Melanie's last day

It was the first time Melanie had ever visited Japan, the sights of the clouds really looking like the old Japanese paintings, the gateways as serene as ever. Yet this was the last week for her to be visiting, and she was to take the subway to get to the hotel she had been staying it simply because of the exorbitant prices of the taxi's. So now she stood, beneath the majesty of the cities of japan, packed into a train like a sardine. Huffing in annoyance, for she wasn't even able to sit down it was so packed, she stood there quietly.
She was dressed in a long skirt, and a button downed shirt, white knickers, and due to an unfortunate circumstance had no bra on. She was shorter than everyone around her, and felt a little claustrophobic as she had to ride when the trains seemed busiest. This annoyed simply due to the close proximity, and that her skirt seemed to ride up a bit more than usual.
Of course, not ten minutes into the journey, she couldn't mistake the hand that had started to grope her ass, a hand she constantly batted away. Every time she turned she only found bored looking faces that said nothing as to the culprit, and every time she turned, without fail someone grabbed what little tit meat she had.
Then someone took it a little farther, and her skirt dropped to the ground, showing off her pristine white knickers, a little damp from the heat of the car. She turned, in some kind of rage, only to feel a pair of hands grab her tits through her shirt, and see one of the men standing around snake his arm towards her cunt, like a shark on its way to blood. She batted it away, only to have someone pull her arms in such a way that the next hand was able to freely play with her cunt, sliding a finger along its lips like a cat laying with its prey. Her mouth was covered quickly when she sucked in a lung full of air, intent on screaming, and it seemed she was punished for the act, her blouse being ripped open exposing her bra.
It seemed that someone had gotten tired of her knickers, and she felt a cold piece of steel play with them right before they came off, while at the same time her arms were twisted so she was shoved forward.
Then she felt two sticks of flesh, hard in her hands, forced through her balled up fists even as she struggled. Of course she did the first thing that came to mind, and squeezed as hard as she could, only to lose her bra and receive a stinging slap to her tits until she stopped.
Afraid now more than ever, she stared as pants were unzipped, cocks exposed to the warm air of the cabin, and she felt the ever present hand on her cunt, playing with her clit, or pushing a finger into her ass. Like any woman in her situation, she started getting wet, an instinctive response to the rough hands that mauled her flesh, and even though she hated it and her body seemed to betray her, the men continued to do it.
The first cock to impale her cunt left her gasping, burning bright red as she was fully naked and exposed. Roughly she was taken, roughly enough that her cunt was getting even wetter, except instead of the clear juices of excitement she was dripping blood. Nobody stopped to take notice, and in fact she was forced to focus on the cock in front of her as it was forced into her mouth.
Still feeling rebellious, she bit down, only to have the cock ripped from her mouth, and receive a fist to the side of her face. Her lip started bleeding as another cock was shoved in, this time she made no move to bite.
Her cunt was roughly used, one man would cum, and another would shove into her even harder than before. Her knees were shaking, blood had begun to well up around her, her chin dripped with it, her tits were starting to turn colors from the mauling they were receiving, and her hands were splattered with cum. Whatever make up she had on was streaking down her face along with tears, her slobber mixing with the blood on her chin, making her right ugly. The right side of her face was following her tits with their color, and her ass had begun to take a cherry red color. Idly she noticed her stop being passed by, before the pain of her ass being forced to take its very first cock blinded her.
In, out, in out, she was used by what seemed to be an ever pumping piston. Her ass was torn up with the intensity, her shit forced into her, even as some flew out from the force and speed of the cock in her. Her cunt was thankfully vacant, for a few minutes while her ass was brutalized. Suddenly she was forced to spin around, and shoved onto the ground. In front of her mouth was a bloody shit covered cock. It was the gasping for breath, for she had started to turn blue from the little amounts of air she could take while sucking on the other tiny cocks, that betrayed her. Forcefully it was rammed into her mouth, and she began to throw up only for the cock to block her vomits way out. Choking it down, she looked up into the eyes of her rapist, yet she couldn’t even see that far. Balls slapped her face, her tongue played around the revolting cock, and Melanie felt like she could die right there.
Then she felt a cock enter her cunt, and another enter her ass, pis-toning in and out like well oiled machines. She about passed out from the pain, getting no pleasure as she was used and abused on the public train.
Two hours passed, men got off in her, then left, some got on. Slowly the number of shit covered cocks dwindled, slowly she felt herself bleed out, until there was only one man left. His cock was huge, she noted, and scarred. Almost like he had been bitten multiple times. Without even a word, he entered her, forcing her into laying on her own blood as he pumped into her cum soaked cunt, before he switched to her raw bleeding asshole. She was delirious with pain, hoping for the torture to end so she could go home.
Then the cock, the last one she would ever suck was force into her mouth, salty, tasting of shit and copper, it overwhelmed hr senses. It never once left her mouth as she sucked the monstrosity, as it forced itself down her throat. She couldn’t breath, and her gagging and gasping around the cock left the man only pleasure. Her vision started to turn black, and in a last ditch effort she bit, only to receive a blast of cum deep in her stomach. With no last conscious thought, Melanie's eyes started to droop, until they turned to glass and her corpse was thrown out along with all the other garbage.

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