Gang Force Part 1

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Gang Force

Part 1

By: Jimmy T Seay

(t+/t oral anal rape gang bang)

Author's Note
Some of you will remember Steve from 'JailForce'. As that story concluded,
Steve found himself grabbed off a dark street. And now for the new story,
Steve Meets the Gang. (Another title could have been, The Gang Meats

Mario and Jose had been asked by their incarcerated brother, Bruno, to deal
with Steve. Mario had gotten his small gang together. They had driven
towards the jail to find out what they could about Steve. The Latino gang
had connections, one of their connections was Officer Ortez.

Mario didn't have to talk to Ortez to learn about Steve. Bruno had described
the brown haired white boy well. Mario observed the slim, 5 foot 10 youth
leaving the jail.

A van followed Steve unobserved for a short way. As Steve entered a darker
street, he had been rushed, and forced into the van. Steve now lay in the
floor, his mouth and eyes covered with duct tape. His hands and feet were
bound with the same gray tape.

Loud Latino music was the only thing Steve heard. He felt bumps, potholes,
and rail road tracks, but had no idea where he was being taken, or why.

The 'why' was simple. Steve's big mouth had pissed off the wrong man, Steve
had angered Bruno Rivera. He had said the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Bruno's two brothers and three of their friends would extract Bruno's

Mario looked at the skinny white boy in the floor. He spit on him, and said,
"Puta!" Steve heard that and laughter. Steve also felt the wad of spit that
hit his face. Steve was pissed, he begin to struggle again, someone would
pay for that!

As the van pulled into the driveway of a very seedy house, Steve had no
idea, that the only person paying would be him. Steve waited, he would show
the slime that grabbed him who was who!

The house was an old shack used by Mario's gang as a hang out. It had
electricity and water. The long busted out windows were covered in plywood.
The few neighbors would hear nothing, they knew better.

Steve needed to learn to keep his mouth shut, he needed to be taught a
lesson. He was very quick to judge others, to use offending words. Steve
needed to learn to respect others. Mario was going to attempt to make Steve
very sorry.

Steve couldn't even yell as he was half carried, half drug from the van to
the house. The two Latino's that carried him down a flight of stairs to a
small basement purposely let Steve's body collide with the steps and walls.

Every bump pissed Steve off more and more, he heard laughs and got even
angrier. If Steve would have been a reasonable person, he would have been
trying to count the different laughs, instead he let anger control his

Steve was thrown onto a hard floor, the tape covering his eyes was ripped
off, pulling some eyebrow hair out. Next, the tape was pulled off his lips.

Steve looked around, and begin to yell, "You fucking stupid spics! Which one
of you nasty mother fuckers spit on me? Let me go, you stupid bastards! I'm
gonna fuck you all up!"

Mario stared at the white boy in amazement! Mario began to laugh, the other
four followed suit.

Mario had to laugh, the white boy was stupid! Mario only stood about 5 foot
8, but his build was powerful. Muscle stretched the black t shirt he wore,
even the loose dockers could not hide the thick cords of muscle this 20 year
old processed. Mario did not have Bruno's looks, but he had a very well
constructed body. He was attractive in a rough, masculine way, his nose had
been broken a few too many times, his face was slightly too sharp. But his
body! Work outs and street fights had honed Mario's body into a fearful
thing. However, like his brother, the most fearful thing about Mario was his
cock. While his face was not as handsome as his older brother, his cock was
even more impressive.

Jose was the family charmer, and he was the youngest. He was slim, trim, and
had a way of making people look at him more then once. His growing dick was
already huge, and he loved to use it. When he smiled, his eyes lit up and

There were three more in the small gang. Like Mario and Jose, they were a
mix of Mexican Italians. They stuck together closely, the five young men
watched each others backs. They were like family to one another. None of
them fit in with the pure Mexicans, or the 100 % Italians, but they fit in
with each other just fine. Their ages ranged from 17 to 21. They were all
between 5 foot 6 to the tallest at 5 foot 11. They ranged from the very slim
Jose to the well built Mario.

Mario was their leader, he was not quite the oldest, but because of the
respect his brother, Bruno commanded, he was the leader. Mario was also the
most powerful fighter. No one went against Mario Rivera without backup.
Mario was a kick ass street fighter.

As Mario's laugh surrounded Steve, Mario also judged Steve. Steve was the
one who had stood on the outside of jail house bars and called his brother a
faggot. Steve had insulted Mario's older brother, and the Rivera name.

Mario figured Steve didn't understand what happened when men were locked up.
A rich white boy like Steve would not spend a lot of time behind bars. Mario
had hit juvie at an early age. He understood that kind of life.

Men have needs, on the outside, men have choices. On the inside, they don't.
It's fuck or get fucked. Suck dick or get sucked. Did the white boy think
his brother had a woman in the jail tank? Stupido!

Mario also knew his brother leaned more towards pretty boys then women. Big
deal! His brother was a real man, not someone this white boy could call a
faggot! The white boy would learn all about what a faggot really was!

Mario glanced at his baby brother. Jose was not the type of boy to spend
time in jail. Mario was very proud of his all his family, but Jose was the
baby, the entire family's favorite! Jose had been kept away from juvenile
halls, he was too handsome, too fine to experience that life style.

The Rivera family had an Italian mother, they had a Mexican father. The
parents had produced seven children, Jose was the last. He had the best of
all the Latin looks the family's genes could provide. Mario did not consider
his baby brother as a true male beauty, but indeed, Jose was.

Jose had perfect teeth, they flashed white when he grinned, Jose had
wonderful, thick, curly black hair. His eyes were a sparkling, sensuous
Latin brown. His short, thin body made women and even men look. His skin
color stayed tan year around, no pimples blemished him. And best of all, he
had the Rivera package, the big, thick cock that no clothing could hid.

Jose's 12 birthday had been a stag party. Two whores had been purchased for
his enjoyment. He had fucked them 3 times a piece before the part was over.
The Rivera men had been proud of Jose.

As far as Mario knew, his baby brother had never fucked a male. Mario was
very protective of Jose, they talked over many things. It was time that Jose
fucked male ass. All men needed to know the way to do the most harm to
another male.

Mario decided, then, Jose would be the first. In the gang ritual, Mario was
the rightful one to commit this act. This was more then their small gang,
this white boy had called Bruno a faggot. Jose would be the first one to
make this white boy hate his very words.

All of this ran through Mario's mind as he laughed at the stupid white boy
they had kidnapped.

Poor Steve, had no idea.

Mario ignored the snarling white boy, "Jose." he said. "This thing has
called one of out family a faggot."

Jose's eyes sparkled, "Bro," Jose laughed, "Maybe he mistook one of us for
his daddy!"

Steve registered the insult in a second, "You fucking queer spic, I'll
fucking kill you!" Steve yelled at Jose.

Jose's eyes flashed with laughter, the white boy was in their territory, all
tied up with duct tape, and still trying to talk shit. Jose's handsome head
shook, "You're crazy, dude!" Jose tilted his head back in wild laughter!

Mario didn't laugh this time, he looked real serious. He walked up to where
Steve laid on the basement floor. He looked at him with the hatred that a
Latino has from hearing the word spic to many times. Mario's voice was low,
but carried to everyone. Mario pointed towards Jose. " That's my baby
brother, do you think he's a spic?"

Steve couldn't keep his mouth closed, he yelled, "All of you are fucking wet
back spics! You god damn faggots are gonna pay!"

Mario looked down at the skinny white boy, "Wet backs? Spics? White boy,
you're back's gonna be wet from Latino cum! Your gonna learn what a faggot

None of the gang knew if laughing was appropriate, they all chose silence.
Jose knew his brother well, he knew when Mario was pissed, it was best to
just be quiet.

Mario turned to Jose. "You ready, bro?"

Jose said, "For what? Ready for what? Mario, you know I always stand for

Mario once again smiled, he had regained his composure. "Naw, Jose, you
don't have to stand for this! You ready for some white boy ass?"

Jose knew his brother very well, he looked at Mario for a hint. No hint was
there, Mario looked dead serious. Jose looked at the other Latino's, their
faces gave away nothing. He looked at the white boy on the floor. There was
no way, his big dick couldn't fit inside that skinny white boy!

Jose liked games, he liked to play. "Okay, sure!" he laughed.

"Good," Mario said. "You get his cherry ass!"

Jose's left eyebrow shot up, "For real! Me?" Again, Jose thought about it,
he'd heard about what happened when guys are locked up, both of his brothers
had bragged about fucking guys. Jose thought about the size of his dick. He
looked at his brother and smiled, "Cool, you mean like my dick will fit in
him? Do I need a rubber? What do I got to do?" Jose's young, huge Latino
dick was rising just thinking about fucking. Another thought came to Jose,
all his friends and Mario would be watching, 'Cool', Jose thought, he'd show
them he knew how to fuck!

Steve yelled, "You fucking bastards better let me go now!"

Mario pulled out a switchblade and begin to cut Steve's high priced, preppy
clothes away. Steve screamed and cussed the entire time.

Mario cut away at Steve's shirt at first. As Steve's skin was revealed, the
gang saw the slim but defined chest. Steve's chest was smooth, creamy skin,
with the exception of darker, brown, dime size nipples. His nipple's had
tiny nubs, and were very sexy in the developing teen's pecs. At his navel, a
few short brown hairs formed a treasure trail leading downward to sight yet
unseen. His belly was flat and hard, yet no sign of a six pack.

Steve was screaming every foul word he could think of, no one paid attention
as they watched Mario's handiwork. Mario ran the cold blade of the knife
over Steve's nipples, the knife trailed downward, making Steve suck his
stomach even flatter.

Mario could have undone Steve's clothes, he found it more fun to destroy
them. Steve didn't dare move as Mario begin cutting away his pants. Mario
sliced them from the sides, waiting until both side seams were destroyed
before Mario pulled the ruined pants away.

Steve's loud mouth was embarrassed into silence. The Latino's all laughed at
the white briefs Steve wore, the briefs had stains which indicated he had
been leaking dick lube earlier. Not only that, the briefs were strangely
cut, designed to make his package more prominent.

The others in the room wore boxers or maybe at times nothing. They had no
need for this type of strange underwear, made to enhance the maleness they

Steve's face remained red as Mario begin to slice away his briefs. Steve
didn't want to be naked in this basement of spics. No man actually likes to
be naked around clothed men, and Steve could not escape it.

The briefs were tight, as Mario cut though them, a thick dark brown bush was
exposed first. The briefs continued to fall away, more of Steve came into

There's a theory about the small penis complex. Men with small dicks are
said to sometimes try and compensate in other ways. Who knows in Steve's
case? Steve's dick reached 5 inches hard, it was by most standards at least
adequate. It was actually pretty, the slim teen tube fit it's owner. The
shaft met a flared head. In the many females it had coupled with, there
wasn't any complaints, and it was very suckable. It was nothing to be
ashamed of, under normal circumstances.

There was nothing normal about the circumstances Steve was in now, though.
His clothes had been cut away, he was naked, and exposed to these strangers.
Steve felt more than embarrassment, he felt ashamed. He had witness Brian
McKee's jail rapes, every convict there had larger equipment then Steve!

The Latino's laughed and jeered. Jose walked over in amazement. He openly
stared, and then shook his head, laughing louder then the rest.

"Mario! I was bigger then that in diapers! What's up with him? Where's his
dick?" Jose managed to get out between the bad time he was giving Steve.

Mario laughed, grabbing at his own over packed fly, "Here's one of his
dicks! You got one of them too, little bro!"

Steve's anger kicked back in, he started talking shit, once again. The
basement rocked with laughter.

Jose studied Steve. He smiled, this would be the first guy he ever fucked, a
little dick white guy! Jose thought of his big cock, still wondering how it
would fit.

As Steve listened to the size of his dick being the discussed, he attempted
to shield his privates from the gang's view. This brought even more laughter
and jokes. Steve had rolled to his side, moving his dick away from their

Steve failed to realize that in doing that, he had placed his butt in
perfect sight of the group. Jose looked at the slightly older teen's ass. It
was compact, smooth, and muscled. There was a mole on one cheek. Jose had
never really thought of a guy's ass, but this was definitely a cute one. As
Jose wondered what it would feel like to fuck Steve, his mind flashed to the
girls and women he had fucked.

Jose felt the movement of his cock as it begun to bone up. He kept his eyes
locked on the first boy butt he was to experience. His dick grew, it reached
it's full size in seconds. The rapid expansion had caused the foreskin to
retract, exposing the large head of the thick, 9 1/4 inch rod.

Jose unconsciously wrapped a hand around the tenting in his khaki dockers.
He frowned as he felt the tell tale sings of his dick beginning to leak. He
hated getting stains on his clothes! Jose unfastened the dockers and
carefully removed and folded them.

The front of his blue boxers stuck out from the weight of the prick it
contained. Jose removed his shirt, wife beater, socks, and shoes. Now, only
his boxers remained. He again, supported the weight of his dick in a hand
that could not enclose the size, but offered support.

The color of the boxers contrasted nicely with the boys skin tone. His body
was tight, slim built, but its strength was noticeable. As he stared at
Steve, even more strength emanated from his eyes.

Juan didn't have any problems with fucking Steve, he didn't think in terms
of gay and straight. In Juan's mind it was just satisfaction. Juan was
excited about this though, many things intrigued him. First of all, he would
be doing this as a part of a gang ritual, in simple terms, his friends and
brother would witness the act. Then, because Steve was being forced and
raped made it even more interesting. Juan had lots of sex thrown his way,
women found the cute Latino sexy, but never had he been a participant in a
gang rape. Also, the idea of sticking his big dick in a small ass hole had
stayed in his thoughts.

As Mario spoke, Juan turned towards his brother. Mario said, "Show the white
boy what's going up his ass, Juan."

Juan had no qualms in nudity. He was proud of his body, all of it. He
shucked off the boxers and walked inches away from Steve. Steve saw the
enormous cock on display in front of him. Steve thought it was bigger then
the one he had seen raping McKee in the jail. Steve was incorrect, while
close in size, it was slightly shorter, a bit less in diameter. Never the
less, it was probably too large for an anal virgin, especially a virgin with
no inclinations or desires towards anal sex. Steve was very unhappy for
about a hard dick being this closed to him.

Steve begin to rant and rave again, "Get your nasty homo ass away from me,
you sick mother fucker! I'll kill all you son of a bitches, get the fuck

Jose burst into a fit of laughter, and walked closer to Steve. He straddled
Steve and stroked his dick, a thick trail of prelube began to fall. The
entire gang watched as Steve struggled to escape the man lube that was
slowly dripping downwards, towards him!

Steve twisted around somewhat, the strand of Jose's pre cum fell onto his
neck, it stuck there, glistening. Steve felt it sticking to his skin, he
could even imagine that he smelt it. It was vile and sickening to Steve's

Steve turned to face Jose, as he opened his big mouth to cuss, another drop
started falling. Steve tried to jerk his body away to safety, but this time
Mario held him still. Steve saw the thick fluid right before it made a
perfect landing. It landed on Steve's lips.

To a teen age male like Steve, this was the greatest violation he could
think of, or even imagine. Steve now faced a dilemma. He had dick juice on
his lips, it had adhered to them. He wanted to part his lips and scream, he
wanted the dick goo off his lips and neck. Steve was still helpless, the
duct tape held him in check well.

Mario continued to hold Steve, Jose leaked more pre cum on various places of
Steve's body. Jose had Steve's face and hair pretty well coated. Jose had a
real leaky dick, it would leak until he had least gotten off twice,
sometimes longer.

Jose squatted down on Steve's chest. He actually sat on Steve's chest. He
could feel Steve's heat beating. Steve looked at Jose in pure hatred. Jose
could read the hate and anger in Steve's face. Jose had seen hatred before,
it didn't do anything except make Jose laugh.

Jose arranged his balls on Steve's neck. He said. "Look, I got my nuts on
this white boy!"

Everyone laughed, well, except Steve. Mario held Steve down, with ease.
Steve's face had a grim expression. The pre cum was disturbing enough, but
now, the naked Latino was sitting on him.

Jose grinned and begin to rub his dick into Steve's face. Steve's left
temple begin to throb as he got redder with anger. Jose rested his dick on
Steve's mouth, laughing.

"I'm gonna beat my meat on this gringo!" Jose said.

Mario shrugged, "Don't you wanna fuck him?"

"Yeah, bro, but first, I'm gonna unload in his face, I'm gonna treat him
like a cheap street whore, then I'll fuck him. My dick will stay hard, after
I cum in his fucking face, I'm gonna cum up his ass!" Jose bragged.

The gang laughed and encouraged Jose as Jose begin to stroke his monster.
Steve actually began to register the trouble he was in. Natural instincts
told him to cuss, struggle, do anything he could to escape. Jose weight and
Mario's strong hands held him easily. The fear of cum entering his mouth
even kept that closed. Steve was silent, Steve begin to really get worried.

What Brian had endured flashed into Steve's mind. He remembered the pain
filled face. Brian's rape wasn't as funny anymore. Jose slowly massaged his
cock over Steve's face, as Steve's mind raced.

Jose used his dick's natural juice and his mouth's saliva to keep his rod
well lubed. He worked it slow and steady, using the motions and strokes that
he liked the best. He jacked off in quietly as the gang watched.

Steve could feel more heat coming from the nuts resting on his neck, he cold
feel the life in them. He felt them quiver and move. The next thing he felt
was hands on his face, his mouth was being pried open by two of the gang

They opened up the resisting jaws seconds before Jose shot the first wad, of
course it entered Steve's mouth. Steve gagged as more and more of the vile
cream erupted and was sent to his mouth.

Jose produced 6 healthy wads, Steve got no chance to spit any of it out,
before his mouth was forced shut. Steve didn't swallow at first, finally he
did, wanting to get the nasty taste out of his mouth.

The gang cheered as Steve gulped down the product of the teen age boy's
testes. Jose was high fived as he rose off of Steve, proudly displaying his
still hard dick.

Jose grinned, "I'm ready to fuck him now! How do I do it?"

Jose was ready to fuck, he just wasn't sure how you fuck another guy.
Steve's mouth was still filled with the after taste of Jose's cum.

Jose's masturbation had only served to make him hornier, he needed to stick,
he needed to fuck for real now! He said, "Well? You gonna tell me, or I got
to figure it out by myself?"

Mario laughed at his very horny little brother, he laughed with pride. Mario
looked around the basement, "Drag him over there," he told his soldiers.

Steve found himself being forced over the top of a very old desk. Luis held
Steve's still bound hands. Refugio pulled the duct tape away from Steve's
ankles. Refugio held one leg, and Jesse pulled the other leg away.

Now, Steve was effectively bend over the desk, and his legs spread apart,
leaving his butt exposed to whatever violation he was about to experience.
Steve had never known this much fear or humiliation before. The one thing he
could not get out of his mind, was the pain Brian McKee's face displayed
from getting assed fucked.

Steve was not used to being in any bad situations, he had no memories of
ever being humiliated, he wasn't even used to the emotion fear. He felt all
of this now, but his largest fear was experiencing pain. Steve did not like
pain, and did not want to weaken and show pain. McKee had gave into the
hurt, Steve promised himself, no matter what, he would not give in and let
these spics know they could make him hurt!

Mario walked up and placed one of his hands on Steve's right butt cheek.
"Jose," Mario said. "Come over here and learn!"

Jose moved quickly, standing beside his brother, looking down at Steve's
butt, like it was a blackboard in a school room.

Mario said, "First, we're gonna look at it, get it ready. Ass holes are real
tight, mejo, especially cherry ones. They can be so tight, they can tear
your dick skin. You wanna get them opened and fuckable. After a few
fuckings, then, you can just stick your dick in them whenever. Dudes with
little dicks can just fuck an ass hole with no problem, but not men like us.
First, lets spread his ass cheeks apart so we can see, okay?"

Mario and Jose spread Steve's butt open, exposing the crack as a team. Mario
coated a finger with spit. "Now watch!"

Every muscle in Steve's body tensed as Mario's finger made first contact
with his ass hole. Steve felt the finger rubbing the tensed ass ring. There
was pressure, then Steve felt the foreign object force it's way inside.

Steve had intended to remain mute, he didn't want to do anything that made
him a part of this. His big mouth had other ideas, Steve yelled, "What are
you doing to my ass? What are you doing you sick faggots?"

Mario chuckled and begin moving his finger, bending it at the joint. Jose
watched closely at the pucker hole that had swallowed his brothers thick
finger. He saw the hole pulse and react to the intruder.

Jose said "Let me try!"

Mario answered, "Okay, but wet two fingers and put two in him." Steve
tightened his ass hole as soon as Mario's finger left. Steve made up his
mind, he'd keep his ass locked shut and no rape would take place in this

Steve didn't know that Jose would find the locked anal passage a thrill and
challenge. Jose stuck the tips of his index and middle finger up to the
pucker, he pressed, then pressed harder. He looked confused for a second,
then pressed only one finger right dead center. A little force cause a grunt
from Steve as the sphincter lost the battle.

Jose fingered Steve with one finger then worked up to two. The strong,
virgin ass ring had loosened slightly. Steve broke out in a cold sweat as
two fingers moved around inside his body.

Mario said, "Pull out a second, and watch this." Jose removed his fingers,
Mario spread open Steve's ass hole and spit into it. He worked the spit
inside with a finger, then spit some more.

Mario said, "We don't have no grease or oil, so we gotta use spit. You wanna
get him real wet, and loose enough to take three fingers, then you can dick

Jose alternated between spitting and fingering, Steve's ass opened to all
the attention. The gang all stared as they watched Steve being readied for
his first fucking.

Mario said, "That's enough, now get your dick real wet, and it's on, bro,
it's on!"

Steve could hear the sounds of Jose lubing up with spit. Steve could feel
the spit that lingered inside his finger fucked ass. Steve could not get
McKee's face from his mind, he wondered how bad the pain was about to be.

He felt Jose moving behind him and he steeled his body and mind. Steve
thought, "I won't yell, I won't yell." over and over. The slightly
younger boy's hands gripped his butt cheeks. Steve felt the spreading and
then felt what he knew to be a dick head at the entrance to his guts.

Steve felt the sponginess of the blunt head, he felt some pressure. At
first, there was no pain, there was just the pressure of the cock head
pressing into his ass. Steve gasped, as the pain began. He felt like he was
being torn apart, the pain seemed to come from his entire lower torso. He
felt his ass ring being stretched, he knew it must be getting ripped.

He was seeing light flashes of light as he react to the pain, his face was a
tight mask, his lips pressed so tight together they were barely noticeable.
Waves of hurt rolled through his body, sharp, ripping pain.

He pictured the huge cock, he kept thinking it must all be in him, but he
could feel it still moving deeper into his intestines. The thick slab of
teen meat used hardness to make room for itself.

Steve's hands were clenched into tight fist, he breathed in short gasps,
forgetting even what caused the pain for a few minutes.

Even as Jose had sunk the last inch deep in Steve, Steve never let the pain
make him scream. His self pride made him for once, keep his mouth closed.

Jose exclaimed, "The fucker took it all! Look!" Jose pointed happily to
where his pubic hairs meet Steve's butt, no sign of cock could be seen.
Steve was completely impaled on the 9 3/4 inched weapon.

Jose said, "His hole feels good, hot, tight as fuck! Watch me fuck his ass,
I'm gonna give him a real fucking!"

Jose didn't feel anything but the wonderfully griping ass, it was to date
the best thing he had ever stuck his dick in.

Mario watched amused as his baby brother begin a very hard, pounding fuck.
Mario knew what Steve's deflowered ass was going through, Mario felt justice
was being served.

The sounds of the two slim teen bodies meeting were loud enough to cover the
gasps as Steve attempted to breath. Jose was a good, sweet kid. He had no
idea of the pain he was inflicting on Steve. He would have been gentler.
Jose figured the loud mouth dude would be screaming or threatening if it
hurt. Jose gave into the extreme pleasure the dude's ass was giving. As
Jose's fucking loosened Steve, Jose was able to increase speed, he was
fucking like a jack rabbit now.

As in the case of most anal penetrations, Steve's ass ring adjusted and
expanded. As he loosened, the pain lessened. It had reach a dull ache, Steve
could now sense the big rod that moved in and out at incredible speed. As
the two bodies contacted, a low grunt would come from Steve.

Jose kept fucking, his energy had not diminished. He was showing out for his
older brother and friends, he was showing them his manhood, and how he could

Steve was now able to think again. The straight boy was concentrating on the
fact that he was being fucked in the ass, not only that, but by a younger
male. Steve's anger began to build again.

As Jose happily fucked away, Steve felt a weird rage. He was being raped!
Not only could he feel the dick slamming in and out of him, he could feel
Jose's balls slapping him, he could feel Jose's body pounding him, he could
feel the teen's pubes scratching his butt!

One of these low life's was fucking him like he was some faggot! Steve tried
to think of some plan, some way of getting these spics back.

Jose continued to saw in and out, the ass hole felt even better the more he
fucked. It gripped and massage his dick with warmth and slick walls. Jose
was building another load, his second was always bigger. He loved the second
time he came, his mind and body would unite in the pleasure of sex.

Jose didn't talk during sex much, he had no words to express the exquisite
feelings of fucking. Especially fucking this white boy! He'd never been
inside anything like this hole! He wondered if fucking a woman's ass was
this good or was it just dudes' asses? He would find out, he decided.

Jose kept aware of the time he spent fucking, he had made up his mind to
fuck for half an hour to show his friends that he was not a fast cummer.

Steve had no choice but to take the long fucking. He stayed as still as he
could, his only movements were breathing. His fist remained clinched, his
face no longer reflected pain, it showed anger and hatred again.

Finally, Jose decided it was time. He had remarkable control of his balls,
he told them when to cum, not letting them control his sex life. And when
slim, attractive Jose decided it was time, his dick expanded and cum begin
to flood Steve's ass chute. Jose closed his eyes, his body flexed sexily
with each pump of his big nuts.

Steve felt the teen cumming, even greater anger poured into him, along with
the cum pouring into him. Steve wondered how he would get the nasty sperm
out of his ass.

Jose high fived his brother, as Mario took Jose's place. As Mario's slightly
bigger cock entered Steve, the teen realized all of the gang would take
turns. Poor Steve was right, only he didn't realize they would take multiple
turns. Steve had not thought that far. Steve was the kind of guy that came
once and was bored, he didn't understand how capable these virile Latino's
could be.

Steve would learn that these young men loved sex more then anything. To
them, the more sex, the better. All of the gang were very assured in their
manhood, whether it was Steve's ass or a fine chic, sex was sex. They had no
labels for when their balls shot, it wasn't them getting fucked, it was this
skinny, bad mouthed, white boy!

Jose had dumped a large load inside of Steve. Steve's fuck channel was well
lubed, even Mario's larger cock caused him little pain. Where his younger
brother was quiet during sex, Mario had many words.

Mario began, "Let the fucker loose, if he tries to get away, I'll fuck him
up." As the gang released their holds, Mario said. "Get the tape off his
hands. I want this faggot to try something. I will break his fingers one by
one. I want him completely loose, I want him to have balls enough to try me!
It'll be just you and me fag boy, if you're a man, you'll fight me. If not,
try and enjoy my big dick in your ass!"

Steve felt two things, incredible rage, and the dick in his ass! He wanted
to fight, but even one on one, he would be no match for well built, street
fighting, Mario. Not only were these spics raping his ass, they were further
destroying his manhood by making him admit to himself he could not kick
Mario's ass.

Mario laughed, "So, little skinny whore, you gonna lay there and let me
fuck? No fight? I bet you like Latino dick, huh? Did my little brother fuck
you so well that you liked it? He spermed in your ass, you got my family's
seed in you, queer."

Mario pulled his dick all the way out, then plunged back in. This caused
Steve some pain, but he remained silent. Mario continued fucking Steve this
way, Steve's sphincter became even looser and begin to swell from the abuse.

Mario felt enough reaction from Steve to know the white boy was feeling some
pain. Mario said, "I'm making your hole real large, white boy. You'll get
fucked many times, many times. Your hole will never get small again. It'll
take big dicks to make it full. You're ruined, white boy, ruined." Mario was
still pulling all the way out of Steve, and slamming back in.

Mario did not let up, "Your ass feel like a tight cunt. Feel my dick stretch
you, feel a man fuck you. You're a fuck boy, you're not a man, a man would
fight. But fuck boys lay and take it! Yeah, a fuck boy!"

Mario begin a real fuck now. His extremely thick muscles danced under his
golden skin as he rotated his hips, grinding slowly in and out of Steve's
guts. Mario fucked with a true grace, it was no longer meant to punish
Steve. Mario had offered Steve the chance of a fair fight, the white boy had
chosen to be fucked instead. Once Mario was sure Steve had given in, Mario
fucked for his own enjoyment.

Mario said, "You got a great ass, you should have given this up already!
With an ass like this, you don't need to be messing with the ladies, you
need studs! No woman wants a little dick skinny runt, you need a man!"

Steve was so mad now, he fought back tears! He had things to say, but wisely
kept silent. How could this guy that was homosexually raping him say these

But Mario kept saying them all the time he fucked. Mario discussed how a boy
got addicted to being fucked. Mario was really enjoying this ass, but it
would be around for awhile, so he let his juices flow.

As he creamed deep in Steve, he said, "I'm mixing my seed with my bro's,
white boy, you got a part of us swimming in your body. We are in you!"

Mario pulled out, slapped Steve on the ass, "Thanks, white boy, you're real

Luis took his place. He grinned as he place his cock head up to the swollen
lips of Steve's fucked out hole.

"Aiii", Luis cried out as he sunk into the well fucked hole. "Aiii, it's

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