Poppy: Flower In The Dark - Part 1

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Poppy came round and just about saw the 7 men surrounding her through her blurred vision, each one of them naked with their penis hard and twitching.

“Spread her open” said Paul as he took more pictures.

The flash of the camera filled the room with light. It had been crudely decorated to look like a young girls bedroom, with brightly coloured mismatched furniture, dolls, teddies and bedclothes that read ‘Daddies Little Princess’. The whole room was covered in filth and grime, its walls adorned with dirty hands prints. Blood and cum stains. A vile smell hung in the air, powered by the stale smell of urine and excrement coming from a bucket in the corner of the room. Another flash revealed the star tattoos covering her abdomen and the piercings on her face, her long, dyed, magenta hair bright and vivid in the cameras light.

Nick spread open Poppy’s bald pussy to show her young, 18 year old hole.

“Perfect!” said Paul clicking away on his camera.

She could feel Nick’s fingers stroking her clit and stretching her dainty pussy lips but was to weak to stop him. She tried to stir and slowly began to lift her hand towards him.

“Check it out! Sleeping beauty is waking up. “ said Chris as he looked on jerking his cock.

“I fucking told you we needed a stronger dose! Now we have to cut the pictures short because she is awake and we didn’t even get to do her while she was out!” said Paul.

“No one gives a fuck about the pictures other than you anyway! You are the only one who wants to wank over them so give it a rest! I just want to fuck her and so does everyone else!” said Chris sharply to Paul.

“Well you still get to fuck her no matter what, and it’s always my van that we use when we grab them. I get to take pictures or next time there is no van!” replied Paul

Poppy mumbled as she tried to speak, her whole body and mind still under the effects of the drugs they had used to knock her out. Her naked body lit up with every camera flash, her soft young body being observed by all of the men as she tried more to fight off the drugs.

“Now play with her tits.” said Paul to Nick

Nick took hold of Poppy’s supple flat tits. He pulled on them squeezed them hard between his fingers until she tried to resist in pain.

“Slap them about a bit you pussy!” shouted Paul.

Nick took hold of Poppy’s left breast and squeezed it so her areola and nipple stuck out of his hand. He started to slap her breast over and over as he gripped it tight then moved to her other. Poppy stirred more and more, the pain bringing her round faster as the other men started to grow restless.

“Hold her face up to the camera and slap her tits some more!” Paul said excited.

“Fuck that bull shit! You are done with your stupid pictures ‘cus I am sick of waiting to fuck this stupid little teen cunt until she can’t take it any more! You can take photos when we are done and we have all had our fun with her…some nice before and after pictures for you too treasure forever! Now put that thing away and hold her down…and you, you clown.” said Aide the oldest of them all.

Paul and Nick took position behind Poppy and held her arms down as she lay spread open on the bed, her round bald mound exposed to all.

“Put the gag on her.” said Aide handing a mouth stretcher to Nick.

He slipped it over her head and into her mouth then pulled the strap tight. Her head fell back to the bed with her mouth wide open from the metal ring holding her jaw apart. Nick held his head above hers and dropped a string of his spittle into her mouth.

“We don’t want to feel any teeth from you now do we!” he said rubbing the palm of his hand over her face as he slipped two fingers into Poppy’s mouth.

“Now lets see what this bitch smells like. That pussy looks fresher than the an apple from a tree.” Said Aide as he pulled Poppy down the bed and pulled her legs over his shoulders. He put his nose into her pussy lips and breathed in her fragrant nectar. Her smell drifted up his nose and filled his head with a thousand thoughts of depraved sex acts to put upon her.

“Oh my god. This is the best one yet.” He said before burying his nose again and taking in her scent for a second time. He moved his nose down and nuzzled it in her ass. The lingering smell of her last visit to the toilet held him in place before licking at her tight pink ring.

“What’s it like? Come on I want to fuck this bitch in her ass!” said Thomas as he moved over to Aide.

“Just wait! We don’t want to tear her early or she will be no good to us. The client wants her clean and he wants her shit hole for himself, which means we get the sluts pussy. We’ve got her until tomorrow morning so we have plenty of time to break her in and have some fun.” Said Aide as he stood up and opened her legs further.

He slapped her across her pussy lips over and over, Poppy twisting her hips to fight back as more of her strength came back. He forcefully spread her legs open and slapped her pussy again and again, until she finally arced her back.

“She is nearly ready. I want her fully awake so she feels it all. She is too beautiful to miss anything.” Said Aide as he wanked his cock over Poppy’s pussy ”Now someone fuck her mouth to wake her up!”

Shaun climbed onto the bed as Nick and Paul held Poppy’s arms in place. He touched her small tits and pulled on her nipples as he sat on her stomach.

“You really are a special little girl aren’t you! So pretty and cute! I can’t wait to ‘til we’ve raped you so much, you can’t take it!” said Shaun then spat in Poppy’s face.

He moved up and slid the end of his cock into her mouth through the gag, easing more of his cock in as he moved his pelvis over her head. He laid over her face and sank his full 9 inches of cock quickly into her throat and held it there. Poppy tried her best to struggle but could do nothing under his weight, even as the effects of the drugs had become less and less.

“Now pound her face!” barked Aide.

Shaun wasted no time and started to slam his length in and out of Poppy’s mouth, her head bouncing on and off the bed with each powerful thrust. It wasn’t long until her faint moans and gargles filled the room. She twisted underhand and clenched her body tight as his bulbous end probed the depths of her throat.

“Go on, wake her up!” encouraged Aide.

Shaun bounced his cock faster and faster then reached down to pinch her nose.

“Lets see if this cunt can breath out her ears!” he said fucking her mouth faster.

His tight grip on her nose held her head in place for his spit-covered cock to slide in and out of her mouth with no problem. The streams of Poppy’s saliva dribbled from her mouth and across her cheeks as his swollen hairy balls slapped against her chin.

“That’s enough!” said Aide after listening to her gargles and gags for air.

Shaun pulled his cock out of her mouth and let go of her nose. The her gasps sounding out as she tried to catch her breath. Saliva trailed over her face as Shaun flicked it off his cock and onto her eyes.

“I think she is awake anyway. I can see the tears already! She must be loving it ‘cus these Emo girls enjoy a good cry!” he said then spat on her face once again before he moved off the bed.

“Now. Now Poppy, don’t worry! This is just a warm up for you until the client has had his fun with you tomorrow. Just in time for your 19th birthday if your ID is anything to go by.” Said Aide as he touched her young soft skin, sliding his hands over every inch of her quivering body. She tried to beg, but the gag prevented her from speaking in a way that could be understood.

“It’s ok Poppy, we know you can’t wait, and neither can we. You’ll be the best rape toy we’ve had yet!” he said as his fingers slowly pulled on her nipples.

“I can’t wait to get inside that! I’m going to destroy you bitch!” said Shaun then spat in her face again.

Aide leaned over her with his 62 year old, wrinkly cock in his hand. He pushed it into Poppy’s tight opening and exhaled loudly as the end started to slide in to the sound of Poppy’s howls.

He suddenly fell backwards onto the floor as Poppy freed her legs of his grip and kicked him in the chest. The other men standing about quickly stepped in and took hold of her legs and pinned them to the bed. Poppy tried her best to scream and thrash but was prevented in both cases.

“Feisty aren’t you!” said Aide as he stepped back between her legs. “We’ll soon ort that out wont we boys!” he said looking around at the other men.

He quickly turned back and donkey punched Poppy in the stomach then slapped her over and over as she howled in pain. He leaned into her and choked her with a tight grip round her throat.

“You try any of that shit again!…” he said seething with gritted teeth. “I’ll snap your pretty little neck myself and find some other girl for tomorrow! You get me?” he shouted glaring into Poppy’s eyes.

She wept, looking back at him, the sound of her gargled weeping filled the room. She gave him no response.

“I said do you fucking get it?!” he screamed in her face as he started to shake her head as he choked her harder. She struggled to make any sound until she finally managed to gargle a response. He let go of her and she fell back onto the bed with tears rolling down her cheeks, weeping incoherently and choking for air.

Aide put his cock back to her pussy and once again started to force it into her dry un-lubed pussy. Poppy tried her best to squeeze him out and free her legs but could do nothing under the power of the men holding her. Her entire body lay stiff, racked with fear, horror and pain. She could feel his penis sliding deeper into her, filling her with its heavy girth.

“Good fucking slut! Take that nice old cock!” said Aide as he inched more of his cock in.

The others grew more excited as they saw Poppy squirming underhand.

“That’s it you stupid cunt! Plenty more dick waiting to fuck you, so save some of those tears for us too!’ said Shaun then once again spat in her face.

She let out a loud roar as the final few inches of Aide’s 8 inch cock slid into her. He held it inside and watched her writhe as it stretched her young hole in ways it had never been stretched before. The men laughed as they saw her struggling underhand in a futile attempt to free her self.

“It’s like putting your dick into The Virgin Mary!” said Aide in surprise.

He pulled his cock back out of her pussy and watched her hole clench tight again. Her lips gently shook as her whole pussy quivered in anticipation and pain. She felt it being forced inside her again, hands pushing her down hard as she tried more to resist their sick pleasures. Both Shaun and Nick started to repeatedly spit in her face, covering Poppy’s face with their thick white saliva as she tried to move her head out of the way.

“You are ours now…our little fuck toy to use when ever we want! The sooner you learn that, the better!” said Aide as his cock filled her pussy again. He held it, twitching and throbbing inside her warm tight walls as he stroked her body and spat on her flat tits.

“Now, I hope it hurts when we rape you!” he said as he slapped Poppy in the face and pulled his cock out of her pussy. He quickly rammed it back inside her as hard as she could and slapped her again and again.

He wasted no time and started to pound her teen pussy as hard as he could, violently stretching her hard and fast. She quickly filled the room with the sound of her pained moans, loudest with Aides full length inside her. His pelvis slapped against hers as he remorselessly fucked her with a wild frenzy, shaking the bed and everyone one on it.

“Go on boss! Fuck that bitch’s cunt like a piece of trash!” said Nick as he looked down into Poppy’s face. “I think she likes it! Look how wide she is smiling!” he added then spat in her mouth.

“Come on you stupid cunt!” said Aide gripping Poppy’s pert little tits. “A nice hard fuck for a dirty little teen slut, Emo cunt!” he said in a pant as he continued to fuck Poppy’s pussy with anger and force. “You stupid cunts like it when lots of men fuck you over, and over don’t you!” he shouted as he pushed himself to fuck her faster and harder, in a wild flash of depraved carnal pleasure. He stopped.

“Fucking hell boss!” said Shaun. “You are going to give your self a heart attack at this rate.”

“I…I had too…stop…” said Aide as he fought to catch his breath, dripping with sweat. “I thought I was going to cum…if I carried on. She’s so fucking…tight!” he said in a pant moving away to make room for Kal to fuck her.

Kal saddled her waist and crouched above her then started to force his cock into her at an angle. His large, snake like black cock was 4 inches longer than Aides and twice as wide. He struggled to force it in and pushed ever harder.

“This little white bitch is tight! She’s ‘gonna scream when this piece of meat is inside her.“Said Kal as he griped his shaft to stop it from being squeezed out of Poppy’s tender, peach like pussy.

She squealed as his persistence paid off and his bulbous end started to separate her walls and made its way into her tight opening. Her resistance had become less, tired from fighting against her captors and beginning to wane. Half of his cock filled her and her hole already ached in pain, getting worse with every inch that followed. More spit started to cover her face the louder her moans got before Kal finally started to use her pussy.

“Some one shut this stupid bitch up will they! I don’t want to hear her all ‘cryin ‘an shit!” said Kal as he picked up speed with his thrusts.

“I’ll shut her up!” said Steve as he clambered onto the bed. He sat on her chest to hold to her in place then lifted her head to his cock. “You little Emo girls love to cry don’t you! That’s why you like pain and suffering isn’t it?” He said as he slid his cock through the gag and into her mouth. He dribbled his spit on to her face and then started to rock her head back and forth on his cock, her wet mouth being filled with its swollen length.

Kal wheezed as he continued to use her pussy, pounding on her with all his might as all of the other men eagerly waited for their turn to rape Poppy. Her eyes and cheeks were black with her mascara from the countless tears she had shed due to her brutal situation. She had no idea how she had got here, or who ‘The Client” was and had resigned herself to the thought that things would be getting worse.

Steve frantically slid his cock in and out of Poppy’s mouth as he shook her head back and forth. A pool of her saliva collected around her neck and dribbled down her small breasts onto her stomach as they both abused her in sync. She spluttered and choked on Steve’s cock as it probed her throat deeper and deeper, making her wretch and lurch forward.

“Look at that pretty little face!” said Steve as he smeared the spit on her face all over cheeks then through her dyed hair. “Why do you stupid little Emo sluts put all this metal crap in your face though. All you need is a nice dick like mine!” he said then spat on her again and went back to fucking her mouth.

“Come on man! We want to nail this bitch too and we’ve been holding her for all this time. Bro’s before hoes remember!” said Shaun.

Both Kal and Steve used Poppy for a short while longer before slowing down. Kal pulled out first and stepped off the bed. Steve slowly dragged his length out of Poppy’s mouth then collected her saliva on his hand and smeared it over her face before slapping her tits a few times.

“She’s all yours!’ Said Kal as Nick and Shaun stepped up. Shaun quickly flipped Poppy on to her front and pushed her head into the mattress as her rubbed her pussy.

“Just perfect! Perfect” said Shaun as his four fingers searched her insides.

Nick knelt down in front of Poppy, Shaun took hold of the ribbon in Poppy’s piercing corset and pulled hard. The tension pulled on the rings in her back and brought her up with them. Nick quickly took advantage by ramming his cock into her mouth through the gag. Shaun kept a tight hold of the ribbon and forced his way into her abused 18 year old pussy and wasted no time in setting about fucking her as he helped force her head onto Nick’s cock.

The 7 men raped Poppy long into the early morning, abusing her in many ways. Each one fulfilled their darkest fantasies with her young, 18 year old body. Exhaustion set in and she became powerless to even try and resist her captors as they passed her round like a simple plaything. They broke her will and her soul as they relentlessly raped her over and over, ready for the client who had paid for her to be brought in.

Once she had given in to them they finished with their vile acts and removed her gag. Her jaw had become stiff and saw making it hard for her to talk still. Aide looked over her spit and semen covered body with delight.

“It should be a nice fun day for you tomorrow Poppy my little flower!” he said as he slipped a finger into her tight virgin ass. “A nice fun day indeed!” added Aide as he smelt the end of his finger and smiled.

The following morning Poppy could hear the muffled voices from outside the room, even through the earplugs and bag over her head.

“We got her no problem. She is tiny so we didn’t have much of a fight hands once a couple of the boys got their hands on her.” Said Aide as he pulled a large ring of keys out of his pocket and slid one into the rickety old door. He paused before he turned the key.

“You already paid your money didn’t you?” he asked the grey haired client.

“Of course! You’ve known me long enough to know I’m always good for my money, especially with these special requests.” Replied the client.

The key turned.

“Very true! Very true indeed! In fact, I wish we had a few more like you. Its always nice to provide a good service and go for something different like in this case.” Said Aide as he opened the door and offered the client in.

Poppy could hear the door being locked behind them and the sound of thier muffled voices. They had tied her across the width of the single bed so that her ass and pussy were ready to be used. She waited, scared and alone, dressed in a young girls princess outfit that was much to small for her.

“I see you got the costume. It was hard work trying to find it in my daughters bed room, and I can’t remember where I found it for when I have to put it back.” Said the client as he pulled the tight white cotton panties to one side to show Poppy’s tightly bunched pussy lips.

“Yeah, we got it. And we cleaned her up with all the products you sent over too.” Said Aide as he watched the client rub his nose in Poppy’s pussy.

He inhaled the sweet strawberry smell of the soap he had asked them to clean her with and started to quickly lick at her delicate lips.

“We did it all. We got all the toys and kitted the room out for you. I told you we provide a good service here!” Aide continued as the client stood up and ran his hands along her back and then down to her virgin ass hole. “We don’t mess around. The customer always cums first here!” said Aide as he watched the client gently sliding his finger in and out of Poppy’s puckered ring.

She squealed through the ball gag filling her mouth and tried to move her offered up ass, out of the way. The tight ropes held her firmly in place, her ankles pulled up against the top of her legs just as the client had asked.

“This is the last time I’ll be using your services.” said the client as he massaged Poppy’s firm, pert cheeks with his free hand.

“I’m sure we can work on new prices for you if it’s too much. We wouldn’t want to loose and valued long, standing customer for…” said Aide before being interrupted by the grey haired man.

“I’m dying.” Blurted out the client then almost seemed to take stock of what had come out of his mouth “I’m dying” he said again softer and slower.

“Well, I am sorry to hear that.” Said Aide coldly “I mean, how come?” he quickly added.

“I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and have about 2 months to live…this is my last treat to myself…my last bit of freedom before I get things in order for my last bit of time. I still have to tell my daughter that she is going to be all on her own, with her Mum gone and me soon to follow…18 and having to face the world on her own. I don’t think she even has that many friends!” Said the client as he wiped a single tear from his eye and tried to keep his composure. “Still, I have two months to make sure they are the happiest memories she has of her old man!” he said as he stood up with a smile.

“Well, me and the boys kind of heard through the grapevine that you were not in the best of health which is why we lined you up something special today! We went the extra mile to give you a real treat!” said Aide as he smiled at the client.

“I can see! She is just what I wanted, a nice fresh little teen, anal virgin! One last stupid whore to mess up, then spend my last days with my girl. How old is she? She looks really young, and you know I like that in my girls.

“She’s 19. It’s her birthday today according to her ID and getting hold of younger is hard work these days. We went for this one because she has that young fresh look that we know you like. She has hardly any tits and her nipples are nice and puffy!” said Aide with a sly grin.

“Excellent! It’s my daughter’s birthday today too! Freaky! You boys out did yourself this time and I really appreciate the gesture from you all. This is exactly why I’ve been coming here all these years. You are doing Gods work my friend!” said the client reaching out his hand.

Aide met his offer and shook with the client.

“How old did you say she is? 19? I could have sworn she was only 15 or 16 with this body!” said the client as he began to undress.

The bag over Poppy’s head had become stuffy and claustrophobic, while the gag in her mouth left her jaw aching again after hours of use the previous night. She had heard them talking all the time they were there, hearing the muffled voices but unable to understand their words. She held her self in anticipation, waiting for their next action.

“We put the bag on her head as always to keep things confidential for you, but seen as this is your last time you might want to go all the way for a change. We don’t mind!” said Aide.

“Don’t worry about that! Why do you think I paid all this money? I’m going to watch this bitch’s face all the way through! It should be nice and fun to see her crying for a change instead of just hearing it. No bag for sure!” replied the grey haired man as he started to jerk his cock hard.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it shall I? You know what to do when you are finished so make sure you come say good bye to all the boys before you’re gone! Ohhh! Sorry, I didn’t mean say goodbye like…” stuttered Aide.

“Don’t worry about it. I know what you meant. Now, its time for this ‘Little Princess” to see how much ‘her daddy loves her’.” Said the client, again stroking her oval ass, jerking himself with his free hand.

“Enjoy! I think she should be quite a nice surprise!” said Aide just before pulling the door closed on its stiff hinges. The key rattled as it went into the lock and then turned. Aide flicked the sign on the door from ‘Vacant’ to ‘Cunt In Use” then carried on down the hallway whistling a merry tune.

The client could see Poppy’s whole body shaking in fear as he observed her skinny body. He hitched her princess dress further up to allow a full view of her peachy ass while her pussy lips clinched tightly together, framed by her oval cheeks. His heart raced in his chest, beating like a bass drum, so loud, it felt like it was filling the room.

“Sooo pretty! So tender and young!” he said softly as he touched the inside of her legs and pushed his hard penis into her thigh. “So beautiful” he said almost in a trance, feeling her responding to his touch.

“A nice little girl, like my daughter! So innocent, so loving…I just hope…I just hope she will always remember me, every day. Is that so much to ask?” he said reassuring his self. “I bet you’d love her! It’s her birthday today as well! I bet you’d be the best of friends if only you had chance to know her. Sure, she likes weird music and wears black clothes most of the time, but she is so unique…so pretty…” he said slowing down, his hands gently pulling her white panties down as far as the ropes would let them go. “She’s so pretty” he began to repeat slowly, a mantra as he spread her nubile pussy lips to show her soft, warm opening.

Poppy tried her best to free herself but quickly gave up realising its futility and knew that she would need all of her strength and stamina to get through what was about to happen.

“I just want to show her how much I love her! Just…just…just show her” he said as he closed his eyes and took hold of his cock again. “Just…show…her…” he slowly added as he nested the end of his hard veiny length against her velvety lips. “Show her my love…show her how I love her so much it hurts” he whispered as Poppy felt his greasy end begin to push its way into her sore pussy. She winced as the head entered her fully followed by part of the shaft before quickly being pulled back out of her.

“No!” he shouted. “No, I can’t. I mustn’t!” he said looking down at his cock in his hand. “She deserves better! She deserves all of my love! My beautiful little angel should feel all of her fathers love…she has too!” he said then quickly pushed the end of his cock to Poppy’s virgin ass. She quickly moved forward with what little space there was and wailed though the gag as she felt the sharp pain of the client trying to invade her anal passage.

“Its ok! It’s ok! Daddy loves you baby!: he said as he pushed his cock so hard it bent heavily. Poppy’s screams grew louder with each second of him forcing his cock into her ass before he managed to stretch her open enough for his swollen glans to enter her.

“Good girl! Just a bit of Daddy’s love for his sweet little angel!” he said trying to force more of his cock into the tight clench of her anus. “You would love her so much, just like me! You would want to show her how much you love her, just like me!” he grimaced as it became harder and harder to sink his cock into her ring. Her moans had become shrieks and screams as the pain increased, causing her to tighten her grip on his advancing cock. “I bet you look just like her don’t you! Her beautiful eyes and hair, a nice little pointy nose and a mouth that Daddy would love to fill with his cock.”

Half of his cock filled her ass, Poppy’s knuckles white as she clenched her fists tight and screamed. The excruciating pain was like nothing she had ever felt as her young tender anal tract stretched under the fatness of his cock. The searing burn filled her, struggling to breath in the stuffy bag with a gag in her mouth, she tried to move her head against the bed in a way that would loosen the bag.

“Don’t worry princess! Once you can feel all my love inside you, we can finally start. You can scream and cry as much as you want once I take the bag off.” He said as he continued to stretch her with his cock. He pulled back slightly then pushed in hard again, feeling her ass tense around his shaft. “Did it hurt little girl? Daddy’s love some times hurts, but its still love.” He said as he forced the last inch of his cock into her ass. He looked down to see it stretch around his shaft, raw, fresh and untouched.

She could feel the cords being un-knotted on the bag over her head, then felt immense pain as the client took his first thrusts in taking her anal virginity. His lunges moving slowly but surely to make her feel every inch of his strong cock as it forced her open. The bag slid up off her head and left Poppy’s vision blurred form the light and hair falling into her eyes.

“Purple hair just like her…oh god yes!…They did their job good when I said I wanted a girl that looked just like her!” Aide said delighted.

She groaned in unison with his thrusts while his hands undid the buckle of her gag then slowly pulled it away. Her saliva poured out of her mouth and onto the bed, her jaw aching. The client forced her face into her pool of saliva before she could say a word.

“Just what baby needs to cool her down after having that bag on her head” he said still making his slow powerful thrusts into her ass then took out her ear plugs, muffling her screams in the bed covers. “Nice and cool while Daddy shows you his hot love!” he added as he started to pick up speed, the sound of his pelvis slapping on her ass cheeks beginning to come clear. “I love you so much baby! My little angel from heaven!” he said in a pant.

He kept a tight hold of her head as he forced it into the bed, raping her at a faster and faster pace. Her muffled screams were more than enough to let him know how much it was hurting her, increasing the sick pleasure as he imagined his own daughter under his hands. It drove him on to fuck her harder, starting to make a fist with her hair as he put more and more effort in.

“It my right as her father!” he screamed angrily while pulling Poppy’s tear covered face up to his own to see her crying. He paused, holding his cock at its deepest in her ass. Saliva spluttered out of Poppy’s mouth and dangled from her chin as she wept for her life, her eyes closed tightly.

“It’s…it’s…you” he said in horror realising in that moment what he was doing. “I…I…it can’t be you!…No!…It can’t be!” he shouted as he saw his own daughters pretty face twisted with fear.

Poppy opened her eyes and looked to her side to see her fathers face. She screamed out loud at the horror and felt his cock slip out of her abused hole. It was over. She had no idea how life could go on after what she had been through, and knowing what kind of a man her father was, but she knew it was over.

“I…I don’t understand…why would they do this to me? Why would they give me…my own…daughter” he said trailing off. “Of course! He said they knew I was dying!”

Poppy jumped at hearing her father say he was dying and finally managed to speak through her grief.

“W..w..why?” she sobbed as her father knelt beside her.

“I have cancer honey, and I only have 2 months to live!” he replied as he brushed her hair out of her face.

“No you sick fuck! Why this?, you fucking freak!” she screamed at her father then spat in his face. “Do you know what I’ve fucking been through! You are fucking sick! A FUCKING SICK TWISTED MOTHER FUCKER!” she screamed then spat in his face again.

“Shhh, shhhh baby! It’s ok, I didn’t know it was you! I didn’t ask them to get you for me. I just said I wanted a girl that looked like you.”

“And what about the others! The other girls who have been through this! Raped over and over for a sick fuck like you’s pleasure! What the fuck about those girls!” Poppy wailed before breaking down into tears again, lowering her face into the covers.

“It’s ok…They are all fine! I’m sure they are!” he said brushing her hair again. “But you do know that I love you don’t you. I want you to remember me every day of you life once I’m gone. Your proud old Dad and his beautiful little princess, just like it used to be before you got all depressed and became an Emu or whatever you call your selves! I just want you to remember how much I love you!” he said then pulled her hair back into a ponytail. “How was I to know that they would kidnap you? You were never meant to be here!” said the client reassuringly. “I love you my beautiful daughter!”

She felt her head being pulled back by her hair, then the sharp pain of her fathers cock entering her ass hard and fast. He kept hold of her hair and quickly got back to pounding her peachy ass.

“It’s only because I love you Poppy!” he said hammering away on his own daughter’s virgin rectum, sodomising her with force and power. “I love you so much!” he added to the sounds of her frantic screaming.

“You sick fuck! I’m your daughter! I’m your fucking daughter!” she pleaded to her father.

“I love you so much!” he said as he closed his eyes and let his mind swim in ecstasy.

Poppy’s screams washed blankly over him as he mercilessly raped her, the bed shaking and squeaking loudly with every rampant thrust of his cock into her vice like ass hole. He could feel the first beads of sweat collecting on his back as he abused his daughter with all his might.

“So much!” he whispered to himself.

Pain racked Poppy as her father brutally took her from behind. His hands explored every part of her body as he held his breath at the touch of her skin. He slid the top of her princess outfit up to reveal her piercing corset and ran his fingers down the centre of the ribbon. He exhaled loudly as he took hold of the bow and started to pull on it softly, raising the rings in her skin. She quickly responded by rousing with feeble attempts of moaning. His cock battered her ass all the while until he pulled harder on the ribbon, raising her until she could go no further, trapped between the length of the ropes holding her and the pull of her father. Her skin stretched where the piercing entered her skin, making peaks down the length of her back as he continued to rape her.

“I love you my baby! My beautiful little Poppy! My precious little flower!” he said weeping with joy, tears rolling down his cheeks.

“I hate…you” sobbed Poppy, sickened by his words while he pulled hard on the ribbon too her screams, Her skin pulled taught with his force.

He kept hold of her where she was, and used his free hand to reach under too her small perky breasts. He gripped one in his hand, squeezing it hard with a tight fist, pulling it towards him for more leverage on her ass. He knew he could not keep it up for much longer and would need a rest soon. His cancer was catching up with him already and he knew the pain in his lower back would not be going away any time soon. He pushed himself for the last few moments and pounded her into a frenzy of screaming pain. His balls slapped against her pussy, rubbing against her clit and making her damp. ‘Just a bit…longer!’ he thought to himself and started to scream out loud as he used her ass harder than he had ever used her mothers, his body ripping with tension until he could take no more and slumped on top of his daughter.

His sweaty body pressed against hers as he puffed and wheezed, Poppy’s incessant sobbing and howling sounded like music to his ears. His cock still filled her ass as he embraced her body. He knew he was finally about to show her his love.

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*I've been having trouble trying to upload this, this is my third attempt, so lets see what happens. this story will be part of a three part series, and I'm sorry to inform that there will be no sex in this part, but that is what part 2 is for, I hope you all enjoy
The following story takes place during my high school years. So I was dating this cute 18 years old girl named Gabrielle for about 6 months. She was a 5'2'', 100 pounds girl with B cup breasts and a nice soft ass
Later on, like a lot of teenagers did then, I found part time jobs to add to the merge pocket money we received, eventually finding one I loved in an old dusty bookshop in a narrow lane over the railway crossing
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