Mum's Generosity - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

As Frank brought his hard cock to another bout of cum splattering ecstacy, his little 12 year old brother Brian was doing the same in the bedroom next door. Curiously, he had started his masturbation frenzy on exactly the same day as Frank, and was matching his older brother stride for stride, stroke for stroke. His thoughts were very similar too, always involving his mum in some lascivious and lurid action in various parts of the house. Brian’s introduction to this whole new sensorial extravaganza occurred very shortly after Frank’s.

“Oh my God! Oh my fucking God” exclaimed Sandra as she leaned back against the door, closing her bedroom to the outside world. She closed her eyes and took in what had just happened in the bathroom.

“Mum! That’s swearing!”

Sandra’s eyes flew open. She turned her head slightly and there was Brian, stood by the chest of drawers.

“What the f!” she stopped herself. “What are you DOING in here Brian!?” Their eyes met and Sandra realised that Brian was naked from the waist down and his thighs, bottom and all over his cock and balls were covered in mud.

Brian suddenly became very aware of his semi-nakedness and tried to cover up. In his left hand was a pair of Sandra’s panties, apparently taken from the top drawer of the chest of drawers. The realisation that her younger son was holding a pair of her black lace panties against his cock sent a sudden shiver up Sandra’s spine and she unconsciously licked her lips. Brian sensed his guilty-looking situation and his words came out in a nervous rush

“Ummm, I was practising my skills in the garden and I fell over. Kinda got my shorts dirty so I was looking for some clean ones in my room but I couldn’t find any, so I came in here, thought they might have got put in here accidentally but ummm, I can’t find them so.”

Sandra cut him off. “Brian. Look at the state of you. Jesus boy, you’re getting my panties all dirty. Put them down!” Brian hesitated and Sandra moved over round the bed and stood in front of him. She took the panties out of his hand and put them on the chest of drawers. Brian’s hands didn’t move. “Let me see Brian. Let mummy see the mess you have made.” She smiled inwardly at the use of the word mummy again. Brian reluctantly, slowly moved his hands away until they were at his side. Sandra sat on the bed to closer inspect her son’s predicament. She reached out with her right hand and stroked the inner thigh of his right leg. She stroked her hand up higher and Brian jumped. “It’s OK sweetie, mummy’s just checking.” Checking what? He thought.

Sandra watched his cock intently as she moved her hand round to his arse. She saw it twitch and a slight moan escaped her lips. It wasn’t as big as Frank’s she thought, but it was certainly a nice size and it would certainly feel great in her pussy. She was momentarily shocked at herself for having such thoughts, but as she sought to regain control of herself, she noticed his cock starting to get hard.

“Err, mum, should I go and shower?”

“I’m sorry baby. Mummy has used all the hot water. I’ll have to clean you instead.”

“Umm. OK.” There was a long pause as Sandra dropped to her knees in front of her son, both her hands now wantonly stroking his ass cheeks. “How?”

She looked up at her son, his cheeks flushed, gulping as he tried to stop his cock getting stiff. “Like this baby,” she smiled at him and then continuing to look in his eyes, to Brian’s wonder, amazement she took hold of his cock and lifted it to point at the ceiling, and ran her tongue all the way from his little balls to the tip of his cock. He was stone hard instantly. She pulled her tongue up a little above his cockhead, a string of saliva forming between the two, then she opened her lips and slowly wrapped her mouth around his cock and sucked his 5 inch, hard, smooth cock all the way into her hungry mouth.

All Brian could do was gurgle in wonderment, like a new born baby taking milk from its mother, his sounds indistinct. His mum, with the lips that had kissed him goodnight, that had formed the words to tell him to clean his room, were now sliding slowly up and down his hard cock. His balls had a little mud on them and as Sandra swooped down filling her mouth with his cock, her tongue flicked out and washed his balls, getting a little mud on her tongue as she continued to engulf him in her warm wet mouth.

Her hands still stroked his ass cheeks and now she grabbed them more firmly, pulling her son into her mouth and opening his cheeks so she could run her finger over his tight arsehole. “Are you dirty here too Brian?” Sandra pulled her mouth from his cock long enough to ask. Before he could answer she turned him round and slapped him lightly on his butt. “Bend over honey,” she ordered and Brian, his brain a fog of emotions did as he was told. He put his hands on the chest of drawers and his face down, his nose buried in his mum’s panties that were until very recently, hiding his privates from his mum’s inquisitive gaze. He inhaled deeply as he heard his mum ask him to spread his feet. He did, of course, and Sandra pulled his cheeks open.

“Oh baby, you ARE a little dirty there. Let mummy clean it.” For the briefest of moments Sandra asked herself what the fuck she was doing. It was the briefest of moments. The sight of her 12 year old son’s arsehole in front of her drove her wild and she moved in fast, her tongue licking at his puckered ring, trying to push it inside. She pulled as much spit into her mouth as she could and spat on his hole, then pushed her middle finger in a little, forcing the saliva inside. Brian moaned above her, licking his mummy’s panties, holding them to his face. Sandra tried to push her tongue inside her son’s hole but it was so tight. She opened her mouth and glued her lips to his hole and started to lick and suck.

She took her hand down and pushed two fingers inside herself, fucking for a few strokes then she brought her hand through between his legs and grabbed his throbbing swollen cock, lubricating it with her juices. She pumped it hard. Almost instantly Brian felt the most unusual sensation. Like a volcano about to erupt from his body. He cried out in his confusion and lust. “Mummy, mummy, I’m.I.mummy!”

Reluctantly she pulled her face from his arsehole and scooting round she pushed her face between his mud caked legs and took him in one movement into her mouth. As she sat on the carpet of her bedroom she sucked furiously, wanting his hot young cum to fill her mouth, her throat and her belly. Brian, with hundreds of thousands of evolutionary biology years behind him, started to fuck his mum’s mouth. He could not stop. Did not want to. And nor did she want him to. They both felt the surge from his balls and she ground his cock into her throat, mewling, purring, wanting his cum.

He tensed. His balls tightened. His cum shot out of his cock in long hot bursts. One then two. Holding his mother’s head in his hands, not wanting to let her go, though she wouldn’t have moved for anything. A third burst, a fourth. Filling his mums mouth. Pulling out and shoving back in again. More cum pulsing from his cock. A fifth, a sixth. I’m never going to stop, he thought, slightly concerned. Until finally it slowed. His mum continued to nurse on his cock, making sure she sucked up every last drop.

None had escaped from her mouth and as Brian collapsed onto the bed next to him his mum stood before him and opened her mouth to show her little boy how much cum he had produced. Brian was speechless. Sandra made a great show of swallowing the cum. “Baby, that was delicious.” She opened her towel showing Brian her naked body and continued. “But you are still dirty and now you’ve got my bed dirty.” She shook her head at him smiling. “Now go and get cleaned up with a cloth and I’ll find you some shorts.” Brian sat there dumbfounded. What had just happened? God how he loved her. But.what happened? “Today would be nice mister,” she gently chided him. He stood up.

“Sure mum” and he left the room to go and clean up the mess his mother hadn’t managed to.

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