Feeling My Daughter: Part One

*I'm kind of a big fan of incest! I think it might be from having no siblings of my own. If you aren't interested, turn back now! :)

If there is one thing a sixteen year old girl never wants to happen is for her daddy to catch her naked somehow. I found that out the hard way. Molly obviously thought she was home by herself. She had no idea that I was down in my basement office catching up on some lost work. I needed a break and headed upstairs to the kitchen to grab a drink and a lite snack before dinner. When I entered, there was my daughter Molly, totally naked, closing the refrigerator door. I was in shock and did nothing but stare. Molly, however, was in more shock than I was as she froze into place and dropped the full pitcher of iced tea on the floor. There she just stood, her bare feet mixing with the puddle of tea.

Surprising each other was the reason I could do nothing but stare. I know she was more surprised than I was though. Once she realized what had actually happened, Molly went running to her room. And what kind of father was I to just stand there watching her nakedness run out of the room? A curious one I realized.

My daughter, I had to admit, was growing into a very lovely young woman. It was the first time I had ever seen a sixteen year old girl naked and I could not get the picture of seeing Molly out of my head. My daughter's body was beautifully pale, just a hint of sun touched it. She had the prettiest set of breasts. They were small and perky; their flawlessly round shape a perfect handful and her nipples were the nicest shade of soft pink accentuated by the paleness that surrounded them.

However, the bare spot between her legs was more intriguing. The crease that formed there was perfectly vertical and the pale hue of Molly’s skin set it off beautifully. The smoothness around it looked so natural, as if no hair ever grew around it. It seemed to have no signs of ever being touched. With no pubes gracing it, its puffy plumpness showed splendidly as Molly stood there in total disbelief.

I went back down to my basement office, taking my snack and drink with me, and still, I could not shake the picture of Molly in my head. My sixteen year old daughter was absolutely lovely. Her body so slender and so beautifully pale. There was not a flaw on her young body. Nothing at all wrong with her. Molly was just as perfect as any ever made. I did good when I made her with her momma.

Still, I could not shake the feeling I was beginning to have towards my daughter.

Meanwhile, Molly felt herself shaking under the covers of her bed. She had scrunched up into a ball as the shock of her daddy seeing her naked sixteen year old body took hold of her. It was the first time that any guy had ever seen her naked. Not even the guy she had been recently seeing ever got a glimpse of her naturalness, so her daddy being the first one really unnerved her. The tears soaked her pillow as her body continued to shake in the aftermath of her daddy catching her at the refrigerator without a stitch on her body. “What had she been thinking!” was the silent thought she had to herself. Molly had wanted to be comfortable after a long day of classes at the high school and being nude made her comfortable. She never banked on someone being home. Especially her daddy.

Finally, Molly’s shaking had subsided and she uncurled her body and slung the covers off of her still nude body. She got up and walked over to her dresser and looked at her reflection. As she stared at her nakedness looking back at her, she began to smile. Molly knew she was beautiful. At least she thought that to herself. But another thought came to her as well. A thought she knew that she should not have been having, but could not help to feel. Molly wondered what her daddy had thought of her body. Now that the shaking and the shock of having him find her naked in the kitchen had surpassed, Molly felt her body getting warm at the thought. Did her daddy really like what he saw? There was only one way for Molly to find out.

Molly slipped on one of her many night shirts she always slept in, but nothing else. She felt its soft fabric rub against her soft naked skin, her small nipples reacting in puckering and extending outward as the stimulation of the night shirt’s slight roughness slid over them. Then she felt the tail fall over her round bare ass and touch the backside of her legs at the bend of her knees. Molly loved the feeling of being naked under it. She took one last look at herself in the dresser mirror, smiled that devilish sixteen year old smile, and walked out of her room.

As she made her way to the basement stairs, Molly knew what she was about to do was morally wrong. But she had too. She had to know what her daddy had thought of her nakedness. Even though him catching her had at first shocked and scared her, the afterthought of him seeing her sparked an interest to want to find out exactly how he felt. Molly went through the kitchen where the incident took place and paused and smiled again. She began to feel comfortable with what she was about to do.

As I sat behind my desk in the lowest level of the house working on some contract for work, I heard the creak of the door open. I could see the basement stairs from where I sat and looked up. Slowly, I saw bare feet then the soft paleness of the bare skin of my daughter’s legs descending. Was it wrong of me to want Molly to still be naked? I thought and answered myself, ‘Not wrong, just not moral.’ But she was not, as I soon saw the hem of whatever it was she was wearing at her knees.

I watched her come down the stairs in a sexy erotic way until she stood on the platform that led to where I was sitting. Molly stopped and smiled her sixteen year old smile I had seen so many times when she wanted something. I actually loved it when she looked at me that way. It meant I would always give in to my daughter. I could not help it.

“Hi daddy,” Molly said as she twirled her foot on the platform floor, forming an arch as if she was standing in the sand with her bare toe.

“Hi Molls,” I answered.

“Whatcha doing?” Molly asked as she stepped down and started walking over to me.

“Working on drawing up a contract for a client.”

“Oh, I see.”

I knew what was happening. My daughter was testing me. Molly was trying to make up for what happened in the kitchen earlier.

“You know Molls, you don’t have to play this game with me,” I said as I put my pen down on my desk. “I know why you came down here. I don’t need an explanation as to why you were in the kitchen that way. I was your age once. I know. You were experimenting. I am just sorry it was me that caught you. It would have been better if it had been your mom.”

“I don’t think so. Mom would have given me a lecture. I’d never hear the end of it. You wouldn’t, like now. You don’t care. Plus, I’d never be able to ask her what I want to ask you,” Molly said and snickered as she leaned on the front of my desk with both arms.

I looked at her with a questionable look. “Ask me something?”

“Yes, daddy. Ask you something. I want to know, and be truthful with me, but did you like what you saw?”

I leaned back into my chair as Molly rolled a pencil back and forth on the front of my desk. My daughter was asking me if I liked seeing her naked. I tried to play it off.

“Molls, really? Come on now. You know better than to ask me something like that. It’s not ethical. Just let it go.”

“Uh huh, that’s what I thought,” my daughter said and smiled as she straightened her body and stood in front of my desk.

“Thought what? Don’t you try to get into my head. I said let it go,” I answered and picked up the pen again to work more on the contract.

“Oh daddy! Please! You are avoiding my question. I know when you do that, there’s more there. You are too easy to read. You did like what you saw. You are still imagining me naked I can tell. Somewhere, in the back of your mind, you are still seeing my little breasts with their pink centers and the soft line of what is between my legs.”

“Molly, you really need to go back upstairs. Now! Go!” I exclaimed to my daughter so I would not give anything else away subconsciously.

Molly backed away from my desk and just when I thought she was going to do as I said, she did the opposite.

I watched my daughter as she took the night shirt’s tail and slowly lifted it. Little by little, I saw her bare skin being revealed as it traveled up, her thin pale colored thighs showing. She took her time lifting it as if she wanted to feel its trek across her delicate skin. Slowly, the end of the night shirt exposed the perfect fleshy fold between her legs. Seeing it again was now more sensual. The smooth mound that led to it was nice and plump and I was sure it felt good to her to trace a finger over it.

The night shirt’s edge hugged the contoured curve of her bare hips as Molly gently pulled upward, still revealing soft paleness. The soft skin of her flat stomach with its tiny down-like fine hairs made any guy want to slowly feel his way to her sensual spot.

I sat there watching my daughter reveal her sixteen year old body to me again, knowing that I should not be looking. However, I could not take my eyes off of her. No matter how much I tried to look away from her slowly exposing nakedness, my head was glued to her. The fabric of the night shirt just kept drifting upwards and finally, the soft roundness of her tiny perky breasts came into sight. Before I knew it, there was my daughter standing naked in front of me again. And she was just as beautiful as she was earlier.

Molly slung the night shirt on the floor and stood there letting me take in her nude body, this time a little more than before. I could tell her skin was so soft and the pale hue of her body set off all of her most delicate features. The pastel pink of her tiny nipples on their small mounds, and the tender perforation that formed between what she used to stand, was perfectly presented in prize fashion. My daughter was more of a young lady than she knew.

“Now daddy, tell me the truth,” Molly spoke in a very sexually saturated tone, “Do you like what you see?”

I sat there looking at my sixteen year old daughter standing in front of me totally nude trying to develop words that described her natural beauty, but I was in awe of the view. I had heard what she asked me, but no words would come out of my mouth. I was busy staring at her key pieces of sensual desire.

“Daddy, did you hear me? Tell me, do you like what you see?” Molly asked again and actually struck a few poses, turning her naked body around and then back to face me.

I put down the pen, rubbed my face, and said, “Molls, I very much like what I see. You look so delicate, so damn breakable, and oh so very beautiful.”

“I am delicate and breakable. I’ve never been broken daddy. I’m still intact. You are the first male to ever see my naked body. Twice now.”

My daughter was still a virgin. She had just admitted that to me. No wonder her pussy was perfectly formed. Not that that would have any bearing on virginity or sex for that matter. Her natural chasm was perfectly vertical with no flaws at all. Even if Molly had been touched or deflowered, I would have never been able to tell.

“Don’t you want to touch me daddy? Aren’t you wondering what my body feels like?” Molly asked as she ran her hands over her delicate curves.

As her hands hugged the contours of her bare hips, I watched and did wish my hands were the ones caressing her naked body. I knew it was morally wrong, but my daughter chose to show me her nakedness herself. Molly knew what she was doing.

“Oh God Molls, I’d love to feel you, tickle that tender pale skin of yours, but. . .”

“No buts daddy. Please feel me. I want to know what it’s like for my own flesh and blood to touch me. I want to know I please you.”

“Seeing you like this is pleasing enough, Molls.”

“Not enough for me, daddy. I want you to run your hands across my naked body. I want to give myself to you. Come on daddy, let me feel your touch.”

I had too. I could not avoid it any longer. I stood up and walked from behind my desk and to where my daughter was standing. I stood in front of her, my tall body making her short one look up to me. I looked down into her deep blue eyes and she smiled that smile that always melted my heart. I always gave in to my daughter and she was making me give in to her now. This was no longer wrong. It finally felt right.

I reached out and touched the bare skin of her shoulder. I watched her close her eyes as my hand massaged the curve of it. Molly’s skin was warm and soft and I felt the bumps form on it from my gentle stimulation. She tossed her long natural blonde hair to the side as my hand traced down her arm. Molly’s eyes remained closed as my hand found hers and gently squeezed. Her hand felt wonderful in mine. Slowly, I took my other hand and touched the left side of her bare waist. The contour of it was just as warm and soft as her shoulder. I let go of her right hand and rested my hand on the bare waist of her right side so both were now equal. I pulled my naked daughter close to me. Molly wrapped her arms around me and I ran my hands over the small of her back. It felt so good to hold something so tender and erotic.

“Don’t I feel good daddy? You never knew that I could feel so soft and so pure.”

I let out a soft moan and drifted my hands lower. I felt the firm roundness of Molly’s bare ass, cupping her cheeks slightly. Again, I felt warm softness of skin. I began to massage her ass in circles. It jiggled slightly under my touch. Somehow, I found my hands spreading her cheeks apart. My fingers settled between them and I could not help but run my finger over her butthole a little. As I felt the tender hot ripples of it, Molly began to moan. It was hot and puckered under my finger as I traced a circle around its ridges.

“Oh, daddy, that feels. . .feels. . .oh God, that feels so hot! I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“I can tell you like it. Your little butthole is quivering every time I circle it..”

“I can’t describe the feeling. Do it again daddy!”

I did as she wished and circled her tight little virgin ass again with my finger. Again, it crumpled under my touch, tightening when my finger circled it and loosening when my finger drifted away from it. I could tell it wanted to take my finger inside. But did I dare?

Yes, I dared. I ran my finger up her crack, feeling the warmth of it and listened to Molly take deep breaths, then ran my finger back down and circled her bodily orifice that served as an exit. Its ridges were still hot and still puckered in quivering jolts. Once I felt the pulse that drew it inward, I let my finger linger over it until it pulsed outward again. I knew as I circled my finger around it once more, the natural reaction would be for her to pulse inward again and I would be ready. I kept my finger on her anal opening and when I felt it quiver inward, I let my finger be drawn inside with it.

“Uuuhhh,” sighed Molly loudly as she felt my finger sink into her hot anus. “Oh. . . my. . . God! DADDY!” Molly exclaimed from my finger tickling inside her tight outlet.

I did not say a word. I just kept my finger inside Molly’s round ass and let her enjoy the feeling. I knew it was something that she had to get used to, but I could tell she was enjoying it just as much.

I could feel her anal sphincter grip onto my finger ever so delicately as I moved it in and out and around inside. Her little ass was giving more and more, becoming looser and looser the longer I massaged. It felt wonderful to know that I was pleasing my daughter.

Molly began to breath quicker and deeper. Her body began to get hot and I could see the dollops of sweat bead ever so sweetly on her pale beautiful skin. Her moans became longer and faster, coming one right after another. I actually looked at her round face and she was biting her bottom lip while scrunching my shirt up in both hands making a fist. Yes, I could tell Molly was thoroughly enjoying it.

“Oh, daddy, that. . . feels. . . so. . .” Molly said through her hot moans, “You are making me so wet!”

I stopped after I heard her say that. Wet? I was making my virgin daughter wet? I asked myself and began to wonder if I had taken this to far. To tell the truth, it had already gone to far and well, what was done was done. However, I had to see how wet my daughter was.

I pulled my finger out of Molly’s ass and as I did, her tone emptied with it. It was a very satisfied tone that sounded. I pushed her back slightly and could not help but look at what was between her legs. What had once been a perfect vertical sensual line between them was now engorged, her inner lips now poking out. Molly was definitely correct. She was more than just wet; Molly was dripping. Her pussy was glistening with her virginal fluid and I could see the wet sticky trail of her hot release running down the inside of her thigh down to her knee. As I looked down, I could even see the damp droplets of her core on the floor underneath her.

I smiled as I looked at her delicate face and Molly smiled back. I could tell she wanted more. Much more. But was she ready for it? Could my sixteen year old daughter’s virgin pussy be ready for my finger?

We were going to find out.

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