With the Mirror Came.. Chapter 5

"What are you thinking about?" Ronja asked, quite anxious about the answer.

Maria was beside her on the bed in Ronja's room. Being this close to her made Ronja'a body tingle with anticipation, but it was clear snuggling together on the bed would not keep ugly thoughts away forever.

They were both tense and trying to deal with what had just happened. Maybe it was still her imagination, but Ronja could not shake the feeling that she was still smelling John's cum. Even though her stepbrother had left the room, his presence still seemed to remain. Frustrated she used the bed linen to wipe her face in case the oral sex had left some drops of cum. It did not seem to help.

"I am trying to avoid thinking about John," Maria mumbled, her hand rested on her lower tummy, like she wanted to protect her sex. "I never believed there was anything like magic, but I could not resist and lost control of my actions. All this because I was foolish enough to insist on saying the damn spell. Why did I insist on trying to prove it to be a fraud?"

"Don't blame yourself, I should have kept my mouth shut," Ronja said. "Are you still on the pill to reduce your period?"

"No worries, I am covered," Maria responded. "What about you?"

"Don't worry, just oral sex for me," Ronja replied. Her comment seemed so lame to her, she had just sex with her brother and the best she could do was to say she was fine. In truth she was not on the pill so if there had been residue cum that somehow got into her sex she might be in trouble. She pushed that thought away, she needed to focus on the current discussion.

"This is insane!" Maria complained. "I always ignored John hitting on me. I thought it kind of cute that your little brother was interested in me. Now we are having a pillow talk about us having sex with him. Us having damn, unprotected sex, like he was some kind irresistible sex animal!"

Ronja flinched at her words, she so very much recognized the feelings, but had not dared to voice them herself. Maria was refreshingly blunt.

The worst part was how it put their relationship in a different light. Ronja knew she had the crush on her best friend for years, but Maria responding so strongly to her feelings had been a real surprise. Ronja had suspected the whole time that the dildo induced lust when someone uses the magic spell, but now it was probably just a matter of time before Maria figured it out too.

"I am sorry," Maria said and hugged Ronja close. "I'm just rambling on about how I feel, are you alright? It must be worse for you with him being your stepbrother, you want to talk about it?"

"I think I can manage, prefer not to think too much on it. I think we need to talk about other stuff," Ronja replied.

In truth the situation felt surreal, so many dirty details she wanted to hide from Maria. Was this the worst ordeal so far or had the encounter with the dog been worse? Maybe all the abuse she suffered due to the ghost manipulations had left her a bit numb. Clearly she was not freaking out as much as she should be.

"I am listening," Maria responded. They were hugging loosely now, looking into each others eyes. Ronja smiled weakly as she looked into Maria's gorgeous green eyes, Maria beamed back at her.

"I think the magically induced lust will fade if we stay clear of using the dildo when he is around. But I am a bit worried. where we stand. I love you so very much, but what if we would not ended as a couple without the magic spell. You thought me crazy when I talked about it before, but perhaps now you feel differently?" Ronja asked.

"Oh, is that your worry?" Maria asked, sounding genuinely surprised.

Ronja did her best effort to keep her face blank. The truth was that a large part of her earlier guilt was connected to Jonathan exploiting her sexually in school, but she did not dare to reveal that particular secret.

"Wait, that first time when we had sex. It was him saying the spell, wasn't it?" Maria asked, her eyes going wide as the recalled the experience.

"Yes, I think it was. It didn't feel strange at the time but we basically went from feeling traumatized about the encounter in the underground to jumping into the bed in a matter of moments. I tried to tell you about it earlier this evening. That is what dragged us into this mess with John in the first place," Ronja said.

"Yes I recall," Maria said. "I thought you were hiding something."

Ronja struggled to keep her face straight, Maria had no idea about how correct she was. Ronja did not like the direction the conversation was heading, and quickly tried to change it. What if she put focus on their relation?

"So what do you think? Do you need time. Time to think about us?" Ronja wondered. Her voice sounded weak and vulnerable even to her.

"No I think it is better if I talk from the top of my head. It is enough if one of us is over analyzing the situation," Maria said with a reassuring smile. "The thing is I think I made a voluntary choice with falling in love with you. I was amazed by how good the sex was, but our relationship is much more than just sex. We might still be holding our relationship a secret from pretty much everyone, but I am practicing in front of the mirror every day about how to tell my family about having a girlfriend. I am still not ready to say it, but when I practice on it I feel warm and fuzzy. Our relationship is about so much more than just sex. The same is not true about John, I cannot help but to lust for his body, but I am pretty sure I don't want to be in a steady relationship with him."

"I love you," Ronja responded.

"I love you too," Maria said and kissed Ronja's template. She paused and glanced towards Ronja's wall clock. "I can't stay that longer, maybe we need to talk about what to do with the damn dildo."

"We could give it to John, that would make sure he does not use it on us," Ronja suggested.

"I don't like it, what if you are walking by his door if he does experiment on using it on himself or some other weird guy crap. If that happened me I would probably be unable to tear my clothes off and rush in and have sex," Maria commented.

"If you take it you might end getting exploited by John again," Ronja commented.

"Maybe he has realized by now how little say the person hit by the magic has and will not use it. Maybe I can convince myself you are the one saying the spell," Maria responded.

"Imagine me saying the spell and talking on the phone as the magic play out, sounds intense," Ronja commented. Her breath quickening as she imagined how it would play out.

"I think I have it," Maria said. "We don't need to tell John about who has the dildo. He would not dare to say the spell if it might hit you, would he?"

Ronja cringed at the question. The ghost had manipulated her encounters with John and made them heavily sensual and suggestive. John had so far reacted mostly with disbelief, not going all guy and answering what he believed was Ronja hitting on him. Did that still hold true after this evenings sex?

There was no way to know really and she could not discuss it Maria without revealing the existence of the ghost. What would the ghost do to Ronja if Maria learned the secret? She could not risk that the ghost would try gain control over Maria as well.

Ronja did not want to think much on that possibility. She noticed that Maria was looking more and more towards the wall clock, it was clear she needed to head home soon not to make her family worried.

"I don't really know about John,” Ronja said. ”It is magic so who knows how addicted he has become to it. I will talk to him after you have left, but not telling him who has the dildo cannot hurt.”

“Could we just cuddle some more before you leave?” Ronja asked shyly. She wanted a sensual memory of the evening that was not tainted by her brother's presence.

Maria smiled and pulled Ronja into a kiss.

Ronja closed her eyes as she experienced the sensation of their tongues touching each other. Maria rolled on her back and pulled Ronja with her. Ronja let her fingers gently tracing Maria's beautiful neckline. Her movement was restricted as Maria kept her in a close hug.

Maria on the other hand had her hands free and took every opportunity to teasingly explore Ronja's back. Her fingers drifted lower and took hold of Ronja's ass and pushed their pelvis together. Ronja tried to move in response to increase the stimulation on her sex.

“No, my love,” Maria whispered. Ronja opened her mouth to respond, but was surprised by yet another kiss. This time Maria's tongue invaded her mouth and sensually enough the movement matched Maria's movement of her hips.

Ronja was on top, but not given any room to do anything other than what her athletic girlfriend wanted. It reminded Ronja about how she in secret had been admired Maria's muscles. Ronja moaned in excitement as Maria with ease dominated her. Suddenly they were tumbling around so that Ronja ended below.

The long kiss broke and Ronja breathed deeply to recover air. She could not understand how her girlfriend could go on kissing for so long without loosing her breath.

Maria used her lack of focus to move around. Ronja only had a moment to register what was happening before she was presented with Maria's sex. Maria was kneeling over her, exposing her sex in Ronja's face.

Ronja felt totally defenseless, her arms was kept locked down by Maria's weight. Her only option to respond was with mouth and Ronja started to lick. Maria's fingers was busy with playing with Ronja's nipples and breasts.

The taste as Ronja pleasured her girlfriend was slightly unfamiliar. It took her some moments to register that the difference was John's cum that had not washed away.

When the realization hit Ronja there was no doubt, she had herself done a blow job on her brother and the taste was the same. Licking her girlfriends sex free of cum felt dirty. She did not want to think about her brother having sex with them, but how could she not with the taste. Ronja's thoughts intruded on her enjoyment, but Maria's deep moans of pleasure made her reluctant to break her effort.

In truth their current sex was pretty much dulling the emotional strain from the previous encounter. Ronja's discomfort with some more semen in her mouth was small compared to the joy of them having sex. She was worshiping her girlfriends sex and this time they did it because they loved each other and not because of some magical spell. That thought allowed her to focus, she needed to make her lover come hard.

Maria stopped playing with Ronja's breasts and Ronja understood this to be the cue to increase her effort. She was soon rewarded with Maria thrashing wildly as a glorious climax washed over her body. She did grind her sex over Ronja face again and again and Ronja responded by licking and sucking as much as she could. Suddenly Ronja realized she had Maria's clit in her mouth, she responded by both sucking and licking at the same time. The effort was instant, Maria was frozen, just moaning incoherently as pleasure ripped through her body.

Finally it was too much and Maria rolled off her. Teasingly Ronja stretched out her hand and teased Maria's sex. It made Maria tremble.

“No more, cannot take it,” Maria whispered and rolled away, gasping for air.

“Have I worn you out?” Ronja said teasingly.

“Give me a minute. That was amazing, so very marvelous,” Maria responded. “I will make it up to you.”

“I bet you will,” Ronja said. “Yet, you had to be home by ten, right?

“Is the time so late?” Maria complained.

“I am afraid so,” Ronja said as she glanced at the clock. “Imagine my anticipation until the next time we have sex.”

“I will figure out something special,” Maria promised and they hugged intensively.

* * *

When Maria had left Ronja took a shower to clean herself up. As usual she did not have any decent clothes to cover herself up with, but she had borrowed a large bathrobe from her father that covered all naked skin. Still a bit nervous she knocked on John's door.

“Who is it?” John asked.

“It is me, can we talk?” Ronja asked.

“Sure, come in,” John replied, his voice sounding pretty relaxed. Ronja felt a stab of nervousness as she opened the room, would she be walking into some kind of awkward situation.

Inside she found her stepbrother reading a magazine on the bed. At least he was properly clothed. Watching him Ronja realized he was much more tense than what could be heard on his voice, but he seemed to relax some as he saw Ronja covered in a bathrobe.

“This is weird,” John mumbled and looked away.

“Very,” Ronja agreed. “This might sound lame, but I tried to warn you about the magic in the ivory dildo.”

“Sure you did. I should have listened to you,” John said his voice unreadable. “I could never imagine the magic would be so invasive,” he paused before her continued, “It was impossible to resist.”

The last part sounded like an excuse to Ronja, and he did not meet her eyes.

“Maybe we should not talk too much about the specifics,” Ronja suggested blushing slightly.

“That might be a good idea,” John replied. “Things have been weird between us for a while. The magic has been doing funny things with your head?”

“Something like that,” Ronja agreed. She was so glad this discussion happened on a day when the ghost had promised to not mess with her. She had no doubt the ghost would have made this talk a mess otherwise.

“I see,” her brother responded. At least he no longer avoiding eye contact with her.

“If I do something inappropriate affected by the magic, would it be too much to ask you to ignore it?” Ronja asked. She cringed at basically asking him to ignore if she behaved wanton and slutty at home, but with the manipulations from the ghost it was bound to happen sooner or later.

“You plan on keep using the dildo even if it is messing with your head?” he asked.

“None of your business really, but if somebody is not reciting the damn spell around the clock the effect should not be so severe,” Ronja replied.

“Who has the dildo now?” John asked, actually having the decency to blush.

“Me or my girlfriend. Not like we will tell you,” Ronja replied with emphasis.

“You are actually are a couple?” John asked surprised. Ronja could not help wondering if she heard something more hidden in his voice.

“Pretty much, but it is kind of secret still. Maria has not told her family about it either, you are the first to know,” Ronja said.

“You have kept the rest of us pretty much in the dark, did not know you liked girls. Cool that you two have managed to hook up,” John replied, but his voice sounded less than thrilled about the news.

“I want to tell dad and Carol myself,” Ronja said.

“Sure, I will be busy sulking about you stealing my dream girl,” John joked. Ronja could not help to laugh in response.

“I don't think you are her type,” Ronja commented, wanting to keep the talk serious.

“Oh, well it was a nice fantasy that she would fall for a guy fully one and half younger than her,” John said rolling his eyes. “At least I can be proud my sister has a great taste in girls,” John said, smirking at her.

“When you have some candidate girlfriends we can chat about who is cutest, but I think I need to call it a day now,” Ronja said with a wink.

“Sounds good, talk to you later sis,” John said.

Ronja nodded goodbye and went to her room. She sat down on the bed with a sigh of relief.

“Working hard to undermine my little game with your brother,” the spooky voice of the ghost said.

“Happy about the small gains. You must be thrilled about the mess this evening,” Ronja spat back.

“I am frankly impressed, you guys did on your own manage to give me an outstanding sex scene, nothing I planned before granting you your three days of relief from me meddling could compare to this,” the ghost commented.

Ronja looked at the webcam by her computer, had the ghost recorded the sex session?

Her computer was turned on and it had been turned off earlier so there was little doubt the ghost now had a long recording of sex with her, Maria and John.

Ronja wondered if she could search her computer and delete the recordings the ghost had done. Theoretically it seemed possible now when the ghost could not intervene and stop her with hypnosis, but it would not stop the ghost from recording more. Not having Maria and John on tape would of course be a plus.

On the other hand the ghost might already have thought about this possibility and added subconscious hypnotic triggers to stop her from deleting his recordings. She dreaded to try deleting the file, who knew what weird stuff might happen. What if her action made her email them to somebody else? It seemed like a prank the ghost would like to pull off.

These thoughts reminded her about her financial troubles. She was literally broke after the ghost spent all her money and sooner or later Carol would come home. It seemed more likely it would be more like days than weeks before Carol got a break and returned home. Her stepmother would never accept Ronja walking to school in the party clothes she had left.

The ghosts proposal about selling erotic content with the screen name Hypnoslut was one of few plausible ways she could raise the needed money in time before Carol came home. For now Carol's work had delayed coming home, but it would of course not last.

It felt so utterly unfair and degrading. Just thinking about males out on the net masturbating to her degradation made Ronja feel sick. What had she done to end in this sexual hell?

Jonathan at school seemed quite determined to exploit his hypnotic control of Ronja to abuse her sexually. Could Ronja really use the word abuse when it was her own fantasy about him dominating her that gave the hypnotic triggers power?

Ronja shrugged, she could not help herself feeling a sexual thrill from wondering how her next encounter with Jonathan would turn out. She shuddered in humiliation, she was seriously getting messed up.

She could not help herself from recalling the evening. Magic or not she actually had sex with her stepbrother. She felt worse even through her talk with John afterward had recovered some ground. Now she at least had a way to explain away the situation when the ghost messed with her in encounters with John. Was it enough or would John eventually fall for the manipulations from the ghost and take advantage of her?

“You are awfully quiet, what are you thinking?” the ghost asked.

Ronja tried her best to ignore the ghost, she needed to think. It was the simple truth that between the ghost, Jonathan and the blackmailing she seemed to have little or no chance to resist. No matter how she tried she seemed to repeatedly end in more and more depraved sex.

She wanted herself to be the nice girl that Maria thought her to be, but did she really have the luxury to choose? Given the evidence so far it seemed very unlikely she would find an easy way out any time soon.

Maybe she deserved to get degraded and humiliated, after all her dirty little mind had enjoyed all the sex so far, even the sex with Master. She blushed deeply as she understood she had in fact even in her thoughts referred to the dog as her master. That hypnotic trigger was sure irritating.

Maybe the choices was in reality about getting forced into gradually have her public image ruined or getting a say about her public image while she in secret became everything her abusers wanted.

When thinking about it like this things felt more clear. Making a deal with the ghost was degrading, but keeping Maria in the dark about how depraved Ronja's life was would not be possible without cooperation from the ghost.

“Don't ignore me, or you will regret it!” the ghost threatened.

“I am thinking about your hypnoslut proposal,” Ronja replied, forcing down her feelings of shame.

“I am listening,” the ghost said.

“I am afraid the hypnoslut thing will be revealed to Maria,” Ronja said. “I really need the money, but my relationship with her is much more important.”

“You realize that you revealing this gives me more leverage over you?” the ghost asked.

“Not really, you already knew how much I value Maria,” Ronja objected. “You need my help with earning money and I need your help with keeping my depraved life hidden.”

“You imply you be my willing slut that does all that I want to in return for allowing you to keep it secret,” the ghost said.

“No!” Ronja objected. “I won't cooperate on all sick stuff you can imagine. The deal is just for the videos and in return for me helping you I get half of the money and you help me with keeping all the sick shit hidden from anyone close to me.”

“A time limited deal then. You get to keep your secret for a while and then we renegotiate,” the ghost proposed.

“That is not acceptable,” Ronja countered. “The videos will continue to earn money. It is not fair if my part is time limited. I want permanently that the reality of what you force me to do is secret from the people living around me.”

“There is always the risk that you will be exposed anyway, that blackmailing teacher could expose you,” the ghost commented.

“Let me worry about that. Our deal is for me helping you to selling videos to anonymous people on the net so we both earn money and in return you let me keep an nice girl appearance. No limitations or time limits. Anyone expect me caught on tape should be blurred so they can't be identified. You won't work to undermine my effort to keep my kinky life hidden,” Ronja said.

“Is the blurring part really necessary?” the ghost wondered.

“Very, but I don't think it will hurt sales. It will make the movies feel more authentic,” Ronja replied.

“What if you accidentally reveal stuff about yourself?” the ghost asked.

“If I make a mistake I must live with it. The deal still apply to everyone else and for details that have not been revealed,” Ronja said.

“We have a deal,” the ghost said while chuckling sinisterly.

“A deal it is,” Ronja said.

As the adrenalin from the negotiation settled down she felt mostly numb. She had no doubt the ghost would work to find ways to cheat the deal. Still the worst part was of course how now she had now begun to participate in her own degradation. Maybe she deserved it.

Ronja pulled the blanket over herself and tried to sleep.

* * *

Ronja looked at the watch, there was still plenty of time before school started. This morning the first lesson had been canceled so she had hoped to recover some sleep. For some reason that had not worked out and she was awake early.

Ronja paused and looked at her phone, there was something she had forgotten, but she could not tell what.

She thought about calling Maria, but she knew she was preparing for a test later today so Ronja did not want to disturb just because she was bored.

Could she perhaps fix the bank account for the hypnoslut business before school? Her regular bank office did not have compatible office hours, but going to a different office in this case was perhaps a good idea. It felt so shameful to aid in selling porn, but she desperately needed the money.

Going to the bank now sounded like such a good idea, but somehow she could not convince herself to do it.

She paused trying to figure out her feelings, but could not really sort out her thoughts. She had this strong urge to go out shopping right now, but without money it seemed kind of pointless.

Yet what could it hurt to actually stop by some store on the way to school and check out some clothes she could buy later? After all she had no idea how long the visit to the bank would take, maybe she would not get help before she had to leave for school.

Ronja realized she had convinced herself. She opened her wardrobe and picked a tight red top and short black skirt and pulled them on. The top was slightly push up in nature so for once it was not quite as obvious not was not wearing a bra.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her dark hair and pale skin contrasted well with the daring clothes she had chosen, but without makeup she felt like something was missing. Normally she did not wear much makeup to school, but why not going with style of her clothes. She used an eyeliner and a green mascara that made a good contrast with the color of her top.

She finished and looked at herself in the mirror, the result was rather stunning. It was a shame the ghost had thrown away all her nylons stockings, these would have looked great with the skirt. Having some protection if she accidentally flashed her sex to the surroundings would of course be nice, but it would of course not be enough if she didn't have any panties. She looked over at the drawer with her single pair of panties, only trouble was the nasty electrical shocks they could deliver. She shuddered at the memory, until her period came she would avoid using them.

She went over to pack her schoolbag, but to her surprise it was already done. Had she really had the energy to do that last night after her ordeal? She had been so tired after all the sex so maybe it had simply slipped her mind. She paused to consider if the ghost might be playing tricks with her in some way, but this was the last of her promised three days of relief so she should be safe from the ghost messing with her until tomorrow.

Actually she realized the more likely explanation was that she had not unpacked her bag yesterday. She had surely not done any studies with Maria visiting so maybe that was the reason it was already packed this morning.

She grabbed the bag and headed out, the rest of the family was already gone so there was no need for small talk. This satisfied her even though she really was not in no real hurry. There was plenty of time before school to do some window shopping. She still felt the urge to hurry just in case so she would have plenty of time at the store.

She walked a few blocks until she arrived at an unknown store. When she got there she felt relief, finally she was by a store. She had never before noticed this particular store, but maybe it was new. Looking inside she saw plenty of good looking dresses, but the target audience was quite obviously not teens. These kind expensive limited edition clothes cost a lot more than Ronja usually paid for clothes.

Suddenly she realized Jonathan was inside the store. He looked out towards her smirking.

Ronja stood frozen, it was of course no coincidence he was here. She was not here because she randomly decided to do some window shopping, but since Jonathan ordered her to get here. He must have called her on the phone this morning but ordered her to forget his instructions after the conversation.

She hesitated about what to do. Obviously he had something sexual planned for her, but she did not want sex in a public store. What if somebody recognized her and words spread in the neighborhood?

He might get upset if she bolted, but it was not her problem. If he was too inexperienced with hypnotic triggers to make her do as he pleased that was his loss.

She turned quickly and started to walk towards school. After about ten steps she heard her phone ringing. Of course it was Jonathan but she decided to ignore it. Was he really expect her to answer him at this moment so he could order her around?

Suddenly she realized that she had the phone to her ear. There must be some kind of hypnotic trigger that forced her to respond when she saw it was Jonathan calling her.

She felt dizzy and shook her head. In fact she realized that was no longer on the street. Her treacherous body had answered some order of his and returned to the store.

It was small exclusive store with handmade dresses. A woman behind the counter gave them an inviting smile as she waited behind the counter, but did not start any conversation. Obviously she did not believe them to be actual paying customers, but she was professional enough to not bitch about them being there.

“What are we doing here?” Ronja whispered to Jonathan.

“Looking for a new dress for you,” Jonathan said and gave her a playful smirk.

“You have any idea what things cost here?” Ronja asked.

“A pretty good idea, you were late so I checked price tags before you came,” he replied. “I think it would be nice if you had more white clothes.”

“I don't have anything white in my wardrobe,” Ronja commented. The ghost had discarded every single white garment she had.

“I know,” Jonathan said. “I asked you over the phone, but you have forgotten that conversation. Pick you favorite.”

He showed her three white dresses. Two of them looked rather outstanding while the third was more plain in material. What was surprising was that none of the dresses was actually daring. It was the kind of dress you could wear to church without shaming yourself. The only problem would be the price tag.

Jonathan seemed to get impatient and Ronja looked closer at the dresses. One of them was obviously impossible with Ronja's figure, but the plain dress and one of the more party like dresses looked like they might work. She pointed at them and he gave her an encouraging smirk.

“Could my girlfriend try these both even though we will probably buy only one of them?” Jonathan asked.

The shop owner gave them skeptical glance, but then directed them to a changing booth at the back of the store.

“You need any assistance?” she asked Ronja. Ronja felt herself blushing, she was starting to forget she never had underwear but the question suddenly made her remember. Having the shop owner see her undress would be beyond humiliating.

“I can help her if there is need,” Jonathan said.

Ronja stepped into the changing booth with the two dresses. She decided to test the plain dress first. Eager to get over with it she pulled the top off her and started to pull her miniskirt down.

She heard the sound of a camera snapping a picture behind her. Alarmed she turned, but she already understood that Jonathan was peeking into the changing booth and catching her nude.

“That look of surprise on your face, totally priceless,” he whispered as he kept staring at her nakedness.

Ronja frowned at him, but there was little she could do. She pulled the plain dress over her head, but could soon tell that it was not a good fit. It was too tight over the hips.

The next dress fit very well. What a relief it felt to have something on that actually reached her knees. It was a perfect piece of clothing for some exclusive summer party. She looked towards Jonathan that still watched her.

“What now?” Ronja asked, taking a peek at the price tag. “It is a really nice dress, but it costs 1600. I can't afford it.”

“I can borrow you the money,” Jonathan suggested.

“No thank you,” Ronja said.

“Answer truthfully, wouldn't you like to own this dress?” he asked.

“Yes very much,” Ronja's body answered.

“Answer truthfully, do you have some way to get the money to repay me if I borrow you money?” he asked.

“Yes,” Ronja's treacherous body answered.

Ronja felt dread, her subconscious was obviously thinking about the possible hypnoslut money. It was of course true in a fashion even though she herself would never spend so much money on a singular dress. How many sales would she need to do before she could pay for this single dress?

“Something is missing, pick up the things in your bag,” Jonathan said.

Ronja stared down at her bag with dread. Jonathan must have ordered her to put stuff in the schoolbag and then made her forget it. There seemed to be little point in delaying it so she sat on the chair and opened the bag.

The first thing she saw was a pair of handcuffs from her bondage gear. Luckily the keys was also included, but putting on handcuffs in a public store seemed like a really bad idea.

“I can wear this later, but not here please,” Ronja whispered.

“I insist,” Jonathan said.

“Please don't do this to me. Let me avoid this and I will compensate you. I promise you I will make it worth the wait,” Ronja begged.

“Jonathan says tie yourself up,” Jonathan ordered and Ronja's body responded promptly and handcuffed herself.

Like expected he was snapping more pictures of her. Ronja fought the urge trying to bolt, she must not draw attention to herself while handcuffed. She dreaded what he could do with pictures. It was not like she could explain away the fact of him having pictures of her handcuffed in a dressing room.

“You should have one more thing in the bag, I want to pick it up and look into the camera,” Jonathan said.

Ronja searched around the bag until she found the object. There was actually two things. A bottle of lubricant and a black dildo with an unusual shape. It was rather short and with a wide flat base. It was clearly from her collection of bondage gear, but Ronja had never paid it any special attention.

She looked up and Jonathan snapped a photo of her sitting there in the white dress but handcuffed and holding the short dildo.

“It is a butt plug, push it up your ass!” he ordered.

Ronja just shook her head, she did not want to do this but what options did she really have to resist?

“There is a hypnotic trigger I could use, but I think you much prefer it with lubricant so be a good slut and obey,” he said.

She understood he would not give in no matter what, so she bit her lips and put lubricant on the but plug.

“Expose your ass as you put it in!” he ordered.

There seemed like little point in resisting so she stood up and turned around. She wished for this to be over quickly, but still hesitated as she slowly bent forward and started to pulling her dress up. Doing it slowly gave him more opportunity to take pictures, but maybe it was for the best. If she did it too quickly he might require her to redo it so he could get the chance to snap pictures.

“Stand with more space between your feet,” he ordered, she obeyed and she heard him chuckle.

She put the butplug in position and tried to push it into her ass. It was awkward pushing the butplug inside, but by going really slow it did not really hurt. Finally she was done, and she stood frozen trying to get used to sensation of the object invading her ass. It was of course not really providing any sexual stimulation, but combined with handcuffs she actually felt a kind of sexual thrill from being exposed in this degrading fashion.

“Stay bent forward, but look at me,” he ordered.

She obeyed it and saw him grinning at her. Of course he took another set of pictures of her.

“I love the helpless look on your face,” he said. “You can straighten up now, but keep the plug in place.”

She straightened up and turned towards him. Her fingers was covered in lubricant and she looked around for a way to dry them, did she have anything suiting in her schoolbag?

“Use your top!” he ordered.

She glared at him, but what could she really do to resist? Handcuffed with a butplug in her ass in a changing booth, making a scene now would risk the shop owner calling the police.

She obeyed even though it pretty much meant she must accept paying for the dress.

“Satisfied?” she asked.

“One detail missing,” he said and handed her a small box. It was white stockings and Ronja could not help from feeling a rush of excitement, she fumbled frantically to open the box. With a satisfied smile she pulled the stockings on, it felt great to finally have nylon stockings on.

“I got a thing for stockings so I made sure you do too,” he told her. Ronja shrugged, all things considered she did not really mind this intervention in her life.

“I guess I borrow the money, can we get these off now?” she said and nodded towards the handcuffs.

“Actually no, you have use your schoolbag to hide them until we get to school,” he said.

With a sigh she obeyed and pulled the schoolbag over her shoulder. If she was careful she could keep her handcuffed hands hidden from watching eyes.

They left the changing booth and Ronja struggled to keep her face straight. Had the shop owner overhead their discussion? The smile she gave them seemed genuine, but was she staring some extra at Ronja's ass?

Ronja could not help herself but glance herself, but no, the butt plug was enough hidden by the dress to be mostly invisible, just a small bump visible if you looked carefully. She could still not help to blush deeply, the feeling of the butt plug inside her was so intense at every step she took. Jonathan finished paying and they left the store.

It was about 4 blocks until they reached school. It seemed very far at the moment. What if the butplug started to slide out her ass due to the movement of her walking?

She would not be able to push it back without exposing her handcuffs. She tried walking forward slowly and trying to ignore the buttplug, she must not push it out by accident.

“Know what Ronja,” Jonathan said. “I have tinkered some your triggers and there are certain effects linked to the material of the cloth you wear. In the case of nylon stockings you might want to avoid a tear in the stockings while in public.”

“Avoiding a tear, it happens all the time!” Ronja complained.

“That is what makes it fun,” he said.

“I also have some effects linked to colors,” he said. Ronja looked down at her white dress with dread.

“In this case I linked the hypnotic trigger to certain words,” he continued. “If somebody for instance starts to talk about saving themselves for marriage, blowjobs or similar when you wear white the hypnotic trigger will hit you.”

Ronja trembled at his words., something was happening to her and she was outside on the open street in full public view. She had to swallow due to much saliva in her mouth. Actually it did not help, she had this urge to get something in her mouth. All she could think about was getting to suck on something.

“What?” she asked. She could help herself from drooling when she opened her mouth.

She pulled her hands up to wipe away the drool, trouble was just that this took the handcuffs in full view. Frantic she looked around, but none of the other people in front of them seemed to have paid any attention. Quickly she hid her hand behind her schoolbag again.

“The inspiration for this was so called innocent girls that avoid getting talked into proper sex by agree to blow their boyfriend. You will find that actually giving somebody a blow job or sucking on something cock like will relieve you from the urge to suck,” Jonathan explained.

Ronja considered to answer, but the risk seemed large that she would again drool. The compulsion to suck was constantly forcing her to swallow spit.

Jonathan looked at his watch and frowned.

“I had planned to have a little private session with you to escape your current predicament, but it took longer than I expected at the store so I risk be late for class. Luckily you that you have something cock like with you,” he said. Ronja could not tell if was honest or if he had planned this the whole time.

They had reached school and he gave a playful smile smirk before he went up the stairs. Ronja stood there watching him leave. The humiliation frustrated her, but at the same time it seemed like something out of her own fantasy. Jonathan was really using the hypnosis to exploit her sexually and she had used that particular fantasy during masturbation more times than she could count.

She needed some privacy for this, but luckily she found a rest room for single use where she could shut and lock the door.

After a bit of fiddling with the keys she got the handcuffs off her. Next step was getting the butt plug out of her. It actually felt a bit sensual as she pushed the stockings down and pulled it out.

She made sure to not look too close at the butt plug until she had washed it in the sink. Even though she logically knew it now to be clean it was still a struggle to take it into her mouth.

She opened her mouth, but still hesitated. Of course this made her drool again and irritated she wiped it away and took the damn thing into her mouth. She could not help herself from starting to suck intensively, the compulsion was strong.

It felt horribly dirty, but it was actually working. The compulsion to suck was lessening and all that was left was the image in the mirror of herself sucking on the butt plug. When she was convinced the compulsion had calmed down she buried the butt plug and handcuffs in her school bag and went to class.

* * *

Ronja was busy taking notes in the classroom later the day when she noticed that Jonathan had moved close to her.

She gave him a curious stare. Was he intending to activate that damn hypnotic trigger again that compelled her to suck. It would be awkward if he did it in the middle of the class.

What if he had earlier given her some other hypnotic trigger that was safe to use in public?

She felt a tingle of anticipation for getting surprised. This scenario was one of her more common sexual fantasies. Somebody using hypnotic triggers to command her to do things in public and the people around being unaware of her predicament. Did Jonathan know about that particular fantasy?

It seemed likely since he had that damn trigger that made her unconscious answers questions if he phrased the question in a specific way.

He bent down to whisper something in her ear and Ronja struggled to keep her anticipation hidden.

“Naughty girls should not be heard again until they do it again,” he whispered into her ear.

Ronja frowned, she could not understand what his words meant. She gave him a curious gaze, but got no reply beyond the smirk on his face as he moved back to his seat.

She needed to focus on the lesson so she decided to ignore to consider what Jonathan had done to her. The teacher asked a question and Ronja raised her hand to signal she knew the answer.

The teacher picked Ronja, but when Ronja opened her mouth to answer she could not say anything. No matter how she tried she was mute and could not say a single word.

Everyone was looking at her and Ronja blushed deeply. She glanced in Jonathan's direction, but he gave her no hint of what she was expected to do.

Finally she settled with trying to use sign language to signal she had lost her voice. It did not work very well, people around her had just start to laugh.

Finally she wrote down the explanation on a note that she gave to Jessica that was sitting next to her. In this fashion she could prove that knew the answer and explain the situation.

Jessica helped her out and gave her a supportive nod. Ronja did try to smile back, but in the back of her head she was busy with trying to figure out how she could get Jonathan alone. Unless she succeeded this might turn into a very irritating day.

* * *

The lesson was over and Ronja left the class room. Jonathan was walking in front of her, but avoiding to look in her direction.

Jonathan was busy chatting with Julia, his official girlfriend that did her regular brainless chatter. Ronja recalled her old frustration with Jonathan getting taken by shallow Julia, but yesterday Jonathan had admitted to her that Julia mostly seemed to want him to buy her drinks. That stupid Julia was saving herself for marriage while Ronja had to whore around felt horribly unfair.

Ronja tensed when she realized she was actually thinking about the very thing that could trigger the hypnotic compulsion to suck dick. Luckily it seemed the words needed to be said aloud to activate the trigger. Something that would not happen now when this new compulsion to be silent was in effect.

The break was over and the next lesson started without Ronja getting a chance to be alone with Jonathan. Irritated she texted him a message. His response told her they could meet during the lunch break. Ronja had to settle with this and spent the lesson totally silent. Given her usual performance in studies her being silent now would not hurt her grades but it was sure frustrating.

After the lesson Julia was again tailing Jonathan, but this time he made some kind of excuse and they went in different directions. Impatiently Ronja followed him up the stairs. At the top floor there was small study room. Ronja did not approve of the location since it was not possible to lock the door, but she had little choice to follow him inside.

He found an empty room and directed her inside. With relief she saw him blocking the door by putting a chair below the door handle.

He turned towards her with a smile on his lips. Frustrated she signed to him to say something.

“I thought this compulsion was pretty obvious, you need to do it again,” he said and nodded towards her schoolbag. “Naughty girls should not be heard aloud until they do it again so why are you not handcuffed and with the butt plug in your ass?”

Ronja sighed and pulled out the handcuffs and the butt plug from her bag. This time it was more easy to get butt plug inside her since she was less tense, but still was pretty uncomfortable at the start. She pulled the stockings up and then handcuffed herself.

She tried to talk, but the compulsion to not speak was still full in effect. Angrily he growled at him, but she was of course unable to voice her complaint.

“Maybe you need to tear your stockings,” Jonathan suggested at her.

Casting a suspicious stare at him she pulled her dress up and took hold of the nylon. The nylon split and instantly arousal washed over her body. She could not help herself from moaning aloud as her sex was caressed by the nylon. It felt similar to the aphrodisiac she had experienced before and she could not help rubbing her legs together. She needed stimulation, lots of stimulation right now.

She tried to urge him to take her, but found herself still unable to talk. Not that she actually needed any encouragement. He had pulled his pants down and motioned her to bend over. Ronja obeyed without hesitation. She needed him to fuck her right now.

He was fumbling with something behind her, but Ronja could not wait. She tried to reach out to pull him close to her, but found herself restricted by the handcuffed. To her her delight he understood and moved to answer her request anyway.

Within moments he was inside her, his cock stretching her in just the right way. Each thrust into her also made the butt plug wiggle around in her, increasing the stimulation.

She humped wildly at him, trying to maximize the pleasure, but he was in control. Keeping a tight grip on her hips as he rapidly pushed into her sex.

The sensations was too much and a glorious orgasm washed over her. Making her scream in passion, but as she opened her mouth to shout encouragement she found herself still mute.

Behind her Jonathan grunted and pulled out of her. She looked back at him while still coming down from the orgasm. He did not have any condom, but instead sprayed cum over her dress and stockings. He must literally been moments from coming inside her.

She collapsed down on the floor, feeling too dizzy to stand. The lust induced on her from the ruined stockings still tormented her, but the effect was less troublesome with a fresh climax.

“You might want to pull the stockings off you,” Jonathan said as he leaned back towards the wall.

Silently Ronja followed his suggestion and the compulsion to be aroused lessened. It was of course replaced with the longing to wear stockings, but that one was much more easy to withstand.

Ronja again tried to speak, but the compulsion to be silent was still in full effect. Frustrated she signed to him to do something about it. He stared back at with an uncertain look on his face.

“Cheating on your girlfriend like this not being naughty enough?” he asked sounding more curious than anything.

Ronja stared back him, did he not have an hypnotic trigger in place to counter an earlier command?

Hurriedly he covered his still cum covered cock and moved towards the door. Ronja stared at him in disbelief, but then moved to block him from leaving.

“Sorry, I don't know what it is you need to do,” he mumbled and pushed the chair away.

Frantic she pulled at his arm for him to to do something, but he ignored her. There was nothing she could do as he left the room and she was left handcuffed, covered in cum and with a butt plug up her ass.

Numbly Ronja got the handcuff and butt plug off her. She could use her dirty top to clean the worst of the cum away. Luckily most of the cum had ended on the inside of the dress so it would not be terribly obvious to please watching her. This would indeed be a very long day.

* * *

Ronja was alone in her room. She wanted to scream in frustration, but even this little thing was denied from her by the irritating hypnotic trigger. No matter how she tried she could not make any deliberate noise and she still did not know what the naughty act was that would end the compulsion.

Jonathan had not been able to give her any hints about what would release the hypnotic trigger since it was Ronja's own subconscious that interpreted his command. When she got her voice back she needed to have a talk with Jonathan about having counter commands he could use for cases when his command misfired.

The problem with Ronja's situation was there was so many possible answers on what she might need to do. She did not even know if she just needed to do something she herself viewed as naughty enough, or if a specific action was required. Cheating on her girlfriend with Jonathan had apparently not been naughty enough.

What if she masturbated to the recordings from the ghost? She needed to check the contents of records to approve them and watching them while masturbating might perhaps cut it. Watching a porno of herself seemed quite pointless on the other hand. Seeing herself penetrated by a dog would feel dirty, but her own body was of course not really sexually arousing. Some other girl would be a different thing.

For a moment she imagined watching Maria getting penetrated by a dog. Maria would be squealing in anticipation as the hard dog cock probed her opening. Ronja's fingers flickering over Maria's clit as she urged the dog to penetrate Maria's sex.

She felt herself turn crimson as she tried to chase the thought away. She had no reason to think that Maria was attracted to sex with animals.

Ronja realized there was a real possibility the naughty sex needed might be to fuck Mark's dog. Beast sex was sure very much on her own naughty list and she had done it before so it would qualify to the conditions Jonathan had put on the trigger. Problem was just that she had great difficulty imagine how she could manage to get alone with the dog. Without a voice she could not really talk to Mark and with him being blind that was a pretty big deal. Maybe the dog was so into fucking her that she could lure it away from Mark, but leaving Mark without his guiding dog was pure mean.

Could she seduce Mark without using her voice? If she kept silent during the whole act Mark might not actually know who he had sex with. He was a male so he would not resist too much if some unknown girl wanted an anonymous fuck with him, would he? Getting the dog to fuck her afterward when Mark recovered from the sex would probably work quite well. She found the idea intriguing, but it would quite clearly be to cheat on Maria.

Actually it could be that cheating on Maria with some guy might actually do the trick, it was sure naughty. After all Jonathan had absolute control over her so her subconscious might hold that as a saving grace when she had sex with him. Ronja's train of thought was interrupted by the ghost speaking.

“I had been hoping to record some missing pieces for the hypnoslut business, but with you being unable to talk I am out of luck,” the ghost said.

Ronja waited for him to continue, this could hardly be the topic on his mind.

“What would you give for me revealing what the naughty thing is that you need to do?” the ghost asked.

Ronja paused, could the ghost really do that? It seemed plausible that the ghost knew it somehow, but would Ronja be ready to pay the price? Truth was that she was getting desperate and the ghost would know how to exploit that.

“Answer truthfully, what is the naughty thing you need to do to recover your voice?” the ghost asked.

“Fuck John,” Ronja's body answered.

Ronja sat frozen, her mind spinning out of control. Now when she heard the answer it was kind of given. Of course the most dirty thing her mind could imagine repeating was sex with her stepbrother.

After her talk with John yesterday it had seemed she could push away the worry of John getting confused by how the ghost made her behave around him. Still that would of course not make the forbidden pairing less naughty and having sex with John was something she had already done.

Ronja was blushing again, could she actually make herself seduce her brother? What would her brother do? Would he think she was affected by the magic dildo and try defuse the situation or would he take advantage of the situation and take what was offered? If they actually had sex, could they afterwards go back or would John be expecting lots of more sex if they moved past the line of having voluntary sex?

Could she perhaps use something similar like her idea with Mark and come visit him in his bed and convince him it was all a dream? It seemed risky, John was a light sleeper and Ronja doubted if her acting skills was up to the task to convince him it was a dream without her doing any talking.

To be honest Ronja did not believe it would work, John would most likely not think it to be a dream. In fact she could imagine him have genuine reasons to be upset if sneaked into his bed to have sex. She could imagine Mark going with the moment if some unknown girl wanted to fuck her, but John was not the kind of guy to take it lightly to have sex with his stepsister.

Maybe she could tell him a partial lie about the sex being needed for her to overcome a hypnotic trigger gone wrong. Actually she could of course not actually tell him anything unless she did it in writing.

The idea to write it down felt awkward. Talking about he hypnotic triggers seemed like dangerous ground in the first place. Her brother had been nagging her for years about learning her hypnotic trigger, he obviously thought it would be great fun to control her. She was sure his intention had never been sexual, but who knew what could happen if they crossed this line and had actual sex again.

In theory she could of course continue to say no to his requests, but the ghost might intervene. Also could she really trust herself in moment of passion? Could she honestly say she was not enjoying being at the mercy of Jonathan at school?

“Do you really want to seduce John?” the ghost asked.

Ronja tried to deny it, but she could of course still not talk.

“Answer truthfully, do you want to seduce John?” the ghost asked.

“No,” Ronja's body responded and Ronja sat dumb fooled, she had very much not expected that answer.

“Answer truthfully, do you want John to fuck you?”

“Yes,” Ronja's body answered.

“Answer truthfully, do you want him to dominate you and force you to have sex?” the ghost asked.

“Yes, very much,” Ronja's body answered.

Ronja was for the moment glad that she could not talk. It spared her from trying to come up with some lame objections. Trying to talk herself out of this seemed futile when the damn hypnotic trigger revealed her hidden desires, but what kind of girl was she if did not try to object to this?

“I think there is a possibility I can arrange something that makes him cross the line, you want me to do it?” the ghost asked.

Ronja shrugged, was she prepared to go around mute the days or weeks it would take for the hypnotic trigger to weaken? Considering how much she disliked being mute it seemed likely the effect would dissipate more quickly. The downsides of John starting to get funny ideas about the relation seemed much worse than been forced to be mute for a while.

Ronja opened her mouth to say it, but of course she could not voice the words.

“I think a movie with you going all bondage with your brother again would be great for sales,” the ghost commented.

Ronja shook her head, she did not want this. The ghost did not seem to pay any attention but was adjusting the webcam so it captured what happened on the bed.

Ronja searched for a pencil and piece of paper. She found a paper, but the first pencil she tried did not work. Frantic she searched for another one. Finally she got hold of one and started to write down her objection. She never got around to finish until she suddenly felt her conscious slip.

When she woke up again she was again in the now familiar kneeling position at the bed. Her neck and hand fixed in place by the bondage board. Her legs separated by the spreader bar that made sure she could not move her legs together. She wanted to complain to the ghost that this was a violation to their negotiated three days of relief, but how could she possibly. She both had the silence hypnotic trigger and a ball gag filling her mouth. She tried to stretch out, but like expected the ghost had put the chains on her.

She was totally tied down nude at her bed covered only in bondage gear. Wrapped like nice package for anyone that wanted to take advantage of her. Just like John had found her after her night when the dog was fucking her. It did not take any genius to understand that the ghost wanted John to find her like this and how it might turn out.

As on queue Ronja heard John knock on the door. It must be the first time ever that he did not just stroll into her room. How she wished she could tell him to go away, but it was hopeless. There was nothing she could do as he knocked a few times and finally tried the door.

The board and the chains would actually allow her to twist enough to look at him by the door, but Ronja was not sure she wanted. She recalled how her brother earlier shamelessly staring at her nude body when he found her in this position. She suspected he was doing it again, but did not really want to know.

“I sure was not expecting this when I found your note about you having changed your mind,” John mumbled.

“Your little dirty tease” he said as he stepped closer to the bed. Ronja could not help to look in his direction, he was still fully clothed but with a very distinctive bulge in his pants. He fiddled with strap that kept the ballgag in place and got it off Ronja. Not that it helped Ronja, she could still not speak.

“This is more than just some magic from cock, you really want me to fuck you?” he asked.

Ronja did not know if she should nod or shake her head. How much easier if he had asked if she wanted to get loose. It was of course kind of expected, how could her stepbrother think anything else than she had a massive craving for him to fuck her.

A second time finding that she had arranged him to find her totally caught in bondage gear. He must assume she had wanted him to fuck her the first time around.

She was distracted from her thoughts by him starting to remove his clothes. She did not want to, but could not help to look at him as stripped down to his boxer shorts and then slowly teasingly pulled them boxer shorts down to reveal his cock. He must have liked what he thought he saw in her gaze because he gave her an evil grin.

In truth Ronja did not know what she was feeling. Her nice little stepbrother acting all male and thinking he was fulfilling her wishes, how could he believe she really wanted this? On the other hand there was probably residues of magic from the dildo, she could not help herself from feeling anticipation on the thought of his cock penetrating her.

He picked something up from the bed behind her. Ronja strained to turn to see what it was.

“Don't worry. I won't forget the condom you placed there, we would not like any accidents to happen,” he said.

Ronja had not expected the ghost to care about such, but when she thought about she realized that such detail might have make the scene look more believable to John.

He climbed up in the bed behind her and Ronja swallowed since her throat was dry. He would mount her doggie style and there was nothing she could against it.

The next moment he was gripping her hips and guiding his cock against his sex. Ronja worried about not being wet enough, but it was sure feeling great as his stiff member brushed over her sex. He did not immediately try to enter her, but kept teasing her outer lips and clit.

The experience was very different from when Jonathan had taken her. He had just forced his way into her with Ronja unable to resist. Now Ronja was just as helpless as stopping John from fucking her, but he was taking his time. Ronja had to admit it felt sexy, her body was really responding to the stimulus. Where had her little brother learned to do this kind of sex?

She could not help herself but wanted to urge him on, but she was of course unable to speak. Could she perhaps squirm to increase the stimulus for him?

He was inside her, his cock stretching her inside and Ronja could not help to moan. The sound surprised her, but she was of course in this very moment again fucking her brother so the hypnotic trigger had stopped constraining her.

Should she tell him to pull off now when she had voice back? She hesitated for some moments and John took the opportunity to pick up speed.

By now it simply felt too good to end right now. What harm would it do if she just enjoyed the ride? It was not like stopping in the middle of sex would make the situation any less awkward afterwards. She panted to the pace of his thrusts and from the sound of it John was enjoying himself a lot.

Suddenly she heard the ghost talking.

“Answer truthfully, do you want you brother to talk dirty and remind you that you are his stepsister? Tell your brother what dirty talk get you off!” the ghost asked.

Ronja wanted to keep her mouth closed, but her body refused to obey her.

“I want you to talk dirty. Remind me who I am to you as we fuck. Tell your stepsister what a slut she is that enjoys this so much,” Ronja's body said.

She got no intimidate response from John, but the intensity of his thrusts increased. Instead the ghost intervened again.

“Answer truthfully, what will you think if he feels you up when nobody are looking?” the ghost asked.

“If you take advantage of nobody watching us and touch me, I will be wondering when the next time we will fuck like this. What bondage gear will I wear as you take advantage of me like this,” Ronja responded.

She felt his fingers dig into her skin as he heard her words.

“Dirty little stepsister, you have been begging to whore for your brother, have you not?” he challenged her as he increased the pace of his thrusts slightly.

“Wiggling your little cute slutty ass in front of me, your stepbrother,” he continued in a teasing tone.

Ronja realized that the ghost could keep using the hypnotic trigger to make her admit more and more dirty thoughts. At best she could hope for the ghost to make a question that did not hit one of her kinks, but the ghost could not keep trying. What if she started to talk dirty herself? Might that keep the ghost satisfied so he did not intervene anymore?

“Yes fuck me,” Ronja answered, “your stepsister is at your mercy.”

He groaned in response as he kept fucking her.

“Nobody must know our secret,” Ronja urged.

“You are my slut,” John responded.

“Your secret little slut,” Ronja responded.

She was a bit worried her talk would get her into a lot more sex with John, but honestly she could not imagine the ghost letting her off the hook. In some way or another she would most likely end up fucking John again. If she did the talking she might perhaps make the terms.

“I imagine myself sneaking into your room as you sleep. Fetching your bondage gear and handcuff you. As you wake up groggy from sleep I silence you by pushing my cock into your mouth,” John said. He was still fucking her with a steady pace, and Ronja felt herself reacting on his words.

“What do you do then to your sister?” she asked.

“When you are too horny to object I put you on your back,” John said. “Your hands are handcuffed behind your back so you can't move them. I tie your feet to the bedpoles so your slutty cunt is spread for me and then I take you missionary style. Looking into your eyes as push the full length of my cock inside you. Since you are on the pill we don't need to use any protection.”

The erotic sensation of hearing him talking about the plans while at same time stretching her inside, it added yet a layer to the experience. A tremble went through her body, she was climaxing. Trashing against her restraints, but unable to go anywhere.

John intensified his thrusting and Ronja panted to the beat of their body slamming together. She was coming down from the climax and her sex was so tender.

“Soso much. Ease it a bit,” Ronja begged. Not that her stepbrother cared, he continued his effort to reach his own climax.

“Maybe nexttime,” she panted. “You willbe tied up instead.”

That took him over the edge and he grunted loudly as his cock delivered his load inside her. He continued thrusting into her in a semi repetitive fashion as he enjoyed himself. Ronja was not close to coming again, but it sure felt lovely as he slowed down.

“Satisfied? Or do my sex slave to sister want more?” he asked as he pulled out. He spanked her ass and Ronja yelped in surprise.

“Very satisfied,” Ronja responded as she felt him fondle her more. “Get me free from the restraints please.”

“Can my little sex slave really don't come free on your own?” he asked and slapped her again.

“No, not with this much bondage gear,” she responded. Did her brother still think she had faked being bound?

He started to fumble with the locks. Quite obviously he was distracted by her body, but Ronja was beyond caring for the moment.

When he had found her in middle of dog sex it had been really awful, this was nothing in comparison. She blushed at the shameful memory. Her brother actually knew about her dirty secret of having done dog sex. Him checking her out now felt mild in comparison.

A part of her was bothered by herself not caring more about breaking the taboo with her brother. Maybe she was in some kind of shock after being forced into so much sex recently. She pushed the thought away, there was little gain from brooding about what might have been.

He finished getting the bondage gear off her. Ronja pulled a blanket over her to cover her nakedness. It was like being out of the bondage gear made her feel more exposed. Sitting nude next to her brother somehow made their forbidden pairing more real.

She looked at John's still nude body and could not help to blush deeply. She diverted her eyes quickly.

“After last night, I thought we never would do this again,” John said.

“If Maria ever learns of this then you can forget about it ever happening again,” Ronja replied.

“Nobody will know, it will be our secret,” John promised as he started to put on his clothes again.

Ronja looked towards the web cam that was recording this very moment. Capturing the moment with her brother believing there shameful secret was hidden while she was looking into the camera fully aware.

There was bound to be people out there that would pay serious money for learning their secret. For the moment in the afterglow of sex Ronja did not care a lot.

They buyers would think she was a slut that did this voluntary, but she could imagine no a way to escape her sexual slavery. Why not accept that she was a slut that enjoyed the sex and try to enjoy the ride?

He left without another word and Ronja remained trying to sort out her true feelings.

* * *

End of chapter 5

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