Ella louise

Ella Louise

The dark night played chills upon her arms as she walked home from a fraternity party half a mile from her apartment. Ella was a bit drunk, tottering about in her strappy black heels and short micromini dress, occasionally stumbling on a nonexistent rock, or crack. Her blonde hair was delicately strewn about in a side ponytail, a few curls escaping here and there and her firm, 38D breasts bounced as she swayed her way down the sidewalk. She had always been told how pretty she was, with her careless blonde hair, deep brown eyes, light sprays of freckles, and a figure to die for, always been the center of attention of young, and old gentlemen, yet she never showed her interest in any of them. Instead, she got her kicks showing peeks of her breasts, and maybe a subtle asscheek once in awhile, but she just wouldn’t give in.

She came across the old dorm building and decided to sit on the front step and rest her aching feet. Kicking her heels off, she reached down and rubbed her sore toes. She may have been too drunk or just not paying attention when the man stepped out of the doorway of the abandoned structure and crept in behind her. She was still rubbing her poor feet when he grabbed her. As she tried to scream out in shock, he placed a damp rag over her nose and mouth, and then she saw black.

Ella came to a few hours later, groggy and disoriented. Looking around the dimly lit room, she realized suddenly that her arms and legs had been immobilized, tied down to a specially made x-shaped table, each arm and leg tied to a different point until she was completely spread eagle and vulnerable. A gag had been strapped into her mouth, preventing her from screaming. She shook her head to clear the rest of the grogginess, and began to panic. As she struggled, three masked, hooded figures stepped out of the shadows and into her line of vision. Her eyes widened as she realized they were all three completely nude and sporting three rock hard erections, thick and veiny, with swollen heads. They had been stroking their dicks as they watched her, struggling and beginning to cry. One of the men stepped up to her, brushed her hair away from her face, and whispered “I’ve been watching you for a long time now, and we don’t appreciate the way you strut your slutty ass around campus, teasing us, mocking us. Tonight, you’ll get taught a lesson you won’t forget.”

As he spoke, his hand began trailing down her body, across her bare shoulders, down the front of her dress, across her stomach. Without warning, he yanked her dress down roughly, revealing her round breasts. “MMMPH” was all she could say around the gag stuffed in her mouth. The man reached down and flicked a nipple, toying with it, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger until it stood at attention. The other two men sauntered up to the table, stroking their throbbing cocks, watching her hungrily. The first man, wearing a blue mask, dipped his head down, and took a pink nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, nibbling it, sucking and biting until Ella gasped behind the gag. The next man, in a red mask, lightly stroked her thigh, kneading the skin with his rough hands, slowly moving up and into the skirt of her dress. The third man, grey mask, lifted her ass off the table just high enough to push her dress over her waist and pull her panties to the side.

“Fuck, man, I always thought she had a nice little pussy, but damn.” Muttered the man in the black mask. He lightly stroked her mound with his fingertips, indulging in the feel of her. Ella had started to cry now. She began to struggle in a vain attempt to free herself when she was slapped hard across her face by blue man. “That wouldn’t be a very good idea, slut. You’ll get what’s coming to you, and you’ll behave.” She lay still then, crying silently, wishing she hadn’t sat down to rub her aching feet.

The three men continued toying with her, licking her nipples, slapping her ass, running fingers through her hair, when grey man disappeared suddenly. She heard rustling noises coming from the left side of the room, and when she looked over, her head began to spin as the large black Great Dane was led into the room. She began shaking her head, muffling silent pleas to the men, but nobody listened. Instead, grey man led the huge animal to her spread legs. The dog sniffed her sex, then snaked his long tongue out and covered her from asshole to clit in one stroke. She involuntarily shuddered, the warm tongue sending chills down her body. The dog continued to lap at her pussy, eating her, his tongue wiggling its way into her hole, scraping her hymen with each stroke. Disgusted, she closed her eyes and laid her head back, trying to fight off the signals her body was sending off.

Suddenly, the dog jumped up, and with the help of the men, was positioned so that his slightly protruding cock was aimed straight at her virgin hole. The dog began humping at her, poking her with his cock, until he felt the tip reach home. He immediately slammed forward, bursting through her hymen, causing her to arch her back in pain and scream behind the gag. The dog began fucking her with a jackhammer pace, the force making her body jerk around the lewd table. She lay there silently, eyes closed, until she became aware of a hard ball shaped object pushing at her tight little snatch. The dog cock had been inflating as he fucked her roughly, preparing to plug his cum up in his bitch. With one final thrust, his knot popped into her, and she felt his doggy prick spew hot cum deep inside of her. Bucking wildly, she tried to free herself, but it was no use, the dog had his bitch knotted.

The dog held himself inside of her for what felt like an eternity, until at last, he jumped off her, releasing his deflating cock with a sickening pop. Tears streaming down her face, she felt the dog cum seeping out of her hole. Red man stepped in between her legs. “Damn, he did a number on her” he said cruelly as he mopped away the cum and blood with a warm, wet cloth. Kneeling down, he began stroking her clit, sending electric waves through her body. Red man continued to rub her clit, his fingers stroking her hard nub while grey and blue man sucked on her tits, their cocks standing at attention, rock hard.

Red man moved his masked face closer to her pussy, and placed his mouth around her clit and began lapping her with his tongue. “That’s it, slut, cum. You’re going to fucking love this” grey man said as red man continued his oral assault on her, shoving his tongue inside her, alternating finger fucking her and eating her until she felt a stirring in her loins. Suddenly, her body tensed, and her back arched as a stolen orgasm surged through her body. Shuddering involuntarily, she released, pleasure rippling through her body until she collapsed on the table.

Red man continued to eat her, her body jerking as he flicked her sensitive clit with his tongue until she could take no more. He then stood, aimed his dick at her hole, and slammed into her with a force that rocked the table. She cried out in pain as he slammed his dick into her, his balls slapping her ass with each thrust. Grey man reached behind her head and untied the gag, releasing it from her mouth. Before she could scream, he clamped a hand over her mouth. “Now, I’m going to let go, and when I do, you’re going to suck my dick, understand? If you so much as squeak, I’m going to beat you until you cant move, understand?” she nodded, her eyes wide with fear. He slowly removed her hand, and positioned his dick at her mouth. Reluctantly, she opened, sliding the tip of him into her mouth. He closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure before slamming all of his 7 inches down her throat, causing her to gag. He face fucked her; red mans thrusts helping to slide his dick in and out of her mouth, Blue man had slid underneath the table and placed his cock at her virgin asshole. Without warning, he shoved his entire dick inside of her, sending a burning pain to shoot through her body. She had been impaled by three men, one fucking her face, two fucking each hole. She was being gang banged savagely, blood oozing out of her pussy and torn ass.

The three men continued their assault on her, brutally fucking every hole until she felt she would pass out when red man went still inside of her. With one final groan, thick jets of his cum filled her pussy, dripping out the sides. He clamped his hands around her waist, shooting his seed inside of her, filling her up and overflowing her destroyed pussy as blue man and gray man continued to brutally fuck her.

Blue man began to pound her tight ass without mercy, sliding his dick completely out of her ass before forcing it back in without mercy. His thrusts sped up, his breathing became erratic and he exploded inside of her, thrusting as jet after jet of his cum filled her asshole, moaning loudly, he slapped her ass hard, causing her to wince in pain. Spent, he slipped his deflating dick out of her and disappeared with red man into the shadows.

Grey man fucked her mouth for what seemed like an eternity, brutally slamming himself balls deep down her throat. She felt his dick harden to beyond comparison with anything she had ever felt, when he shot thick ropes of cum directly down her throat. He held her on his dick for a few more seconds before pulling out of her and disappearing into the shadows.

She lay there silently, crying, afraid to make a noise and face the consequences, when red man emerged one last time, placing the same damp cloth over her nose and mouth, throwing her once more into blackness.

She awoke to the light of morning in an alleyway right behind her apartment, fully dressed, and cleaned up. Aside from a pounding headache and sore body, all she had were the memories of her brutal attack. She stood, dusted her dress off, and walked into the back door of her building.

Across the street, the three men watched her. The dean of the college, the physics professor, and the football coach. As she disappeared into her apartment, they looked at each other, their secret forever remaining a mystery between them

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