1. Sex with Gabrielle: First time

The following story takes place during my high school years.

So I was dating this cute 18 years old girl named Gabrielle for about 6 months. She was a 5'2'', 100 pounds girl with B cup breasts and a nice soft ass. Our relationship was going great, except, we didn't have sex yet, (when I was young it was a big deal lol) which made my friends laugh at me sometimes, but it's cool, I'm not the kind of dude that gets mad for nothing.

We were still virgins and at that time, living at our respective parents house, it was difficult to have enough alone time to even consider having sex. You might think that waiting 6 months to have sex with such a beautiful girl is not that big of a deal, but trust me, she gave me such a hard time (literally) during this half-year by teasing me.

She sent me nudes of her every morning after her shower as she known that I was a morning-fap kind of guy. At least I was lucky enough to have the most beautiful sight every morning. She did all sorts of seductive poses to tease the fuck out of me. One day she was standing straight and took the picture from behind, allowing me to enjoy every single pixel of her perfect butt. The next day, she was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, her legs spread wide open, massaging her clit and stroking her tits. And it went on and on

She often included with her pictures small paragraphs on what she would like me to do to her and how she would like to be fucked. I always came so fast during my fap sessions as I imagined how awesome it would be to finally have a taste of her young and perfectly balanced body. But, there's more

Every time we were together, and I mean every single time (yes, that includes in front of our friends, of her parents, at school, in every public place we have been together), she managed to tease me so hard by making me hug her from behind, so she could push her round ass against my crotch, making my 7 inch cock harden in an instant. Sometimes, I even came close to cum when she started rubbing herself on me, but I made her stop before as I knew I wouldn't enjoy having a big mess in my pants for the rest of the day. Also, when no one was around (these moments usually only lasted for a minute), she whispered in my ear the dirtiest things I've ever heard. Her seductive voice alone was enough to make me feel a bulge in my pants.

As you can guess, I was starting to need more than a couple of pics and my left hand to find relief. Luckily enough, out of nowhere, my parents decided to have a night together, so I finally had the house to myself. Immediately I told my girlfriend so she could come over and make her dirty talk come to life. So this night, as soon as my parents left, I told her on Facebook to come over and about 15 minutes later I heard a knock on the front door.

I've never seen such a beautiful thing in my life. My sexy girlfriend was wearing the tightest dress you could imagine. It was a silky black dress barely covering her ass and revealing most of her breast. On my part, I was wearing pretty casual clothes, the classic shorts and t-shirt combo as I didn't know she was going to dress like that. I swear to god my heart skipped a beat when she said with a seductive tone of voice, looking deep in my eyes with such intensity: ''Oops, I think I forgot my panties at home''

At that exact moment, I knew I would remember this night forever. As I closed the door behind her, I smelled a hint of her citrus y perfume which I always LOVED. Then, she said, ''I want it to be an unforgettable night for both of us, so please, don't even think about condoms, you know that I'm on the pill and that we are still virgins so there shouldn't be any problem.'' Not knowing what to respond to this, I said ''I love you'' and gave the most passionate kiss a man could give to her girlfriend. The tension was already quite high so I stopped the kiss pretty quickly because I planned to take her to my parents' room where I set up candles and romantic music.

So I told her to follow me to the ''love room'' as we used to call it after this night, and as we got in, as soon as I locked the door, we began to kiss each other so deeply and romantically. My hands couldn't resist the temptation to feel her ass combined with the silkiness of her tight dress. As I grabbed her beautiful butt cheeks, she started to moan softly as me grabbing her ass always drove her crazy. As she was moaning, small puffs of hot air were entering my mouth and after about a minute of ass-grabbing she started to take my shirt off slowly.

Once my shirt was fully taken off, she started to unzip my shorts and my hard cock made it difficult for her to take them off, as tension was holding my shorts to my body. She finally took my shorts off and the friction that it caused made me grunt a little as it felt really good. Then, she stopped our kiss and smiled at me so I smiled back at her. Of course, her body was sexy, but her face was perfect to me, so I decided to lift her off the ground, still grabbing her ass, and I laid her on the bed. At this point, the sight of my hot girlfriend and all that past teasing pushed me over the edge. My boxers were on the ground in an instant.

She let out a big moan as she saw my dick burst out of my boxers. Then I leaned over her and we began kissing again, but this time, my dick was merely an inch away from her warm wetness that was her still intact pussy. I realized that I was the only one naked so I removed her dress in an instant and continued our deep kiss. I then started to grab and lick yer perky tits and she began to moan even louder than with the ass grabbing. I pleasured her for about two minutes then she grabbed my face, placed my ear near her lips and whispered in my ear just like she did when she was teasing me ''Please, I beg you, fuck me, please, I want you inside me so bad.''

I've never heard such a beautiful thing since then. Just as she whispered in my ear, she embraced me with her legs wrapped around my waist, and she slowly pulled me closer and closer to her. I could feel the heat of her pussy more and more as my cock approached her closer and closer. This moment lasted for a full year in my head, but it probably lasted only half a second honestly, but I'm telling the story as I remember it. Then, the first contact happened. The tip of my dick was now slowing pushing her vaginal entrance. At this point, I knew it was time, so I said to her ''I love you so much'' and wrapped my lips around hers, and she pulled me with her legs in a slow, but constant motion up to her cervix, feeling every inch of the tightest pussy I'll ever have the chance to pop.

It lasted about 5 seconds until my dick was completely buried in her love hole. At first, I was a little surprised that she didn't make a sound during the process, before realizing that she was unable to breathe because the pleasuring pain was so much at once for her. She kept me in a really tight grip for another 5 seconds before finally releasing her grip and allowing herself to breathe again, exhaling warm air into my mouth. I let her catch her breath for a couple of seconds, and then I started to slowly withdraw myself her. As I do this, she let's out a long high-pitched moan that I like so much. When only the tip remains in her, I stopped to ask her if she was okay and she just locked my waist again with her legs and kissed me deeply. I took that as a yes and began to thrust myself in again.

She started to moan loudly again in my mouth as we were kissing, and I pushed myself up to her cervix again, pushing as hard as I could as I knew this would make yer go nuts. This time, she was able to breathe so I began pumping myself in and out of my wonderful girlfriend, still kissing her with all the love that I got. I began to up the pace gradually, up to a point where she suddenly stopped to breathe, broke the kiss, stared at me with her beautiful green eyes mouth wide open, and then, I started to feel her vagina pulsating in short bursts around my shaft, making it harder for me to do an up and down motion, so I just decided to push inside as hard as I could and watch her perfect body shake while she came around my cock.

Once the most beautiful orgasm I'll ever see in my life was finished, she had a really hard time catching her breath. About a minute later, after she calmed down, she said: ''I want you to fill me up with your love juice.'' I didn't need much more to start pounding her harder and harder. We were making eye contact as I was banging her and then I slowly felt more and more the need to release myself into my girlfriend's love canal. Once I was close enough, I started to fuck her as hard as I could, as deep as I could, as fast as I could. Just when I was about to nut, Gabrielle started to orgasm again, driving me over the edge. She closed her eyes while she came, so I did the same. I decided to push my cock as deep as I could which made me cum instantly.

I emptied my blue balls deep in her and then I then collapsed on my beautiful girlfriend, making our sweaty bodies glue themselves together. We were so exhausted from our orgasms that we stayed in this position for almost 10 minutes. Me on top of her missionary style, her legs hanging on the side of the bed. Her cute hands rubbing my back and telling me how much she loves me and vice versa. After these 10 minutes, I finally became flaccid and I withdrawn my cock out of her and was laying beside her. Immediately, we heard the sound of huge drops of cum drooling out of her pussy, falling on the floor.

This sound made me hard again so I grabbed her and put her on me so she was riding me. Of course, some cum was leaking on me but, who cares? It's mine after all and it's coming out of my perfect girlfriend. This time, we knew each other couldn't wait for round two so she quickly positioned my shaft towards her moist entrance and she dropped herself on me super hard. It felt so good that we needed a sec to recover, but after this moment, I only wanted one thing, refill her with my love potion. And that's what I did, I grabbed her ass and lifted it up and then pulling it down as fast as I could. After a good 10 minutes of this (it fell so good we didn't even need to change positions), her moaning started to get louder and I felt my balls tense up.

She then collapsed on me, not being able to breathe, and her pulsating pussy made me come as deep as I could in her. This time though, as she collapsed on me, we managed to lock lips and I could feel a little of her hot saliva making it's way in my mouth, which made my orgasm even better. Also, it was the last thing I could remember of that night because we both fell asleep right after our orgasm. I woke up first the next day, my flaccid cock barely inside her, with dried up semen all over my cock and balls. As I tried to lay her beside me I accidentally woke her up. Seeing the most beautiful sight: The eyes of your first love after a night to be always remembered

The End.

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