The Island, chapter 15 (end)

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The father would begin the son's initiation by laying him down
onto a grass mat on the floor. The man would then kiss, lick, and
nibble on the child's body, working his way down his chest and
stomach, until he reached his genitals.

The man would then suck his son's penis through several
climaxes, taking time during the process to deal with his testicles
as well.

Once the man showed his son how to make oral love, he would
lay on his back, and tell his son to repeat on his body what he had
done to his.

Most boys eagerly copied what they had been shown. Those boys
would usually race through the foreplay, and get right to sucking
their father's penises. Throughout the island, it was kind of a
negative joke and comment when one would tell another that he
sucked his father's penis. It was a put down. On the night of the
boy's initiation, however, it was a required act.

The boy was required to suck his father's penis, and to make him
ejaculate. The boy was also required to take the man's semen into
his mouth, and then swallow it. Not a drop was to be wasted, or
spilled onto the ground.

Many of the boys drank their father's cum eagerly, believing that
it would help to make them a man, and a strong warrior. Some
boys, however, had to be convinced. If a boy tried to take his
mouth off his father's sperming penis, the man would have to
quickly grab a hold of the boy's head to make sure that he kept it

If the boy gagged, spat out, or vomited the father's sperm, he
would have to repeat it over and over again that night, until he got
it right.

Some boys were not so interested in having sex with their fathers,
or with anyone else, and it was with these boys that problems

Besides the mats on which they laid, the father traditionally
brought a long piece of bamboo. This bamboo was brought to
deal with sons which were difficult.

If a boy refused to participate in his initiation, the father would be
required to beat his buttocks with the bamboo until he complied. If
a boy spilled his father's semen, or refused to swallow it, he was
to be beaten.

Come morning, if a boy had not accomplished a willing
swallowing of his father's sperm, he was an outcast. By tribal
law, a father could not lie about his son's refusal or inability to
swallow his semen.

Such a boy would be out-casted by the tribe. No one would feed,
shelter, or care for him. He would become lower than a dog. He
would also become fair game for anyone who wanted to use him,
in any way in which they felt.

These out-casted boys could be raped by anyone who wished to do
so. They could be tortured and abused by all, including girls and
women, however, they could not be harmed or maimed.

The smart outcasts ran away and left the tribe to save from this
torture, but most of the boys which had been out casted, having no
where else to go, stayed and lived through the torture. Whenever a
sacrifice was needed to appease something which had gone
wrong, these boys were the first to go.

After the son learned how to suck a man's penis, and swallow
semen, it was time for the second lesson. The father would roll
his son over onto his stomach, part his buttocks, and then lick his
anus and probe and loosen him using his tongue and fingers.

This was another thing which was only suppose to occur during a
boy's initiation. Licking the anuses of boys was something which
was seen as taboo in the tribe, and something which could lead to
a great amount of verbal abuse. The lowest of all insults was that
someone was an anus licker.

On son's initiation nights, however, anus licking and full scale
rimming was not only totally acceptable, it was a very important
part of the rite.

In reality, however, much more anus licking went on than anyone
would admit. Little boys licked each others anuses in private
daily. Older boys who would take a younger initiated boy to bed
for the night, would first rim him before fucking him. Older men
rimmed younger boys on a regular basis, and whenever they
could get away with it, boys and men of all ages would secretly
rim the backsides of the youngest toddler boys.

Once the boy was thoroughly rimmed and probed with the
father's fingers, it was time to open him for his first butt fuck.
During the boy's initiation, a father was required to fill his son
with as much of his sperm as he could manage throughout the

When the boy was presented to the tribe the following day, a
newly initiated youth, he would be required to bend and spread
his buttocks to the initiated of the tribe. Semen still seeping from a
boy's backside was a good omen, and brought a great deal of
pride to a father.

Penetration of a boy's anus was suppose to be accomplished dry,
without the aid of any lubricants. Once the father managed to bury
himself totally inside of his son's anus, however, the man could
and usually did, pull out and lubricate himself. This was done as
much for the man's comfort as the son's. Too much dry fucking
could limit the number of time which either could fuck.

The father usually did not experience too much difficulty during
the fucking stage of his son. Unlike the oral stage, if a boy were
to refuse or struggle, all the man had to do was to roll the boy
onto his stomach, hold him down, and rape him.

Since most boys had heard terrible tales of being raped, they were
often cooperative, hoping that they would receive a kinder and
gentler opening.

Sucking of the father's penis, and swallowing of his semen was
only required once during the initiation ceremony, although some
men repeated it frequently during the night because they enjoyed it
so much.

Butt fucking the young son, however, was required as much, and
as often as possible. The next day, when man presented his son to
the tribe as initiated, he was required to brag about how many
times he had filled the boy. This was done as the boy bent to
show his, normally puffy and dripping, anus.

The largest number of fucks by one man in one night was
recorded in tribal history as 22. This claim was made by one of
the past chiefs. Of course, no one would have ever thought of
disputing the claim. On an average 10-12 was the norm.

Once the tribe accepted the child as one of them, he was literally
passed around from man to man. Each man would fondle the
child, and stick a finger into his anus to feel the semen and size
that it was stretched to.

A man, if he were so inclined, could also briefly suck the genitals
of the child, and could also have the child suck him briefly. Since
many of the men would only experience sex play with a boy
during this post initiation party, a lot of sucking took place.

Once the approval stage was over, the child could go to empty his
bowels and clean himself up. He was then left alone to himself to
rest, since he usually did not get any sleep the previous night.

Once sundown came again, however, the newly initiated child
would leave his hut and go off to a prearranged location at which a
mat of grasses had been placed earlier in the day. He would lie
there and wait for his visitors.

For a week after his initiation, a boy would go to this mat each
night and wait for his older brothers and/or cousins. During that
week he would be required to service them as often as they
wanted during the night.

The boy would be required to suck their penises, and swallow
their semen. He was then required to take their penises into their
anuses, and allow them to fuck him as much as they wanted. Only
one older boy would appear at a time, however, when the older
relative left, another would soon appear.

Although not required by tradition, the younger boy would
usually have his penis sucked by the older youth as well, and if
time allowed, and the youth was so inclined, the boy could fuck
him as well.

During this week or brother and cousin love, the older boys were
responsible for taking over where the father left off, teaching the
boy all that there was to making love with boys. Whereas all of
the anal sex between father and son took place with the son on his
stomach and the father on top of him, with the brothers and
cousins, the boy was introduced to all the possible positions in
which boys could be fucked.

At the end of the week of relative instruction, a boy had three days
in which he could freely explore sex with age mates which had
also been recently initiated. The boys were left totally alone during
this stage, and sometimes groups of four or more wrestled on the
grass mats having sex. Nothing was taboo to them, and much
mouth to anus play was engaged in. Some elders of the tribe said
that it was during this time that those who had become "addicted"
to licking young boy's anuses developed that particular love.

After their period of age mate sex play, the boys were officially
over their adult male sex play stage, and were expected to have
their sex play only with those in their own age status group. They
were also no longer to have sex with their brothers.

Over the years, however, taboos had been relaxing, and boys
often had sex with age mates, older youths, relatives, and men.
Some boys entered into a life of semi-prostitution, offering their
mouths and anuses to youths and men in exchange for some favor
or material gain.

Up until the point that the boy could ejaculate, he was free to play
with any uninitiated boy that he wished to. It was at this stage of a
boy's life that he was the object of much jealously. He could
freely have sex with any younger boy he wished, regardless of the
child's age.

Many parents attempted to keep their younger children out of the
reach of these boys, however, few succeeded. If a boy were
isolated too much, he became an object of the boy's desires, and
they would not quit until they had gotten to him.

If parents happened onto their younger son engaged in sex with
one of the yet-to-ejaculate initiated boys, they could not stop the
sex. They had to deal with it. Many parents who were confronted
with one of these boys having sex with their younger sons, would
send an older brother out to where the sex was taking place to
make sure that the child was not being abused.


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