(The road into) Depravity- Chapter 1

Depravity. I live a life of Depravity. However before one is able to understand the life and mind-set of an adult who is at the highest level of perversion. One must understand the mind-set of this person during his younger years. This is my story.

I was fifteen, the age of hormones, and my cock surely knew it. Being a school-boy made it hard to seek the sex I desired. Luckily, I was blessed with two sexual partners during my school life, both of which had to be kept secret for various reasons. The first of these partners was vivacious, friendly and was also the school’s biggest slut. Simply to be seen with her one on one was grounds for dismissal from most social groups. Perhaps her influence is what lead me onto my path today.

She would often attempt to join the social group my friends were involved in; we were losers, the only ones she had even a slight chance with. Most of my friends ignored her easily, however I was fascinated with how much of a whore I had heard she was. Sucking eight cocks in one night? Taking cock in her tight ass? Fucking anyone at anytime? She did it all because she loved it, there was no other reason. She loved the feeling of a greasy strangers cock sliding into her tight 14-year old pussy and the feeling of him leaving his cum behind as a symbol of the unrighteous union. I had heard sometimes she would scoop the cum using her long nailed fingers and suck the cum lustily from her fingers, savouring the taste. I loved how much of a slut she was. I wanted her. Perhaps I should have recognised right then and there something was wrong with me, from the first day I jacked myself off thinking about her own father fucking her slutty ass-hole over the dinner table as I heard he often did.

Eventually, we grew to be somewhat secret friends. She told no-one, as she knew if she did she would lose me. We spoke on occasion, she seemed normal, not the filthy cum guzzling slut I had always heard about. I was disappointed. This “friendship” continued for about one month. Then everything changed, she invited me to her home. I was crazy with lust at just the thought. I remember jacking my cock so firmly that the sperm hit the wall several inches away.

Finally, the Saturday came, I knocked and she opened the door in my white cotton shirt and black jeans.

“Hi” she said, her purple blouse clinging to her C cup breasts and looking nicely on her lovely 5”6 frame.

“Hey Stephanie” I replied my voice filled to the brim with anticipation. She seemed to notice and smiled wickedly at me, licking her lips. My cock was so hard I seriously wondered about damage for a moment, then I stepped inside.

“Let’s go into the living room” Stephanie said as her black skirt, covering her black skinned shapely ass lured me in. As we stepped into the living room my jaw dropped. On the screen a girl with black hair, shapely legs and large breasts sucked a cock deeply into her mouth as she squatted, the slurping noises filling the room as her salvia ran out of the corners of her mouth. She thrust the large black pole out onto the edge of her large lipsticked lips and began sucking on the head.

“Fuuuuck!” The man was moaning now, losing control, she removed the cock from her mouth for the first time since I had begun to watch.

“Fucking feed me.” she said in one of the nastiest and sexiest voices I had ever heard. The man began to shoot his cum into the girl’s mouth, she expertly caught it on her tongue. Stephanie griped my cock as she watched herself swallow a large load of creamy cum on the screen. She moved closer to me our bodies nearly touching, I awkwardly moved my hand onto her breast knowing what she wanted. My inexperience showing in the way I stood stiff and my hand simply lay there. She placed her hand on top of mine and showed me the motion that pleased her. As soon as I grew accustomed to it she thrust my other hand under her satin skirt, no panties stopped my approach. I began to tenderly rub the outside of her pussy as I had seen in porn, my eyes met hers.

“Finger-fuck my pussy.” she commanded abruptly. After about two seconds of awkward groping I found her whole, my large digit penetrating her womanhood.

“Ooooooh” she moaned softly as I began thrusting my finger in and out as she moved to meet my fingers.

“More, give me more.” Stephanie screeched. I quickly added another finger, her well-used pussy easily accommodating me. She suddenly slid off my fingers the squelching sound causing her to lick her lips.

Stephanie got down on her knees and began unbuckling my black and silver belt. I began to shake in anticipation as my jeans slid down to my knees. Her long flat pink tongue slid slowly along the length of my shaft as I moaned. The young whore’s tongue danced inside my slit, giving me a wonderful feeling. She closed her made for dick sucking lips around my cock, I felt her tongue on the pulsing veins of my cock, expertly gobbling me as her own fingers moved rapidly in and out of her snatch. My pleasure increased as she slowly began to rub my balls, never stopping her sucking. Her long flat pink tongue slid slowly along the length of my shaft. She arched her back slightly and began slamming her throat on my cock in a typical porn star fashion. I made small pushes into the confines of her mouth. She slowed her assault and then paused, her large lips looking sexy with three inches of cock behind them. Stephanie slid back, now only my cockhead was in her mouth, a smile was visible on her cock-sucking face. She slowly slid my cock from her mouth, large amounts of saliva dripping from it onto the floor.

There was no need for talk as she half-ran over to the couch and bent over it. I hurriedly stepped out of my pants, this was unreal. The feeling of euphoria at seeing this slut bent over her soft white linen couch with her pink pussy dripping was almost enough to make me come. She slowly spread her cunt lips, her cunt opening wide, begging me to fuck it. I positioned my body behind hers, having to squat due to my 6 foot height. I moved my cock towards her hole quickly now, pulling up her skirt to lesson any barrier between me and her sexy pussy. I was eager to have my first fuck. I placed my dick slightly into her hole and leant forward. All six inches slid in with ease as she began to coo softly. I pulled back slowly enjoying the moisture and tightness of her hot-box. I began to slowly make back and forth movements, my knees moving forward and back with every push. I went on like this for about five minutes.

“Aren’t you going to fuck your new whore a little harder?!” she shouted. It had the desired effect, I no longer took caution in my movements. Animalistic lust consumed me. I pushed her downward, her black ass now straight up. Her skirt was no longer an issue thanks to gravity as I stood to my full height. I quickly plunged my cock into her hole. I began thrusting hard into her pussy, our pubic bones colliding firmly. She pushed back to meet my thrusts as I continued my frenzy of fucking. I began to pull her towards me, using her body as a fuck-doll.

“Yessssssss” Stephanie hissed as I bent inwards and began to pound her with all my might, her long boots now scraping the ground with every collision. I could feel my balls begin to tighten.

“I want to come in your mouth” I whispered to her, the lust in my voice surprising even me. A loud moan was the only answer I received to my request. My cock slid from her pussy as I stepped back, the smell of sex intensifying. I began to furiously rub my cock, eager now to release the burning semen. Stephanie assisted me by placing her head down onto my cock, I held her head and thrusted as she sucked hard, her cheeks pushing inward as evidence. All I could hear where her nasty slurping sounds. I kept on thrusting, begging my dick to allow me to cum. I pushed hard and felt a new sensation, my cock had gone into her throat, and I didn’t stop pushing. Soon my pubic hair was at her nose. I looked down and saw her slutty face and her fat lips wrapped around my cock, she was licking my balls. Our eyes met.

“You fucking cock slut!” I screamed loudly as I looked into her eyes. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and I felt her body begin to shake. The slut was coming. The slut was coming off of having a dick in her throat. Her vibrating throat sent me over the edge. “OHHHHH FUCK!” I roared as I deposited my load of cum straight into her throat. I pulled my cock out and she began to gasp for air, a mixture of cum and saliva hitting her tiled floor. I was exhausted, I woozily sat down where I stood. She ravenously began to use her tongue to scoop cum from the floor as the wet spots on her clothing caught the sunlight. As I passed out from exhaustion I saw her lean back and finally gulp down my cum.

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