Doctor's Sexamination- Part 1

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Doctor’s sexamination

I was not feeling too well and so I informed my mother I was going to see the doctor. He was the same guy we had been going to since I was a baby. This is almost 20 or so odd years. I took a half day from work since I was not feeling too well and got on the tube and the bus; then I walked for another 5 minutes or so and finally managed to walk in to his clinic. It was close to my house but at the other end so had to travel so much- take the train, take a bus and then add to it, walk to his place. No one was around, so I just sat for a few minutes to gather my breath and then; I knocked on his door. No answer. I turned around and went outside to ask the security if he knew that the doctor was in or not. But just then, the door to his inside clinic opened and a man walked out. He had a brief case in his hand like those medical reps have. He said hi to me and walked off. The door had already closed behind him. So I just sat for two minutes, adjusted my clothes and my hair and then, just walked up to the door and knocked on it. He said “Come in”. I jus walked in with a smile on my face- I had known him all my life practically. He was sitting on his revolving chair behind his desk. He looked at me and smiled “What happened? What are doing here in the middle of the day? That too; on a week day?” “Yeah well, I am not feeling too well so had to leave early from work; half day actually, couldn’t wait till the end of the day” I said grimacing with pain. He gestured me towards his examination table and asked, “What happened? You look pretty fine to me!” yeah rite, I’ve come for high tea to you. To him I said, “don’t know, I have severe body pain, especially in the lower abdomen region and the………… vagina” I said shyly. I have never spoken to him anything like this personal before, mum always helped me with it. He said,” no problem, I’ll just check you. Put your dress up.” Now, here was the tricky part. Where I worked I had a uniform of sorts and so I had to wear black tight thigh length skirt with stocking and panty hose and everything. For the top part, it was white semi transparent shirt which was one size smaller and we had to wear black lacey push-up bras to create cleavage. There was no way I could put the clothes up; I would have to strip down to my lingerie so I said, “umm, I just remembered, I don’t have cash, I’ll go home and get the cash and come back to see you. Bye!”. He said not so fast darling and grabbed me from behind and hurled me against his body and then ground his dick against my bum. I tried to push myself away from him but he was stronger then me and taller then me so he over powered me and then made me lie on the examination table. “What are you doing?” I asked him. He just smiled at me. And then, he started to press my legs like how you would if they were paining. Slowly, he started moving up my legs and kept pressing my body. He did the same to my stomach and then, he started squeezing by boobs. I got scared and pushed his hands away, got up with a jerk and tried to get away; but again he proved stronger then me and started giving me a sort of standing massage on my arms. His face had turned…….. Weird. That’s the only word that cums to my mind rite now. He looked all worked up………….charged up may be. He was all aroused, that much I could see he had a boner in his trousers and his eyes had depilated. I just pushed him and ran away. When I reached home, mom asked me how was I and how I felt. I just ok and ran of to my room. Now see, I have only had one or 2 relationships and they never got very serious; I was on a rebound; my first relationship had gone kaput. He had left me as I was not very good a sex. The one time we did fuck, it had been with a lot of error and trial methods but that had me shy away from sex for ever. So when my doc got the boner, I ran. I never told anyone what happened at the clinic. And got on with life and made one thing very sure; I never went alone to see him, I always had some one with me.
In the following years, I used to sleep around and I had learnt to fuck ok enough. I was learning all the tricks needed to bed a guy. After some years, one day I felt ill and there was no one at home. I had to go to the doctor and so I went to him; this time I prepared to go to him and take over where we stopped the last time! What a shock for him. I wore my push- up bra and then I wore my special top which showed of my cleavage to full advantage and I wore my jeans. I took a stole over it so no one saw me on the street. I went in, his receptionist was not there. I just peeped in and he was with a patient so I waited outside. It took the other person a quite a while inside. Finally after some 20 minutes or so, the person left. I removed my stole and folded it and put it in my handbag, removed my hair clip, tousled my hair, brought it on one side over my shoulder, pushed my boobs up and walked in. to say his eyes popped out is a mild phrase. He was speechless; didn’t know where to look and so kept starting at my cleavage. I just walked in and sat on the chair meant for the patients, kept my handbag on the floor for which I had to bend, so I kept it in such a way that I was bending in front of him giving him a good view. “So, how are you today?” he asked me still looking at my cleavage. I said fine. “today a day off?” he asked, and I said “well you can say that” with a shrug. “What material is that top you are wearing made off?” I was counting on that. I said “I don’t know, you can check and let me know as there are many people who ask me that and I have to say- I don’t know” he lifted his hand to touch my sleeve to check the material and at the same time I moved to get closer to him for him to touch the fabric. The timing couldn’t be perfect, he ended up cupping my left breast and he squeezed it to feel the material; I moaned to his touch. He just looked up and took his hand away rite away. I looked angrily at him. He put his hand back rite there and started squeezing it again. I started breathing hard. He was doing the same. I moved closer to him to get his other hand on my rite boob but when I bent to take his hand, I saw he was stroking himself. I gave him a wide smile and took his hand away from him and put it over my rite boob and he started squeezing both of them. When I took the last step, I was rite next to him and then, slowly not breaking his eye contact, straddled him. Slowly I started grinding my pussy against his dick which was hard. But the clothes was really hampering everything so I shifted my self, undid my denim’s zip, undid his trouser’s zip, shoved it off, pushed his briefs down, freed him from his skimpy Y-cut briefs and I gasped. He had what you would call a monstrous cock. His girth was close to 3 fingers put together- at least and he was some thing close to 10 inches. He was monstrous and my eyes bulged out. He continued squeezing my boobs and making guttural sounds. I pushed his hand away and slid down to look at him. All I kept thinking was I was making a big mistake, this guy will rip me apart and hurt me, he IS HUGE. But I wanted to touch to him, so I placed my finger, hesitatingly on the top of the mushroom head and his reaction was instant, he ejaculated pre cum. I looked up at him, he smiled at me, wrapped his hand around my head and pushed me down to him and pushed himself into my mouth. I tried to move my head but he held my head, pinched my nose so that I open my mouth to breath and then pushed his cock into my mouth. I started gagging since I had never taken a cock in my mouth, forget a monster like his. “Suck it, you bitch” he said. “ you have to pay the price for instigating me into this, and now, I will shove me down your throat and there is nothing you can do but suck on it. Be a nice girl and take it all in now, come on” he said harshly. I pushed my tongue over the mushroom and licked the pre cum from it and then, tentatively, hardened my tongue and tried to push the tip of it into his pee hole. That made him groan and pushed himself further into my mouth. I started licking him like I would a candy. That got him thrusting into my mouth further, but I stopped and got onto my fee and told him, “I have never had a cock before, please let me do this slowly” with water in my eyes due to gagging. He made no comments and slowly, pulled my denims away along with my panties; then he stroked my tits covered with the blouse and then, slowly reached high and took my left nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it and then did the same to my right nipple for some time, then he pushed me down on my knees and pulled my head towards his cock and then took his hand away. I slowly pushed my tongue out and liked him on the top, then ran my tongue down the sides and then sucked on the base. Then I came back up and rubbed the sides of the cock against my lips and from time to time, used my tongue to flip against him. Then, I reached down and started stroking his balls, they were HUGE too. This got him really bad and he started buckling in the chair trying to thrust against me. I slowly took his balls into my mouth and started massaging him with my tongue. He started groaning big time. I was feeling pretty left out so I took his hand and placed it on my left boob. He started rubbing the thumb pad on my nipple and it got rock hard, and then he started twisting and squeezing it which gave me amazing sensations in m pussy. I started moaning too with him in mouth. “Let’s go to my bed.” He had his apartment upstairs and it connected so we did not have to go outside. He raised me up, removed the top, unhooked my bra and let it fall down there, stroking my tits approvingly. Then, in a matter of few seconds, he stripped, removed his shirt and stood naked in front of me, hard, hot and fully erect, jutting out like a pole; then he carried me in his arms in the front of him, so I hooked my legs around him and fastened my hands around his neck and started kissing him real deep. As he walked, since I had my legs around him, the tip of his cock kept rubbing my magic button- the clit and I kept moaning. I suddenly realized and asked him, “ where is your wife?”, “oh she’s away for a week, gone some place with her girlfriends.” “And your cleaning staff?” he did have some people come in to clean the hose and the clinic regularly. “No one is home. Just you and me for the week if you would like”. “ Can we talk later?” I said and he continued walking. Again, the tip of his cock kept brushing my clit and I started having orgasm as we walked to his bed. Once we reached there, he slid me down his body instead of just putting me down and we rubbed ourselves against each other. What a boner he had! He bent down and took my nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it and at the same time, put his hand on my mound and pushed his middle finger in to my pussy and started thrusting it in and out. I started moaning. He removed his finger from inside of me and pushed into my mouth and I started sucking on it, cleaning it of all my pussy juices. He stood up and then started kissing me, tasting me in my mouth. Again he bend down, cupped my boob from the underside, lifted it and took the nipple and the areola into his mouth and started sucking on it, making sounds deep in his throat. I took a step backward and he took a step forward, we continued till I felt the edge of the bed against my legs and then without breaking contact even for a second, we tumbled on to the bed. Finally I had him in my arms over me and his weight thrilled me, his hairy chest rubbing against my stomach had me all wet again- if it was possible- and had me moving against him and opening my legs wide for him. But he was hell bent on sucking my nipples so I took matters in my hand; quite literally, took his cock in my hand and pushed the head against my pussy and pointed it against my pussy and massaged it for some time; getting my pussy juices all over him and then I rubbed him against my clit with a little pressure and in turn, my back arched causing me to thrust my tit deeper into his mouth. He took all of me deeper as much as he could and kept sucking on me. Then he changed and started sucking on my other tit in the same way, giving equal treatment. He took my hand away from his cock, took both my wrists in his hand and pushed them up above my head and started moving him self, rubbing the tip of his cock against the entire length of my pussy rite from my anal hole up touching me between the anus and pussy, touching my pussy and then going up, touching my clit. He continued moving that way, stroking me the entire length and at the same time sucking on my tits hungrily. He kept altering on my tits but not once did he stop stroking me with his rock hard dick. I tried to get my hands around him but he tightened his grip on my writs and I struggled quite a bit. But what he was doing gave me mind blowing sensations, I had never had a guy stroke me that way earlier. I gave in for some time and after a few seconds, I started moving against him, buckling and lifting my hips in tandem to his movements. This got him really hard and he increased his pace of stroking me. This time, when I tried, I could get my hands down and onto his back and started scratching him with my nails and also biting him on the shoulder occasionally, digging my nails into his butt at times to get him deep inside of me, in the midst of our mind blowing sex.
He stopped stroking me and then, in one thrust, pushed deep into me and I gasped out loud, I was rite, he was hurting me as I had never taken such a big cock in my life and then, he started pushing in and out of me very fast and hard and got in me deeper and deeper. I felt like I was being ripped inside. He set up a pace, it was getting faster and faster, I could hear his balls slapping against me, I could hear him making sounds deep in his throat, I was groaning and grunting, saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!” And the next thing I know, he starts squirting his seed deep inside of me, I could feel it inside me, bathing all of my insides with his warm baby making juices. He started pushing in side me, thrusting till the end, as if trying to touch my womb. He bent over me, started kissing me deep while he kept thrusting into me, depositing the last bit of his sperm, pinching both my nipples. I had my nails deep on his butt pulling him deeper into me if it was possible! It was the most amazing sex I ever had. Once he deposited his sperm into me and had gone slack, he rolled over and slept on the bed next to me, kept breathing deep. Once he was breathing normally, he said “that is the best sex I have had in a long time” and smiled. “So what do you say? Stay over for the week and we can have this mind blowing fuck sessions for one entire week.” Saying that, he started squeezing my left nipple between his fore finger and thumb and then started rolling it between them giving me amazing feeling in my cunt. I said “let me think about it.”

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