That Special Moment

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Some people have asked me to write about my experiences with my mother as realistically as possible, so here goes…

I’ll avoid any details which would let anyone recognize us, so I’m not going to mention the name of the city where we live, but mom lives relatively close to me since I moved back here after finishing my studies. Not within walking distance, though, so I have to take a bus since I’ve never owned a car.

Our relatives and her friends only seem happy that I’m visiting her more often nowadays like a son should. That hasn’t always been the case, we’ve had our problems and I started keeping distance to her as I grew up. That slowly started changing after the events I’ve described in my texts “Me and My Mother” and “Some Thoughts”, so it might be a good idea to read those first if you haven’t done so already. Keep in mind that this one uses a bit more artistic freedom in the details. I also have to mention mom knows I’m writing and posting these things. Some people seemed to be worried about that, but she thinks this is OK as long as we can’t be recognized, since our experiences could help others.

I always call mom before I come visit her, or she calls me. Previously it was more of the latter, but nowadays I do call her more often than before. She always asks about what I’ve been doing, sometimes a bit too inquisitively for my tastes. That was a problem when I was younger, but I think our newfound sense of closeness is a wonderful thing.

The bus ride takes its time, but there’s only a short walk from the stop to my mother’s apartment. We don’t hug or anything when she opens the door, we have never been like that. We just greet each other. When and mom asks what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been feeling, my answers are reserved, although I try to be honest with them.

Usually we watch TV for a while or a movie. Mom watches even action movies, but for some reason she never remembers the titles so we may end up seeing something she’s already seen before. I practically never watch movies except at her place, so it’s easy for me to find something I haven’t seen. Eventually we may lean closer, maybe kiss a little and if it feels right, then move to the bedroom.

Seeing mom naked for the first time made me incredibly nervous. It still kind of does, but it’s more about the excitement now. As you may remember, I wasn’t experienced when we started, and mom is still the only one I’ve ever been with. I guess she isn’t attractive objectively speaking, but it’s not like I’ve seen many women naked for real, so my mother’s saggy naked breasts with their large areolas and the dark bush between her legs have been strongly imprinted into my mind. You may have noticed that if you have read my stories, I guess…

We used to do lots of missionary so I could get used to it, just with mom begin there with her legs open or around me. We usually still start like that, but now we start changing the position after a while. Cervical orgasms have changed that and made us concentrate on the womb, so we usually go through a few different positions and then change to reverse cowgirl for the finish. It’s great to be with the most important person in your life and try all the different positions before shooting it in.

Some people have also asked me about the first time my mother had an orgasm with me. It wasn’t physically any different from our previous sessions, but somehow our emotions just connected at that moment, and that made it happen.

These kinds of emotions can help with the cervical orgasms too. If you really want to shoot into your mother’s womb, and she wants you there, it will happen. Your hips will learn the natural dance which allows the womb to open for you. Now, I have to point out that if you’re well endowed, ramming hard against the cervix can be uncomfortable or even painful to the mother, so don’t overdo it. Getting the cervix to open is most important, the power of ejaculation will take care of the rest as nature intended.

She whimpers softly and my own breath turns into groans. I never pull out, I want to squirt deep into my mother’s warmth where I was born. We always try to achieve a really deep womb shot, which we feel every intimately close mother and son should try together. That is the most important thing, and every time it happens is as wonderful as the first. It is important for her too, because the womb is the center of the relationship between a mother and her son.

It’s always good when I feel her to start becoming warmer and shivering. I need to make mom come so I know her womb will open properly. I have to penetrate really deep and hard to make the cervix open. It’s something we’ve recently learned to do, as I have explained. When the first spurt strikes the velvety walls of the womb, it always feels like the most important moment of my life.

When it happens, I try to hold on as long as I can, moaning something like “Mom, Oh God, oh mom…!” but eventually a long squirt strikes the back wall of my mother’s womb and many more follow at a natural, throbbing pace. The spermatozoa go wild and start their quest. Mom’s thighs twitch and hips twist and her warm shudders make me shoot again and again. I try to instinctively time my thrusts with the ejaculations, every one is important. I couldn’t even imagine having amazing orgasms like this before I became close with mom.

I have to say this is not really the same thing as being lovers, even when there are ejaculations and orgasms involved, as I have tried to explain previously. If you try to act like lovers, it’s probably not even going to work. You have to act and feel like mother and son even during the intercourse, and that means firing into the womb among other things such as a very specific kind of friendly cuddling. She lets me suckle on a breast and I keep caressing her life-giving hips and rest my hand against her womb. There is no safer feeling.

After a shower we exchange some kind words and then it’s time for me to head home. I rarely spend the night since I’m quite busy nowadays. She’s still definitely mom for me, I don’t think of her as a ‘lover’, even when we are at the middle of it. I don’t immediately start thinking about sex when I see her, sometimes it doesn’t happen at all, and the whole thing proceeds like a normal visit with a relative.

Let’s talk more about feelings.

It’s difficult even for someone who has been writing fiction for decades to describe what real orgasms inside your own mother feel like. You feel so safe and warm and comfortable, and eventually it will cause the natural and necessary reactions whether you have experience or not.

It’s of course wonderful when mom is warm and moaning and orgasming, and I know it’s me who is causing it. Not only physically, but also specifically because it’s me and not anyone else. The orgasms are easily the best either of us has ever had, so even if we got into some kind of trouble, I’d still say it was worth it. Nothing comes close to these feelings, so it would have been sad to miss them regardless of what anyone else is thinking about this. Life is what you make of it.

Like I already mentioned, a very important skill for a mother in a relationship is to learn how to achieve cervical orgasms. To get to this point, you must penetrate really deep, and your hips must be working in unison. As you might imagine, this is naturally easier with your own mother than someone else.

I can tell you how we do this, because mom agrees it can help others. The reverse cowgirl position works the best for us, because it allows for deep penetration for the son and lets the mother use her hips effectively. Being able to feel your mother’s clitoris as she moves is also a very sensual experience. Once the penetration to the cervix can be achieved regularly with each thrust, you’ll need to feel the tender closeness which allows the mother to reach that deep orgasm which finally opens the cervix and allows the son to ejaculate directly into the womb. The son has to be able to hold until that moment and then ram as hard and deep as possible when the time is right for the both of you.

I would love to see her naked breasts bounce, but in this position I can feel every motion of her hips. I wonder if we could set some discreet mirrors around the room. I have to keep that in mind when we got to IKEA the next time. It would be tempting to use a camera to let people admire how my mother’s hips move and to let them see my balls throbbing against mom’s bush as I shoot into her and post it somewhere, but that might not be a good idea. I’m sure stuff like that has already been done, though. People just assume all the videos are fake anyway, and as long as your faces aren’t visible…

It’s hard to explain how it feels when your mother’s hips are riding you. You know can trust her. She knows what she’s doing, she gave your birth after all. When I feel her shuddering deep and knowing the connection to her womb is open for me. Mom is moaning and whimpering at this point and her own hips are moving vigorously in addition to warm vaginal shudders. She’s warm all over and she’s blushing. I try to hold on as long as possible until the natural and inevitable happens and with a powerful twitch the sperm cells tingling in my balls end up in mom.

“Like a baby’s first kick,” mom has described the feeling of my ejaculation striking the back of the womb. Like my kick, when I was in her womb. That kick is what we always try to achieve when we are together. Mom knows I’m a writer and that details help. She doesn’t read these things, but she thinks it’s great I post them to help others.

Since you wouldn’t exist without your mother giving birth to you, when you come back inside your mother by shooting your sperm into her, your entire life is culminated and concentrated in those few seconds of ejaculation. Your entire life flashes like a tingle through your balls, and then suddenly you can hear it shooting into her. Balls resting in her bush, throbbing against her clitoris.

Then there’s the warm glow, the empty feeling in your balls after the orgasm, and the wide-eyed amazement afterwards. “It went in! My sperm is in my mom, for real!” The first time it happens it can be truly overwhelming, because you know everything has changed, and there’s no going back to how things were before that moment. For that reason it can be safer to start with blowjobs. Seeing you swallow can get him used to the idea and the feeling of motherly warmth at the same time.

Now how to get that real first time with your mom? Many people have asked about that, but I can’t give any definite answers, since I have only my own experiences to go by. I can try to give some tips, I guess, but take them as you may. A good start would be to get her to read things like this so she understands how you’re feeling, but as to how to do it inconspicuously is a different matter.

Your mother probably isn’t all that attractive in reality. Wrinkles, flat, sagging breasts, no curves to her body, dark bush between her legs spreading to her stomach and thighs. You still have to respect her, and especially so when she’s on her knees or with her legs open. You have to understand how rare it is that this is really happening to you and what this means to her as a parent. Talk to her. Not too much, but enough so that she knows how you feel about this and that it’s all right for you, and also so she knows when you’re getting close if she’s sucking you. Most women don’t really swallow, of course. You can hint that you’d want her to do it, as long as you’re nice about it and aren’t too disappointed if she doesn’t. If you accidentally shoot in her mouth, you’re more likely to get an angry judgmental stare than anything else.

When she opens her legs for real it can be even more difficult. It may be easier if you let her be on top, especially if you’re totally inexperienced like I was at fist. Just gather your courage and ask her to. Doggy style can also be easier for both of you, but these are very personal things, so it may be the best to agree on the position beforehand rather than at that special moment. Hugging each other close may feel good, but it may also feel awkward, so experiment with it a bit until you’re really going at it. If you don’t intend to shoot it in, you might as well not do the whole thing at all. Otherwise it’s not worth the problems you’re going to get. Also don’t expect too much from the first time. Simultaneous orgasms and such take time and experience at being together. If she’s feeling nice she may give you a blowjob afterwards. Remember everything I said earlier, it applies here too of course. Cuddling and snuggling can be nice, but it’s another thing that can also feel awkward especially after the first time. Just talk about it if it seems neither is really into it.

It also isn’t essential that this happens more than once even if it was good for you. Just one time can be a nice memory which will last for a lifetime, and if it’s your first time in general it can really help you with girls, especially if your mom takes the time to teach you.

Well, this ended up being a bit more confusing and repetitive than I intended, but that’s the problem with these real life things… Remember you have only one life, so it’s better to live it regardless of whatever anyone else is thinking.

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