clung to him with strength he never guessed she had. For twenty seconds she rode her climax as her last moan turned into a high pitched note of ecstasy. As she descended from her peak Harry was just reaching his.
Seeing his beautiful partner hit her orgasm as well as the clamping and fluttering of her vagina around his dick made Harry pump once…twice…. And finally thrum with feeling as his cum erupted from his cock and into Hermione’s wet crevice.
Both teens lay in that position for minutes that seemed like hours. Harry rolled over beside Hermione and she put her head on his chest. They enjoyed the afterglow together and took complete satisfaction and joy in each other’s nearness. Both knew that they were more than friends now. They were in love and nothing and no one would separate them, not Umbridge, not Voldemort, not even the devil himself.

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