When I Met Kyle [Chapter 3]

“Oh My God!” Jay said as we entered the hallway. “That was SO hot!” I hope we can do it again some time.” “Tomorrow let’s stay late in the locker room again. I think that’s what she wants.” I replied. Kyle and Jay nodded. I gave Kyle a quick French kiss, as did Jay to me, and we headed off to our 6th period. It flew by, and before I knew it, I heard the bell signaling the end of school ring. I rushed outside to my locker, and found Jay waiting close by, with a slight bulge in his pants. “So, what made you hard?” I asked as I began spinning the combination of the lock on my locker. “Kelly and Stacy,” He replied. “The teacher was in the back of the room entering grades or something and they had their desks pulled together, because they were working on something together or something. Then when she went to the back of the room they started making out. And I mean really making out. Tongue was visible and saliva was dripping out of their mouths and everything. It was SO hot.” He finished. Just imagining Stacy and Kelly making out again made my own cock begin to stiffen. “Well, anyway,” I started. “How about we ask Kyle if we can go over to his house to help him with his homework?” I asked. Jay caught on. “Okay. Let’s.” He replied. Then we walked over to Kyle’s locker. “Hey Ky.” Jay said. “We were wondering” I started. “If we could come over to your house to help you with your homework, you being new an’ all.” Jay finished for me. Kyle smiled. “Sure, that’d be okay with me. Just let me take a piss first.” “K.” Jay said. “Wanna come with me?” Kyle asked in a quieter voice. “Hell yeah!” I said. Then we [Jay and I] followed Kyle to the bathroom.

Lucky for us, there were no other kids in there. Jay stuck an “Out Of Order” sign on the door (I had no idea where he got it from, but that’s Jay for you) and locked the door behind us. I unzipped Kyle’s pants, exposing his 6 ½ inch stiff cock. I aimed it at a urinal, and started jacking him off. Kyle moaned with pleasure, and then his cock twitched as he began to pee into the urinal. When he slowed down, I began jacking him off even quicker than before. Kyle moaned again, and shot a long, warm stream of cum into the urinal as well. I was SO horny now, and I SO wanted to taste his cum again, so I engulfed his entire 6 ½ inch rod into my mouth and began deep throating it, still jacking him off, while at some point my left hand had taken my pants completely off and was jacking myself off as well. I glanced over at Jay and noticed he too had his pants off, and was furiously jacking himself off too; the sight of me giving Kyle a blowjob while simultaneously jacking off had made him extremely horny, apparently. Then he walked over to me and Kyle and started kissing Kyle, his tongue exploring the inside of his mouth. Kyle moaned through Jay’s mouth as he cummed inside my mouth. Some of it leaked out the sides, and Jay bent down to lick it off my face. I was still sucking Kyle’s cock as he bent down and began stroking Jay’s cock. Jay moaned in pleasure, then cummed all over me and Kyle. I stopped sucking his cock and began licking Jay’s cum off of him. After I was done, Kyle started jacking off again as he began to lick Jay’s cum off of me. When he reached my cock, he started slowly stroking it. I moaned in pleasure. Then he proceeded with giving me a blowjob. He seemed so good at it I asked him if he had ever given anyone a blowjob before. He said yeah through my cock. When I asked him who, he told me it was a long story. “We got time.” Jay said as he stood in front of a urinal and started to pee. Kyle took his mouth off of my cock and I immediately started jacking myself off, as did Kyle.

“Well okay.” He began. “One time when I was about 12, my neighbor, who was about 16 at the time, caught me with me lying down in my bed, naked, looking at porn on my laptop. I was frozen with fear and didn’t know what to say when he walked in. Then he just walked over to me, and started stroking my cock. He then unzipped his pants, pulled out his 7 inch dick and started masturbating as he jacked me off. I was still in shock from him just walking into my room uninvited when he started sucking my cock. I said, ‘Jake!’ his name was Jake, ‘please stop!’, but he didn’t listen. He just kept on sucking my cock. He took my cock out of his mouth and began swirling his tongue around the head of it. Then I was lost in how good it felt. I was saying things like, ‘oh yeahthat feels SO goodkeep licking my penis like that pleaseoh YESSS!’ Then I cummed in his mouth, but I didn’t know that at the time. I just said, ‘Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I think I just peed in your mouth!’ He told me it was cum, something your penis produces as a lubricant so you can slide it into a woman’s vagina easily when you’re fucking her. Then he told me to stick out my tongue, and I was like, ‘noI don’t want tocan you please stop??’ and he replied by threatening to tell my mom about me looking at porn. So then I stuck out my tongue, and he licked it, my cum still lingering on the top of his tongue. I moaned and said that tasted good. Then without warning, he stuck his cock into my mouth, almost making me gag. He told me to suck it and massage it with my tongue. He was moaning with pure pleasure then he said ‘I’m cumming’ and he cummed in my mouth. I swallowed it and told him it tasted so wonderful.” “Wow” I commented. “Yeah, only there’s more” Kyle said back to me. “After that, we started to sneak over to each other’s houses to suck each other’s cock at least 3 times a week. Until he went away to college, and I came here to look for another guy whose cock I could suck. That’s when I found you guys. Well, Jerry first, who introduced me to you, Jay” he finished.

“Whoa, that was a sick story,” Jay said. “Yeah, I know,” said Kyle. “I’m kind of proud of it, myself.” “Jerry,” Kyle began. “Yeah?” I asked. “Come fuck me in the ass.” I was taken back by his words. “W-W-What??” I stammered. “You heard what I said; I want you to fuck me in the ass. Please?” Kyle asked again. “S-Sure” I said back. “Got any lubricant?” He then pulled out a bottle of white creamy liquid from his pocket. “During my jack-off session last night, I cummed into this bottle, and I’ve been sneaking a little bit of it at random times today, making me momentarily horny again.” He threw the bottle at me. I opened it up and squeezed a little onto my finger and stuck it in my mouth. Sure enough, it tasted like Kyle’s cum. “Well then, let’s get this fuck show on the road!” I exclaimed as I squirted some onto my cock and started rubbing it in. Jay bent down and pointed his cock at Kyle’s ass. He jacked off faster and faster until he moaned and cummed directly at Kyle’s ass hole. Kyle moaned with pleasure as Jay began rubbing it in, sticking 2 fingers up Kyle’s ass to lubricate it on the inside so my cock could easily slide in. Kyle gave me a nod, and I walked over to him (he was now on all fours on the ground) and started to ass fuck him. I stuck the first 3 inches of my dick into him and waited for his moan of approval to continue in deeper. I heard it, then slid the remaining 4 inches of cock I had into his ass. He moaned again as I slowly slid my cock out, until only the head was submerged. Then I began rapidly fucking him. He moaned louder and louder each time. Then Jay walked over the Kyle’s face and stuck his dick near his mouth. Kyle began sucking it while playing with Jay’s balls with one hand. Jay moaned with delight, then reached over to me and started Frenching me. Then Kyle’s left hand came off of Jay’s balls to hold him up as his right hand came down to his cock and he started to jack off. So there we were, in the boy’s bathroom, I was fucking Kyle in the ass, who was down on all fours jacking off, giving Jay a blowjob, who was French kissing me, and eventually it was just our tongues, sticking out and swirling around the other in mid-air. We didn’t even hear the lock click and the door to the boy’s bathroom begin to open.
--End of Chapter 3?-- Of course not!

No, here's part 2 of Chapter 3:

Then the door swung open. A female janitor stood shocked in the doorway. This didn’t make us slow down one bit. We just kept on fucking and kissing and jacking off and sucking cock as she stood there. “S-S-STOP!” She stuttered. “Unless you want to join us, I suggest you leave” I said while still tonguing with Jay. The janitor didn’t move. We slowed down a bit, and eventually stopped. I took my cock out of Kyle’s ass, and he stood up. Jay and I stopped kissing, and we all just stood there, naked, jacking off, staring at the female janitor who had interrupted our hot, gay, ass-fucking blowjob French kissing threesome. The janitor shut the door, and locked it again. We all took a step back. She removed her shirt. We all started jacking off faster. She unclipped her bra and let it fall to the ground, revealing her beautiful, perfect breasts. We all jacked off even faster. Then she took off her pants to reveal a thong that was soaked with her pussy juices (I assumed). We all jacked off quicker and began breathing heavily. Then she took her hand and reached down to her beautiful shaved pussy and started masturbating as well, her face still looking as shocked as it did when she first entered. She quietly moaned as she fingered herself, then a thick stream of cum landed on the bathroom floor. Then she started walking around the bathroom, still masturbating, her pussy juices flowing all over the bathroom floor. Then she stopped, and turned towards us. We had all just shot a load of cum at a stall door, and she immediately ran towards it and began licking it down, still masturbating. Then she cupped her hands, and put them below her pussy. A good amount flowed into her hands, and she sniffed it, and moaned, while cum was still oozing from her well stimulated cunt. Then she walked over to the three of us jacking off, all recovering from our huge climax, and let the cum in her hands slowly drip onto Jay’s hairless shaved chest. Then she rubbed it all over his lower stomach and eventually she began stroking his cock. She repeated the process with Kyle, then with me. Then she walked back towards the door, ass facing us, and furiously masturbated and let more of her pussy juice spill onto the floor. Then she walked over to us, and took our hand (one by one; the one that was not jacking us off) and moved it across her breasts to her tits, then swept it along her wet pussy, making her groan as she cummed on each of our hands while we sneakily finger fucked her. Then she walked over to a urinal, faced the other way, and began to pee all over the already cum covered floor. Then she walked over to a stall, grabbed a handful of toilet paper, and began wiping the cum from her legs, breasts, and face. Then she placed the cum-soaked toilet paper on the side of the sink, and walked over to her clothes. She put them on, and looked over at us. “If you know what’s good for you, you didn’t see a thing.” She said sternly at us. We all nodded our heads still jacking off and in disbelief at what had just happened. “You can clean up now. I know you’ll do a good job,” She added, winking and shaking her ass sexily at us.” We all jacked off faster, and shot a load of cum at the ground. Then she walked out, leaving us standing in the middle of the bathroom, her and our cum everywhere, her pee on the ground, shocked at what had just happened. “No. Fucking. Way.” Jay finally said. “Did that just happen, or was I fantasizing?” He asked. “No, that was real” I said. “Well, don’t you remember what she said? Let’s clean up!” Said Kyle. And with that, we all began lopping up her cum mixed with pee on the ground. Then we took turns licking the cum off each other. Then we put our clothes back on, grabbed our book bags, and headed out the door like nothing had happened. Jay took the “Out of Order” sign off the door and returned it to where he found it (and still, to this day, I have no idea where he got it from, nor do I have any idea as to where he put it back). We saw another guy walk into the bathroom just as we left. “WhoaWhy does it smell like cum??” We heard him ask as the door closed. We all walked quicker, turned the corner, and ran.
--END CHAPTER 3- [for real]

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